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Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by philomena111, Jun 9, 2018.

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    I have a question to ask. How much is 'too sticky' in a relationship? In the terms of emotionally dependent. What are the daily activities to tell that a married couple is too sticky to each other, considering that both couples are allowed to go out with their group of friends occasionally?

  2. buddhabar

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    Ts, "sticky" is subjective thus nobody can advice where to draw the line. I have a friend who married a so call "special force" . According to her, she doesnt know where is he whenever he needs to go. 1 phone call and he will disappear completely for few days. They have a daughter.
    I have another friend whom make her husband update his daily appointment on his google calender and she has full access to his schedule and also has his google tracking apps on for her to track every location on every second on his where about. Both husbands have no bad records.( as of now )Both couples have no complaints . They have all sorted before marriage and are agreeable to each other needs.

    Where and what is your threshold? Please take note your threshold will not be the same as his. Also to take note, emotional balckmailing is extremely tiresome for the other party.

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