5-room resale - how much to do up WHOLE unit??


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Hi Jen & Hao!

Sorry for the long silence. Been busy. Hey have you move into your new nest? I saw the lights in the living room on.


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Hi Jen & Hao!

Sorry for the long silence. Been busy. Hey have you move into your new nest? I saw the lights in the living room on.


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hi candyfloss, sorry for the late reply, hvn't been checkin this forum for a long time :p yea, we moved in end May, feels good to be back in AMK :D so hv u visited the site office n submitted the upgrade forms? did they say when is ur turn for the upgrade? ours is end of the year, ard oct/nov


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Hi Jen & Hao!

Glad to hear from you! Me also did not come to this website for quiet sometime now. Anyways, welcome to AMK. Me and hubby has submitted the form. A bit disappointed leh. Coz we tot that the windows will be dark brown in colour. In turns out that the windows are going to be tinted greenish colour!! so not colour coordinate now..Yes our turn to toilet sharing will be Oct/Nov. Hoping that this will be over soon! My mother's place (Block 643) will be doing the toilet this 22 July. FYI, i got feedback from my colleagues who has finished their MUP said that her place is very dusty!! Scary leh to hear all these.. : )


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ID mark up at least 100% for everything!
that's why I gave up on ID after talking to a few of them
I talk to at least 5 IDs. 1 ID didn't even dare to give us a quotation because he realised we are very smart, not those blur blur 1st time owners

IDs favourite customers are 1st time owners who are not sure what they want
no matter how many ID you ask, their price are around the same, difference of less than $10K depending how famous they are. The most ex I cam across among ID is Rest & Relax

The real test is to compare ID to contractor. You will see clearly WOW the mark up!

how ID do costing? simple:
Revenue is what they charge you
cost is what they pay to contractor
profit is the difference

so naturally they mark up like crazy otherwise how to earn from you ?

It's actually very simple. I coordinate everything for my 1st house too. Outsource laminate work to another contractor. I like factory direct, huge savings

The important thing is check prices, get at least 3 quotes before you confirm anything

small job like false ceiling for living room $700 then I don't spent time checking lah. Big job like rewiring whole house, change whole house windows, prices in a few $k range I will double or triple check prices

I did not give my contractor the whole job. I still check price for bigger job. For instance my white powder coated window, ID quoted $5.5K whilst my contractor quoted me $3.5K. Seems cheap, right? I already saved $2K but I go factory direct and was quoted $2.5K !!!

Yeah, they do get unhappy if you didn't give them the whole job but I don't believe I should throw money away just to make my contractor happy. Anyway he still get big bulk of the work. I only took out windows and electrical work because he is not price competitive

anyway, I just scolded him yesterday so I'm not too sure I should recommend him

His subcon acid wash my floor yesterday and water were dripping from all sockets & switches in my kitchen
the meter box even tripped ! I was so furious

he said it is expected some water get splashed on to the switches & sockets. What nonsence? I ask him beforehand and he said they only wipe the wall, the switches will not get wet. If he forsee the switches getting a shower, then he should have wrapped or I don't mind wrapping them

even tried to push the blame to my electrician and said if i engaged his electrician, power will not trip. what nonsense again? I did PUB testing and pass PUB testing for all rewiring work in the house

engaged my contractor the 2nd time for my 2nd house because he did a good job 1st time but not so perfect this round


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hi hippo,

As said in your post, you do not hire a ID, but would like to ask you, how did u design your hse? A contractor is one who does the work, but you need to provide him the designs right?

As said you also find wholesale prices, may i know where did you go to? Is it like you need to find ceremic tiles, so you would go to factory and order frm them? then ask your contractor to do the job?

I do agree that i have also been quoted rather quite high prices frm ID, and i also believe to engage contractors, but iam not sure how about designing?

Need your advice.



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we did space planning after brain storming with around 5 IDs. We gather ideas from them when we meet to discuss about the house.

Of course, our fengshui master help to decide the exact space planning

You need to know what you want. So do plough through home deco magazines. I get my ideas after reading 30 magazines from Singapore, Taiwan & Hong Kong as well as visited more than 10 showflats in district 9 & 10

after the ideas consolidation stage, we engage contractor & instruct him to follow accordingly
So do engage a contractor you can control

we select our tiles and get our contractor to buy from the tiles shop.

what we have now is a normal 5 room flat with district 9 deco


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Hafary tiles are really nice. Very similar to Builder shop but much cheaper, probably because they are look-alike from China. I choose those from Spain though

We wrote down the model number of all the tiles we want & place order (no need to pay) then fax one copy to my contractor & ask him to collect & pay

the payment part we don't deal direct with tiles shop


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Hi hippo,

Thanks for the tips. Mind showing me pics of ur flat?
It sounds nice just saying that "normal 5 room flat w district 9 deco". Would really like to see pics.



