7th month for Outdoor Photography..?

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by maple_leaves, May 2, 2008.

  1. maple_leaves

    maple_leaves New Member

    Have anyone taken their PS during the Lunar 7th month?... Any comments on this?

  2. btb8888

    btb8888 New Member

    if you are not supersitious then 7mth take ps why not?

    i am a free thinker so i don't mind taking photos during 7mth...
  3. catlhl

    catlhl New Member

    Haha..I signed my Bridal package on the 1st day of lunar 7th month. The BS staff said noone likes to sign during 7th month. I am curious on the distribution of the invitation cards to relatives (suppose to distribute 1 month before of the wedding). Mine will be lunar 7th month too..Not sure if my relatives will mind or not...
  4. maple_leaves

    maple_leaves New Member

    U mean u will be distributing the invitation cards on lunar 7th mth ah?... Or ur ps on 7th mth?...
  5. catlhl

    catlhl New Member

    Hi Maple, I think I will distribute the cards during 7th mth..

    For PS, I am not "Pan Tan" so if take in 7th mth shldnt be a problem..but mine is next month.

    And I also signed up my package on the 1st day of hungry festival.
  6. daisylow

    daisylow New Member

    haha, i think now modern era, don't need to be so particular..:D
  7. namipandora

    namipandora New Member

    Hey, I'm also wondering about that. What's the taboos of doing the Pre-shoots in the 7th month? When does it end for 2008?
  8. btb8888

    btb8888 New Member

    i think just don go shoot at those old houses, och, or places which doesn't have alot of sunlight will do ba... don anyhow say... other then that, i think don have much...

    side ot abit.. do u guys think 080808, will have a number of couples to get married?
  9. blurgal88

    blurgal88 New Member

    hmmm... 080808 is a nice date to get marry

    but sadly it falls in the mth of 7th mth
  10. btb8888

    btb8888 New Member

    yea man... thats y...
  11. maple_leaves

    maple_leaves New Member


    The last day of the lunar 7th mth will end on the 30the Aug..

    I guess mostly likly we shld be going ahead with the 7th mth PS... perhaps as bride to be mention, just dnt go to those old hse lor... hehehe...
    But anyway i saw the chinese calendar and the day that we chosen its an acspicious day...

    But if you guys want to take PS on the 7th mth, do let ur BS knw abt it as i understand that some photographer will be on long leave for the whole mth...
  12. chanel_

    chanel_ New Member


    guess what.. i'm getting married on the 080808.. and my wedding buffet as well.. hee..
  13. rongsiang

    rongsiang New Member

    Hi Rebecca,

    You sure very HUAT LA...It's a very good day.
  14. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

    There are still some auspicious days during the 7th mth...
  15. bewygirl

    bewygirl New Member

    my mom jumped when i told her i wanna PS on 7th month as it is very empty on the bridal calendar. i got left right centre from her
  16. michecwy

    michecwy New Member

    my OD PS also during 7th month, itson the 3rd Sept. Few days before it ends..
  17. livemomentssg

    livemomentssg New Member

    I've just taken mine with my HTB on the 2nd day of 7th month in Paris. haha...
  18. chloe_qy

    chloe_qy New Member

    i took mine on 6 sep too. doesnt really matter to us. =)
  19. babygirlchoco

    babygirlchoco New Member

    Lisa, How much did you spend?
  20. livemomentssg

    livemomentssg New Member

    You mean personal expenses? Close to 10k in total. [​IMG]
  21. babygirlchoco

    babygirlchoco New Member

    wow! 10K! How much did you spend on the package?

    I think this is out of my budget. Sigh.... My HTB prefers to spend the money on doing up our new house. Which non-european countries would you recommend for photo shoots? I'm thinking of going to Japan.

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