48 hrs to Re-bonding. Help !


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i do rebonding every 4 months..and fine till now...my hair grow real fast hence i rebond the roots (same duration and price).

as i go to same lady all the time..she knows that i prefer natural looking hair and rebond often vs super straight and un-natural looking

after >10 times of rebonding..my hair still ok. *touch wood*


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Did my rebonding at Mine's salon in Feb 05. I would say this is the best rebonding I had. So soft and although I have not had a hair-cut since Jan 05, friends still comment that I look very neat.


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I've got very frizzy hair (thick & wirely) and would like recommendation for a good stylist for rebonding. I usually visit my freelance stylist at Jiwon hair salon (wheelock place). Unfortunately, she has left Singapore for good.

If you also have frizzy hair and are very satisfied with the rebonding results by your stylist, pls share the info.

Thanks a zillion in advance.
Regards from a desperate cAt.


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Hi! cat_lim u can go to Mine's Salon at pagoda street to look 4 a stylist name clarence.He's good n also he will give u lot's of advice b4 he start.u can also cal his h/p or sms him at tis no. 96368397


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Actually to me, ice rebonding is juz a gimmick. I dun see any diffrence. It claims to be not so damanging but I dun find it so.
The only main diff is that its cooling during the treatment.
I prefer hair inn then mine...just done my rebond recently after reading this forum, althou the price is a bit cheaper than hair inn...but the result was horrible...i presume they didnt clip my hair properly...ends up my hair appear very frizzy at the bottom..when u look at it, u can c tat my hair was not straight but alot of zig zag...i will not recommend mine...prefer hair inn at hitachi which i hv done b4 trying mine...the result was gd


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is it very damaging to the hair after rebonding? recently I'm suffering hair loss due to perming....wondering if it's due the dangling of the hair. tot of doing rebonding but worry that it might damage even more... any advise?? thanks.


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Hi all,

I too have very dry, rough, thick and frizzy hair. Some white hair somemore and I am only 33 years old. Can I do rebonding or any other recommendations. Pls advise. Thank you.


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I recently saw a hair inn @ hougang, issit the same hair inn?

Btw.. i have a thin hair texture, but when dried naturally, it appeared big, and frizzy. WIll they even allow me to do rebonding in the first place?

IM scared that rebonding will make my hair look dead flat.. anyone tried magic straight from jean yip?


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i have noe a place call Nanz Hair Studion at Pacific Mansion -River Valley close.. i did my crystalizing rebonding for only $180 including treatment.. my hair used to be very frizzy.. now smooth and silky.. hee i like the service coz i survey many places .. very ex and no foc treatment ... super worth it...


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i tried my rebonding at nanz hair studion for $150.. my hair is around shoulder length.. very silky.. u're rite. but have to make appt with nancy the shop owner.. she is a one man show.. but her business super gd lor.. alot of ppl went there for color treatment too..
like her service.. i was recommended by cassandra


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re-bonding is the best thing i did for my hair! its so manageable, soft and light

as long as u use a good hair serum (esp. put at the bottom so it wont split), ur hair will be in good condition.

most importantly, when u go to re-bond again, only rebond the roots (new grown hair). dont re-bond the hair which has been straightened. will dry out!!


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For similar results (straight shiny hair) but reversible (in case it does not turn out right) try using a full ceramic flat iron. I bought a ghd flat iron 1 year ago, cost me nearly $300 (so expensive becos it is full ceamic and not just ceramic plated) but it is worth every cent. It takes 7 seconds to heat up, does not damge hair. I use it every morning and even though I haveshoulder length hair, takes me only 5 min to get straight sleek hair. When I want wavy hair, I can use a ceramic curler...thus more versatile than a permanent (6 months) rebonded hair....which may not be 'in' all the time.


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Hi Angelica,

How long is the effect of straight silky hair after using the iron?

You bought it from internet...but is it sold locally?


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Dear Angelica,

Why doesn't the heat damage the hair? Do you apply any products before using it to protect the hair?


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anyone tried Fame Salon @ Bugis Village? wanna hear your opinions. Was recommended by some friends and i had made an appt to have a hairdo next week. Heard from friends that the hairstylist runs this business on her on and was formerly a Colour Specialist from Loreal.


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Hi everyone,

Just rebonded my hair at a salon near my HDB flat.. The result is... so damm horrible! I nearly freak out when I felt my hair. Its so dry! The boss who did my hair for me claimed that after a few more applications of the treatment gel, the hair will be as silky as before. BUT its not lor... very sad. I remembered the first time I did rebonding was not like that. Anyone knows where can I get to do a real good rebonding which can make my hair really silky and straight?


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Hi all,
as wat i understanding from my hair stylist, if using lousy n cheap chemical for rebonding, the result will turn up very dry n easily drop hair for sure..


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hi ladies..

i have some baby hair ard my fringe thats really frizzy and sticks out when i tie my hair. anyone knows where i can just do those parts for less than $30? been to 2 shops that want to charge me over $50 for just those few strands saying they consider it half head?!?

Hi Rihanna,
Wondering if u got any contacts for yr hair. I need to find a gd one too, just to touch up e hair root on my fringe only. I've been to many places where they claimed they can do it but ended up they rebond e whole fringe & make e ends so damaged. & I've to wait for at least half a yr to get rid of e damaged stiff ends. Sigh. Wont take e risk again.

I used to frequent this hairdresser by e name of Koko Lee. She's formerly from Corner hair salon then to Yess Salon & lastly to That's. But after I came back from my work stints in HK, she's no longer at That's. Anyone noes ware is she now? Thanks!


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i just did rebonding on my short hair .. i went for a haircut and seeing how my stubborn, wavy hair just refuses to be straight even after blowdry, i decided to go for rebonding. every one i've met said my haircut was nice but after the rebonding, they said that it's just too flat, no volume! i'm leaving on a two-week vacation soon and didn't want to lug around hair drying equipment ..so i guess i can't win it all
besides, the husband loves my sleek hairdo so i suppose that's all that matters


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Hi All,

I would strongly recommend my personal favourite salon. It's this little place called D' Cutting Edge, located at #02-11 Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza. Frankly speaking, after all the unpleasant experiences I've had at other salons with my rebonding, I was quite skeptical when my colleague recommended me this place.

But I must say I was very surprised and happy with my results. I tried their Japanese Spa Crystallizing range for $118 only. All hair length and it includes a cut and treatment. My hair was very smooth and straight after the rebonding. Best of all.. no kinks!

If anyone wants to try, I'd strongly recommend going there. In fact, a few of my friends have already been there and the feedback has been positive. Do call 6323 2378 first before going down. They accept phone bookings only. And they're often packed..business super good lor...

Ask for my stylist Sunny...he's very good. And I like their female boss...forgot her name but very nice and friendly... entertained all my questions and she usually personally serves drinks when she's around... I'm definitely going back there for my colour & highlight. : )


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sorry cant remember the name,i went to amk to collect my slimming product fr a girl name tong_en,she recommended me there,so not really sure the name.

its only next to this fashion,or posb bank there,u will notice the salon if u pass by there becos its so crowded.

i'll be going down to collect my slimming again this month,will jot down the name and post it here.


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The worst i've been to is Snip Avenue!
They totally ruined my hair!!
Did any of you ladies have had any similar experience like mine?

Am totally gonna boycott them for good!