(2011/12) Dec 2011 BTB


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Wedding shoes for sales, size 7,3.5", only wear once at wedding lunch. In excellent condition and come with the shoes comforter (never wear b4) and shoes box.

If you are keen please email: [email protected] or text me 8432 0855.

Retail Price $96.90 - Sell at discount price now!


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Hi Gers.. i have wedding items to let go..

1) Sewing Box for SHangDou = $5.00
2) GDL Big Basket (Red) = $20.00
3) GDL Big Basket (Yellow) = $20.00
4) Wedding Ruler = $2.00
5) Candy Box
6) Wedding Tray = $3.00

Email me = [email protected]


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I think everyone too busy attending rallies!

i hired emcee, vg, pg, booked hotel for pg, printed invitation cards, done food tasting, made gown, cheongsam, kebaya, finalise on customary stuff to buy, book makeup artist

guess nothing major to do except respray and polish my car in early nov. still got time for me to go holiday once a month!


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Decadence>>wow..u so fast settle so many stuff..me hvnt settle hotel thingy..where u print ur weddjng inserts..??care to share?? Ur emcee too..hw much u spend to engage them??


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oh erm...i play cheat, hired emcee from wedding planner $388 (speak eng/chi). They'll write the script we go through and adjust so that it'll seem like the emcee knows us very well..haha

wedding inserts abit weird lah. Fullerton provide paper from their supplier, we select the design and pay the printing cost.. i never ask but i guess shouldn't be more than 2k


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decadence: u are really super efficient leh...

But i thought food tasting is like 2 mths before yr wedding?

u engage wedding planner? what do they do? care to share?


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Decadence>> wow.. hired emcees nid $388.. wow, tats exp..so is hiring 2 emcees or 1 only??

ok.. i gona do some homework on printers for inserts le.. coz my hotel juz email us, asking us the qty of invitation cards we gona get frm them, n to choose the invitation cards colour le..

nxt in the line with b doing homework on redwine thingy le...

emcees so exp.. tink will get friends to help out instead le...


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@CH : u are only getting red wine for all the tables?

I'm abit more problematic on alcohol.
MIL - all the old folks on her side only drink red wine
FIL - all his friends drink red wine and whiskey
My parents - only drink good chinese tea
My friends and me - only drink champagne if poor then i'll just get white wine since my dishes are mainly white meat
My bf and his friends - only drink whiskey

problematic to order. might end up different tables having different selection of alcohol


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Hi Ladies,

I have 6 pcs of brand new white bridesmaid dress to sell.

Got it from a blogshop and due to the change of my wedding color theme, decided to sell away.

If you are getting all the 6 pieces from me, I will bundle it the red flower accessories which I intend to match with the bridesmaid dress.

For more info, do email me at [email protected]

Thank you.


Hello all brides to be!
I dunno if I can be considered a Dec btb, i'm holding my rom dec. Will also be throwing a dinner party after the solemnsation ceremony as well. So it's something similar to a wedding banquet?

I'll be more than happy to share and post here if you all dun mind!

For a start my rom will be held at Asian civilisation museum on 11 Dec. My BS is Cangai. ;)


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any couple having actual wedding on 10 Dec 2011 and would like to hold it at HIOCC orchid room?

I'm giving up this package with good perks due to hubby going to be outstation in Aug. Do contact me at [email protected] or mobile 92960584 for more details/nego if interested.


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Hi Ladies, i will be having my solemization on 24th Dec at Forlino this year..

still no ideas how to headstart the deco, photography, gowns, etc...

And also JP selection...

I need help...


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Glad to see a thread dedicated to Dec 2011 brides. I am getting married on 24th Dec too and yet started to do any preparations. The worse thing is my husband-to-be and I were stuck overseas working and could not be in Singapore to do anything. Feel a bit lost.

I wonder if we were too ambitious to set the date so near...

