4 or 6 inches False Ceiling


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Hi all,

would like to seek some advice. My living room ceiling height is only 246cm which means I will not be able to do L-box nor false ceiling. Hoever, strangely some contractors tell me can, if it's not the whole area. I called up the HDB technical officer in my area, he didnt give me a definite answer. Just say, "actually nowadays they quite lenient on false ceiling. if it's only a third of the living room shouldnt be a problem."

then there are other contractors who tells me canot. If I want to insist on doing, it can be done, just that I might have problem when I want to sell my flat.

so who's word to believe? I havent checked if the room height able to do L-box or not. I can't have a hanging lamp in the middle of the room cos our beds are all placed in the middle so I definitely need L-box. anyone has similar encounter or can offer any advise?


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LBox ok. as long you don't cover the whole ceiling

my ceiling also very low so I did a partial false ceiling

worst case scenario, HDB may ask you to remove the false ceiling when you sell. Alternatively, your buyer may sign an undertaking to take over the 'unauthorised renovation' ie. low false ceiling


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i think as long as you like & of course, consider next time selling the pros & cons, i think for myself, i will still do it as long as it doesn't narrow down the space.

for myself, i will still do some 'illegal' stuff for my new house, & i feel that it's my own house & i spend so much on purchasing & reno & if i can't do what i like, then might as well don do:p


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as far as i know,ceiling height are supposed to be about 2.59m unless u have a platform of some sort there.for those staying on the topmost floor or the very 1st floor will have a higher ceiling than normal,usually about 30cm higher.as for the "illegal works" part,do take note that u might be asked to engage someone to remove them when u wan to sell off ur place.& 1 more thing for those doing false ceiling,do let ur designer or contractor know if u are installing ceiling fans unless u wan to end up going to Yun Nam Haircare


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hi all. does the contractor paint the L-box after the fixed up them up? My contractor charged me $420 (only half of the living/dining ceiling is covered with L-box, the other half are aircons and open passageway) and said doesnt include painting. What a sight without the paint?


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Hi, peeps.
Me also looking for contractors, anyone here bot a resale flat thru ERA? heard they have their own contractors and if u buy house from an ERA agent, they will do it at a subsidised price. So any experience/advice? How much is a good budget to set aside for reno for a 5 room flat? Maybe jus to do up the dining, kitchen and toilet area with walk-in wardrobe? Thanks! btw, if there are cracks on the wall, shd i b concerned? it is a 5 room flat in Senja area and they say it is not structural but still if i buy that place, will it be a recurring prob? how much would it be to fix that up?


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false ceiling can be 4 inch or 6 inch thick. If choose 4 inch, then have to be very selective abt the downlights that can fit in. Hb and I are average height - so no complatins abt the height after false ceiling is up.

False ceiling is a personal preference. I use it coz i prefer downlights to the normal hanging/round/rectangle lights. It is also used to hide the larges bits of my aircon trunkings. I have system 4 + a large unit, so the trunkings are massive. We were also worried abt leakage - but we decided that hiding them is a risk we are willing to take in exchange for not seeing the trunkings everyday. So we increased our insullation to the max possible, diligently service aircon each quarter and make sure we dont on our air con "too cold", hopefully to reduce/delay the problems.


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False ceilings can add a lot of spice to your interiors. You must plan the false ceiling in such a way that it does not eat up the height and yet reverts you all the advantages. One way to do this is plan the outer realm deep and the insides shallow. Another option could be to have a false ceiling only at the center and one side.

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