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what do you mean the form of the cake is already gone? wont it be in slice form?

alot of my frens comment that serving the cake during dinner is a waste because many guest wont eat because they are already very fulled...


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HI everyone,

Can anyone advice me on the cutting fees that charged by hotel. I am going to have my wed banq at GWP and they wanna charge me $180++ cutting fees if i buy cake from outside instead of using their in house bakers. Is reasonable..

And Is there anyonee could share with me your wedding cake that gotten frm GWP's baker..

Pls help


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I ordered GDL cake from Pine Garden before trying. I went to the shop recently and tried the tiramisu and cirus drop. I dont really like. I think Pine Garden is over rated.


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Hey ladies, for those who ordered wedding cakes from PG, how many months in advance did you place your orders? Thanks!


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Hi May, your cake is beautiful! And the price is affordable too.

I am also looking for cake big enough for 70pax to be served as part of the dessert. The Pattisiere quoted $700+ for a 5.6 kg cake (2 tier) but it looks pretty small (around 10 inch diameter for the lower tier).

How big is your cake? Does Pine Garden provide delivery?



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Sorry for the late response as I don't check this forum regularly.

I have no idea what's the weight of the cake. I mentioned to PG cake that I need the cake for 70 people and was quoted the 2-tier medium size cake (est diameter of 9" (top) and 14" (bottom).

The cost is $420 and is placed on a disposable aluminium cakeboard, you can choose to have the cake placed on glass base for additional $50 refundable deposit. No charges for delivery.

The size of the cake is more than enough to feed 70 people as we got lots leftover (uncut) and willing takers.


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I got a french wedding cake from Caffe Pralet.

Its like a little puff with cream in it, and stick on to a big cone. And it taste so good that all my guests love it so much and its finished althought Caffe Pralet given us more puffs than expected for free

Service was good, delivery on time, i could not agree more that they are 1 of the best vendors i worked with.

I will try to post more picture of my cake once i have the photos back from my photographer.

Their website is here: www.creativeculinaire.com


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Hi all BTBs,

Just wanted to share with you all the pic of my wedding cake. I had this cake at less than $200.

I had initially wanted to get at PG, but their minimum price was around 300 (at least that was wat they told me for this similar cake). I am really glad I found this neighbourhood bakery instead
my cake flavor was chocolate ganache, really good.

Do PM me if you wish to get the contact.


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Hi Clare, Jia Jia

I hv emailed you both the contact, do check your emails..

I like their chocolate cakes alot. though ordered their carrot walnut (whole cake) as my 喜饼. Hope you get the cake of your choice

Just for sharing...

i had planned for a real wedding cake, 3 or 5 tiers. Hunted down the confectionery/bakers and finally shortlisted a few.

In the end, due to much consideration, we scrapped the idea of a tier wedding cake and went for cupcake tier instead. Due to the fact that the guests will not be able to stomach down the cake after 8 course of food!

We cut the wedding cake (on the top tier), and gave out the cupcakes to the guests together with the last dish. They can either eat it or bring it back... My guests love the pretty cupcakes! phew~


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Hi wyndy, I just started looking ard for either 3 tier or 5 tier cake for my wedding in may. Also need to order cakes for gdl soon. Do you have any good recommendation? Do you know the price range for 5 tier wedding cake?
My GDL cakes were ordered from a very traditional cake shop in Chinatown. Cant recall the name of the shop but it's very near the DaZhongGuo. Both shops selling similar stuff but the one I ordered from is cheaper.

If you want the western stuff, can try Pat's Pastry. We would have gotten it from there if it weren't for the tradition.. =p

Not so sure how much a 5 tier will cost though...

A lot of ppl actually recommend Pines Garden. They have nice and tasty cakes but prices start from $480 (w/o gst) for their smallest 3 tier cake. Probably good enough for about 100pax only.

We have to feed about 180 guests that time.

I happen to chance upon Savoury Fare. They did some decent tiered wedding cake before and they quoted me about $380-$480.. This shop is my top choice.

Some neighborhood confectioneries does wedding cakes too! at a much lower rate (as low as $320) cos they go by the weight of the cakes which doesn't cost as much as the well-known brands. You might want to just hop into one of your favourite confectionery and ask them about it. =)


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Oh... I don't need the tradional pastry for gdl so will look into pat's pastry and also check with Savoury fare if they do gdl cakes. Thank u for yr suggestion!


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I had a small 2 tier wedding cake for my ROM from Pat's Pastry and it was delicious! Guests could not stop praising the cake which was vanilla flavoured with fondant icing. As the ROM crowd was small, I also managed to keep the top tier for my own consumption after the wedding. Thanks to my hotel, GWP for keeping for me.

Although I didn't see the design beforehand, I discussed with Pat and waas very happy with the final design which was based on my theme.

Pat's was also one of the more reasonably priced bakers around, as compared to other bakeries like Cake Avenue or Pines Garden and some home based bakers. Although I had a slight issue with them due to the polling day announcement (they are normally closed on public holidays), in the end it worked up well.

Will highly recommend them!

For their website and contact details, just google "Pat's Pastry".


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Hi Kel (keetkeet),

I would like to have the bakery details too? I hope you still checking this forum..

Or other BTBs can help on the reall wedding cake?

Thanks alot!