We have reserved the day with Grand Copthorne Waterfront and now it's to fix the wedding boutique/package. I think I need to do more homework and read more threads from singaporebrides.com.



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Hi Cylvia>> welcome to this thread... tink is high time u shld get started on ur wedding preps le.. 7 mths left... shld at least settle ur bridal shop, take weddign pics le...


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ladies how is yr preparation care to share?

Any Photoshoot ideas? I am going for my photoshoot in june. I am a dec 2 bride 2011 with four seasons hotel.

Cylvia: You haven book bridal shop yet? You better hurry already because photoshoot should be done latest in july or august already


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Post Wedding Sales:
1) La Cabane De Vignes Bordeaux Red Wine
Product of France
- 10 bottles
- $19.99 per bottle

2) Hardy Shiraz
- 1 bottle
- $17.99 per bottle

3) Hardy Melot
- 1 bottle
- $17.99 per bottle

4) Prosecco Veneto Itarian Champagne
- 9 bottles
- $12.99 per bottle

If you buy all, further discount is available.

Interested, please kindly email to [email protected].



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Anyone got external floral deco for the ballroom?

I wanted to get 10little pots of orchids or local flowers for each table, gather them as a centerpiece and then give each individual pots to guests. Coz Fullerton's floral centerpiece is...too simple.


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Hi Dec Btbs.. i have wedding items to let go..

1) Sewing Box for SHangDou = $5.00
2) GDL Big Basket (Red) = $20.00
4) Wedding Ruler = $2.00
5) Candy Box
6) Wedding Tray = $3.00

Email me = [email protected]


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CH & Joanna,

Oh my... Yes! I am working very hard to shortlist some bridal boutiques so that I can visit them once I'm back in Singapore.

Can share which bridal boutiques are good?


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@Cylvia : get a wedding planner. I got one coz my bf is station overseas for 3-5yr and i'm traveling every alternate or every 2weeks. Solve all my problems. i don't have to keep track of dates, fittings etc etc


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That's actually what I've been pondering on. But I am worried about getting a too bossy planner who deprieve me of the chance to enjoy the preparation process..haha...

How is your planner? Can recommend?


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@Cylvia, i felt that my wedding planner is quite open, not very bossy. For eg. Photographer/videographer, i tell her what i want in terms of style, my budget range. She source cheap to moderate to expensive. Then up to us to pick.

Since my bf can only be back less than 3x a year, she helped arrange for food tasting on a sat (although contract says weekdays only), met us during the food tasting to sort out deco stuff even though she already had plans that day.

But i have a different expectation from u. I do not want to stress myself on the preparation (very nonchalant, i think she' more the bride than me) so i leave it to her to tell me when i need to use my brain (my brain cells and time very precious), rather just sign cheques.

Visited 3 or was it more hotels ballrooms together, their bridal rooms, presidential suites etc before deciding on the venue.

I have never been to any bridal studio or boutique. i went straight to a bridal dress maker, tell her what design i want, she draw, i confirm, she make, i fit, alter/add some details that's about it. Fuss free. Didn't feel pushy in anyway.

oh and she had to make facial appointments for me too to prepare myself 1yr in advance coz when we fly frequently, meetings in the day, at night still must reply singapore emails, worse than station in singapore!


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rangerlynn: Oh My same day as u.. When is yr actual day photooshoot? Mine on 29 June.

I realise alot of btb on 3rd and 2nd june?

Cylvia: U overseas? I am with whitelink bridal shop. Their service are good.

I think u better hurry. Maybe do it within may Because u nid to chop the PG for photoshoot. When are u coming back from overseas?

Decadence: You are very wellprepared already. by the way u looking for external flower? So everything you engage yr wedding planner to do?


