A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest


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Hi all who asked, I have mailed u my pix link!
Loads of pix on that site already, but more to come - we just put up our huge Xmas tree last nite, will update the link over the weekend!!


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Hi Bigtoes, really nice home you have. Love the chandeliers of yours, may I know where and how much were those? Thanks.


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D.O.G, thanks
Which chandeliers were u referring to? The ones in the study/MBR were from Boston (yes, i checked them in the flight & had hubby rewire (different voltage)) - its from a company called Bombay co (they have a website, just google for the address). Chandeliers in the states are really cheap, but most dont ship outside of the US, so no point unless you intend to make a trip there.
The other 2 (lounge/dining) were from Laura Ashley - we got from the outlet in Suntec City (ground floor), think it was $500+ for the smaller one, $800+ for the larger one.


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Yah, abit overpriced cos its from UK, so the price was converted from pounds.The ones from US were value for money, think about S$400 each!! Anyway, maybe u want to try Ikea, i know they have some wrought iron chandeliers, really nice, and reasonably priced!


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Hi all,

We just bought a resales 5rm flat and the renovation costs around 28K. We are happy with their services/ design they have done for our new hse.

Our ID also have put up our hse pics, as 'project' in her company website, pls take a look at our hse images (before renov & after renov.) Just like to share guys pics of our new love nest. Would appreciate any comments. Thanks.

under residence @ Sembawang 5rm


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Hi Wise,
Thanks for yur comments.
our 28K include renovation for:
- changing whole tile of toilet (master & common)
- false ceiling for living & master bedrm
- storage removable platform in living room
- feature wall, using wall paper
- custom made dining table
- custom made 4 poster bed
- partion for walk in wardrobe
- WIW cabinet
- display full wall length mirror @ living room, full wall length @ WIW, 2 narrow tall mirror @ dinning
- lighting (downlights)
- all toilet items (toilet, basin & shower, bathtub etc)
- Paint of whole hse

**we did not touch on our kitchen as it was in good condition.
** the more $$ we spent is on both washrooms as we change all tiles/ redesign.


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Hi Gan,
think u got a good bargin for so many stuffs done up.

Your house looks so much bigger and cozy now.
Yeap, wif the toilet done up... it sort of completed the resort look....



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hi stars...

thanks for sharing the pictures. u have a very nice home!

i would also like to know where u got ur furniture fr. i'm looking for furniture wif similar colours. n also, is that glass against the wall in ur kitchen, in betw the kitchen top n the top cabinets?


Hi starlight,
My home is in tampines. Well some of our stuffs are from bangkok while the rest is from places like barang barang and other places...
I am also trying to sell a deco item suitable for resort style..if u r intersted let me noe n i email the pic to u..

Hi levynn,
some of the furnitures are custom made..like my kitchen cabinets and tv console custom made by my carpenter..
the glass is in between but hidden by the granite top i think..i am not too sure as it is my hubby who can pp to do it one..he source for the glass himself and our mirrow in the toilets are also custom made..

Hope i help u both..any other things, juz feel free to ask me ya..


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Hi stars

your house is very nice!

Can share with me who is your contractor? I've juz got my resale 5-rm flat at tampines too! Taking keys in next year march. Now sourcing for reno contractors / IDs. Really having a big headache for who to get to. Found a few during the exhibition at expo but they all seems very ex. We have budget contraints and intend to put in 10K (or below) for our reno. Can email me? [email protected]

Any other body can give me any advises too?



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Hi All

have sent my house pics to those who hve requested. Am truly sorry for the very late reply.

I have not been around the forum for quite some time and did not check this thread until recently.

Btw, these pics were taken during CNY this year. So the updated pics will be posted sometime early next year.


Hi alien,
Its a 5 room resale flat..but bec we knock away our store room and create a walk in walkrobe hence the room looks big coz no walkrobe mah..then we recreate a store room in the living room as the living room is big


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Hi Stars

Love your 'easy-chair'. May I know where you buy it from please? If convenient, please also let me have the contact of your contractor. I'm also diy-ing my design and am looking for good contractor. I particularly love what your contractor did with your kitchen and tv console. Very good taste and nice finish. My email is [email protected] Thanks.


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Hi all who requested, hv mailed my pix. Star - u didnt leave ur email addy?
Like star, our place has alot of wood as well, but more of a mix-match with loads of stuff from all over rather than clean lines.
Also added some pix of our Xmas deco!


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Hi Alien,

Notice we have the same dinner table!!! Also, then water feature I'm buying is exactly the same as yours!!! Couls you share with me the cost and supplier of your water feature???

Thanks a million!!!


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Hi Jace,

Its a 5room resale flat with 116sqm. we hacked one room down to make master room bigger so that we are able to build WIW.

my contractor's name is Anthony Tan, HP no. 91000783. i cant remember his company name liao. cos hb was the one issued cheque. hehe...

we spent 35k on reno. alot of hacking job...


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Hi Stars,

I'm also staying in Tampines!!! @BLK 294. U? Shall we start a forum for pp staying in Tampines? I tried searching for one on this forum but to no avail ... :)


hi stars
is the person who did yr cabinet good? Yah..i am looking for one to do my kitchen cabinet too.
Mine is a 5 room resale as well ... do u think u can share your contacts with me at [email protected]?


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i had my 5 room renovated at $17K, quite a basic renovation. Interested party can let me know so that i can send you the contacts.
1) Homogenous tiles for living,3 bedrooms,bomb shelter with skirting.
2)33 ft of kitchen cabinet with 13 ft of india black galaxy granite top with stainless steel backing at stove area.
3)Whole house painting with 6 colours using ICI 3 in 1.(includes gates,pipes and others)
4)Kitchen base for cabinet,WM and refrigerator
5)Whole house copper piping(cold)
6)7 ft laminated wardrobe with abs trimming
7)10mm frameless shower screen at MBR
8)Supply and install 3 solid wood bedroom doors,
9)Solid kitchen door with glass (comes with 2 ft stainless steel handles)
10)Cutting of gate and kerb
12)2 shower kerbs at both bathroom
13)Flase celing at dining,foyer,bedroom area. L box at living area.
14)Window grilles for the whole house
15)Sink support using homogenous tiles(leaking does not spolit cabinets)
16)4 feet partition with solid venneer and glass
17)general washing and cleaning up.
18)Installation of heater and bathroom accesories.
19) 3 ft of shoe cabinet and 3.5 ft of sitting seattle with PVC(3 inch) cushion.

Interested party can email me at [email protected] for pictures.