6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?


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Hi Grape,
I intend to get Electrolux EW880F and EW529E. Which model are u usin? Can share where is the best place to buy?



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hi ppl,
i am new here.. thinking of getting a frontload washer and dryer... also due to the lack of space in my new kitchen also viewing from the new flat structure.. unable to dry my clothes easily...

could u please intro me the dryer and washer model no?

Thank you all!


hi ahblur,

what are you exact requirements?
as in capacity to begin with of course.

if you are looking at capacity of about say 6.5kg
then i can suggest that you take e

electrolux washer

This should retail around 999 in superstores

and auto sensing dryer
EDE 429
this should retail around 699 in superstores.

however should you require a bigger caapcity washer say the 8kg ones

then this would be the one for you.

i think this retails at around 1499.and the dryer wise you can use the same cos the drum size for the dryer is big as big or if not slightly bigger than the 8kg washer.

i checked and verified from electrolux they said that the auto sensing dryer is able to take the load and they match the rated 5kg dryer with their 8kg washer. not a problem.

so yeah there you go


hi carpediem,

i would suggest that you get eh ew 880 insteadof the ew 529

reasdon being that even though both are about the same specs but the 880 has a higher spin speed while the 529 is fixed at 500 which means that your t-shirt will only be spun as 500 max and that the residual moisture in the t shirt will be higher than that of those that is spun in the 880 which spin speed is about 850 rpm if i am not wrong.

and especially if you are thinking of getting a dryer you will use more electrivcity to dry the clothes that is spun lower than 850 rpm thats why a higher rpm is recommended at leat 850 but it would be best if it can be spun at 1000rpm


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hi ridz,

bosch 1260 5kg washer and dryer better than electrolux 1290 model?cos heard that bosch drum are all made of stainless steel whereas electrolux are made of plastic and stainless steel,which 1 better?mixture of plastic and stainless steel?


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thanks for ur kind advise! u really a pro in wm and dryer! most likely will go for the 850rpm... due to budget constraint... plus think i really need to get a dryer as i very lazy to wash clothes sometimes and maybe i need to wear the clothes for tomorrow.... so better to get a dryer plus the place i staying next time won't have a good view to air my clothes...

Hope my neighbour will not throw things down... which other place will u recommend to purchase the items above?

care to share how much u paid for it? if not convient to post it here.. u might email me at [email protected]

Thanks alot!


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Ridz, is the spare parts for Electrolux EW880F expensive and is it easily available in S'pore?

ahBlur, I just placed an order for one from Courts, costing $899 but Courts is giving a $89.90 voucher for me some sort like a 10% discount.


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Hi SusanY,

Does $899 include delivery and installation?

Not a bad price $899-$89.90 = $809.10

Which court u went.


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went to Toa Payoh Courts. Price is inclusive of delivery & installation as well as if there's any disposal too.

But if there are any other big stores (Harvey, Best, etc) who are selling the same product with same model at a lower price, kindly let me know as Courts said that they can do the price adjustment for me.

wat is the difference between vertical and horizontal spin?


hi susan,

so far i must say that that is a very good quote. most retailers sells EW880F at 999 or cheapest is 949 if i am not wrong.

horizontal spin is the drum action which is that of the electrolux EW880F

while horizontal spin would be those likes of fisher paykel and the typical japanese coutnerparts


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Ridz, thanks for the info .. by the way, wat other electrical appliances that you have conducted some researches as in like fridge/dryer/vacuum cleaner/hob/hood/oven/tv, etc?

Sweetson is selling Electrolux 880F @$800 nett.


hi susan,

yes i have information on those items that you have mentioned but it would be great if you would be able to let me klnow what are the things that you are looking out for? and of course the most important the budget cos it is the determing factors i must add.

so let me know then we discuss yeah?


hi cool

sorry i missed your post.

anyway i would say that both of them are highly competitive and both have their own pros and cons.

but personally, no offence yeah,

i would prefer that you get neither cos i dun prefer washer-dryer. they spoil rather easily and if you have the budget to spare a bit more and of course the space to put you are better off with a washer and a seperate dryer.

and of course if you are talking about the omega beater thingy i have no qualms over both just that i think there is nothing wrong with the plastic beater i would think that its a bit more easy and not too rough on the clothes just my opinion as the beater's job is just to give the clothes a bit of a beating and lift it up from the water surface and let it drop to dislodge the dirt from the fibres and not to hit it so hard?

and i think the prices of the washer-dryer is around say 1.3k add around say 300 more then you can get a seperate one each.

