$8k discount Wedding Dinner Four Season hotel 27th Aug


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$1668++/ 10 pax
- Minimum guarantee of 25 tables
- Complimentary one cocktail station (Peking Duck) with Deluxe Menu
- Complimentary two nights' stay at Bridal Suite with complimentary breakfast
- Complimentary overnight stay at Deluxe Room (instead of Day-use) with complimentary breakfast
- Complimentary 2 bottles of wines per confirmed table
- Complimentary 2 barrels of beer (30L). Subsequent 30L barrel of beer at S$780.00++ per barrel/20L barrel of beer at S$660.00++ per barrel.
- Complimentary waiver corkage fee of 2 bottles of wines or hard liquor per confirmed table (duty-paid and sealed)
- Complimentary food tasting for 10 persons
- Complimentary 30% parking coupons
- Complimentary 80% for invitation cards