88 Restaurant / Dragon Gate Restaurant


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Yup, I had my wedding dinner there last July. I thought that the food on actual day was average, but we like the ambience and ballroom as we had one ballroom to ourselves! The restaurant manager, Vivien, was very helpful as well and I recommend her to coordinate your wedding if possible.

Recommended ;)


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hi gals,

i just went to Dragon Gate to check out the venue. it's 1 of the few restaurants that are big enough for 45 tables and location not too bad. would like to find out what are the additional perks u manage to secure apart from those they listed in the packages? thanks!


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Hi gals,

I'm holding my wedding dinner at DG on 24/10/09 in the small ballroom but the march in is from the side and not from center. Both mum not very agreeable. Anyone tried the small ballroom and side door march in? How is it like? Can everyone see?


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Dragon gate at habour front are closing down next year. thats why they wldn take up any commitments for next year as they are changing boss.


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Hi all, is this thread still active?
Dragon Gate restaurant had changed to Ban Heng restaurant.

Anyone having their AD there?


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Hi all, im new here.
I just signed up for the package in DG. My AD will be on 09/12/2011. I took the small ballroom. If interested, you may contact Candy @6278 0288. She is a very friendly lady


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Hi Mei Ying!
I'm having my AD there as well. I've heard good comments bout the restaurant previously. And the ballroom looks rather spacious thou! My coordinator's candy as well!


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Hi Jazz,

I felt more relieve hearing your comment..hee..
When's your AD? Candy mentioned that they are planning to invest more $$ on wedding events eg: purchasing more choices of table cloths, stage deco.. & should be ready by June this year.

If your AD is after June, you can check with Candy so that you might have more choices.
Im now concern more about the sound system & deco of the stage cause it seems very orbit from the photos shown in their website...


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=) im also like you. worried at first cos i dont like the entrance of the restaurant being the entrance from the carpark. but i realised theres actualli another entrance from the lift lobby. so that compensates it. LOL!

my Ad's on this xmas. =)
yeah! hope to see more nice decors for their stage. quite limited choices to choose from now.


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Hi, has anyone had their banquet at ban heng recently? Wondering how is the food like? acceptable? are the portions enough? can you share photos of your wedding banquet setup too?

pls email to [email protected] if you have any. thanks!


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I've just booked my banquet at Ban Heng today. As they are having their wedding roadshow this weekend, they are offering us really good deal.

My date is one of the hot dates in September and they did not charge us extra because of that. We managed to nego for free flow of beer & wine, plus free one night hotel stay and free food tasting for 10 pax with min 20 tables for the $588 nett package.

We've seen the smaller ballroom and find that it's quite nice with it's own reception area where by the lift is and the entrance from the carpark area.

The person I signed with was Candy. She's really a nice lady to give us such a good deal. She said that the restaurant is going to slowly increase more items and selection for the wedding stuffs, so that is a good news for future couples.