6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?


600rpm or 800rpm??? The diff is what kind of clothings/fabric you will be washing with either RPM??? if you gonna trow in silk and using 800 rpm, then its not very ideal..... another thing is u try using 600/800 rpm to wash your jeans, you will see that your jeans will be more dry then 600 rpm.

There is really no best place to purchase a washing machine. It really has to depend on your luck and where to get the correct person and the correct price.(This is according to my knowledge)

if you make comparisons between HN,Courts and Best, i tell you HN has a little bit of an edge in terms of pricing. However, if you meet the correct person at HN/Courts/Best, then you might be in for a little surprise(Cost saving).

I give you a real life example.... My friend called up 3 shops in Hougang,Alexandara and Jurong West and the quote for this machine was $1019/-, $1039/- and $1020/-. My friend was quoted at $999/- for this particular machine and model at HN... We went over to Courts, he was quoted $1099/- with only $100/- NTUC voucher then we went to Best(2 diff store), he was also quoted with $1099/-(NO DISCOUNT!!!!) for the 1st store and $999/- after i told him we came from xxx place of HN(2nd store). I guess you would know what i meant when i mentioned correct place/person.

I will not encourage a 2 in 1..... reasons being longer washing and drying time. Moreover , only half load when drying. Breaking down effect will ultimately depend on your usage.

If you insist on a 2 in 1, i will either go for the LG 14331( this is because of PRICING) and Electrolux EWW 1292( this is because of branding/quality).

Did i miss out anything???

Side track a bit...

I recalled this joke when i was at Best Denki.When my friend and i were going around looking at Front loading washer,my friend then gave some comments.... You see the Sticker Bosch number one brand in Europe and he was then asking about why so many Number 1 ?? I then joined in also pointed to the few electrolux machines.

Salesman: Sir, what do you intend to purchase ?

Friend: I am here to purchase a FRONT loading.

Salesman: U look carefully Bosch is number 1 brand in Europe wherelse it states clearly Electrolux is number 1 front load in Europe.

friend: Can you explain further??

Salesman: Let us first take a look at both machines from Electrolux and Bosch.....

The salesman gave a very good account of what the Bosch and elctrolux machine and my friend then thank him for his service. On our next visit, he then ended up buying a Brandt washer..

Ok, main topic..... wae20260....

Made in Thailand ( in Singapore stated as 7kg 1000 rpm)

spin from 600 - 1000 rpm.

15 mins washing( Note ONLY REFRESHING of clothes but using 32 litres of water!!!!!) in my opinion then i rather use half load/quick wash to wash then.

i THINK they are reviews on this machine before perhaps you might wish to read the archives.

The LG machine is a DRIECT DRIVE machine which is ORIGINAL from KOREA. The direct drive offers you a 10 motor warranty and 2 yrs full warranty and also 5 yrs rubber warranty. TO me only the 2 yrs full warranty is attractive.

WD14361 IS a 8kg machine which has 1400 rpm( if i am not wrong). erm depth of the machine will come to the same with the Bosch wae20260 if you make comparisons... However, pls bear in mind that the direct drive system is only a few yrs old in local standard.

Overall, noise level will be quiet for a start but long run... u will have to provide us with feedbacks if you are using it in future.

Never really hear of any reviews for LG direct drive machines.

Really tough choice since only 2 machines.... But if realli no choice.. I PICK WD14361


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Hey peeps, my appologies if you have seen this thread else where but i need this info urgently as the promo is ending very soon.

Passed by Harvey Norman looking for front loading washing machine.

The sales man intro me to the Samsung Front Load Washer WF-J1061.