Not to mention that you can wash say 6kg and dry also 6kg unlike washer dryer you wsh 6kg then you can only dry 3kg then after that is done only can you dry the other 3kg total time is around 5.5 hours. while if you use seperate washer and dryer it would take you maybe around 4 hours MAx plus electricity consumtion would be lower in seperate machines.


oh yeah susan,

about the spare parts. that would depend highly on what is the problem like a door could cost you about 100 while the motor say around 300 thermostat maybe around 100+ so depends yeah

and also whether is it easily available? electrolux is well established here. not to worry ok?


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Hi Ridz,
jus wonder do u still come into this thread, so i also drop u a private msg..

I need some advises from you on WM.
actually i saw the panasonic front loader which is using tilted drum thus save water. and the front door is acutally higher compared to normal front loader WM.
wat u tink of that WM?
only me n my hubby will be stayin together. but if possible, i would wan to wash my queen size quilt using WM, thus which kg is suitable for us?
or other than panasonic, what other machine is recommended for us?
so for all continental brands like thomson, brandt, etc..all their top loader is definietely using vertical washing like front loader?
kindly pls advise.


hey people,

Miele brought in limited edition machines.

Which DOES NOT FEATURE the HONEYCOMB.. the normal holes machine...

5kg washer with 1400rpm + a 6kg condenser dryer

both of which are not with honeycomb.. going at a special price of $3380!!

Good buy!!! serious im not kidding.


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I'm still considering where should I choose top load or front load washing machine. any comment about this two types of washing machine?
Any recommendation of brand between this two types of washing machine?


hi tony,

which top load are you referring to? continental top load or asian top load.

continental topload are those that the drum turns up and down similar to that of the front load continental.

while the asian top load is those of fisher paykel top load washer or shar etc...


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Hi Ridz,

This thread is really informative! Regretted not chancing this initially... i juz bought a Borsch wm today, front load, 7kg. But its 600 rpm... 2 of the sales ppl told us it is gd enough for normal use and another one told us 600 rpm not enough. Now that u mention at least 850 rpm is better i kinda regret my choice.


well can you call them to change the order? im sure that they would be able to do that ... if its not delivered yet.

which model did you get? and how much> frmo where?


hi, not sure if anyone can advise? would like to know what capacity of front load wm to get if i need to wash a king size bedsheet? 6.5/7? cos i'm hearing differing replies from salepersons. tia.


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Hi ridz, sorry for late reply as I didnt check this thread for a long time. My Borsch model is WAE 12060Sg.. its 7kg but 600rpm. Got it fr Harvey Norman at $700 after discount... how u think need to change this model?


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hi hi, i'm thinking of getting Bosch AE-20260SG (7kg, 600 to l000rpm spin speed). But heard from a friend that the drum for Bosch is not as good as maybe Brandt. Is this true?



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Hihi. Digging this thread out, after a frustrating afternoon. Our Thomson WM (TX 768)broke down again after the 1st servicing (to put back the belting system that came loose) barely 6 months back. We have been using the WM for about 5-6 years now. This time, we had to change the motor and it costs us $70 excluding labour. I refused and therefore now looking out for another WM. Really disappointed with Thomson, as I expected much more out of Thomson being a premier brand and expected the WM to last me at least 10 years.

Any recommendations for a top loading,vertical spinning WM like Thomson? Budget about $1k? Thanks!


hmmm well i would still stickc on thomson.

wahh thats really fast to have died on you pretty fast. the previous thomson i had was about only 4 years plus cos that one i tortured it like 3 times a dayt everyday for that 4 years.

while the one before that really lasted pretty long.. close to 10 or something.

I would still go for thomson again. Though you can opt for slightly cheaper brandt. they are both made in france now for their top loaders.

But features wise will be lacking in brandt of course. but same spin speed will be able to get cheaper for brandt.

another one more thatn i can suggest would be bosch,. but again borrowing thomson's technology and also manufacutirng plant.

But bosch is about slighlt abvoe 1k for 1000rpm but has no posistop but have delay timer etc. you go have a look.



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Thanks, ridz! I also heard about Bosch. Actually, I dun mind front loading too. But features wise, would prefer to have things like delay timer, temperature control, rpm control (up to 1000 rpm?), etc. So which Bosch model should I look at?

