(2011/03) March 2011 BTB


Hi all,

I have 6 jiemei dresses for sale- all at $11 per piece.

it looks like that:



What happened was that i bought my first piece for $50 at HK... and then .. saw ShangHai selling.

So i asked my Jiemei to tried it - intending to wear the same my the day. When i got my china colleague to buy it for me , it was slightly different in size and my jiemeis canot fit in at all... i bought at RMB 55 per piece, so I'll just let go at this same price... and absorb the shipping charges...because i also bought other clothes...

might be a good idea for jiemeis- it should fit a S or M at max for the dress. It's totally brand new and still in the bags...

Please email me at [email protected] if interested... thank you.


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OMG!! you girls are so well prepared already.

I'm so procrastinating the preparation of my guest list.. help!! I haven't even went to look for printer for the cards. Sigh. hubby doesn't want to go JB too. any recommendations?


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Hi, Happy new year to everyone...

I also not much update, just sent insert for printing, will be collecting next wk. Haven chosen AD gowns (may do it after CNY), haven bought bed (may do it after CNY), going to have trial make up again...


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Hi ladies>> me procrastinating with collecting the wedding cards and printing of inserts, thou' printing only takes 1 day at most..

just got new posting at work, so super busy now..

cowcow>> cutting down or still looking out for names u may miss out?

candy>> how come need to do trial make-up again? change MUA?


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j0yle_t, I'm just afraid that my guests will reject my invitation... ;p

Hubby friend told us to sent the initial sms or facebook invitation already coz they said alot of ppl getting married in Mar...


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Hi all! Happy New Year too!

How's preparation?

For me.. also left with guest list since my invites are already printed!!

Next... collect album (end of the month)...chose AD gowns (after CNY)... at the same time.. preparing to send invites and refresh guest list to be confirmed...

Busy busy.. left 2 months+



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cowcow>> if u pre-empt them earlier on, guess they should be fine... so far my friends nv tell me got wedding on same day and own friends holding on different dates, so still quite safe..

joeann>> i must say that the guest list is a pain in the a**! haha~ im procrastinating...

pondering whether to invite my "new" colleagues..
not a gd excuse to say "sry, my guest list was confirmed earlier on"... =x

how many gowns will u be choosing for ur AD?


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hi, for those who have not bought things for GDL.
May i suggest you go to Daiso to get things like bowl set, sewing kit etc?
I bought a pair of bowls & a pair of soup spoons, a box & paper fillings = $10
I pasted a big "Xi" sticker on the box & it looks nice! so much cheaper than those teaset sold at GDL shops.
i also bought those gift bags ($2 for a pack of 10) to put the 2 bottles of orange drink. Just paste a "Xi" sticker & it looks presentable.
Huhh... All well prepare.

I m stress in reno n work now. Feel heart pain when see our new house.

Anyone have your photo layout? I just got mine, but i don like the design, avtually i prefer full page. Anyone can help me?


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luv@luv>> why heart pain~ dun stress too much k..

my photo layout is the one with big/small pics, i edited twice (to remove rubbish bin/pipes etc frm outdoor pic)...

I also indicated which one I didnt like and we met the PG over lunch to edit... how bout meeting the person who did it? if Full page then urs wld be a super thick album yah! Full page also v nice actually... =)
j0yle >> We spent so much on reno, ended up, we not satisfied with the things done... N the ID know the things not nice, never tell us, when we ask, she say she know long time le... If we didn't ask, she just act blur...

I feel many things i yet do:
1. March in song
2. Not yet finalised guest list
3. Decoration
4. Album layout
5. Insert for invitation card (I only need 20pcs, my friend ask me print myself, anyone have the insert to share with me)
6. Home appliance like fridge, bed, washing machine...

Too much le... I need time...

Innitially i like full page de, n i don't know why i select those pics need to hav design also... haih... I took PS at Taiwan, so cannot meet the designer to discuss... Only through email... Luckily the coordinator not bad loo, try to help me... My pic edit many times...


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luv>> think hav to lower our expectations lor.. i also got quite a shock when i saw my TV console, got sharp edge when i wanted rd edge, but cos HTB mistaken what I wanted.. so got no choice but to get use to it.. so far, see it as a whole, try not to pick on the issues, then wun feel so bad..

ur inserts can print urself.. i see if I can get the print layout for u cos' my dad is printing mine. but may need different programme, I check & update u ok?

home appliance gotta hurry abit if u planning to stay in upon customary.. esp when CNY is ard the corner.

dun worry too much! everything will turn out just nice.. nice memories..
j0yle_t >> U have this problem also? Act we didn't look into very details, but the wall tiles are not balance very obvious, and some are different colour... The contractor will change for us those not balance de...