What stands out to me is the capacity 7.5kg, up to 1000rpm

A short breakdown of the specs are as follows

Features Capacity 7.5kg
SilverWashâ„¢ No
Colour White
Door Trim White Plastic
Motor Universial Motor
Display Type 2 digit Digital Display
RPM 1000 rpm
Heater Yes
Standard Wash Cycle No. of wash cycle 8
Heavy Duty No
Normal Yes (cotton)
Whites Synthetics / Coloured
Wool Yes
Delicates / Hand Wash No / Yes
Perm Press No
Towels No
Sanitize No
Bedding No
Spin Only Yes
Rinse+Spin Yes
Quick Wash Yes
Option No. of option 4
Delay Start Yes
My Cycle No
Pre Wash Yes
Extra Wash No
Extra Rinse Yes (Rinse+, Rinse Hold)
Extra Spin No
Add Garment No
Child Lock Yes
Temp setting No. of temp setting 5 (Cold-30°C-40°C-60°C-95°C)
Spin Speed No. of spin speed 4 (No spin-400-800-1000)
Detergent Dispenser No. of tray 3
Prewash Yes
Main Yes
Softener Yes
Bleach No
Dimensions Net Height 850mm
Net Width 598mm
Net Depth 550mm
Weight Net Weight 75kg

All for the price @ $599.

Is it a good deal? Are Samsung Front Loaders good?

Sorry for the late reply. The answer is simple. If budget is a problem for you, go ahead with this machine. The specs for this machine isnt bad. However, you would need to take note that to compare it with the european makes and brand, this is a STRICT No No for me.

You have mentioned all the important attractive points about this machine. However, the water consumption and the make of this machine left much to be desired.........in case you are wondering what is not right, 90% of the samsung's FRONT LOADING machines is MADE IN CHINA( i am not against CHINA made machine but it is just that i have heard and seen to many to trust them for nw)

Take a close look at the opening and closing of the door to the machine as well if you are dropping by HN again. Try it with a more reputable brand, eg : Bosch, Electrolux or Brandt... You might get what i mean.


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haha!!! i know what u mean by made in china twt.

Hmm, dun mind be asking but what is a good level of water consumption?

I have seen the door and it is like a bit offcenter liao......... yikes!

Gd level of water consumption will definitely be something below 50 litres of water.....

Oh Ya...... there are sales happening in Harvey Norman stores and certain Best outlet.... Do go grab the washer you want if you are ready for this weekend...... Price guaranteed BEST!!!!!!!!


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twt, thanks alot for your advise!!!

well, i agree that direct drive is still new in the local standard. actually the attractive part is not only the 2 full yrs, but also tat "make in korea" and intelligent washing system (sometime i really dunno whether I overload washing).

Good level consumption is below 50 litres huh? This LG washer is 58 litres and energy consumption is 1.24 Kw/h. Is it consider good? ehm... but it brochure show awarded with AAA.

haiz.. only viewed your posting last nite, otherwise i should went for the Best night sales over the weekend. Would they hav any sales in this month again?

(Just realized tat recently Singaporebride dun hav the email alert for new posting)


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Hi ladies n gentlemen, can advise me which model to get for Electrolux or Brandt? Is it true that if u wish to wash ur comforter u need at least a 7kg load? I was lookin at this model Electrolux EWF771 at $919 B.Denki, is it a good buy? Thanks for any advise.
Hi kymt,

Not to worry... festive around the corner so there should be plenty of sales around. Like last week COURTS having 1st anniversary sales.

This week is BEST DENKI IMM anniversary sales. Already received pamphlets for it.... They will have special prices/buys for the coming weekend offer...

Seriously, AAA rather easy to attain for E/C standard but if you realise one thing, for front loaders the water level will mostly be around 55-69 litres of water usage. But electricity consumption suold be falling between 0.95kwh - 1.2kwh to make it really ideal.

Another thing is you have to realise that parts are the thing that will fail a machine and seldom will the motor break down.

Intelligent washing system is also install in most front loaders except those made in CHINA....(pls dont flame me for saying that

I think you have been mislead by salesperson. A 7kg would never be ideal for washing a comforter.

EWF 771 comes with a permanent 750rpm spin with no variable spin speed and temperature. Overall, not a very good buy if you were to compare it with EWF 984 which is PRESENTLY retailing at $999/-.

EWF 984 comes with a 30mins half load washing and variable spin speed of up to 850 rpm. It also does have variable temperature control and other better functions.

You might wish to put it in your shopping list instead. Gd luck


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Hi twt,

wow.. you working with Best huh? Do let me know if they hav any special price for this LG model le..

so is it meaningless for AAA standard then? Yeah.. you really well known of washer ya...

