(2013/06) Jun 2013 BTB


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oh, where u going for your ps? i went taiwan for ps le. nw waiting for the photo. i booked BS only still sourcing for hotel/restaurant.


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So tt we can hv plenty of time =)

My advice is go early cos u might not like e way they design ur album, a lot of communication is thru mail.

Settle my sg BS.


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Hi belle, i m still looking ard. Dunno if i should look for BS that covers everything or hunt for photography n gowns individually yet.


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Hi Lionfish

depend where u wan to have ur shoot.

Local or oversea, my advise is if u wan to go other country for shoot it better to find local BS.


Lionfish, ask yourself a few questions:
Do you like online shopping or do you think that online shopping is very troublesome?
Will you get your daily stuff/clothes from various shops or prefer to get everything in one like those supermarket and departmental store?

These 2 questions might sound a little weird but I feel this is easier to relate than to ask you direct are you ok with the trouble from ala carte.

For people who shop online, they know that there is some admin stuff & research to carry out as compare to getting them direct from shop. For people who hate it totally, please go for package as wedding preparation is more than that.

Secondly, when it come to CNY, will you get your favourite items from various shop or just go to 1 departmental to get your clothes, accessories and shoes? Same apply to wedding, some prefer everything there for them, gowns, suits, flowers, photographer, MUA and even car so they can concentrate on other thing like banquet or their house.

However there are some who prefer to get what they really like, worry that whatever package provide not up to their standard. So they rather go through the trouble to source for each and individual detail. Some do semi package like AD package or just PS package(mainly oversea BS). Some really go down to everything even the photographer, apparel, MUA & flower for pre-wedding, this had become more and more popular.
I know of people doing that, their PS is more everyday life and courtship as compare to magazine model.

Oh ya, not forget people who find their own venue (CHIJMES, museum, parks) and caterer and event decoration.

Last but not least, discuss with your the other half. You might be excited to go for ala carte and get the best of everything. Is your better half willing to? Afterall it is his/her wedding too.

Sorry to be so lengthy in this post.


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personally i prefer ala carte too.. but am having a big headache as to which to choose. There's so many options in the market..


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ala carte can be more ex. I'm still undecided over whether to take ala carte or one stop package.

like the convenience of one stop, but many BS are not strong in photography skills. So was thinking if should take the PS separately...

eh...btw...I'm a Jan 13 BTB. Hope you girls dont mine me surfing ard here.


depend how you look at it, ala carte might be more ex but you own the gown & suits.

As we took oversea PS, the charge from local BS for just AD package is very expensive ($2.3K~$2.8K for 1 WG, 1 tea & 1 EG + 1 suit, 2 makeup & flower for couple & car)

If you took BS, try to take 1 package for both AD & PS. More value for money.


V hv confirmed with River View Hotel, the parents love the food there...we love the exclusive ballroom, cocktail area and ROM by the Singapore River cafe..