3 veils to let go


Hi all,

I have 3 beautiful veils to let go.

1) Veil 1:- its a pretty ivory veil that can "stand" a little better in photos with a transparent hair comb at one end. Length 110cm with 2 layers overlapping.
Selling at $15.

2) Veil 2:- Its a very very soft tulle, which looks great in pictures. Its also very very long, good if you want to use it for those long and far shots. its 5m x 2.6m. But in the end I nvr used this veil. Bought at $45. Selling for $25.

3) Veil 3:- Its a shoulder length veil that I used for my wedding lunch. It has pretty ivory ribbon trims at the end. Selling for $15.



Hihi all.. Veil 01 and Veil 02 has been sold to a nice bride. :)

I have this other face veil that I used for my photoshoot. The quality is exactly as the pic. Very soft and pretty!