You are right. part can easily spoil..so i think of getting the 5 yrs extended warranty too..

Intelligent washing system install most front loader? But the Electrolux fix 600rpm machine tat my friend using doesn't hav le... tot it is new to front loader..(except those new model exception model selling in Europe) coz the panasonic top loader washer that my bro bought hav this system..
Hi Kymt,

I used to work for Best/Harvey Norman and those Heartland shops.

If you are persistent in purchasing LG machines, pls proceed to Audio House or Gain city. There can give you better prices on LG products.

I only know of the 1st anniversary sales coming this weekend over at Best Denki. Perhaps you might wish to try your luck over the weekend.
As i have mentioned, any washer/dryer which you can get discount of 10% or more is definitely best value for money. It has never happened before.

If you are going to purchase Extended warranty, no need to think already. Just go to Best Denki. Too cheap to believe. only 8% of the selling prices compared to AIG( for heartland shops if there is EW), Harvey,Courts,Gain city.... You must add up all pricing(inclusive of EW) if you want to get the best deal from the sales person.

AAA standard is not meaningless. It does varies like what i have mention. There is a range for getting such A ratings. But seriously, most European brand all are AA rating. The ones which is exception is the Bosch german made machines( I was shocked it was Bosch) which comes with an AB rating.

Intelligent washing comes with most European model(This is what we called the automatic variable capacity or in laymen term call you put 2 kg they come out 2 kg water). The Electrolux machine which is 600 rpm is a low end model which doesnt comes with it. Anyway, that model is already obselete.

Pls understand that most top loaders will consume at least 110 litres of water compare to those of the front loading. Put it simply as minimum 2 times more.

Anything i have miss out??? If yes, i will be here reading up and replying to you ASAP.

Meanwhile, gd luck on your choice of machine.


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Hi got a question to ask...
Which is a better choice?
Brandt WFH08771A or Electrolux EWF 984
Can't decide between this 2...


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Hi all
Have been following washing machines threads cos now hunting for washing machine for my new house.

Quite confused with the wide array of brands and models, each boasting their own good points. Surprisingly, what my FH and i most wish to know - water and energy consumption - is not always available even when we ask salesmen. And salesmen from the same dept store can tell us different stories abt the same brand and model!

i'm looking at 7kg front load WM that can wash queen size quilt, delicates & handwash (i assume all front loads can do that?), with variable speed and temp selections.

So far, FH and i think 800rpm max should be good enough already. No need to have too many programmes though cos we are also budget constrained - hopefully between $800-$900.

Came across the following brands & models and hope to get your advice on which you think is better:

Bosch WAE 16060
Brandt WFH 08771A
Electrolux EWF 1084
Electrolux EWF 984
Samsung WF-J 1061 (7.5kg)
LG WD 10481TP
LG WD 14361TD (8.0kg)

We're also open to consider topload
Fisher GWC12 and MWC12 (both 7.5kg)
in the event we can't really find something suitable that we can afford for frontload. But i know that Fisher's machines have the centre piece which helps to make clothes cleaner but i wonder if our quilt can fit in in that case? Also, becos it's topload, it spins round and round and chances of fabrics getting ruined & stretched is higher. Would that be true for Fisher as well when it's slightly different in design from other Asian brands w/o the centre piece?

I understand that some WM have speed wash functions usually of 15min, 30min and 45min. However, i'm wondering if such speed wash programs would be clean and whether it may end up consuming more electricity & water??

Then there's also the limitation of only half load for some of these speed wash programs, is that true for all speed wash or only restricted to certain brands & models only?

Also, i'm keen to understand what is the typical duration, advisable temp and speed of washing for cotton, delicates, handwash programs? I'm totally ignorant of all these and i only know my main objective is to save electricity & water in the long run. =p
i was shocked to find out that some wash programs last as long as 2 to 2.5hours!!! Then i think no matter how energy & water saving that WM is, if it's taking so much longer than topload or other continental brands that have shorter wash cycles, it may just as well consume so much more water and electricity than them!

