(2011/12) Dec 2011 BTB


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Hihi PeiSze!!
If u ask for recommendations... I will recommend u those that i engaged.. LOL..
I think everyone would do the same too..

I got Liren Neo for my MUA. CF from 1950 Photography as my PG..


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hi eileen! i was searching for dazza and i found your post. can you share dazza's package with me? i'm really impressed by his photography. however, i need to know his price range. which photographer have you decided on? hope to hear from you soon!


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Ladies was wondering if the banquet dinner have time to post animation and childhood photo and express highlight on the actual day?


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@yingli : Dazza is pretty good. Went to his office near my house at Joo Chiat. Prices are reasonable but i he doesn't do videography only photos.
His prices are all in a very nice brochure, frankly, he's the first i've seen to invest in brochures for marketing.
Why don't u just call him (Darryl), he's quite friendly?

I went for a backup videographer from MooMedia. Didn't get any local photographer coz i'm already getting 2 photographers from New York for 3k USD (which is probably 4k sgd) for 4days which means i'm free to use them for 4days as photo slave. Maybe i'm cheapskate, i thought they are cheaper than local photographers...

@Joanna : if you pay $$ yes you will have time to post anything u want on the actual day.

Sorry for being cynical but i really feel that a wedding only benefits vendors, hotels etc etc but i have no choice. I'm just more excited about my private dinner on my attic terrace with few good friends the day before & after my wedding.


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hey eileen thanks for your reply. do you have his number? you can email me idiosyncraying at gmail dot com

it's cool that you've engaged help from new york! what made you decide on them? care to share their style/website? you paid for their air tix and accommodation?

i'm just looking forward to great pictures and an enjoyable time for my guests - i hope! /fingers crossed


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I just came across this thread. BTB in Dec too. Oh gosh, I had as many problems as well! So many till I dun even wish to get married!

MIL & HTB so superstitious, insist on picking a good date. Then after that most of the venues were taken up on the dates, spend like dunno how many months just on a date.

Then after that when we finally confirmed on a date & venue, the venue coordinator told us last min when we were paying deposit that the date is not available! SO HAVE TO GO ONE BIG ROUND BACK TO SELECT A DATE AGAIN. We were too tired to go around searching for a new venue again.

In the end, customary & bqt dinner to be held at different days, which means we got to top up extra for MUA & PG. DAMN SIAN.

Customary on 2 Dec, Bqt Dinner on 9 Dec


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@yingli : i used my photographer when i was in NYC. I randomly found her online a week before i went back and she turned out to be very good, ok IMO it was value for money, i only paid $600usd (800sgd last year) for 3hours to walk from 34th street to 84th street so that's 50blocks. We took train, walk etc. I thought if she was lousy i'll just waste $800sgd and half a day. Doesn't includes clothes which i also bought a week before $200sgd. I don't believe in flying a Photographer from Singapore overseas to where i want to shoot, think it just more expensive and some countries like Japan, Thailand, Europe, Australia, USA have very good quality photographers. Perhaps it's more about spending time to research, blast out emails, pray for luck and get someone over there. Plus they charge by per hour, max u need what? 6hours?

Hope it works, i unlock the album but let me know if you can't see

Made a deal with her to pay for her air tickets and accommodation in Singapore. She gets a free holiday, i get my photography so win-win for all.
She does photography for Europe as well coz i think she's part Danish.

Here's her work for us at NYC last year

I don't have dazza's contact now it's at home, i'll reply you tonight.


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@eileen - thank you for sharing your pictures! the pictures are gorgeous! congrats on getting such great engagement shots. it must be very memorable and significant since you were working in NYC. it's definitely money well-spent!

i'm currently in singapore and hence i'm searching for a local photographer. i'm looking for one to settle for pre-wedding and actual day photographer so that i can be assured of the photographer's style and we will be able to communicate our needs to each other clearly.

i agree about the part where there are very professional photographers in US - i just saw one online http://www.redlotusphotography.info/ she takes absolutely gorgeous photographs as well. nevertheless, congratulations once again!

P/S: sorry for the hassle you have to go through! but i really appreciate it a lot!


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@Yingli - actually i'm not based in NYC lah. I just go there there for my annual shopping coz i don't shop in Singapore (everything is more expensive here)

Actually wanted to do another photoshoot in Tokyo, sourced for my photographer already (about 45k yen for 2hours about 700sgd) last year for autumn but the leaves didn't turned red when we arrived so didn't shoot anything.

Photographers are very competitive overseas esp NYC, LA and San Fran perhaps they have a bigger creative pool over there.

My friend did his in China (Fujian)...SUPER DUPER GOOD AND CHEAP! comes with costumes also! And it's not those cheesy cheesy kind. Standard quite high and i'm surprised for <$500sgd! Confirm 100x better than Malaysian JB kind which i've seen that rents period medieval costumes


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Hi! A newbie here... Just reading everyone posts making me so anxious to my big day but while also Worryî„
Anyone here join any prewedding preparation course? If yes, do recommend me... Looking for one... Thanks. Also if possible share with me yr photos.

Also during wedding dinner, is it a must to have childhood photos shown in screen? I only have a few childhood photos n I'm worry... Many thanks in advance!

