3 Room Flat Renovation Contacts

Discussion in 'Home And Deco' started by mum_at_home, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. mum_at_home

    mum_at_home New Member


    I am new in this forum. Anyone care to share their pics and reno contacts?

  2. jefel

    jefel New Member

    hi mum at home, i'm currently in the midst of renovating my 3 rm hdb flat. you can check out my reno blog. http://jfreno.blogspot.com
  3. mum_at_home

    mum_at_home New Member

  4. jefel

    jefel New Member

    mum at home, check it out, i've just sent it.
  5. mum_at_home

    mum_at_home New Member

    Hi Jefel,

    Thank you. I have just seen it. How do you rate the service of this reno? Is there any contract signed?
  6. greengal

    greengal New Member

    hihi all!
    i also renovating my 3 room resale.
    can pls share your quotation too?
  7. jefel

    jefel New Member

  8. pipilili

    pipilili New Member

    what is the name of your contractor? I saw you typed HL but didnt know what HL meant.
  9. joanna

    joanna New Member


    your house very very nice? i barely have enough money to do the flooring and kithcne cabinates...
  10. tlh

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  11. suewong

    suewong New Member

    Hi Jefel,

    Can share your reno quotation? thank you.
    My e-mail is zobozus@yahoo.com
  12. pipilili

    pipilili New Member

    can anyone tell me how much a simple 3 room flat renovation cost??? I am not looking for designer looking type of renovation, just simple type of renovation.
  13. paulinechong

    paulinechong New Member

    Hi Nichole :

    What are d kind of renovations that you are looking for?
  14. pipilili

    pipilili New Member

    need to do flooring for all rooms, toilet must do up....kitchen cabinets not necessary.(can find other carpenter to do it)
  15. cher1022

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  16. kenkoh

    kenkoh New Member

    This site is fantastic..everyone willing to share pictures and contacts around. Can I ask if anyone can share their nice and good contractor with me. I like to focus on the doors and floor, so if anyone has any good experience, please kindly share with me.

    Please email at kenkoh8@hotmail.com...greatly appreciated.
  17. ryanngan

    ryanngan New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm also in the midst of looking for renovation contractor. Can share your reno quote? Thanks. ryan_ngan@yahoo.com
  18. cinjames

    cinjames New Member

    hi nicole

    The cost for my reno...approx about 24k.
    excluding alot of things such as toilet bowl. sink, downlights etc....these are some extra costs u need to add into ur reno...:p

    & for resale flat, renovation must complete within one month of the given date.

    We searched ard and the price range with/without id is around $23-$24k, as I am overhauling the whole house:
    I hacked off the living kitchen walls, laid homo tiles for living & 2 bedrooms, ceramics for toilet,kitchen wall & floors, cabinets for kitchen(8.5ft) + (2ft)...etc...

    today laid homo tiles for 2 bedrooms, living room & kitchen tiles done. Cornices & false ceiling up. ETC extension of another 2 weeks.
  19. cookie13

    cookie13 New Member

    Hi CJ, do u mind sharing your quotation with me? Pls pm me. Wat do mean that resale flat must complete reno within 1 mth? Is it a HDB ruling?
  20. aspialle

    aspialle Member

    my parent's home are undergoing HDB upgrading, changing the toilets and all windows. We will like to find a contractor to change all the electrical works and do minor touch ups, anyone has contacts?
  21. vermilion

    vermilion New Member

  22. yannie

    yannie New Member

    Hi anyone care to share pics of their newly renovated lovenest, email me speedstergurl@hotmail.com.

    Currently looking for ideas to renovate my 3-rm flat at AMK. Resale.

  23. afsding

    afsding New Member

    Hi, me also just bought a 3 room resale flat, at Commonwealth area.. Anyone can share with me the ID or contractors' contact, best if can share pictures of your house too..! My email afsding@gmail.com..
  24. yannie

    yannie New Member

    Hi Cherrie,

    Care to email me your reno pics? I can't open the link to your reno pics as it's a bad link.

  25. sspl

    sspl New Member

    hi, vermillion, u mind sharing w me ur quote and id contact, u can PM me.. cos i gg to reno my ghim moh flat next may.. need to look for id urgently.. can he quote u based on floor plan? did he do the 3d drawout for u to visualise ur flat or u draw urslef? cos my flat is excatly the same as urs.. toilet and WC seperate.. thinking of hackin to become one.. but i got utility room ... urs?
  26. kpo

    kpo New Member

    I'm looking for a contractor to renovate an old 3-room flat in Yishun. Renovation works to start ASAP.