Really? Ur dad work in printing coy? Thank you very much... Coz i need only 20pcs, so my friend ask me use printer to print, i not yet try...

Yaya, CNY soon, less than a month... left 60days to my AD, Haha... Look forward but scare, another stage in my life...

Did you guy select AD gown?


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luv>> design we did entirely on our own, just that minor details wasn't conveyed properly, so not really carpenter's fault..

printing's family biz, dun normally do wedding cards, but have the template. will update u again cos' my uncle's the one doing the software thingy..

so tired that im not really looking to the wedding day when its so near! ROM in Feb, so everything's mad rush... i'm sure there's more to look fwd to in the nex stage, whh is the BIG picture after the BIG day.. =)

my gowns r MTM, so all's done.. =)


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jia you fellow BTBs and GTBs!!

it's really less than 2 months to the big day. For my side, it's getting more and more stressful as a million things seems pending still.

Going to see printer later, I haven't buy my extra wine (about 10 to 15 btls?), jiemei's uniform not settled, montage nt ready, and worst.. guest list not settled. My PS shots also not out yet.. so the album not done. I want to rechoose my EG though.. so it's another thing to do.

Lucky thing is that I'm just moving into my in-laws, so no reno to take care of but I do have to move my stuff over... which is still in progress. Most of the GDL stuff is settled though.. i think.. except for the buffet. I'm intending to go with Liang Food Caterer (http://www.liangfood.com.sg/buffet_standard.php) anyone heard anything abt them?

Gee.. is there anyone more unprepared than me??!!!


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oh dear.. i ve not done my printing of inserts and order of the wedg cards..

me too.. ve not buy extra wine.. Stickytape.. can pass me some lobang of this too?

Neither my album is done up. ve to go for 2nd view of the layout design..

Ve not buy GDL and AC stuff.. worst is.. i ve not buy the bed..

now year end office closing.. lot of bad debts ve to chase.. stresss..


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cowcow>> time really flies! haha~ now's the gan cheong time to settle everything quick..

stickytape>> not heard of the liang caterer.. im getting mum's kitchen for ROM. they've got quite good deal for wedding package...


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j0yle_t, ya lo... I'm settling everything in express mode coz I'm leaving to M'sia to work next wednesday and will only be back for CNY and Ciao again.. Now I'm only left with the guest list and is waiting for the guests to reply.. Till today, reply is quite bad lei...


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cowcow> I guess it is bcos still quite long (to them) so respond is bad.. Dont worry, mayb after you come back from CNY, respond will be gd? I m going to send the card during CNY. Ha^^
Hihi All,

U guy already send out invitation card? Anyone send via email or sms? Can share with me how to write? I m poor in english... Thank you in advance.

I yet send any, but izzit ok to give during CNY? Heard some say better before or after... Any comment?

[email protected]


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luvluv> Simple english wording: -

You are cordially invited to
celebrate the wedding of


Sunday, 6th March 2011,
at Legacy Suite, Level 2
Singapore Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road

Cocktails will be served from 12.00pm followed by lunch at 1.00pm

*however this is not my final one, as I send to T&T, I used their wordings but should be something similar la.
Candy > Thank you very much... How is everything? All preparation done? When will u send out ur card? I m thinking to send during CNY, but my fren say not so good.

By the way, can I check how you guy address in ur invitation card for below frens/relative?
1. Lady colleague and her family or partner
2. Lady cousin and her family or partner

I have no idea how to address. Please help me. Thank you.


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cowcow>> gg m'sia at this time is like really near the wedding day, but dun wry cos ur hubby will sure help u look out..

i've not asked asked for rsvp for my banquet.. still settling guests for my ROM in feb! =\

luvluv>> my colleagues love to put "name & partner"... to me, looks ok.. not sure how u want it to be.. if you wanna put "Family", must ensure that both ur definition (no. of pax) is the same!


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Candy, I will be returning to Msia after CNY so won't have the time to take care of all the things and the hotel needs us to settle the number of guests by end of Feb. I was thinking if the people still cannot confirm I will not count them in anymore... at most in future during their wedding (which I do foresee some coming up) invitation request, I will stall and tell them the very last minute.. That's how they actually have a taste of their actions.. Since one wouldn't know how another feels during wedding planning..

j0yle_t, No choice lei.. I will be under the Msia company starting Next Mon and leaving on Wed after a meeting at SG.. for the sake of vitamin M!!


