(2012) 2012 Brides to be


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Umbrella dolls $16ea, great as gifts!



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chris: can reply here too :D
where can find $8?? haha.. have you been to raffles city lvl 4? there's one shop selling dress plus in package too


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Hi Magdal $8 is for open door kid la hahaha.... really... raffles city level 4 mmm i shld go check it out... thnk u im going to ask more opinion on fb its really happening on FB hhahaha...


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Hi Jan welcome bk of course u can join, the ladies here esp. on facebook its fun lots of opinion given thanks to all the gals out there ;))


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Hi Jan welcome back~ cn i have your nick to accpect your request~

Chris: haha $8 is angbao~ okok get it~
FB respond rate is VERY fast. beware of your mail box. will flood~~


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Hi all,
I am planning to have a reception in June 2012. Has anyone compared Hort Park and Fort canning? Which cheaper? Really on a tight budget. Tks!!


hi all, i need some help here. tried to find you all in FB and couldnt find any under '2012 BTB'.

Can anyone advise me on the correct name for the group? thanks!!


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hi all btbs, it would help if those interested to join the fb group can either list their emails here so we can add you in or just drop magdal a pm with ur email.. =)


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Still Avail :
1) Wedding sticker (for doors / walls)
2) Wedding pocket mirror
3) Wedding red umbrella
4) Wedding bears (for car / deco table)
4) Wedding ring pillow
5) Shang Tou basket (put needles/ scissor and etc)
5) Red packet x 8 pkt (for jie mei / brothers) 7) Thank you cards
8) alpha sticker (for deco)
9) 6 pair brand new Wedding mini bears (for wedding pen / deco theAPBox)
10) 1 set of mirror + 1 comb (unique)
11) Guo Da Li Basket (in yellow / gold colour)
If keen, email me at [email protected]


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Hi ladies. so sorry for such a late reply. most of the btb have move to FB, that is why our forum is so quite.

could you send a request to this link http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/119762578061284/

and i'll add you in no time.

thank you~!


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By the way, any sisters going to oversea for Pre-Wedding shoots?

My friend just took the New Zealand package from 10eyesGallery, free flight and accommodation for the photographer! Very attractive! But too bad I can't meet their schedule next year.


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hi ladies~ could you send me a request and our nick in FB.

there's something wrong with FB that i cant add you in.
myabe by sending a request will be better

here's the link:
(copy the whole link)

sorry for the trouble~


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magdal ah..they cun see the fb link...cos its a secret group...only members can see the link..so they have to give u their email add...

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