    If you know of any good, reliable and honest contractors, I'd really appreciate your sharing of the contacts.

    If you are a contractor reading this post and would like to provide me with a quote, please email to me at imgettinghitched@hotmail.com

    THANK YOU in advance!

    Hacking of both bathrooms floor & wall finish
    Hacking of both bathrooms doors
    Hacking of both bathrooms fitting & accessories
    Hacking of kitchen cabinet
    Hacking of cement mortar base
    Hacking of living, 2 bedrooms and storeroom floor and skirting
    Hacking of main door

    Laying of homogenous floor @ 2 bathrooms
    Laying of ceramic wall finish @ 2 bathrooms
    Laying of waterproofing membrane @ bathrooms
    Construct cement mortar base @ kitchen cabinet area with tile finish
    Laying of homogenous floor and skirting @ living room, 2 bedrooms and storeroom

    Replacement of standard copper piping
    Supply & install 2 sets of sitting water closets
    Supply & install 2 sets of wash basins
    Labour for installation of bathroom accessories
    Labour for installation of kitchen sink

    Design & fabricate 25ft kitchen cabinet in solid plywood
    Supply and install solid surface worktop, designed handles, drawers
    Supply and install main door

    Replacement of all existing wirings/switches
    Labour for installation of lightings
    Labour for installation of water heater

    Supply & install 2 sets of powder coated bi-fold doors @ 2 bathrooms
    Painting of all walls, ceilings, doors, door frames & pipes
    Plaster all walls/ceilings
    Chemical washing
  27. christine_lee_74

    christine_lee_74 New Member

    <font size="+1">Extract Directly from Weiken.com</font>

    <font size="+1"><font color="ff0000">Resale HDB Flat Designer Package</font></font>

    <font size="+1">PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
    Interior Design and space planning layout
    -Consultation selection of home furnishing
    -Perspective Drawing
    -Job site co-ordination and supervision
    -Provide final cleaning for whole house
    -HDB submission

    -Hack off existing living &amp; dining flooring c/w skirting
    -Hack off existing storeroom flooring c/w skirting
    -Hack off existing 3 bedrooms skirting

    -Supply &amp; lay 600 mm x 600 mm imported polished homogenous tiles c/w skirting in living &amp; dining flooring
    Supply &amp; lay 600 mm x 600 mm imported polished homogenous tiles w/ skirting in storeroom or household shelter
    -Supply &amp; overlay imported ( Brand Power Dekor ) HDF laminated flooring w/ skirting for all bedroom c/w warranty (Exec w/ study room)
    -Plaster &amp; touch up skirting area for all bedrooms
    -Supply &amp; construct main entrance kerb
    -Alteration of bedroom doors
    -Alteration of existing main gate

    -Supply &amp; install false ceiling in foyer area
    -Supply &amp; install false ceiling in bedrooms passageway
    -Supply &amp; install design L-box light holder in living area
    -Supply &amp; install design L-box light holder in dining area

    -Supply design &amp; fabricate L 6ft suspended Tv console laminate finish in living hall
    -Supply design &amp; fabricate L 6ft x Ht 6ft feature wall laminate finish above Tv console
    -Supply design &amp; fabricate L 6ft laminate finish wardrobe for bedroom(Swing Door)

    -Supply &amp; paint whole house wall &amp; ceiling with Nippon emulsion paint
    -Laying of floor protection after completion of flooring

    Offer Price - $9,388.00

    Offer Price - $11,888.00

    Offer Price - $12,888.00

    Offer Price - $14,388.00</font>
  28. gremosat

    gremosat New Member



    Can anyone send me the quotation.
  29. winnie0907

    winnie0907 New Member

    I also goin to renovote my new 3 room flat... is very very small....

    Anyone can guide me or email mi quotation?

    Thx Alot!!
  30. winnie0907

    winnie0907 New Member

  31. chin19

    chin19 New Member


    I also want to renovote my resale 3 room flat... is very small(65sqm).... Can anyone to share your reno quotation?

    My e-mail is carol_ccy@yahoo.com.sg
  32. advnetwk

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  33. jeslinelow

    jeslinelow New Member

    Hi, my brother doing reno and got don't know how many years warranty. U can call him to check it out. Vince Low 91000393.
  34. eunicey

    eunicey New Member

    Jesline, your bro is a contractor anyway he got do kitchen cabinets or not? I need to get new cabinets, the one im currently using is too old already... My sister recommended me this Kitchen Renovation Singapore but im afraid that they are quite fully booked, heard that their service not bad... help me ask your bro how much is he charging can? i'll pm you my measurements [​IMG]

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