Yesterday, I went to Best Denki and saw Brandt WFH08771A. Seems quite rich in features, except that it only goes up to 800 rpm max. Any other comparable models that I should look at, such as LG, Electrolux and so on?


well nick,

front loading you probably can get bigger capacity like 6.5kg or 7kg.

But delay timer.. that might be a bit difficult yeah.

but you could look at bosch 20260 think its 6.5kg washer with 1000rpm. probably can get it like 1k or slighly less.. at parisilk if i am not wrong.

can take a look at this page for the specs. manuals etc.


for electrolux probably you can look at the EWF984 its a 7kg washer but spin speed is 850rpm. but no delay timer. costs about the same as the the bosch 20260.

NO LG for sure.

brandt wise offers good specs for the same price thats one thing for sure. so its your call..

tough fight between bosch brandt and electrolux. next would be to take a look at what you like and dun like about the minute features like yeah time delay etc. and then price to compare cos they are relatively reliable.

of course miele is tops! whaha.


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Can you recommend any branch or place where I can view most models of WM? Eg. Harvey Norman, Courts, Best Denki, Audio House and so on? Thanks!


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Hi Ridz, can u advise why u mentioned "NO LG for sure." in your previous post on 4 Oct? Cos I was eyeing one LG DD W/M which has a washing capacity of 8kg & drying capacity of 4kg. Please advise, thanks.


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hi, snow, i know which one you talking about? one washing machine with two function one is it ??


hi snowypooh.

Well they are new in the front washer category... and.. there are many kinks that they need to iron out first and i do not want to be one of guinea pig to try out and then have problems...looking at the laundry load i have to do everyday i simply cannot do without a washer and a dryer for even a day!

a few of my frens with LG and samsung front loads are complaining... so its a no no for me.

while im using thomson for years and still very little problem.so im sticking to european continental for front washers yeah.

secondly NO NO for washerdryer please.. i too once had a washer dryer under thomson.. and mind you a champion top loads washer dryer... it died pretty fast i think 3 yeras or so only compared to the usual between 8 - 10 years. (usually still can work if i change a little here and there but i decide to change new ones.. or no more spare parts or have to wait very long for spare parts to arrive from france)

washer dryers
1) not as efficient as the standalone washer and dryer seperately. consumes more water and more electricity for the same amount of load
2) takes more time to clear the same load.
-washing 8kg takes about probably 2hours.
-then change and place in dryer another say 2 hours and its done. total 4 hours but washer only works 2 hours and dryer works 2 hours

washer dryer
-washing 8kg then 2hours wash
-then take out half while the remaining half dries takes 2hours
-take out dried half and replace with just now the other half.. and dries for another 2 hours
total time 6 hours.

BUT machine works 6 hours straight.

3) you are sending your washer dryer to death faster if you do a lot of laundry like my house i need to do at least 2-3 rounds.. now its 3 rounds without fail everyday of the year. that is normal loads.

so imagine if i have stand alone washer n dryer. both work for 6 hours eash.. while the 2-in-1 would have worked a total of 24 hours nonstop for that one day.

i mean i am saying this for my usage of course..

but if you are looking at one time a day.. meand your machine would have worked 2 times harder than usual. already. hence the reason why my washer dryer died pretty fast.

hope that was useful..



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hi, new member, can join in?

ya, i just heard too aboutLG is new to front load and i am considering of buying LG too but i actually prefer brandt, what yr opnion ?? pls advise ?


hi sun7,

welcome onboard!

Well yes they are new.. but its really your call seriously.

If you were to ask me. about continental style washer..

then i would stick to BOSCH, Electrolux for fron loads. Brandt is upcoming though reliability still establishing cos they moved their plant from france to turkey so its looking at things at the moment.

Same goes for bosch and electrolux. Boshc used to be from germany and electrolux mostly from belgium and poland but now both bosch and electrolux is made in thailand. so again wait and see.. but i would say that electrolux has been made in thailand for several years now and has not much problem.

anyway since brandt and bosch and electrolux are now relatively stable as compared to LG and samsung... i would say i would look for these...

Brandt would give you the most features.. with the same price as that of bosch and electrolux.

IN terms of washing cycles and technologies, bosch will give you the best.. but comes at a premium over electrolux.

so electrolux is mid priced. though steep compared to asian top loaders.

So bottom line is how deep is your pocket,and what are the features that you are looking at then that forms the basis for comparisions.

What capacity are you looking at? This looks at your laundry which is the SINGLE biggest piece of item that you need to wash. typically this is the quilt. As the rest you can just seperate into diff loads. but one single piece of item .. cannot cut into pieces yeah.

then also the bigger the capaicty the more the price.

next comes the wash cycles. some features silk, wool, handwash. depends.. on what are some of the fabrics that you have in your wardrobe? the basic ones that will surely be availbale would be cotton, synthetic, handwash and delicate. usually.

Then the spin speed the higher the spin spoeed the better.. especially if you are wanting to get a dryer. cos the higher the spin speed.. the lesser residual moisture.. hence the faster it will dry in the dryer. hence using less electricity. cos dryer can use up q2uite a considerable amount of energy. typically around 2.2kwh per cycle. and this versus the $00.2138 per KWH this works to be around $0.48 per load. and this is presuming the longest time that the dryer has to be on about typically 90 mins. so if your clothes has less moisture and that equals to shorter time maybe around say 70 mins. thats about 20 mins savings on electricity yeah. get the drift?

but there is a catch. the higher the spin speed.. it will cost more. typically between models differeing in speed of just 100rpm the diff in price would be around 110 more on top of the lower spin speed. so yeah just a note.

also best is to get variable spin speed. this will ensure that you are treating your clothes the right way.

some materials just simply cannot be spun faster else the fibres will break and will spoil the cloth. jeans max 900rpm, cotton as high as possible esp towels, shirts 900max and also silk 600, wool 300, handwash 300-600 depends. again fixed spin ones are cheaper than variable spin speeds yeah.

so how deep is the pocket.


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Hi Ridz, thanks for the explanation. I'm kinda limited on the space that's why need a washer cum dryer. I'll be using the w/m daily but small load (just me & my hubby's clothes) & will most probably be using the natural sunlight to dry clothes. Only use the dryer function on rainy days.

My pocket only allow less than 1K for w/m which mean I cannot afford European brands such as Brandt, Electrolux or Bosch. I'm not considering top-load cos I understand it's harsher on clothes but it'll be my last resort. How?


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Oops, forgot to add that once in a while, we'll need to wash our bed sheets & quilt as well & we have king-sized bed. So...


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Haha... Ridz, was checking thru other threads on W/M & saw your posts as well. Guess I'll need a bigger load W/M (more than 8kg) for my king sized bedsheets & quilts, and a higher spin speed. Saw that u recommended a Brandt. So, does Brandt has any washer cum dryer suitable for my requirements? What's the model & the estimate cost? Thanks.


hi snowy,

well im afraid that brandt does not have a front load washer dryer. they have a top load BUT CONTINENTAL Style washing, washer dryer which is 6kg wash 3kg dry.

limited on space.. as in not able to stack the machines is it? washer below and dryer on top? creating like a column.

thats tough with a 1k budget. hmmm..


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Hi Ridz, yes I know with a 1K budget it's tough. Limited on space cos although there's a service balcony for washing machine, the w/m can only be placed infront of the window, see picture below. The box in the service balcony represents the w/m

So if I only have a stack of washer & dryer there, I won't be able to hang my clothes out the window.
Another option which I have is to place the w/m in the kitchen, facing the entrance to the kitchen.


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hi ridz, thanks alot for your advise and really a very long and specific advise especially the type of material with what type of speed. i bought the brandt yesterday liao. <center><table border=1><tr><td>
Brandt Washer
brandt.doc (24.1 k)</td></tr></table></center>


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I was also considering this model before I settled for bosch 20260. Bought from Parisilk for $1025. Was comparing a few models before settling for the Bosch 20260. Basically looking for at least 1000 rpm, delayed start, and front loading 7 kg WM. So, narrowed down to Bosch 20260, EWF984, EW1087 and WFH08771A. Wifey struck out 984, as she wanted a 1000 rpm washer, though it looks really good at the price range, plus it is quite solidly built. EW1087 came into the picture, as it is also a 1000 rpm washer, and comes at a great price of $999 at HN. As for Brandt, we gave it a miss this time round, as my previous washer is Thomson, and they are from the same company, and I'm still not very satisfied with their service, as they could not give me a good reason why their Thomson washer kaput after a short 5 years. What clinched the deal for Bosch 20260, is their Express 15 function which allows you to wash just a few pieces of clothing when you need them urgently. So for about $30 more, I get 1 more function which I may need in the future. Will give my reviews later at night after the 1st washing load.