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Hey all, I'm getting married on 1st of May 08. Anyone has a checklist fot the AD of what you must bring along and things to be brought along for the whole day? I'm trying to come out with the list of things, like things that are supposed to be at my house and my FH house too. and things that need to be packed in the car to be brought to hotel so friends can help to ensure things are in the car as we provide this checklist for them. Anyone did a checklist like this?


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Hi! Maybe someone would be kind enough to post them here to save the hassle to send the details through email?



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Wedding AD schedule.xls (31.2 k)</td></tr></table></center>

Sorry, was away for quite some days. Decide to post it here instead of emails. Hope it helps. =)


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AD plan
AD plans_Sample.xls (41.5 k)</td></tr></table></center>

this is my version. Mine is wedding lunch cum solomnisation so schedule may be more pack.

hope it helps!

lastly, congrats all BTB &amp; GTB.
congrats to dianna too.


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hi pinky81,

Thanks for sharing! very useful as guide for us to plan our itinery.. we are having solemnization and lunch banquet together also.. but no gate crashing and going to his house for tea ceremony.. straight away go hotel after he comes to fetch me hee.. will have tea ceremony at hotel instead..


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<font color="aa00aa">hihi

Anyone here could share Hw much MAx to pay to JIEMEI frm Groom...
and also Amount to pay to XIONGDI n JIEMEI on AD....



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i have 2 bridesmaids and 2 bestmans...no jie mei and xiong di...my HTB thinks it's just a token..i'm thinking abt $68 but looks like the market here is quite generous...it's kinda tight for us as HTB is handling all the money by himself so don't want to push him...is $68 too little? anyone to give advice?


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Hi Dianna,

My AD is one year after yours 3rd Jan 2010 and its also a lunch reception... Thanks for your info...


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Hi Jamie,

I may not be giving ang baos to all Jie mei cos i paid for their dresses which cost 45 each. and HB is giving 288 for the gatecrash


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Hi Jo,

They are the same, just that Spore we call them Jie Meis as most of us here are having Chinese wedding, while brides maid are more for Chirstian way of calling them. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong?