6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?


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Hi twt... any recommendation for electrolux 7kg front load WM? I wan something tat is simple to use as i'm so use to my Samsung top load tat i jus need to press a start button n it gauge everything 4 me
U.stand tat front load take at least 1hr 45min to finish washing. So long....

Hi Manophilo,

WFB1061GW is indeed made in China. In terms of feature, it is definitely a must buy considering the price(dirt cheap).

The electrolux dryer is a gd buy. However, i remembered that it was selling at a cheaper price when i was at a particular Best store. Do double check the pricing again.

Erm, for the Best safety 5, i would encourage you to purchase as it is the cheapest amongst all their competitor.

I would suggest that you purchase either Electrolux EWF 551 or Brandt WFE 676 although it's spin speed is only 550 and 600 rpm respectively. My personal opinion of a CHINA made machine is really at its worst stage...

Anyway, good luck in your choice of washing machine. Do keep us posted.
Hi Yukie,

Electrolux has a few 7KG front loaders in the 'market' right now. I would suggest that you take a look at EWF 771 , EWF 984 or EWF 1084. These are the 3 most popular model right now on display.

RCP would be at $919(ewf771), $1079(ewf 984) and $1199(ewf 1084). As for any further discount given, it is best that you check it out at respective stores you would be visiting.

I think you must have been mistold by the sales person whom you have visited(totally not professional if you have bee told by a sales person). The EWF 984 and EWF 1084 model can complete their cycles in slightly under an Hour if you know how to use the machines.

For the FL washers, nowadays, all you need to do is just to turn it to the desired programme and then press the start buttons.... almost similar to those of a top loaders. Hope this reassures you of your choice in FL washers.

I would give this two models a THUMBS UP if you are strictly looking at ELECTROLUX washers.

Gd luck in your choice of washers Keep us updated on your decision.


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hi twt

i've just been to an appliance shop and the salesman was selling whirlpool's $700+ washer (AWO41608) to me as compared to electrolux's 1084 as he said inside the drum, for whirlpool, its using fully stainless steel while for electrolux, its using plastic inside for some parts.

and the rubber at the opening, for whirlpool, they used metal ring to secure it while for electrolux, they used plastic thus not so durable.

the holes for draining the leakage of water at the rubber tubing at the opening for whirlpool is easy for the water to flow thru while for electrolux, the holes are higher thus water cannot flow out easily and if we do not wipe dry, the rubber will grow mouldy.

for dryer, he introdued a fisher and paykel autosensor model which he said is the best for the quality and pricing. the cold air goes in from the front thus won't take in dust from the back of the dryer. auto sensor will not overdry the clothes thus won't waste electricity and won't release very hot air. let me know is this good or not.

not sure if the salesman is saying the truths abt all the above points, or how true they are, hope u can shed some light to help us
thanks a lot.


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Hi twt, tks for the info... i was quoted $800nett incl delivery for EWF771. Gd price? Will check out EWF984 as it seems a better option...
i'm a lazy person... so need a simple machine... :p

As wat Valerie mention above, is it true tat Electrolux is not as gd? Pls help...
Hi Valerie,

AWO 41608 is a machine made in CHINA. It is equipped with the so call '6th sense' feature with 750 rpm speed( if i remember correctly).
The 6th sense features means it comes with automatic variable capacity meaning it will use the correct amount of water depending of the number of clothes palced into a washer.

As for comparison whether a fully stainless steel drum is good, or a so call plastic 'catch' with a stainless steel drum is better, i would tell you that a 'plastic' catch is definitely better as it has better washing/scrubbing effect.

I would have to refer you to the BOSCH machine to make a direct comparison. Bosch's THAILAND made machine are all fully stainless steel drum unlike the BOSCH GERMAN made 8kg MACHINES where the plastic catch is available in its drum.
Not only this the plastic catch improves scrubbing effect as well.

As for dryers, i have to say that i fully disagree with what the sales person says. The cold air from the front will hinder the drying process as it will combat against the hot air coming out from the holes in the drum. Moreover, the holes in the F&P dryers are smaller and they have lesser holes for the hot air to be release.
To me a sensor dryer and a mechanical dryer doesnt make much difference as you would know how much time your clothes will dry after you have used your dryers fro a period of time.However, sensor dryers are definitely more convenient then the mechanical ones.