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are you referring to tiles?

I can't tell whether they are good materials. I only choose the design I want

I was told China-made is cheaper & quality not as good. so I prefer Europe

I was also told only China produced procelain tiles. So if you like procelain tiles then no choice, must be China


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the 3 most important in the house are

1. tiles (permanent fixture, must gel with everything else in the house)

2. lightings (down light & cove light, design of false ceiling, dining light all very important to create the right mood)

3. carpentry (look at the whole piece of laminate at their factory, not just that tiny peice of sample in the catalog)

Other things like

4. curtains (can enhance & soften the mood in the house, so please don't save here & buy ready made ones that look like ready made ones)

5. Bathroom accessories (WC, designer basin, designer taps all help to elevate the class of your house)

Interior design is all about creating the mood.
By the way I'm not ID trained. I'm just a very involved owner and can proudly say I design everything in the house


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Hi hippo2002, I agree that ID marked up everything. But everyone who engaged an ID should jolly well know that. I feel you pay them more of cos for certain reasons and for that, I don't mind paying them more as long as I can afford and that prices are reasonable.

Firstly, you save yourself time which is equivalent to money. With ID, you don't need to coordinate with the contractors, so no headaches, everything is taken care of by the ID.

Secondly, you don't have to come out with the design, colours and materials (Let the professionals do their job). Again, that's the problem of the ID. You just tell them what you want and with that, you save time also.

Thirdly, they have contacts for furnishing, electricals, air-conditioners, accessories for bathroom, kitchen, lightings and even bank loan(at least for mine).

Lastly, I'm currently renovating my house and I'm going for a week's holiday with FH with a piece of mind with ID around. What can be better than that?

If you have the time in the world, then good for you, design your own space and save the bucks. If not, look for an ID and don't find the cheapest cos there obviously is something wrong.

All in all, most importantly, if you are looking for the ID, hopefully that's the right one.


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Has anyone changed door knobs for their resale flat? just simple room door knobs, round type. installation plus cost of door knob itself.

trying to find out how much it roughly costs to prevent getting conned.


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by the way, i would be delighted to see Hippo's decor as well since she recommended so many good points abt her contractor....would like to see before starts calling


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hiya everyone, i'm new to this thread.
I'll also be moving into a 5-room flat in AMK. The flat is a current live-in unit that my in-laws & FH are sharing. Will be living with them.

Right now, the flat is under reno. The entire flat is being re-done...our total cost of reno alone is $50K. My entire master bedroom has custom-built furniture.


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hi all, I'm also new to this tread. Juz bought a house in Clementi a jumbo flat. Previous owner already done up the floor tiles but we still need to carry out re-furbishment to master bedroom, toilrt and kitchen. Planning to rent out the 2 bedrooms so not much reno to be considered. But all 4 IDs we went to all quote us ~ $40K. Is this normal? Essent ially we are only doing a 3 room flat reno. Would contractors be better? Heard that it's tough managing them but i've no experience. Any guys wou there wanna share their experience aout what to watch out for etc etc? Also any nicer contractors you all want to recommend? Can send contact to me at [email protected]. Many thks!!!!


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can anyone share your reno quotes with me? mine is a 4rm resale, overhaul tiles/walls for kitchen and 2 toilets, only bedroom laminate, living rm hack and retile.

urgently looking for one....but was quoted quite ex by some from 30 to 40k.


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I just got my ID to do up my 5 room resale. My contract is 31,888. Electricals estimated to be <2K. I added whole house plastering cos of the rough surface wall left by my previous owner(can opt out but I prefer to do). So total is
31888+2000(max for electricals)+2000(whole house plastering) = 35,888. This is all I will be paying. No hidden cost cos my ID already went down to check all the structure of the house and determine the way to run wires and water pipes.


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after reading hippo's above post, im strongly agreed to what hippo say. I done my hse thru different contractor too, save up to 10K.


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Hi Hippo, Angel,

Appreciate if you can give me the contacts of your contractors too.
Urgently need to renovate my resale flat &amp; really quite lost now.
Really don't like to do too much homework in my search.

My email address is [email protected]

Thanks &amp; Thanks!


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Hmm i did my 5 room resale flat 137 sqm for around 40K .

Hacked everything and replaced all old tiles etc. I find my contractor did a nice job. Actually if alot of changes, 40K is reasonable ba.


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Hi everyone

I'm looking into reno (complete overhaul) for my 5-rm HDB resale flat and would like advice on how and where to start! Or any tried-and-tested-and-approved contractors to recommend. Much appreciated.