40 and still single

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by guesss, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. guesss

    guesss New Member

    Is it too old to find boyfriend?

  2. magaz

    magaz Member

    your point is...?
  3. scopefun

    scopefun New Member

    Never too old to find bf...

    Just don't expect too much...
  4. guesss

    guesss New Member

    My point is 40 for women is difficult to find boyfriend. My soical circle is also very small.
  5. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    Guesss, is it a rant to lament about your situation then? You can proactively widen your social circle, you have correctly identified the issue and can improve on it. Make the best out of the situation, you cannot reverse the clock.
  6. scopefun

    scopefun New Member

    Here's a simple guide to finding guys at 40yo when, if not already, your menopause should hit you very soon...

    At 40yo, your range of guys (you'd NEED a mature dick) should be around 37yo and above, but those who will be likely interested in you should be those above 45yo. Below 45yo, men will usually hunt for 20+ girls...

    At this junction, those who are not yet married... you have to decide what you really want. If you want the 'gold', very hard lar... If you want handsome mature men, why should they choose you? If you want the simple average guys... ok lor.

    But what you are really looking at are guys who are GOOD and will stay with you, then hopefully love develops.

    Avoid nightspots, and any clubbing activities.
  7. magaz

    magaz Member


    Guess there is no hard and fast "answer" to respond to you. There never is any in life.

    I guess relatively speaking, it is harder, if u are comparing to the times in your youthful days, but doesnt mean u 'resign' to your 'fate'.

    Like what some said in the forum, u can widen yr social circle. Just start somewhere. Cant wait at home and expect to fall in love with the next guy that comes along right? Or seriously, what is the probability that you walk into the supermarket and experience love at first sight there?
  8. scopefun

    scopefun New Member


    For most girls in most cases, it is indeed that they fall in love with the first available guy who looks like fulfilled requirements. LOL~

    Of cos it's harder.

    At 40, you compete with those at 20yo, very soon her period will be gone, can't even expect to have baby, so her choice is only to look for a companion in life to rot. But which man will be the unlucky chap?

    Assuming she is well maintained, she'd still attract those lustful lechers.

    But it's not the end of the world if she is an exceptional woman... no gossip, got brains, got virtues...
  9. snow_beauty

    snow_beauty New Member

    Ok, no offense, but, it's funny to read posts from ignorant people
  10. uglydude

    uglydude Member

    Join app.sdn.sg la.....though i have to say 40 is indeed a bit too old liao.....even if well maintained..giving birth will still be a major issue....so GL to u
  11. magaz

    magaz Member


    pls direct your response to guesss.. or if u wanna air your view, pls go ahead. don't have to address me.
  12. scopefun

    scopefun New Member

    You the one who needs to be addressed. LOL~
  13. guesss

    guesss New Member

    Thanks for all your advise..

    37 to 45 - this is my range and I do not want to have baby, just want to have companion.
    I do not go nightspots / clubbing.

    FYI, I do not look like my age. I have join SDN before and guess what? I have been approached by guys which are younger (4-5 years).
  14. scopefun

    scopefun New Member

    Yes. Most normal women want a companion. But then... how many guys won't want a baby? Especially at your age, the guys you most appeal to will be to at 45 or above, these guys... they want children.

    Know why when women got ditched at 40yo are pitiful...? Many are facing menopause, and they can't have babies.

    I can only handle your enquiry based on general knowledge.

    If you do not club and is the decent type of LADY, then expose yourself to mature men, it's easier to establish a MEANINGFUL relationship with a decent man as a decent lady.

    Know many women who were lians... they thot of sleeping with men, and hope to have relationships at 40s... Seen many, many ended up with 3 relationships with badasses... who never really cared about their 'companions'.

    So... you still got hope. Besides, a lady-like lady draws attention from younger group of mature DECENT men...

    I myself am drawn to lady-like decent women... LOL~

    Actually many 'friends' I knew are also drawn to ladies... not lians.

    Being a lady, it'd be easier to start a proper decent relationship call 'friendship', then take it up one step.
  15. uglydude

    uglydude Member

    The thing is not about u looking young or old...the thing is ur face might not show ur age...but ur body wun lies woh....it make u very very much less appealing if a man wants a kid..u are better off finding a companion bah..as for marriage hard la...coz ppl usually get married if they want kids...if no kids....very much likely they wun want marriage bah....
  16. cococherry

    cococherry New Member

    I have couple of friends met their partner when they're in their late 30s. Just need the right time to meet the right partner who didn't want to have kids too.
    My gf had her sterilization done and her partner is aware of it, they got married last year.
  17. uglydude

    uglydude Member

    Provided u are lucky enough to find a guy who is dumb enough to marry u without the need for kids...so good luck.
  18. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    My aunt marry in her late 40s more than 10 yrs back. Still blissfully married.

    Options will be limited but its not impossible and it doesn't mean that guy is dumb. People have different expectations and needs.
  19. 60secs

    60secs Member

    Surveys have shown that about 30% of Singaporean males above the age of 35 is still single. So it's not really that difficult to find a companion at your age. Stay positive.
  20. magaz

    magaz Member

    If this were Facebook, I would press the like button your comment.
  21. scopefun

    scopefun New Member

    30% males over 35 are singles, and how many percentage are finding women above 35? LOL~
  22. 60secs

    60secs Member

    u'll be surprised that many guys considered ladies in such age group to be attractive, be it independence, confidence level,and they can be very presentable and matured in their mindset and communication.

    The only thing stopping them from approaching is thinking those ladies are already married or with kids.

    For guys, sad to say that most of us who have already become a "chiongster" would be hard to give up the trill of hunting in the forest for the sake of a single tree. Woman's charter makes it all the more difficult for them to break out of this cycle.