I put it in another way, if you have a sensor dryer and you dump a mix load of clothings and your mix load contain jeans and some working shirt.... Wouldn't it amount to overdrying as your dryer wont stop till your jeans are dry... So what is the use of a sensor dryer?? Unless you separately dry a load of jean then it will be put to maximum usage.

I am not trying to pinpoint or find fault with what the sales person have mention but it is indeed a fact that he is trying his best to sell you the combo of Whirlpool and F & P as they belong to the same company.

Last but not least, i would advise you to pay a little more and take the electrolux EWF 1084 + EDE 429(SENSOR) or EDE 419(MECHANICAL) instead.

Gd luck in your choice of machine and do give us your valuable imputs after you start using them
WAE 12060 is a machine made in Thailand. 7kg in capacity and having a fix speed of 600 rpm....

Any comparisons against any other brands... If not i would say its fine to me if i am having this machine.


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Hi twt, would be grateful if you could compare between Bosch WAE 18060 VS Electrolux EWF984.
Their features, water consumption, etc.
For the Bosch, what do you mean when you say 'Fix rpm speed at 900rpm with no variable rpm control'?
Please recommend which one is a better buy- assume same price.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, do you guys/girls mind posting the performance of your LG direct drive washer? WD-14361 is one of my shortlisted washer.

I have read very bad reviews on LG washer from below web site. Most complaints is about noise and mold growing inside the machine (caused by excessive detergent??)




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Hi Twt, if you had to choose between these washers, what would you buy?
1)Brandt WFH08771A 2) Electrolux EWF984 or 3)EF Italian Inspiration WF7141.

Based on specs, these seem pretty similar.


i would not confuse myself and just limit those choices to two The brandt and electrolux and then compare.. leaving out the EF>
i agree with Ridz.I will definitely leave the EF washer out.....

But do you mind telling me the price comparisons cause it is definitely one of th factor for me when i am deciding on one of the two machines


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Hi ridz

Seems that Electrolux washers are highly recommended. For 7kg load, there are 5 models in all


May I ask what I should take into consideration when choosing which to get? What would you recommend?

Does anyone else have any experience in using any of the above WMs?



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Thanks Ridz and Twt. So both of you agree that I should not consider the EF yeah? I think I will decide between Electolux and Brandt in this case. Which of these 2 would be a better buy?

A salesperson I spoke to recommended me the EF washer saying that it is reliable - made in England, A+A rating with Rpm up to 1400. That was why I considered it. (But I've never heard of this brand being good)

Pricewise I haven't really been going around to check but based on online prices, they seem quite similar at region of 1k. Once I decide on either the Electrolux or Brandt, I will scout for best offers. ;)


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My mistake above, the EF washer is made in Europe, not England. Got it confused with Elba EB767 FS Dryer which is made in England. Any comments on this Elba Dryer?


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This is the first time I am buying washing machine and really need advice, totally lost with so many choice (now I know why my parents always headache when any electrical breakdown)

I glance through the forum and noticed that Samsung brand is not really recommended. But European brand is a bit out of my budget. How about Toshiba ? Any comments ?

I have been recommended by this sales person on the following model:
Toshiba top load AW-8970SS. The price is only $429 and has extra function to do super spin dry.



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Hi Jay, I'm no expert washers but I am currently using the Toshiba 8900S. Totally unhappy with it which is why I am looking for a replacement.

Its pulsator broke down immediately after the 1 year warranty ended (only 2 of us, so usage is definitely not high). After each wash, the clothes come up all twisted and tangled. The pulsator is showing signs of giving up yet again, hence I need a new washer.

The previous top loader I owned was a National Panasonic nade in Japan. It worked for 10 whole years without any trouble! Absolutely worry free and wonderful.

Just my personal experience here so you should ask around a little more.


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Hi BB Queen...

EWF771 - 750 RPM sellin at $919
EWF882 - 850RPM excusive to COURTS
EWF888 - 800RPM with AG+ system sellin at $1399
EWF984 - 850RPM selling at $1079
EWF1084 - 1000RPM exclusive to Harvey Norman $999

For EWF-1084 will be the best buy coz for the prices, today harvey norman selling at $899 special price.


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Yap.. consider a good machine loh.. i bought EWF-1495. Very quiet model. Bought at Harvey Norman Jurong Point. Good price and good service. I dun realli believe in Brandt till to it's a very new brand in the market not light Bosch and Electrolux they r well known and more then 80yrs in the market.
I beg to differ on the comment ... i dont believe in Brandt.... of course to each his own and having his own comments... but what about EWF 1495.... Dont you know of the problems created by this EWF 1495 and such a big hoo ha on a machine which is definitely overprice and yet having problems which is not solve till this very moment and..... MORE SO ELECTROLUX!!!!!!!!!