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@joanna, ya i told her i want the multiple orchids as centerpiece ask her to source and i'll pay for the flowers.

whitelink is the one at ubi? i went to one near my office in kaki bukit, was looking for a dress for my photoshoot in NYC at the very last minute, needed to buy or rent a dress. Saw one of their dress in a magazine so i went to try. Wau lau..the dress inside got so many rubber bands. Maciam for different sizes of people and the rental was $300+ and i still must dryclean before returning. Late still got late charge. Ended up i bought a dress from a boutique also same price and it's brand new

when i was at whitelink, they keep telling me my NYC photoshoot wasn't coordinated, no makeup and hair stylist blah blah blah will be horrible.

heng i went with my gut feel

i look at their overseas photoshoot price, actually not expensive lah..normal like go holiday price


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decadence: Yeah whitelink. I think is at ubi haha..

Which one u mean u went whitelink?rubber bands?

u look at whitelink overseas shoot?

Rangerlynn: OMG so qiao? we have the same wedding date and same photoshoot date.. Gosh i like u leh.. haha..I have yet to decided haha.. any place u shortlist can share?
Which bridal shop u are wif? and banquet?
Hi BTBs just to check what is your timeline like for invitations/save the date? I am planning to send a simple email around 6 months beforehand to ask them to save the date/RSVP, and maybe 2 mths beforehand to send out the formal invites.

Any advice? Thanks!


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@Joanna, ya i went to the ubi one (the address is actually kaki bukit lah) i tried on some gowns and photoshoot dresses. inside the dresses, full of rubber bands (those super thick kinds). when i asked the girls there (one had a jap name but she's not jap) said that girls have different sizes and since the dresses are rented so the rubber bands will make a proper fit for everyone. then i saw that the inside was quite badly stitch loh. then again, sometimes it makes practical senses to rent gowns rather than buy too. however, if the price of making is going to be the same as renting then i rather buy.

i only asked about the overseas shoot coz initially i wanted to do an engagement shoot and then a pre wedding photoshoot in japan but now no time and boomz! so don't bother. I did a comparison vs using whitelink and engaging my own japanese local photographer, hair and makeup artist there actually not much different. my cost included 7days in japan, i sacrifice 1 day for the photoshoot. air tix (free, i redeem) + hotel $1500) + japanese photographer ($800)+ Japanese hair stylist & Makeup ($500 but they don't follow u around for touchup, u touch urself during the shoot) = $2800 for 2pax
technically if i take this as a 7day holiday is ok. can't rem how much whitelink quoted me.whitelink says japanese makeup and hair stylist different style from singapore MAU blah blah blah but they mass production too. their overseas shoot is not just you the only couple, they bring a few couples together loh

anyway did my own engagement photoshoot in nyc was ok so didn't see why i should pay extra money for people to go on their extra holiday.

@Pink Swallow : i got my 4 old foggies to call on all their relatives and friends to RSVP since last month. Dec is holiday season so erm better tell people before hand and the dinner is fcuking expensive. Already mentally prepared will lugi 50% so better take do my own preps. Oh i made them tell their guests the cost of each table too just so they are know how much to give and decide if they want to come or not.


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decadence: I think hor maybe there is different range? Because those gowns i try for my photoshoot as well as my actual day there isn't such bands as u mentioned leh..

The only bands is the can can that is wearing inside if u are taking a ball gown which is standard for every bridal shop?

U are really super well prepared leh =) I am happy for you actually..

where is yr banquet? actually i am forseeing my situation as u.. My is really damm exp


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@Joanna, ya.. very qiao!! I've not shortlist any yet.. However i do have a list of usual ppl go for PS.. Found it online!

I'm with MBR and my banquet at Concorde (the former Le Meridien).. What about u?


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rangerlynn: omg.. can share the list? u going hw many locations?

Btw what u prepare already? I duno how to start leh... i scared i am abit delay?