Another concern is warranty periods. Seems like some European brands (Bosch, Brandt, Electrolux) have only 1 year warranty??? That's what i heard from the salesmen and it's written on the tag. Isn't that a little too short? Or is it a gimmick to make consumers purchase ext warranty? The warranty covers only certain parts like the rubber gasket and warranty of some don't even cover the glass door, which i find quite unreasonable since that would form a major part of the machine.

Kindly enlighten me if you've some valuable insights to share... Thanks so much... Really appreciate!

=) hannah

EWF 984 - Electrolux

RCP-$1079/-(retail price in Dept Stores subject to discount)
Made in Thailand
Double AA rating
59litres of water
5 yrs rubber gasket warranty
Quick 30 function
jeans programme
Variable spin speed up to 850rpm

WFH08771A - Brandt ($1099/-)

Made in Turkey
A+A rating
Flash 30
Opti A 45 mins
49 litres of water
Variable spin speed 800 rpm.

Too close to call to be exact.... Specification almost identical. A little bit of difference.

Brandt's concentration for front loading has just started wherelse Electrolux is a master in this field.

Look out for any freebies should you decide to purchase from Dept stores. HN is offering free HN vouchers, Courts offering NTUC vouchers whilst Best is offering you Bags,Bicycles etc...

Do not forget the heartland shops selling these items but pls make sure you do not get the display sets from them.....

Gd luck. Send us your reviews when you start using the machine.


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hi Peeps, what do think of the below model?

LG WD-10481TP @ $600?
1000 RPM, 7.5 kg

5 yrs on gasket and motor, 1 yr on services and labour
If i am not wrong ( maybe i outdated ), all LG front loaders come with 2 yrs warranty.

As far as i know, this particular model which you have mentioned is made in China. Once again, in my personal opinion, i would say it is a STRICT NO-NO.... I am not against CHINA produced washers but it is just that i have personally seen and heard too many......

The only thing that is attractive about such stuffs from CHINA is that the specs are good... Imagine a 7.5Kg washer that comes with 1000rpm AND IT ONLY COST $600???

Gd luck.


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hi twt

saw that u're an expert in WM. i am looking for one for my new hse and have completely no idea where to start doing my research for WM.

can guide me how to choose a gd WM which these requirements?

budget: around 600-700 best (if not then below 1000)
brand: prefer european brand
rpm: 600-1000
front load.
size: 6.5-7kg

i guess that is all? what else shd i look out for?

so which brand is the best for these specs/requirements and whre to get best?

hi valerie,

Tks for the compliment.

Most of the front loaders are European brands. Perhaps what you can do is you go around malls or Heartland Shops looking and shortlisting Machines before i can give you a certain explaination.

Brands you can look out for are the Biggest 3 players in the market.... Electrolux, Bosch and Brandt.

I will be waiting for you shortlist via this thread...

Gd luck


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hi twt,

i must say u really sound as ur nick implies..

seeking your advice.
im looking at bosch wae 18060 (900rpm) but made in thailand as compared to was 28441 (up to 1400 rpm) but made in germany.
just wondering made in where really has difference?
i know abt ur dislike for china made.. hehe..
the main concern is cost.
at courts we saw, the price diff bte these 2 is $600. but of cos i understand the wae is their standard model while the was is their "premium" model. just wondering is it necessary to get such a gd one?
but of cos i know wae is 7 kg while was is 8 kg, so cant really compare is it?


Tks for the compliment.....

WAE 18060
Made in Thailand
Fix rpm speed at 900rpm with no variable rpm control
Fully stainless steel tub
'plastic catch' for opening

WAS 28441
Made in Germany
variable speed up to 1400rpm.
'metal catch' for opening
Not fully stainless inside the drum with carbarone(if i spell correctly)

If you are strictly on Bosch washers, i would say that WAS 28441 is more worth the money.

Same comparison, do you want to drive a Merc(German made) or do you want to drive a Honda(thai made)??

I am not against the manufacture but it really does have difference.

If cost is a concern for you, then why not look at other brands of machine??

But back to same topic, the price which you are paying for might not be the cheapest at Courts. Go take a walk at Heartland shops, Harvey Norman or Best Denki and you will realise the price difference.