I shant dwell on this further but being a electrolux user( i am using a EW 1079F 6.5kg front loader if you are wondering), we have to admit that the THAILAND batch is a far cry from the ones produced in ITALY.

Seriously, if the price offered for Jurong point Harvey norman is the best, then what about WEST MALL and Milenia Walk Harvey and shops like Kong Tai, Aik Leong, Etronin or even Euromark???

Anyway, if i would to get a EWF 1495 ELECTROLUX washer, then i might as well pay for a miele machine... at the very least got four supporting cast rather then only two if you get what i meant.

Anyway, my message is clear, it does not mean that you are producing for 80 yrs and above and it means you are good.... in fact complacency creeps in and there it goes PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS and PROBLEMS.



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Hi TWT... U seem liked EXPERT??? Then i got nothing to say... Since u so ANGRY then might as well u spend yr $$$ to buy SAMSUNG cheaper model spoilt already oso won't feel HEARTPAIN unless u r a poor person!!! If U NOT AHPPY WITH OF COMMENT can always let me KNOW!!!


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Hi TWT... U seem liked EXPERT??? Then i got nothing to say... Since u so ANGRY then might as well u spend yr $$$ to buy SAMSUNG cheaper model spoilt already oso won't feel HEARTPAIN unless u r a poor person!!! If U NOT HAPPY WITH THE COMMENT can always let me KNOW!!!
Hi Swift,

Dont you get what i meant when i actually type out... I beg to differ.. Anyway, cant you see that what my nick actually meant??

It seems that you are even more frustrated and pissed off by the comments i've made.

As for being poor, i have nothing really much to say. I can only say that i a merely giving my comments on a machine and places to purchase WORTHY machine and STOP being a ROUGH BOOR!!!

I must really give you an advice. Samsung's machine is not cheap, its really dirt cheap. But then.....

I shall not dwell on this further. I know i have hurt an ego. I apologised for any non intended remarks. I shall stop my posting on EWF 1495.


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U too... i dunno whether r u a salesman or promoter for any brand. DUN ACT SMART HERE!!! If u r so SMART u won't be wrking as a Promoter or staff at any electrical store!!! BEGGER!!!
Thanks for your concern. But if its 5 yrs ago, i would really consider recommending myself to the forum.

But abit too late.......

Come on.... if you are in this trade, you should seriously focus on your sales instead of trying to promote the brand and the place where you are in. Look at all your posting and you will know what i meant..

Anyway, its for the good of the forum that we know where to purchase and what items are really worth the buy.

Seriously,your knowledge is abit off colour. I didnt know that xxxxxxxxxx staff have such little knowledge of their own product.

Dear ALL,

I was reallie reallie stunned to see a quarrel in this forum page.
I merely popped in to find out more information on washing machine but who knoes, I "witnessed" a quarrel over here.

Dear twt,

I dun think SwiftZC21 has mentioned anything that will provoke you and I am reallie puzzled to why you got so angry.

All of us are here to give comments.
All comments are precious and there is no right or wrong to every comment/s.
Everyone has his/her own say and opinion.
Thus I dun think you should flare up at SwiftZC21.
Hope my message is being sent across and please stop all the quarrellingsz.
All these are hurting and also waste of time.

I am someone who hardly posts my message here, unless I feel that it is necessary.

So many people here had befriended one another, why of all make an enemy here?



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Hi SwiftZC21,
Was wondering whats the difference between the latest 1098 and your 1495? Cause I think both are also 8kg. Well actually i found out too late about this model as myself have just placed order for 1090, hope that my choice doesn't go wrong.

By the way, how much you bought your 1495? Originally also wanted to buy yours, but the price to way over the top for me.



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Hi henry... regarding EWF-1098 the oni extra feature is it got Ag+ system nothing special if i not wrong oni 1000rpm, which EWF-1495 will be different in the sense the machine super silent, 1400RPM, inverter, nicer look. For EWF-1090 quite a okie model, but function wise emmm... is the same as EWF-1084 which oni exclusive to harvey norman oni different btw EWF-1090 n EWF-1084 is that EWF-1090 got jet wash system. I bought at $1659 plus extended warranty. How much u bought the EWF-1090?


