(2011/04) April 2011 BTB


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grace>> congrats on being Apr 2011 bride! i've got a friend getting married in Apr 2011 as well... think got fewer ppl in Apr cos' Apr 5th 2011 is qing ming and ppl dun normally choose the days before and after the actual day... but no worries! the other days are auspicious as well.. although I dun look into red hot dates..


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Hey... am an Apr 2011 BTB to... My mum had issues with it being the month of Qing Ming... But since the fortune teller says its a suitable day for marriage, then it should be ok... The Shi Fu say so already mah...

When is the date of your AD (if you dun mind me asking), Grace?


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Hey hey... finally found 2 BTB in April hehe^^ I was quite surprise to find that it was such a "not popular month" hahah... cos when my FS Master choose the date for me cos i wasn't aware of Qing Ming thingy TILL like after i settle on the date and book my banquet =.=''' hahaha...

My AD is on 24th April, wanted 1st May initially cos following Monday is a PH but FS Master says its a bad day for wedding so ended up with 24th since she says it was the best day ^^

How about you both? labyrinth1405 and PersianCat?


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I'm an April bride too! My parents don't really like the idea of Qing Ming but I told her it'll be better cos my dead ah gong and ah ma can join us too! haha


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