Gd luck


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hi twt,

thks for ur reply.

if not bosch, wat other brands u recommend?
conti and front loader.
to me, decided bosch bcos of water-saving and energy-saving.
dont really need fanciful gadgets or wat, just long-lasting and money-saving..


Energy effiency and water savings is definitely a plus point....

Long lasting is really depends on how and what you do to your machine.

If energy and water saving is a concern for you, then i must say that you might want to consider the other 2 big brands in the market ( Electrolux and Brandt)...

Put it bluntly, both this brands washer is deifnitely more energy efficient and water saving then the Bosch washer.

What i mean is comparing apple to apple. (Eg: WAE 18060 vs EWF 984/EWF 1084 vs WFH 08771A)
and WAS 28441 vs EWF 1495/EWF 1090 vs WFH 1277K.

I would recommend you to proceed to 3 places for extensive viewing and recommendation of the machines... ( Megastore at Tampines for Courts/Milenia Walk for Harvey Norman/ IMM for Best Denki).

You will be able to see and find out alot on these washers which i have mentioned about.

Gd luck


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I am deciding between Bosch WAE-20256SG or Electrolux EWF984.

Being budget conscious, think EFW984 better option as it has almost the same spect as WAE-20256SG except its spin speed is 850rpm while Bosch model is 1000rpm.

EWF984 selling for about $950-$980 while WAE-20256SG about $1100-$1150.

What's your thoughts about EWF984, is it decent?


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I was quoted EWF984 for $979 and EWF1084 for $999. Does it sound right for the pricing? I wasn't sure if the salesperson was giving me the right price for EWF1084, if it's only $20 difference, i would get EWF1084 as it has spin speed of 1000 rpm. Is it wise to take EWF1084 instead?

Being budget conscious, you might just want to settle for EWF 1084. $999/- sounds resoundable.

I believe the bosch model you are referring to is WAE 20260 instead. In my opinion, you might want to look around if you are looking for EWF 984 as it is an 'open' model unlike EWF 1084 where it is exclusive to Harvey Norman.


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Oh yes, it's 20260. I think i will end up with purchasing EWF984. It's the washer shown up on electrolux website when you click on the washer link, i supposed they should be selling that model quite well for that.


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Thks twt , I have made up my mind to get Electrolux juz deciding betwwen EWF984 and EWF1084

How come EWF1084 is only exclusive to Harvey Norman?

U mean I can't find it if I look for it in neighbouring shops?
For exclusive models, the good thing for retailer is they are not afraid of price war. Of course it will not be gd for consumer like us.

You are correct. You can't get it in neighbouring shops.

Nowadays,the trend is neighbourhood shops are even more afraid of departemental store in terms of pricing. I think you can get a better price then in departmental store if you find the correct place and sales person.

Gd luck


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bonkitty, i am now deciding between EWF984 and EWF1084. Been around a few places .... Audiohouse selling EWF984 @ $949 cash with free delivery. The best deal i seen so far. Harvey Norman selling $979 with $30 delivery charge.

I should be buying EWF1084. It is only $20 more expensive at Harvey Norman at $999, and it comes free with $100 cold storage voucher. you are paying only $899 instead if you considered the voucher. EWF984 and EWF1084 is almost identical, with only the later model with spin speed up to 1000 rpm instead of 850rpm.

The only reason i had not purchased yet is i only need it in May, and it is too early to buy now. Really tempted to buy now and ask them for delivery in May, but don't know if it's wise to keep it on hold for so many months.


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Bought EWF-1084 today from Harvey Norman. i think it's a very good deal, they have a special price promotion today.

I got it for $899 + $30 delivery charge. Previously it was $999 + $30 delivery charge. And i got a $100 cold storage voucher, some harvey norman vouchers and 2 tickets to watch Ah Long Pte Ltd movie at Golden V.

Effectively, it is just $829 payment after considering the cold storage voucher.

It is even cheaper than the more inferior EWF984 and 771.
Erm...... I think rather harsh to say that EWF 984 inferior to EWF 1084....