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Hi Swift,
No wonder you said its a good price. So you got the add. 4 years(total 5 years) is it? Well for me, I got my at $1.1k, with lobang from my friend. Well the cheapest elsewhere I got for my WM is $1.15, so in the end, just really got $50 cheaper. Actually I also saw this jet wash thing, so can you briefly explain what it does??

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi henry... Jet wash meaning the washer every one minute it'll use back the water in the drum using 8litres of water to spray on yr clothings to gave a superior wash. More cleaning loh... Btw u got a good price for EWF-1090.


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Hi henry... Jet wash meaning the washer every one minute it'll use back the water in the drum using 8litres of water to spray on yr clothings to gave a superior wash. More cleaner loh... Btw u got a good price for EWF-1090.


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After much reading and comparison, I've narrowed my choices to either Bosch WAS 28441 ME or Electrolux EWF 1495. Please advise which is a better choice. Thanks.



my honest opinion would be.. (cos i dun have and dun see a need for an 8kg drum) i would opt for neither and take the offer set from Miele Prestige Plus 6. I would think its a better machine for a little bit more.

But opinions do differ according to needs.

I agree with Ridz. However, i wonder is the Prestige plus 6 is the same mchine i am referring to.

U might want to consider Miele's W562 OR W564( either one its just that i forget the odel number. It is presently retailing at $1788/- ( this is a promo price across board whole of Singapore if i am not wrong. However,it is only rated at 6kg with 1300 rpm. ( could be cheaper if you visit the correct place/store)

However, if you are looking at drum space, i assure you that the drum space is as huge as the one which you have spotted(the bosch and Electrolux).

Definitely, quality for quality, it is way and cut above the rest. This is one real deal which shouldnt be missed. Imagine a miele machine at $1788??



Yes i think we are referring to the same Prestige Plus 6 its W 562. Its 6kg and rpm is 1300. Retailing at 1788.

Its fully made in Germany. 49 litres for a standard cotton at 60 degrees consuming about 1.02kwh.

cast iron support.

Wash programmes: Automatic, cottons, minimum iron, Delicates, Wool, Silk, Handwash, Express wash, Denim (for jeans), shirts, dark garments,starching.

I have a miele machine. its awesome. the quality of the washing and drying is really good.

PLus a lot of people are always considering the door latch is metal but the hinge is plastic, some hinge is metal but porthole door is plastic.

Miele is both hinge and latch metal and the door closes with a solid thump. You need to swing the door to shut it else it will not catch. This affirms the quality build. initial i thought they were kidding but now im kinda used to just swinging shut the doors of my miele that when i go out to shops and try to swing other doors. it just feels YIKES might come off.

And their after sales service is excellent. There was an incident, not a major one but they had my dryer replaced and the customer relations executive came down personally to apologised to me and family for the inconvenience caused to us. with gifts. and not 1 person came the customer relations manager and another lady cust svc rep also came. i was impressed! All these because they take pride in their machine which is built to last.. and that problems with their machines are almost unheard of so when something like my case happened they truly apologise because we trusted a reliable brand but got one out of a million machines, one that has some minor flaws and that they want to place and build back that trust for their reputable machine.

Seriously miele is an incredible machine.


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True Miele is a good machine... but not alot of customer wanna spend high price for a washing machines. Think most of them rather spend $$$ less then $1500... But i support Miele too...



true not many want to spend such high price. Cos i have many people in the house, i wash 3 times daily, everyday of the year and also drying 3 cycles everyday. So imagine if i have a machine that dies ocassionally. it will make my whole house craqzy..

so when i swapped to miele. its like a blessing. no more calling down technicians after every few months cos this lah that lah. so my needs is a built to last machines and of course the premium features which will ensure that the machine is always ahead of times. like right now most machines in the market are like doing 1400rpm as the most premium model but that 1400 is the basic model for miele and their highest is 1800rpm and their consumptions are really frugal. most machines on the market still pales in comparison.

a lot of customisations is allowed in the programming which makes for comfort features i've enjoyed.

anyway just consider lah.. since right now they have this promo model yeah. 1788 is about 400 premium over most machiens in the market. but i think its worth it. cheers

That's a FAST REPLY... and without doubt MIELE.

I think in this instance, we have a common goal for our forumist,Susan to go for the MIELE machine.

Just feel that if anyone is willing to foot anything close to $1400/-, an extra 3-400 dollars is worth sacrificing for, isnt it. Just as the MIELE saying goes, ANYTHING ELSE IS A COMPROMISE.

Hahahaha... Lets await her decision.