A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest


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Hi Bigtoes and Ivy,
can share your pictures with me too ??

Thank you
[email protected]


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Hi All

I have sent my home pics to you liao. So sorry for the long wait cos I have been very busy at work. Can only pop in once in a long while.

My contractor is from Imag* Creativ* Design Pte Ltd.

Theme is resort-style. The look is not quite finished yet, cos all our furniture, fixture and renovation cost us about $50k liao...


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Hi Ryes

I bought my storage rack from my aunt's hardware shop, about $260, depending on your actual size. You can basically measure the length n breath n height n she can calculate how many pieces of steel supports and planks u need. but u need to ask your contractor to transport it and fix it up for u (unless u like to diy). the wooden planks are raw solid plywood, what i did was buy a can of varnish to varnish it.

In case you're interested, my aunt's hardware shop:

Teng Seng Hardware
Blk 338 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

You can call to make your order or ask for quotation if u prefer that, then arrange for a day to transport it.


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Hey hazel,

Thanks thanks....That's quite reasonable and I like it the fact that there is no pole at the corner of the L shape..

Will check it out.


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Hi Ryes

You're welcomed. You must specify that you don't want a pole in the centre to my aunt's shop or whichever hardware shop you go to. It'll be better if you let my aunt (Ai4 Hua2) know that you're recommended by Jia1 Jia1. Then she'll probably immediately know what you want.

Hi Cutie
My house is at Sengkang,behind Ranggung LRT, thanks for your compliments on my work-in-progress house. Renovations cost about 10k in all (flooring was done by HDB). Furniture + electrical, which have yet to come in cost another 12k. I do a lot of DIY work and the Cellini table that you see is actually a v v old one, I just spray-painted it to renew it and changed the chairs to update the look. I didn't engage any designer, the designers are my fiance and myself
We're very blessed in the sense that my super helpful contractor is recommended by my cousin (his business associate) and my uncle owns a small electrical appliances shop so I do get some items at nearly cost price.


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Cutie, have mailed u. Pix are abit outdated, got a couple of new ones taken but yet to upload

Also ordered a metal mat for the front entrance, getting it this weekend!


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Hi Chilipadi,

Your house layout seems quite the same as mine. Errr ... what is your flat type?

I particularly like your kitchen, just about what I'm intending to do mine. Still planning. Haven't sign up with any contractors yet. Budget constraint.

Can you share with me who is your contractor? You can drop me an email.
[email protected]


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hi all
I am new to this forum. Our Punggol 21 5-rm love nest has been featured in Home & Decor, Channel 8 (Chen Ren Zha Zhi), Channel U and MSN.

Will be looking to sell it in the middle of next year when we upgrade. Anyone looking for a Punggol 21 flat next year?

Contact me directly at [email protected]