(2012) 2012 Brides to be


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Hi girls, I am also a 2012 BTB.
Right now, the top priority item for me is to secure my love nest. Me and HTB intend to have our photoshoot at Taiwan, but are still waiting for bridal shows before signing for packages.

Anyone started their planning yet?


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kind of. looking and planing. most likely either going bali or local

which area you looking at?
Hi all,

I start my planning since the day i ballot for my home, Oct 2008. =) got it in Jan 2009. Waiting it to be build up and move in in 2012 where i'll hold my wedding together.

Got ROM last Monday, Check List to build a new home, ROM Done, Home confirmed. =)

I don't think its too early to plan, i think its just on time, especially when you need to save up.
Jocelyn Oei (prettygirl) ,

What is your plan, got your home already, looking for wedding package?

I think i'll DIY my bridal package. =) My Cousin doing photography. So i'll need to MTM my WG EG tea dress. Not intent to print the whole album, maybe just table top. Gotta save up for home renovation too as mind in concurrently together.
chan lisi (lisi86),

Maybe you can go over then sign up over there, i mean Taiwan. Some of my friend do that in China and Thailand. Maybe you can set your budget and start going to wedding fair, but dont sign up so early. Thats what i think la. =)
magdalene cecilia (mag85),

You got your home already?

What about Malaysia, the package there is nice too.

For bridal package in local is quite standard. I think i've seen too much wedding photos of brides with the same WG and EG especially from the same brial shop. Thats why i decided to DIY.



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nope not yet. we plan to get a resale flat in the east

me too most likely DIY my bridal package, also got to book my church. think will do everything together in 1 day

chinkerina, wow you save a lot~ do you cousin have any photos to view?


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chinkerina (chinkerina)

Hi! Congrats on your ROM! thanks for your advice. We are not intending to sign up for the package so early yet. Only after we get our flat then we will go and plan further for our wedding.
Still awaiting results for Punggol Spectra.. *prays*

How are u intending to DIY your package? Maybe u can share with us where to order your WG and EG?


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magdalene cecilia (mag85)


you intending to go bali for photoshoot?? sounds very romantic. the photo should turn out real good.
any deals or packages that you are eyeing right now for the photoshoot?

I agree that we should start planning early, since planning a marriage is definately not an easy matter!


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yap chan lisi. totally agree!

further more i'm in plus size. hoping i can slim down by the time~
had seen a few photogarpher's work for oversea and AD work. got to pick up a few. at 1st tot of going paris, but the price is TOO high, that why we choose bali. just like you say it really out good.

also got to book the church(i'm a catholic). everything look so messy now

chan lisi (lisi86)

Hehe.. i mean only sign up when you go taiwan. Or you going taiwan soon huh?

I'm still doing my homework on it, open to suggestion and options from friends too. =) Some friend recommend Thailand and Vietman for Groom suit. Gowns will be China and HongKong, local too.

DIY depend on what you want ba..

Some DIY cost $10K ++ some only $2K.

For mine should be about $5K and below, including, flower girl page boy sisters and parents rental, car decoration and etc + never ending story.. hehe..


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i found a few too. http://www.36frames.com/index.html

as for gowns, maybe local or from china. might be going HK get a kua.
my HTB perfer to have everything new and plan to keep it.

with some friend help. hope i can fetch below 5k. 10k is a scary number~

have you found a place for you wedding dinner??
i have friend recommend groom suit in malaysia. i heard Thailand and Vietman are goos too
Wedding dinner will be at restaurant. As the number of tables may range from 40 to 50.

Not many hotels can hold it. I don't want to have 2 days wedding dinner too. Very tiring one.

DragonGate was my husband 1st choice. But its not open for 2012. Hehe...

May look for others if can hold 50 tables.
Thanks for the link..

Really like to view pre wedding photos. But i think its better to leave the idea to your photographer. Headache choosing venues. =)


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wow 40-50 table. ya. quite hard. my bro took maritus mandarin. they can hold 50 table.
how come dragon gate close?


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hi Gen welcome here.

yap. i guess planning early to let us have more time to think what we want.

have confirm some things

dinner will be in "china club" also a restaurant(if by the time we still dont eye up on any hotel), think need ard 30 table

and AD will be http://lightedpixelsblog.com/


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Wow ... erm -panic- so mani ppl are plannin so early and bf is like lets slowly take a look ..... Darn... and he plan to do both ROM and the wedding itself all at one shot?! geez ... ... ... ... Anyone got any idea the range it is going to cost....


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haha. my bf also abit slow too. no worry. you're not alone

i did went before a dinner cum ROM.. think can save the part on ROM


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lol....but want to do then do nicely ma ... But his side need tea ceremony some more .... I want faint le ...


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Hi BTB/HTB, there will be a wedding workshop this sat 24 oct 2009 at holiday inn parkview...
heard the participating vendors are sattine bridal house and coffee n tea dreamworks...powerhouses + newly reno ballrom!
Hello Gen,
Welcome! This is just a discussion for 2012, yes its still a long way, everyone have different planning. For me i enjoy and looking forward to my wedding. Thats why i open this thread.

Don't go push your boyfriend, hehe not many guys or gals like to plan so early.

you not intending to have tea ceremony?

I just ROM in Sep, Wedding in 2012. Can be pretty bride many times and i love it!


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congrats~ chinkerina

yap. lightedpixelsblog for my AD. i doing DIY wedding. still looking around for my pre wedding.

nope. not yet. china club is in my list for now.

still choosing between a club or a hotel


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Hi BTBs, since so many people asked me on how to make their wedding specials, I finally compile my wedding blog on all my ideas and research to make our wedding so special and unforgetable for young and old including for ourself.

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hello peeps!

have been MIA from this thread for a while.

Love nest confirmed at Spectra. Selection not yet available but our ballot number is number 5 so no problem. =)))
so happy that we will finally be settling one item on hand!

Girls, there will be a wedding fair at vivo on 4th Nov.
maybe will pop by to take a look.


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Helo 2012 BTBs.. im planning my wedding in 2012.. so far still in the midst of planning..

helo chinkerina, which photographer u engaging from lightedpixels?


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Boo ... I am back ... hmmm Had been bz with work and exams ... Gosh .. No choice but to take a break with my schedule ... lucky that it is in 2012 instead of 2011 ...