Anyway, sorry to pur "cold water". There are some places offering EWF 1090 at only $1099 with $150/- cold storage voucher and $100/- choice voucher with a PIERRE CARDIN luggage bag. But this is only limited to this weekend due to the ADVERTISEMENT posting by HN......

Anyway gd buy and cheers to all shoppers!!!!!!


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Hi twt,

Was quoted total S$1420 for Brandt WFH08771A washing machine and EFM102K dryer over the weekend and S$1199 for Sharp LC-32A53M 32" LCD TV with free wall mount (bracket 3rd party, not Sharp).

Do you think these are good buys ?

Actually wanted an auto sensing dryer but for Brandt seems like only have 8kg model for that.

Quite like the Fisher & Paykel ED56 dryer as I used it previously but not sure if it can be stacked on the Brandt WM without problem.

Initially was looking at Electrolux EWF1084 but the salesman told me the Brandt made in Europe and when paused (anytime during washing/rinse/spin), the drum will lower itself so more clothes can be added ANYTIME.

Any comments/advice would be appreciated.


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hi twt, so in ur own opinion is EWF984 really that lousy compared to EWF1084? I have already ordered EWF984 at $860, is this $ too x?

The diff between EWF 984 and EWF 1084 is only 200 RPM difference.

In my personal opinion, it doesnt make any difference. As for pricing, i cant help much. I have only one thing to say, grab it at the correct place and time and this is definitely the time to do it as there are just too many offers going on.

Gd luck

The pricing which you got is a HUGH 15% off the retail price. Confirm great buy. But i will urge you to get wfh10771a PLUS efe 310k INSTEAD. PAY A BIT MORE to enjoy great savings.

I dont quite understand the drum lower and can add more clothes..... But all i know is Electrolux can add clothes for first 5-10 minutes during washing and no other brands of machine allows you to do it. Drum space, we agree that Brandt's drum is the largest.

Made in Europe and made in Thailand has obvious difference and this is for you to judge when you visit places as diff salesperson will give you given opinion.

Dont worry about not able to stack. ED 56 or AD 55 can be stack onto any brandt washer.

In conclusion, the 8kg sensor dryer is a much better buy then the 6kg mechanical dryer. In terms of energy efficiency and consumption, the 6kg pales in comparison. I will strongly urge you to get WFH10771A and EFE 310K instead of your current combo WFH08771A and EFM102K as there is a island promotion for WFH 10771A at present... ( this promotion sometimes HEARTLAND shops will not tell us )

Gd luck.


hi winnie,

also just to be forewarned that the fisher and paykel dryers' dimensions are smaller than the standard 60 x60 so whn you stack on top of any brandt, or bosch or electrolux washer, it will not be an exact match of size.

the fisher is smaller. hence there is no stacking kit available. what they will advice you is to buy those rubber non slip patches or so from 3M to prevent it from running about.


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Hi twt, ridz,

Thanks for the advice.


I'm a bit confused. First you say my current
combo is already a big saving. But then you
reco a higher RPM Brandt washer and a bigger and electronic Brandt dryer and said it will be more savings ?

I'm fine with the higher RPM washer but the bigger dryer doesn't really make sense since the
washer is only 7kg and the dryer is 8kg. Most of the time, I only put portion of the clothes being washed into dryer - meaning I use less than 7kg - so the 8kg dryer will be an overkill.

So, are you saying the Brandt combo you reco has much more discount compare to my current Brandt combo ?

Please help to clarify.

Regarding the lowering of the drum when paused - the salesman said I can pause the Brandt washer ANYTIME and the drum will be lowered automatically so as to avoid water from spilling out when I open the door to add more clothes.

It sounds too good to be true but the brandt brochure never mention anything on this - I would thought this will be a good marketing feature for them.

If you are talking about savings, then your pricing for the smaller combo is great savings.

What i am informing is that you can get similar pricing and if not better pricing when you purchase the other combo which i recommended to you.It all depends on the correct place and sales person which you gonna meet.....

As for dryers, the 6kg dryer is a mechanical dryer which uses high electricity consumption as compared to the 8kg sensor dryer. Kindly take note that it does not mean that when you purchase a bigger dryer, it will be more elctricity consuming. In fact, it is vice versa for Brandt dryers.