Btw, hi bbg1223, yr love nest is super near my hse... Haha... Didn't except to see someone here living so near me...


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EILEEN: thank you for your recommendation.

cos i scared the program alot... den not very good liow..

JOy: i think is not necessary to have childhood photos =)

Can anyone advise if there is any nice place for photoshoot in singapore. Any threads that i can follow? Thanks in advance !!


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I guess instead of the regular childhood photos, so cliche, why do we want folks to look at our nerdy geeky look when we were young?

Maybe you might want to be alittle creative and think along the way of "creative entertainment" for your program? Dancing? Live band? Magic tricks?

@ Yingli : I'll scan the brochure for you later coz i tried to take photos but its not very clear. But anyway, Darryl's phone is 9742 4724


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eileen: thank you! so so sorry for the hassle. you can email me at idiosyncraying at gmail dot com

don't lose the enthusiasm for the wedding - it's YOUR day. perhaps you need to build a shield around you to block off what they say and when the wedding is over - all hard feelings will be forgotten and only the beautiful memories of the event will linger


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Wow... Cool suggestion Eileen... Thanks...
I've received a sad news... I may have to be 2012 bride instead due to unseen circumstances... But everything can only confirm by mid of year... Haiz...


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Hey all bride to be,sorry to crash your thread.. just helping to spread a meaningful message.I received an email from my PG.. They are organising this charity photoshoot event tml. If can go down with your htb, can do something to help Japan, at the same time see and observe how the PG is and whether can work together

Dear Friends of Hendra R. Photography,

As pictures of the earthquake in Japan and the aftermath of the Tsunami keep flashing on our media , both Shi Lei and I are saddened by the loss and destruction. The images of families torn apart, of separation from loved ones, many never to be seen again forced us to reflect on our relations with our loved ones. As we struggle to come to terms with the several acts of Mother Nature around ...us, let us take it as a reminder to celebrate our fortune for having our loved ones close to us.

This Saturday, we will be stationed at the Japanese Garden for a special photo shoot session to raise funds for our friends in Japan. Bring your loved ones and families down for a half-an-hour shoot. We will do our best to capture the special moments between you and your loved ones.

We promise our best to at least return 5 beautifully enhanced images for your selection within a week. Each picture will be priced at $20 each and we urge you to donate generously. All proceeds collected from the sales of images will be fully donated to the Singapore Red Cross' efforts to help Japan in our efforts to bring warmth to mankind.

Share this post with your friends so that we can get as many people to support this cause. The half-an-hourly time slots starts from 8am, all the way till 1830

0800 -
0830 -
0900 -
0930 -
1000 -
1030 -
1100 -
1130 -
1200 -
1230 -
1300 -
1330 -
1400 -
1430 -
1500 -
1530 -
1600 -
1630 -
1700 -
1730 -
1800 -

Sign up by commenting on this post eg Catherine 1430

We hope to see you there!

In Celebration of Love, the tenacity of Japanese and the Show of Solidarity among mankind,
Hendra &amp; Shi Lei

~ Photos are Forever ~
This is the link


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hi Doublej!!!

Thanks for your reply.

Can u share with me what is the rate for 1950photography and also Liren Neo MUA? hehe... thanks a lot ya


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hello fellow brides! sooo long never log in here alot already join in and so many post since my last.
Did not get chance to read all the post but read the recent ones and I sharing my rates for my photography and videography

Photography AD
2-3 photographers
unlimited shot
100 edited photo in coffee table album
minimum 300 raw shots in dvd cd

2 camera
1 express highlights
1 dvd 3hrs highlights with chapters
1 dvd raw video
high definition

combo package for both we got free documentation of our pre wedding photo in MTV style and use it as our save the date video and planning to send the video for my overseas relatives as invitation


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Hallo Jazz
PG and Video is both from kinderbliss weddings. Got my package frm them and my coordinator recommended her photographer and videographer.
both from philipines i think same style as mayad.com leh which i really really love so i book both. already done my prenup and prenup video saw preview already and I highly recommend them
just note if you inquiring frm kinderbliss my coordinator is Kay if im not wrong they have different team so not sure if other team is working with same PG and VG as mine or just say Layla and John's package.

Anybody here knows a decent and reasonable price accomodation? im looking for my in laws and their relatives for their stay during our AD on december
any recommendation?


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@J&amp;L : i booked SRC $220 a night for my photographer coz it's walking distance to Fullerton. If she can't get a cab, she could always speed walk to Fullerton and be in time for my wedding. No reasons to be late!

OK i check the spreadsheet but you didn't mention where's your wedding venue coz if i were you, i would book it this way :

A) hotel near your home - so they could piggyback in your cars for the event, or you could rent van or SUV for everyone. A lot more convenient than cabbing it which you could risk not getting a cab in time

B) hotel near your wedding venue - so they could find their own way there. Transport is their problem not yours.

** remember to check with service apt, they have better rates for long term since you didn't say how long they are staying.


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Oh i forgot if you have a wedding planner, check with them, they have access to very good rates. I know mine does but coz the photographer was hired by me and not her, i took it as my responsibility to find my own lodging.
To widen my search....just wanna try my luck and ask if anyone here have lobang to rent for wedding car?