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Candy.. i also ve not get the confirmed attendance list. also nit to buy wine.. i nit about another 10 bottle.

any one has lobang?


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smilem > can try winebos. u can order 1 case (12 bottles) and another case on consignment. abt $20/bottle. can go wine tasting 1st b4 deciding.


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smilem> I hav no worry for sg banquet bcos I didnt invite anyone, all seats fully booked by my hubby's relative n his classmates...

But I haven started for my JB banquet, hope everything will be smooth.. How many tables do you have? Your banquet venue never give any discount/free few bottles of wine?


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i ve 35 tables... 10goes to my parents n my ofc colleagues.. the rest goes to my FH..

Banquet oli give 32 bottles .. the rest ve to buy.


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smilem>> they dun provide additional bottles at lower cost?

mine's 1 btl per table, and additional's ard $15-$20 I think...

my BIL got his frm this wine shop opp the chinatown speaker's corner. he got about 60 btls and can return extras i think..

cowcow>> that's quite taxing! and u're away frm ur hubby.. how long will u be there? aft wedding need to go again?

dun wry too much, cos' everything will turn out ok!


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@smilem I bought mine from NTUC Fairprice lor! Hahaha! Now CNY got quite good deals. I bought my Alice White Shiraz for only $13++. Bought 12 bottles, they delivered to hubby's hse on the same day. So we'll just find one day to bring over to the hotel.

Also, I highly recommend AXXA printing. Went to them on Friday afternoon. The designer sent me the artwork the same day, and I replied on Sat (or Sun?) to ask them to go ahead. Then I got my inserts printed and collected on Wednesday. Damn tok gong!

Now my biggest problem is my guestlist. Sigh. Don't know how to start. I think my father haven't even start inviting. And his guests are like 20 out of my 38 tables.

But everything will turn out perfect on our AD. BTBs and HTBs...... JIA YOU!!!!


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hello gals..it's just 6 weeks away to the big day!! Yesterday went in JB to collect all albums and photos and chose AD gowns. I agree that the guest list is a headache. I've sent out sms last week to friends to confirm attendance and now in the midst of writing the invites. Will send them out during and after CNY.

I'm also busy with new house reno at this point of time. Hopefully the house can be ready by end of Feb to be in time for our wedding in early March.

I'm meeting up with the hotel for finalization this Thur on the wedding theme and favors etc.


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Allohhhhh gals!!!
wow, I've not checked in for.... a few months, everyone is ready liao ^^
Me arr... aghhhhhh... god help... I am not sure what to do...
Any brides signing with Qian Xi Group? Is there a room for us all to get ready (as opposed to bridal suite)?
I keep putting it off... now my wedding cards lying at home, still trying to populate guest list.

I really am clueless...
What else must be done?
Date = Sun 6 Mar 2011
Venue = booked (Qian Xi FP)
JP = booked
Cards = writing names
PS = done
MUA = booked (what is the normal rate for dinner only? is $450 for the bride too exp?)
PG&VG = booked (what is the normal rate for dinner only, no morning? is $1000 each too exp?)

Haven't bought my shoes @.@
Haven't done my montage
Haven't come up with schedule... any kind soul can share your timetable on AD?

*cry cry* so stressed with the HDB reno & moving, Ivy, I did try to get a lot of furnitures sent b4 CNY but cannot, so.. can only move in after CNY too *sob sob*

Oh luvluv, me also went buy accessories frm Tradehub 21 @ Jurong East.. cheaper by a bit, more selection

Shall we come up with a table which bride = which day & which venue?

Heheh, mine is right after Candy's


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To all March BTBs, happy CNY ahead! I've gained so much since I started reading this forum ^^

Hi Pamm, my PG calculates by hours of service. So you can engage any amount of time you need.

You may contact Sze Ping from 10eyesGallery.com, humble & friendly guy who has won some photography awards.

Anyway, still a lot of things to be done! Wish all of our preparations are going smooth!
Haloo All March'11 BTB, I m stress too...

Celebrate my Pre-CNY in M;sia with my famili now =D

I just sms to friends last week, will start writing invitation during CNY...

Reno done, just pass us the key on last thur, today have final touch-up, but HTB told me still have some need to do, will do ourself lah... I m look forward back to our luv nest, haha... I'll move in on Mrch'11, and HTB will move in after our AD... We yet order washing machine and fridge =D

Pamm > I feel more ex compare to Balestier, we bought rain shower at Balestier...


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Finally i received Dr Phua (JP) consent form and signed/confirmed..

Just collected the weddg cards from T-Dragon.. tik of go T&T to do the print insert (double-side printing coz we wan to add the map in & Bus schedule)..