A button could be in place to delete people who you don't want posting on your thread


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That's a good idea, that can be a way for us to help you stop people posting sales/advertise in irrelevant threads.

Found so many advert such as house mover, fake branded bags and property agents in many threads. The forum has been messed up and serious users are lesser recently.


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Well, the con of this is that there will be lots of up-tight folks that would censor any responses disagreeing with them.

Then, the entire purpose of a forum is defeated. It becomes a venue to blow your trumpet with like minded folks. Agreeing and hugging amongst themselves. I second SK's suggestion. With the report button, Users can conveniently suggest and the moderator will review and decide if the respond is appropriate.


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It sounds a good idea, it will make you more convenient delete people in irrelevant threads. But it will arouse some disagreeing with them.