Im looking for a Maserati.



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Hahahah...my ex driving that. I used to think he's driving a china car coz the car key was a crown then ooh it's a maserati

Not sure if this company is still alive though coz a lot of luxury car rental companies have gone busted.

Lioncity Transportation Services
361,Ubi Road 3, Armorcoat Intl Bldg,
#02-05, Singapore 408664
Tel: 6848 4939
Fax: 6848 4696
Hp: 9096 8080


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Hi All brides, sorry to crash the thread. just want to share my PG package too as I am very satisfied with the services of my PG whom I have signed up for my wedding in 2012. Hope this will offer more choices to brides here
My friend booking him this June 2011 and we like the attention he gives to us!

AD Photography
1 main PG,1 secondary PG and 1 photographer assistant
unlimited shot
300 edited photos in premium dvd package
40pages coffee table album

$1,880 for 2011 dates

let me know if interested so I can send you his link and works


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eileen, thanks for the information now were thinking of getting service apartments with two rooms or more for all them to share. So those not comfortable to be in one roof given them list of hotels near our venue.

Anatasiazen, wow maserati!!! thats my dream car hahahaha. im using my htb mercedes convertible then he use my toyota hahahaha to go hotel from house (but i think he is getting another car) we arriving separately.


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Hi! Anyone here use blush blush before? Do share your comment on blush. My PA told me abt that bridal shop but the package is super expensive and I goggle it to find review but not much review abt 2 only...
Hi eileen, tks for the contact...i left them a msg but they haven get back to me yet..

Hi JloveL,yar man...that's my htb dream car....so still hunting high and low for it..


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mwahahahah...i think i'm sick. I actually enjoy the sights and sounds of my parents arguing about invitation list, seating plans, cake or no cake, to tell or not tell relatives how much each table cost, research over traditions.

Now they know how tough is it to prepare for a wedding. Orbi good! Finally my turn to say the famous 3words "i don't know"

Let's see how i manage the 3 of them tomorrow. I call myself "Director" so i can direct the 3old foggies delegate who do and buy what. Maybe tmw i go popular buy them star shape/good job stickers and paste in their little notebooks.


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hallo its me again

hihi joy sorry dont have anything on blush too cos i only went to one BS and sign up already after negotiating here and there hehehehe

anastasiazen yeah lor maserati!!! dreamzzzz

eileen sounds so entertaining hehehehe


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btw any recommendation of locations in singapore for photoshoot?

where did u ladies get yr heels for wedding shoots.

any recommendation for invitation cards printing?
Stillll....no luck in finding our dream wedding car....gosh...prob have to find another choice...

So far till now...just signed up with Coffee &amp; Tea to do our montage...

everything else is still a stand still

any updates gals?


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I might have my FREE Pre-Wedding with 10eyesGallery soon! haha... so excited. Any unusual place to visit? Don't mind paying for entrance fees.

Oh btw, I think the promotion is still valid... get a free PW if you sign their AD.


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Hi Ee, I have looked through most of the PGs listed in the directory, and some recommendations from other sisters when I came to the decision to meet my short listed PGs.

After meeting them and browsing through their complete wedding coverage albums, I was totally amazed by the consistency of the work. And not to mention, they are friendly and passionate towards photography (unlike some PGs who are truly hard selling!).

But one thing I find it a bit "special" is that they are very firm on the basic offer. Mostly due to their passion perhaps, that they really appreciate their works that much. But overall, I would recommend you to take both of them up if you can, really value for money, with additional free PW some more.

Will share some photos when I'm done with the PS ;)


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Oh okay...so chub you have decided to sign up with 10eyegallery? Did you managed to get any discount from them or any perks beside the free PW shoot?


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@ Joanna

Sorry was travelling alittle too much. Yup, made my white gown, cheongsam, kebaya. Took my engagement photos last year think can use it as pre-wedding photos. Only left a dramatic evening gown haven't do only


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Hi All,

I have a banquet package to let for Mandarin Orchard.

The package is transferable for any events such as banquet, buffet, tea ceremony or solemnization.

The date is flexible and applicable from this year till March 2012. Subject to availability of date and venues such as Grand Ballroom, Imperial Ballroom and function rooms.

Please email me at [email protected] for further details. I will be happy to go through the package and perks with you.


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Hi chub
I signed up with 10 eyes
n got the prewedding package
they ain't the cheapest around but they def r passionate n honest bout their work


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Hi BTBs,

Wedding items for sales:

A. Champaige Pillow Ring --- $15.00
B. Gold Matt Ang Pao Box --- $35.00 (SOLD)
C. Butterfly with Pink Ang Pao Box ---- $25.00 (SOLD)
D. Chomel Elegant Feather Hair Accessories (come with Chomel's bag) --- $25.00
E. Wishing Board x 2 pieces --- $25.00 (SOLD)
F. Metalic Blue and White balloons (1 packets each = 60pcs) --- $15 for 2 packets (White balloon SOLD)

If you are keen please email to [email protected] for pictures or text 8432 0855