4" Wedding Shoes


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I just bought my shoe at Tangs studio and currently they are having discount . I find their shoe are nice and price are reasonable.
My shoe was $125 but now selling at $58 !! ard 4" high.




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Hi all BTB,

I am a Malaysian currently working in Singapore, my wedding was in this year Oct, it was just over and before that actually I had been looking everywhere to look for my wedding shoes to match my wedding gown and because HTB was much taller than me I needed at least a 4â€and above heels.

I stumbled upon this shop called Anna Nucci and because the shoes there looked very appealing to me I went in to take a look and to my astonishment they had exactly what I had been looking for, a wide range of high heels wedding shoes with very attractive glittering embellishments that came in different combination, some more and some less.

So at the end I found 3 pairs of shoes there, I was so glad that throughout the occasion the those shoes didn’t give me any problem at all. Many of my friends gave me compliment on my shoes, hehe!

You gals, the btb can also take a look to see if you can catch your find here. Happy Shopping.

I have uploaded the pics of the shoes that I had bought there.


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Hi all,
I walked past the Anna Nucci shop at Far East Plaza (2nd or 3rd flr) and they were having a sale. If interested maybe you can pop over for a look ;) Bought my shoes there yesterday.


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Hi anyone knows where to customize shoes? My feet is really very small, like 1.5" if i'm wearing covered shoes. I used to go to leaping lizard to customize my shoes. Thanks in advance for ur suggestions


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Dear all,

For wedding shoes or even custom made shoes, i would recommend Christy Ng Shoes. You may check out the website christyng.com or their facebook account Christyng.com .
Though they are based in Malaysia, they do ship worldwide. I think they have really nice 4-5 inch heels suitable for wedding and dinner. And the price is reasonable.
I find their shoes comfy. Give it a try. Many of my friends that i recommended to praised my choice. :D
** Another unique thing about them is they NAMED all their shoes. Hahahaha...
These are some of their shoes...
True Love Off White Lace
Lady Catherine gold
Shining Star Champagne


Hi all BTBs,
I order this pair and cannot fit it, super upset. Anyone would like to take over? Is Size 39, totally brand new, selling for $95. PM me if keen.



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Err...may i know where can i find the shop anna nucci? :p

Hi Evelyn, Anna Nucci is available at Far East Plaza, Jurong Point, Harbourfront Centre, Plaza Singapura, and their latest outlet is at Wisma Atria! I definitely do recommend Anna Nucci for their bridal shoes, because they have collaboration and partnership with Swarovski for their crystals. They also have a wide variety of shoe designs for a bride-to-be's essential bridal needs, whether it be flats to heels up to five inches. I've owned a few pair of shoes from Anna Nucci and they definitely do not disappoint, they are one of the most comfortable shoes I have walked in and my friends have always asked me where I get my shoes from! You can also check them out at their website, www.AnnaNucci.com. Cheers! :)