    Looking out for those that still have a religious faith is a way of differentiating those that still can be "redeemed". Good luck in ur hunting, ladies.
  23. tomasulu

    tomasulu Member

    Do you just string words together and pretend they mean something? Four paragraphs of completely illogical and irrelevant series of assertions.
  24. uglydude

    uglydude Member

    Guys above 35 if they are successful in life will usually prefers younger counterparts....not much guys are interested in women above 35.....

    I dun think it has anything to being a chiongster...the main issue here is the "Woman's Charter"...unless u are seriously foolishly in love with the woman...it is just not justifiable to marry her.
  25. clark

    clark New Member

    tomasulu, can stop your bashing ?

    What makes you any better ?
  26. 60secs

    60secs Member

    I like to post unintelligible replies without using my brains too. Look, i can do better.

    "Do you just string words together and pretend they mean something? Four paragraphs of completely illogical and irrelevant series of assertions."

    what you just said, is one of the most insanely idiotic things i've ever heard. At no point, in you random incoherent response, you were even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having listening to it. I reward you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.
  27. infojunkie

    infojunkie Active Member

    tell me who's the bigger dumbass:

    60secs or billy madison?
  28. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    Finding a woman attractive and wanting to marry her are 2 different things. On one hand, TS should not be too pessimistic and negative to give up, on the other, she has no time to cling onto false hopes.

    Don't waste time on guys that have a different plan, some are there to 'hunt' for sex only. She needs to be realistic and take actions to be proactive to create and find opportunities, date more, be open, go for speed dates, sharpen her judgement and explore those that are more probable to pursue marriage with her. Don't waste time with hints, that's for puppy love. TS is no puppy.
  29. 60secs

    60secs Member

    "tell me who's the bigger dumbass:
    60secs or billy madison?"

    zomg kid, this retort is so new and original.. i bet your daddy can beat up my daddy too!
  30. clark

    clark New Member

    dear all, can we make LOVE and not WAR ?
  31. infojunkie

    infojunkie Active Member

    get the rite ans?

    yes, 60secs is the bigger dumbass.
  32. tomasulu

    tomasulu Member

    You actually made better sense NOT using uour brain. Did someone stuff your head with USB cables?

    Repeat after me - its not because of the women's charter that you've a bad marriage or you're happily or unhappily single.
  33. 60secs

    60secs Member

    Wow, coming from someone who wanted others to use their brain.

    I wrote (from a viewpoint of a chiongster) : "Woman's charter makes it all the more difficult for them to break out of this cycle."

    You wrote : "its not because of the women's charter that you've a bad marriage or you're happily or unhappily single."

    Reading comprehension failed much?

    Ps: "Did someone stuff your head with USB cables?" Is that err .. humour?
    Include more "repeat after me" in your usual conversation to people, it's actually more funny.
  34. inloveandwar

    inloveandwar New Member

    Did i hear someone calling my nickname? [​IMG]
  35. clark

    clark New Member

    yes, it was superman.

    Welcome back ! You are our official ambassador.
  36. ssophiaa26

    ssophiaa26 New Member

    Hi, not to old to look for a bf. think it in a companion point of view. My point is, u can be happy being alone.. know more frens, pick up new activities. Spend ur time constructively.. den u will b happy [​IMG]
  37. grandma

    grandma New Member

    Single not married is better than divorced and became single mom with kids.

    Single is fine, enjoy your life. Many do envy.
  38. scopefun

    scopefun New Member


    And when you are old, you look at the divorced with her kids hanging out with her grandchildren while you are all alone and enjoying freedom...

    I am sure you will enjoy, and the divorce will envy you while hugging her grand-baby.
  39. grandma

    grandma New Member

    I am a single mom, financially sound and enjoying time with my kids. Being a mom, i have additional worries, i.e the kids.

    Being single, you are free from these worries.

    Enjoy life.
  40. 60secs

    60secs Member

    A question for single moms, how do you handle your "urge"?
  41. scopefun

    scopefun New Member

    They can always DIY lah!

    So simple. LOL~
  42. mirrorcelcius

    mirrorcelcius Member

    In today world, Married is not like before Baby Boomer Generation.

    I am GenXer. Generation. don't even think about having family. not to mention Millennial Generation.
    Without the parent Support all of these Millennial Generation will end up on the street.

    for your info, the last 20 years the world GDP is declining. thanks to the Technology that destroy Music, Video and games. not to mention the Robotic in manufacturer around the world.
  43. buddhabar

    buddhabar Active Member

    To be honest, it's perfectly fine to find a boyfriend at 40 or even 50 but marriage is highly unlikely ..if man wants to get marry, he would have much earlier . Chances are he is a player or just wants companionship and not lifetime commitment. Harsh tho but its largely true. Again, there is nothing wrong with that, ain't you also seeking companionship .
  44. Adrian7878

    Adrian7878 Member

    No la. Depends on what you are looking for?

    For eg. I am 56 yo man .... took care of my health looks 40s. I am looking for 35-45 yo lady. So .... you see 40s is still a good match.
  45. meow meow

    meow meow New Member

    Hi Adrian

    Yes agree with you.
  46. yellowbeegirl

    yellowbeegirl New Member

    Is ok. Stay positive! my sister found her true love at the age of 48.
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  47. nicols

    nicols New Member

    Wow.... congrats to her! Rarely see this kind of news nowadays
  48. Adrian7878

    Adrian7878 Member

    Hmmm .....
    You reached your goal yet?

    Mine is travelling to anywhere and anytime I want. Achieved when I was 53 yo .... now living what I planned for.

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