A place to show your beautiful kitchen....


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My house is still in the mid reno. About to complete soon and will like to share my kitchen design too.


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Hi Steff,

Saw that you did some decals on the glass door to your kitchen...

Can let me know where you get the stickers from ?

I need to decal-ised my glass door, keep on walking into it unknowingly...


Hi Steff, bubbleluv,

Love the designs of your kitchens! Nice

Do you mind sharing your contractor contacts with me? Jus collected keys and urgently looking for one, my email is [email protected]

Anyone with good recommendations, appreciate your contacts too! Many thanks...


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All the kitchens here like showroom style! So it seems like most of you all here choose glossy surface. White is nice but is it easy to maintain?


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hi all, was just wondering if anyone has done stainless steel cabinets for their kitchens before? Came across this showroom recently featuring stainless steel instead of wood for the interior of the cabinets and it's supposedly termite & cockroach free (very impt!) any views?