$20K for 3-room revamp???


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We intend to spend <20K to renovate our 20yrs 3-room HDB flat to look something stunning! Something different...possible to make the flat look spacious, cosy and modern. Anyone who had done it....let me have the interior/renovation contacts. Thank you! Email:[email protected]


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Hi Xiao B,

my ID has done up a 3-room condo with glass concept, the whole house look very spacious. you migt want to give a try to ask for a quote. You can quote my name, Anne for a better price. Must tell him that you are my friend, then good price. His worker workmanship is pretty good. MIne is almost completed. only left some touch up. Mine is not a 3-room, hence cant advise on the cost.


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Hi Anne

Which ID co is yours? Can I mention you name too as I sourcing one for my new bird nest


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HI Fiyoyo,

My ID is previously from Arts &amp; Thots and Image Creati**. He has set up his new company, which mean more discounts! When i signed with him, he is still with Arts and thots... wasted... His new company is Olio at Joo chiat. Yes, you can mentioned my nam efor more discounts cos he promised to give discount if i were to recommend client to him..


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Hi Anne,

Do you have any photos of your renovated place? cos i would like to see the open concept and the ID workmanship.

if u don't mind sharing for reference, please email to me [email protected]



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Hi Klint and berry egg...

Right now i have my kitchen 1st to show cos very difficult to re-size to the 600 x 600.. i will try to post more.. you can call my ID Rafale @82886626 to get quotation, and do quote my name to get good price cos he promised me one... otherwise i dun recommend liao... i find his price very reasonable...



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Another one.. my TV feature wall cum console where my ID is having a promo on this. $688 for feature cum console with bronze mirror. You can choose different laminate as design. Mine is the victoria style.



Hi Anne,

what is the total cost of your renovation?

Hi Sim Xiao B, I'm oso looking for contractor to reno the whole 3 rm flat. Have you found your contractor? pls recommend me k.



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Hi anne, I think your TV feature wall is done up very nicely. I am planning to do something similar my new house.

Can I know how much did u spend in total? Is your house 4 or 5 rooms?

Is Rafale experienced?


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Hi Anne,

I have just collected my key, and is looking for ID. Can you share your experience regarding your recommendation on your id?

I have gone to Chew Interior, it is quite ex.


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Actually few weeks ago there is a show on channel 8 on Mark lee and bryan lee one. That shows give alot of great ideas on how to renovate a house.


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Hi, peeps.
Me also looking for contractors, anyone here bot a resale flat thru ERA? heard they have their own contractors and if u buy house from an ERA agent, they will do it at a subsidised price. So any experience/advice? How much is a good budget to set aside for reno for a 5 room flat? Maybe jus to do up the dining, kitchen and toilet area with walk-in wardrobe? Thanks!


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I think it varies with "what type of material" u using for the relevant reno. I got vastly differing quotes for difft types of materials.


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stay away from Rafale. He ran away before completing my place and took money for my air con without paying the air con guys now im getting lawyer letters!!! Plus my place is falling apart in just 6 months!!!!


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ID experienced or not, no use. most importantly his sub contractors are experienced and has got smooth workmanship.
20K is possible, but that solely depends on what you're asking for.

And some contractors very scheming. when they prepare contract, they state provide for heater and states the price. but they don't state labour and installing... if they don't complete job, go court you also lose out.

And, are you reccommending this contractor cos you can earn commission?
usually, when people ask you to mention their name cause able to quote you better prices. it might also mean, "mention my name so that i can earn my commission!"

Cos i have friends from 3 different companys... 1 offers me commission but the other two, NONE.
1) doesn't overcharge and is honest. been around for many years already.
a boss of a renovation company and has renovated for my bosses' home, whole company including offices. my boss recommended him to me when i was asking around for a friend's EA.

2) very effecient and responses to any dissatisfaction almost immediately. also very detailed when it comes to contract listings.
from a company that owns 4 different outlets in Singapore.

3) very smooth workmanship and quotes accordingly since he's the boss
highly recommended on RenoTalk. Mr Pang...


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i think if u are looking at a good design for your place, which would give a huge revamp, 20k might not be able to make it. also must take note of the materials they use. u would not want to be quoted really cheap prices and end up in a yr, things start falling apart.


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Yes i agree with black cat. I had a contractor renovate my mum's place about 5 years ago. My mum's flat is original condition. He quoted only 15k. Ended up, he did such a big mess that I had to hire another contractor to do the job that he messed up. He only refunded me part of my 15k.

So, my advice is check with the contractor whether his firm is registered with HDB, better still go to the HDB website and check it out at http://www.hdb.gov.sg/bn25/isos118p.nsf/BN25FLRCHome?openform
Also check with the contractor what materials he is using. Also go around asking more firms and do your homework before deciding on one contractor to do the job. Hope my advice helps.


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openyrimind: so end up how much did u spend on the reno in total?? still remember??

i have actually gone n taken a look at those package quotations given by some of the ID shops/contractors...the amount is always low and attractive, but when u look at the materials they use are the low end ones, and the size of the kitchen counter is always limited. so in the end when you want to add in better things, or your house size is different, the amount can end up becoming pretty high.

So ya, find a good or reputable ID firm to do for you and not just look at the amount they quote you.


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tricks on packages.(things to look out for)

1.normally packages does not include hacking of existing tiles.they overlay.
2.most of the time packages have replacement of floor tiles only.they dont include walls.(walls are xpensive so normally they wont include them to make it 'attractive')
3.the kitchen cabinet &amp; top is only 20ft(top/bottom)most definately wont be enought for any hdb/condo/landed.so definately u have to add on $$$$$ for this.
4.they would definately break items up to make the illusion as if u are getting more items by paying so little $$$$.

example:kitchen cabinet they could break it up into 3 4 items.

A)kitchen cabinet in laminate
B)stainless steel plate rack
C)designer handles
D)2glass doors
E)installation of cooker hood
F)installation of cooker hob.


if u dont wanna be trick by all this hidden cost.forget about the packages.they are gimmicks.
go itemise.

rule of thump(applies to our daily life)
theres no such thing as good materials comes cheap.nothing good comes cheap.dont just compare quotes.u need to know visually what u are getting.not just hear what u are getting.seeing is believing
yup. totally agree with cyberjoint.
good things dun come cheap.
cheap thing dun come good.
wat for save a few k n end up losing the whole
amount for reno. no point.


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I had some bad experience with IDs before, nowadays i usually just hop down to Audio House or The Furniture Mall &amp; Ikea to do my own interior desigining. The prices are good and the service as well . ^^


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Hi black cat
Can PM me for contact of my designer and contractor who is going to renovate my new home this coming January


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I fully agreed what black cat and cyberjoint mentioned. I have renovated my house 2 years ago and at that time is my first time to get my house after married. I have no ideas of how to renovate my house and where should go to enage a good id. Luckily I found one and I really gratefull to him as I was so confused what should I do and what is my idealistic concept that I want my house to be. He was so patience to explain everything to me and give lots of ideas for me and help out to conclude out a concept that I wanted. And what he quote me the pricing , I felt is worthful.


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Hi ladies

In case u found ur perfect furniture at Barang Barang, I can offer 25% off my voucher value of $500. Reason for letting go is because the items there don't fit my house decor theme. Pls PM me if interested.


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Hi all,

anyone can recommend me good id with a good price? got really tight budget for my resale flat. Getting keys next week.


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Hi babes,

My friend is processing renovation loans from bank. So if any of you wanted to take up a renovation loan, can pm me for her contact. Anyway, i also took up reno loan from her, free myself from forking up such a huge sum at one time. Thanks and happy sourcing for a gd contractor and ID !