A no-no to eat after eight?


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My wedding is only 2 months later.... So worried about it as i weight about 65KG and i would need to slim down another 10KG, 20 KG ll b gd as i all my gowns are the bare back...
About 1 week ago, i have tried a slimming package introduce by å‡è‚¥æˆåŠŸ and indeed it works.... Less than a week, indeed i have lost more than 2KG & can feel my tummy flaten


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Hi Maltesebaby

I never heard of the brand å‡è‚¥æˆåŠŸ. Any website for saying more about them?


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pYiP i thk u have mistaken.. wht maltesebaby meant was the slimming package was introduced by someone whose nick is å‡è‚¥æˆåŠŸ (daphne_yun) hehe u c 2 replies b4 urs

å‡è‚¥æˆåŠŸ, mind sending me the details s well? TIA [email protected]


I don't eat after 7pm.. And jog 30-60mins daily... It's works as I lost 2-3kg for 2 weeks... My progress is small as I sit the whole day & my problematic fats are at the bottom.. Hehehe..


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Read this to gain some knowledge on fat loss.

It's ok to eat just before bed, if the macro nutrient are sound enough. Every wonder why people preach not to eat before bed? This is because people dont know what to eat, and they eat junk food usually. They got fat and then preach not to eat before bed.

It's like why people encourage jogging to lose weight. It's the same theory, jogging itself is not a good way to lose weight. But due to people getting too physically inactive in their lives, government has to step in to encourage people to jog.

to threadstarter, you mention you do a lot of crunches to lose the tummy, DONT!
With high volume of training, you can get a lot of muscle hypertrophy (growth) at waist area. If you dont have a decent diet to lose fat, your tummy will actually look bigger. (with same amount of fat and more muscle)

My diet down here is not starving oneself. Read the link. It's about 6 small meals with proper distribution of macro nutrient.


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Hi Kevin
Quite tough to ensure "proper distribution of macro nutrient" with the type of food available @ hawker centre in SGP.

But I do agree that tummy crunches don't lost tummy fat. It is sure a myth...


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I agree that hawker food are pretty bad. So what we can do it try to order "better food".

Avoid real bad food like nasi lemak, char kuey tiao, fried stuff etc.


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hi all,
i'm also tryin to lose weight.i weigh 48 kg and my height is ard 165-167. some ppl may thought with this wt n ht i'm already quite slim but i reali look fat especially my upper arms. i'm extremly greedy n always stuff myself with all kinds of food especially very fattening food.
so for the past 2 weeks, i tried to control my diet a bit. n have been drinking grapfruit juices every morning b4 food. for less than 2 weeks i hv lost 2kg so now i weigh 46kg.
for those who wanna lose weight, maybe u can try this method.
hope it helps.


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i slim down 4kg in 2mths in a healthy and without exercising way.. Just eat accordinly to your blood group.. www.dadamo.com or visit the Blood type store @ golden shoe complex.. lose weight and also solve my indigestion problem..
if you want faster result, after 5pm no carbo.. eat all u can for breakfast, lunch eat normally after 5pm, take fish soup, vegetable soup or eat those without carbo but is suitable to your blood group.. I'm a B+ so beef, mutton are good for me n my digestive system.. chicken, tomato and anything contain lectin is out cos they lower my metabolism n give me indigestion..
after losing weight, i did start to attack chicken n my indigestion problem came back so now i reduce greatly.. lucky i'm a beef lover so no really an issue..


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err i'm sure the main office in SG is who.. but i have visited the store before and i know they are selling wat i hav knew and tried.. i din take thair vitamins etc. only find out wat food, drink etc i can and cannot eat..
my blood group is B so if you or anyone wants info on B, i have.. i can scan n send out..


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ok share79.. i will scan them over the wkend and email to u..
the shop sell vitamins, mineral, books on eating the right food for diff blood group.. u can visit them to find out more..
i found the exact web le
u can click into each food n see wat blood group shld eat it..


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in fact i'm not fat, weigh at 46kg, recently have constipation problem, if not my weigh should be 44kg - 45kg.


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it is not abt fat or skinny.. eating base on blood type is more for health purpose.. it will help your constipation problem..
u can eat yoghurt or drink yakult.. they help..


