2016 Malay Brides!!!


Haha yeah that's true, there's not alot of Malay brides here, and congrats on your pending nuptials! All set for the wedding yet?


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for me to be honest, if your partner is well to do and able to afford... Y NOT?!!? by all means haha
but if he's just a normal person.. on average income.. try to help him.. by being understanding.. thats what being a wife is all about... being a wife is never easy..


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salam sisters! good thing that you opened this thread... haha

im married too so would be willing to make more friends and share my experience :)

i'm doing home facial and weight loss consultation if you are keen to try for your big day.


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Hi all!

I'm a Chinese-Malay bride, and have absolutely no idea about any bridal boutique that will cater for the nikah ceremony.

Would be great to know if there's any recommended ones to go to!



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Hi ,
We would like to recommend one of the venues that we had been using for our clients. If you were to book through us we are able to provide it at the following rate;

The Pavillion @ Far East Square - Full day $3300
(with truss Lightings and Sound System)
Hi, would you mind sending me some info? [email protected]. thank you