A Christian Solemnisation on Sunday


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Hi, would like to check with BTB if any of you have contacts for pastors or solemisers who can do a solemnisation on sunday evening around 6pm. My HTB and I attend New Creation but they don't conduct solemisation on sundays as there are services conducted. I would like to have a Christian ceremony where my dad can give me "away".We have confirmed the hotel already so dates can't be changed. Appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance = )


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Hi Geravin, I'm also in the same position. But most churches are adamant about this.

One solution I considered was getting a civil celebrant to witness the paperwork to make sure it's legal, and then getting a Christian friend who's an elder or a mature Christian leader, to say a few words, preside and pray for the couple as a Pastor would.

It is not against the law who presides over a wedding, as long as the paperwork is done and approved by a licenced solemnizer. And the bible doesn't specify that only a Pastor may preside over a Christian wedding; I know many friends who've been in faithful service to the Lord who are not pastors. In fact, it might make the whole ceremony more personal that moving that way, having a close friend perform the religious part of the service, while the civil celebrant legalises it.

So your first option would be to find a pastor to do it; second would be to find a Christian celebrant from the list of approved solemnisers (I wouldn't know which ones are but you can check the other threads for help or ask each one as you go down the list) and the third option would be to ask a close mature Christian friend to preside over the religious aspects while the civil celebrant is there to make it legal!

I think we're likely going with the third option. Planning to ask our Christian marriage counselor or a Pastor friend to pray and bless us, while the best man's dad (who happens to be a civil celebrant) to witness the whole thing.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


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Hi PrincessPanda,
Great to hear from you! Glad that I'm not alone. At the moment I'm asking my dad to ask if his church pastor can solemnise. Otherwise, we'll just get a normal solemniser.

We don't have many Christian friends. Hence, may not be able to choose your option.

How's your preparations coming along = )


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same predicament, but ours we wanted to have a catholic ceremony as well, but alas...church here won't allow it. we need to go through the catholic marriage encounter and such. so we ended up civil wedding here and catholic wedding back at home...


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Any news on a Christian celebrant..we are having the same problem since outdoor and religious leaders will not conduct then..


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I'm holding my wedding on a sunday and we're getting a pastor to help solemnize us.
But since it's a sunday, doubt we can book a church so it'll be held at the Singapore Art Musuem's auditorium which used to be a SJI chapel.


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I'm having a church solemnisation on 1st jan 2011.
Need help in looking for a church venue,
appreciate any help



Hi, may i know which solemmniser have u all invited? So are the vows the normal ones or Christian type of vows when the solemnisation if not held at church?


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Hi, does anyone know if there's a church and christian pastor who is willing to solemnize a wedding between a christian and non-christian on sunday?