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i agree with you... i'll go to Golden Shoe complex if i'm free. I think the products they are selling is not cheap, rite?


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Hi ladies,
For those who are contemplating to start or hv been on Blood Type Diet for a while, I'll like to invite you for a blood testing to see if you are truely digesting well & if there is any undigested food in leaked into your blood.

Procedure ... take a droplet of your blood from your finger & place it under microscope (this is link to a monitor so that you can see for yourself). I'm not related to Blood Type Eating Coy, I'm just curious if this diet method is indeed suitable for each of their blood type persons.

PM me if interested, venue @ The Diet Centre (TPI Building Cecil St). Live Blood Analysis is by appointment only.


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In fact, I am no on a weight watch program I have induced myself to do it!

I skip breakfast, take a complete lunch at around 1pm everyday and complete dinner at 7pm every night.

I drink only water after dinner and my tummy less obvious now.

Stop snacking in between meals and cutting down on sweet things like drinks and cakes help a lot too


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Hi there,

I used to have a habit of snacking every now and then, with a packet of potato chips or biscuits. Probaby is due to work stress, even my colleagues call me " Ms Munching" At the same time, i was depressed due to hypothyroid. Even if i do not each much, will also gain fat due to the slowed metabolism rate..

However, my wake up call came when most of the pants sizes in boutiques do not fit me..My own mum started to say that i look and shape like an auntie.

Went to try various methods but was unsuccessful till i met Herbalife. With the body analysis, i understand my own body system. Coupled with determination to exercise and keeping to its products, i managed to kick off the habit of snacking unhealthy food totally. Lost 3 kg within the first 1.5 weeks due to exercise and the products!

For those who wish to know more, you may sms me at 91195456.



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Hi june_june

You can try the Japan brand Nikken's Go Signal and W supplements to detox and burn off excess fats. It will not make you feel weak after you detox and remove impurities from the tummy. You might even pass out "gas" after taking the Go Signal (depending on each individual). Do it consistently you will see the effect. Then you also apply Nikken's Body Mud Masque daily if possible. You will see the tummy area firm too.

If interested, do email me [email protected]


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The reason for no solid food after 8pm is because the body goes into a delivery mode to deliver nutrients to various parts of your body. When you eat during these times, your body will neither be able to digest your food well, nor will it be able to deliver nutrients well. As a result, you have lumps of leftover foods in your stomach and this is the reason why people who take supper usually have larger tummies.

when met my FH we always go eat supper and as a result i got a tummy
... for the past 1 mth, i have stopped eating supper and with the help of some health food supplement that im taking, i actually managed to lose abt 2-3 kgs!!

so supper is a big NO NO!!


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Yes. I agree with Clatzz. I avoid eating and solid food after 8PM. If hungry..drink Milo or low fat milk. In cooperate with lesser cabo-intake meals..I lose 4-5kgs in less than 2 month. I am amaze by the result myself.


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i think firstly have to know exactly wat is causing u to put on weight?
e.g.: late night supper/oily food/low metabolic rate/ no exercise/high toxic level..
so at least we got the root of the problem?


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I am currently on Herbalife too. I am soooo amazed by the results. Lost 10kg in 3 mths. Health issues like hormonal imbalance, sinusitis, eczema, weak tummy all improved.

For me, I did not exercise, I just concentrate on the products and take it diligently

I'm so happy that I drop 2 dress size. I am totally amazed and satisfied with the products. Being fat all my life, I've tried numerous ways to slim down and this is the best.

I would love to help those who are interested. Pls feel free to pm or email me at [email protected]


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haha.. for me i can still eat after 8pm or until late nite supper...

If i go hungry i just grab anything..

But i still slim... hehe


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some people got to eat a heavy meal before they sleep and yet so skinny.
i observe those thai locals, they tend to have late dinner like 9pm, with full carbo but yet so skinny.

i think, it has got to do with indvidual metabolism rate. and as long as you didn't exceed your daily calories intake is ok.


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cynthia, i thk it's also to do wif how much energy u used in the day.. my dad also eat alot n have to eat a heavy meal b4 he sleep.. but due to his work, he is v thin.. heheh so envious hehe