2022 Engagement Ring Setting


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I would like to know more about everyone’s engagement ring setting experience, especially if you bought your diamond/gemstone online!
My partner and I are looking to purchase a sapphire from a lapidary in Canada and would like to set it in Singapore (Estimated 2k for setting). However, most places we checked do not set gemstones that weren’t purchased from their own shop (storis, lingjewelry, lesprecieux, etc). We hope to be able to source for a nice place/jeweler who can help out with this!



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GemsNY has the perfect engagement ring setting for you. Whether you are choosing a timeless diamond or a colorful gemstone, they have the ideal engagement ring setting that will shine as bright. A momentous moment deserves nothing less than pure excellence, our collection of engagement ring settings ensures that you are able to present the ideal ring.