Another thing to note is that if you use a 8kg dryer, you are allowed more space and also the heating take place at a big space which is equals to faster drying as compare to a more squeezy 6kg brandt dryer. You will have to view the holes in the dryer and the space to get a feel of what i mean.

Lastly, you might also want to take note that the functions for the 8kg and 6kg dryer are a complete mismatach or i put it as totally not comparable. The 8jg dryer is far too much impressive with its functions.

Once again, i think you should get that salesperson to make a note on your invoice and make sure that he states that the drum is lower and can be paused whilst washing halfway or even when you have just started your washing.... Brandt does not have such features.... No machine at this moment in asia able to lower the drum or whatever he call washing halfway with water in it to be able to open.... Even the experts at Electrolux is only able to guarantee opening for the 1st 5-10 minutes before actual washing starts.

Hope my typing is not too long and draggy for you to understand.....


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Many thanks twt for your advise

I missed out on tat offer at HN for EWF1084.
But I believe the price should drop further cos I need it in May...

I hope I dun make a mistake by waiting


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Hi twt,

do you have any comments on Whirlpool? We were looking at a '6th sense' model as the salesman said that it was made in France and better than Bosch, which was made in Thailand. He also mentioned an 'EF' model made in Italy which he said was a good albeit lesser-known brand.

What do you think?

Hi Caira,

To my knowledge, the Whilrpool models(latest ones) are now made in China. There is an older model which is made in Italy.

I will dare say that bosch quality is much superior then the Whirlpool machine.

As for the EF model , i think you would be looking at WF 7100. I dont think this model is up to the mark. Again to my knowledge, it has only one 7kg model presently.

If you can confirm with me the models, perhaps i can give up better details.


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Hi Twt,

Wonder if you could help me out.

I know totally nuts abt WMs. Given that i'm one of those who may use the WMs abt 3 times per week (wait till full load then dump the clothes in...), which model & brand would you recommend? Something that is not too expensive and yet functional?

I'm also not sure if I shd get a separate dryer or those 2-in-1. Understand that splitting them up is better. But also still deliberating whether to get a dryer or not if it's separate. Haha.

It would be best that you make a trip to the shopping mall/heartland shops to shortlist some washing machines.

Afterwhich, you can type it out here and i will then give you some feedbacks( these are my personal opinion only) on those WM ....

You might want to look a separate washer and dryer instead of a combine one.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Hi twt,

What are the key stuff i need to take note of in the malls? I believe i will narrow down the models 1st b4 comparing with the heartland shops on prices.


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hi twt, chanced upon this thread cos my ariston has just decided to take a cny break... prob due to too much binging over the festive holidays....

i'm looking for a wm that can wash queen sized quilts, do 30 min wash cycle, do 30 min hot wash cycle (for nappies) and preferably variable spin speed...... any recommendations pl?
30 mins wash cycle is available for most front loader now........ Bosch even has 15 mins wash but it is for refreshening and not washing.

Electrolux, Brandt, Samsung, LG..... all has 30 mins half load washing.

I foyu dont mind the pricing around 1k - 1.2k go for the European front loaders. If not just settle for the CHINA made like Whirlpool,Samsung or LG...


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Hi twt,

I've been looking around and just wondering what comments you have for the Samsung WFB1061GW 6.5kg ($559) and Electrolux EDE429E 5kg ($729)?

Is the samsung wm made in china and do you think it's a good buy at that price + features/performance? I think it should be an 'intelligent system' wm as the water level is automatically calculated, do correct me if I'm mistaken. Not sure if it has variable spin/temp also. Best has $10 voucher for every $200 spent so it's $60 vouchers for both.

As for the dryer, I purposely chose a sensor-dry system for cost savings even though it's 5kg but I don't intend to load it to the brim so it's alright. The Safety-5 warranty is a must for me personally

Was looking at Bosch/Electrolux wm but didn't want to pay almost double for a wm so I settled for a samsung with pretty good features methinks. Hope it's not a mismatch in wm/dryer!