Oh ic. i am with whitelink and my banquet at four seasons =)


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@Joanna, sure. Here's the list. It also depends on what theme u prefer

Beach/Sea theme
Changi Beach/Broadwalk
East Coast Parkway
Labrador Park – Beach area
Marina Barrage (may need pre clearance)
Marina South Pier (may need pre clearance)
Mount Faber – restaurant, platform and such
Punggol Beach
Sentosa Beaches – Tanjong Beach, Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach
Sentosa Big Tree
West Coast park

Nature/Greenery/Country (non urban) theme
Botanic Garden
Bukit timah nature reserve
Chinese Gardens
Fort Canning Park
Henderson Wave
Hort Park
Hyderbad Road
Kent Ridge Park
Labrador Park
Lower Pierce Reservoir Park
Macrichie Reservoir
Mount Faber
Punggol Lallang near Punggol Marina
Seletar Camp
Sentosa (some of the trails)

Urban theme
1-Altitude (may need pre clearance)
Armenian Church (may require pre clearance)
Arab St.
Balcony at Heeren
Blair Road / Everton Road Ion frontage
Bus Stops
Bus Terminal (???)
CHIJMES (inside Church area will require pre clearance)
Changi Airport , esp T3
Chinatown, crowded area
Chinese Garden
Changi Broadwalk
City Hall / Old Supreme Court
Clarke Quay (cafe, bridges, sampan)
Emerald Hill
Escape Theme Park
Esplanade – inside outside
Esplanade free performance area
Equinox at Swissotel (may need pre clearance)
F1 Complex
HDB area (+ around rooftop)
Ion Orchard (may need pre clearance)
Old Parliment House (Indoor requires pre clearance)
Jaan, Swissotel
Jurong Birdpark
Kampong Arang
Ku De Ta Singapore (may need pre clearance)
Laselle School of Fine Arts
Little India
LOVE near Dhoby Ghout
MRT Stations (most notable: City Hall, Dhoby Ghout, China Town)
Merlion Statue at Marina area
Nanyang Technological University campus
Nanyang Technological University campus – ADM Building
National University of Singapore campus
National Library
National Museum Singapore
Orchard Central
Parkview Square
Private condos in orchard area
Raffles Hotel (interior needs pre clearance)
Raffles Hotel Shopping Area
Raffles Hotel Eating Area (try peanut bar)
Salt Grill, ION Sky
Sentosa Resort (shop area or casino)
Singapore Art Museum
Singapore Flyer (inside / outside)
Singapore Management University campus
Singapore Zoo
Sky on 57, Marina Bay Sand
Supermarket (NOT NTUC) somewhere at orchard area or such
Suntec Fountain of Wealth (may need pre clearance)
Tanjong Pagar / Duxton
Tiger Beer Tower Sentosa
That CD shop (cute place)
The Gateway (may need pre clearance)
The Helipad (may need pre clearance)
The Lantern Bar (may need pre clearance)
Thian Hock Keng Temple
Vivo City rooftop

Cafe, Eatries and Such – places to eat with interesting decor
Cafe del Mar Sentosa
Dempsey Hill (plenty… kinda)
Equinox at Swissotel (may need pre clearance)
Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific
Jaan, Swissotel
Ma Maison near city area at Bugis Junction
Salt Grill, ION Sky
Singapore Flyer (yes you can eat inside those capsule)
Sky on 57, Marina Bay Sand
Ristorante Pietrasanta (may need pre clearance)
Rochester Park (plenty of nice restaurant here)
Wild Oats at Upper Willkie Road

Not sure where
Kusu Island
new resorts area
St John Island
Universal Studio

In case you just wanted to go to area with tons of stuff
Universal Studio

Well, i found it from a blog so I'm not sure if which requires clearance. Just FYI

Btw, I can't really remb how many locations I can go to also. Gotta check with my BS again. I've also not started preparing anything except things with the BS.

But seriously, I think we are abit late as advice from my Bros and Sis.

Hi Eva, your AD is on the 3rd Dec right? Saw it on the excel list :D


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Thanks for the info! Do you mind sharing the name and contacts of your planner? Is she someone from your bridal boutique?