(2011/03) March 2011 BTB


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Hmm.. i just engaged Kelly for my mum & sister.. but i dont really like the end result, too "dark".. just my personal view.


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smilem (smilem) > My AD is 6Mar.

peusecret (peusecret) > Same Kelly? I went thr the trial, I find it a but light and ask her to put on darken for me. I haven confirmed bridal makeup with her but for mother n sis, I find her not a bad choice.


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Hi, i guess u can send out ur cards in mid Jan. Early feb is CNY, I guess everyone is busy with their own schedule & programme.

Dont forget Feb is a short month, and you need to do seating arrangement.. =)


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peusecret --> heyo.. where did u print your cards? how much per card? i just met up with printer and confirmed the cards. but wondering if it is a bit overpriced.
Hihi gals,

How is everyone preparation? Been a while not in here...

Candy > How is ur MUA? Did u decide? By the way, where u bought ur tea set? I haven buy.

peusecret > Mind share with me ur card photo? Is this ur invitation card?

Here is my update:
1. House reno in progress (Very tuff n tired)
2. Bought door gift, pending changing Thank you card. (Pls to finish by this weekend)
3. Finish DIY wrist corsage for jiemei
4. PS album in progress
5. Air-ticket invitation card (I order online, thumbs up for his service n invitation card quality, PM me if u interested)
6. Rent WG from Bridal Closet

By the way, anyone can share with me what is ur home appliance brand? Fridge, washing machine, TV...

Thank you in advance.


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luv@luv (luvs_eternity) > Can send me your air-ticket invitation card? Thanks. [email protected]

I bought 1 set from AMK central near S11. Recommend by my aunt. Price from $1x.xx to $29.90. Maybe need to buy another set, still thinking...

I am going for 2nd trial in Jan. My friend also recommend me another person, but I am lazy. If 2nd trial still cannot then will ask contact from her... I sms Dana, she replied me but the price increase in 2011. Aihz... and she is doing for other bride on tat day, not sure hav time for me or not.


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cow cow = yes i need to send invitation.. my ofc colleague is oldstyle type.. they feel tat it is sincerely respect to receive the cards rather than use mouth to talk..


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hi luvluv..

i went thru wat u going thru now..

Reno the house is not easy.. if u ve a lousy designer/contractor.. u will vomit blood and get angry everyday..

Candy = u mean your trial for MUA?


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Gers.. here the latest update of me..

my FH finially proposed to me on 16 Dec during his course graduation.. infront of the officers and their chiefs ... he knee down.. hahaha.. finally.. i so happy.. although his proposal does not c/w solitare ring (we use our wedding band), his move and action (secretly got his friend done up a short montage and keep practising our song and wrote personal vow) reali touched me..and it worth more than carats of diamond..

Added = 99blue roses.. the whole nite i cun stop smiling..

txs for hearing my joy
Smilem > Congrats :-D U finished Reno? My designer alwiz told us still got time, didn't tell us way we shd do.. Tml going to select toilet accesories... Hope everything going smooth... Where u bought ur toilet accesories n lighting? Did u went ip to check the progress frequently?

Any ala carte bride here?


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u collected your key? wat is your target date to complete the job? how big your house?

Yes my house is consider "completed" except defects which the idito so-called designer should settle.. till now i ve to be the one to check the workmanship and list out the defect.. wat the point of engage such designer..

select toilet accessories from where? u go try POH JOO at Jln Besar.. the staff there is helpful and if u wan cheaper stuff.. go to AMK INdustrial Park 2 TECK JOO = i bought my sink over there..

Lighthing u can try lighting.com. i bought my toilet light over there.. i can intro u the salesman who is helpful
Smilem, tiling now le... My house is 4A... Target to complete is end Jan, feb cny, mar wedding, so we need time to arrange our home appliance... I also headache with designer, feel not secure... If they din help us to follow up or complete all.. No point to get a designer... I don hav any idea for design or deco, so we engaged an ID... If I know how to design, can get FH's fren to reno, more cheaper... U move in already?


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smilem>> it's always nice to have ppl share ur joy! congrats!

luv>> that's a very tight schedule! jia you!

we just did small changes to his room, but took quite some time already... now waiting for glass panels to come in and my walk-in wardrobe will be done~


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j0yle_t > Tight schedule, have to make decision very fast... Act i hav start survey quite some time ago, but my bd alwiz say hav time hav time, n now everything hav to rush...

Smilem > Thank you for your sharing... We bought toilet accessories at Tradehub 21 last nite, no much choices n expensive, we don hav much time, so we purchase there directly, pending Rainshower, hav recommend? We r looking this kind of Rainshower.

Will go to select lighting on this coming thur...

Is anyone of you used roller blind instead of curtain? Can share with me?

Thank you.


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not yet..my FH moved in.. now slp on old mattress..din buy sofa n bed for him..haha.. wait till near AN CHUANG then buy..


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mine is 25 Mar 2011...

this wk will go T-dragon to see the weddg cards design and make selection.. after tat will go my BS shop to see the photo editing and discuss of the layout so tt they can proceed to do up for our comment..

To me.. i feel the most headache is the banquet table arrangement..
Ohhh... Good good...

Yap, I feel tat also... I m better than u, i don hav banquet dinner... But i m suffer + enjoy in house reno...

Did u DIY any stuff?
Hi All,

I have question to ask, need u guy advise me.

1. MUA will start makeup for me at 5.15am... Ceremony will start on 2pm, should i have 2nd makeup? During my PS, i start makeup on 7.30am, finished PS on 7pm. In between, MUA help me to touch up. My makeup still look ok when i reach hotel.

2. I need help in 'Thank you words' to my friends who help me in wedding preparation. What should i write? Intend to make thank you card also.

Pls advise. Thank you very much.
Candy > Coz FH will reach at 7.45am... We hav a thanks giving at 10am.. After thanks giving wil proceed to FH house... Follow by ceremony...

I hav 2gown now, my FH don like the suit, so I change to gown... Will select 1long train gown n 1 gown without train (plan to wear during buffet time or morning time)


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luv@luv (luvs_eternity) > 2 wedding gowns? cool... I also wish to have long train, ha... but I am very 'chu lu', better go with the normal one.

I think how long can the make up stay depends on your skin and also the mua skill. Some ppl said amp can let the make up stay longer, I m not too sure but as long as no sweating, should be ok. If really cannot then you can bring along the 2way cake, to touch up just in case.
Candy > I have engaged Dana Chang as my MUA... Iya, i m also very 'chu lu' de... somemore the way i walk into Church is staircase... Haha... I m worried also, coz last month i'm my churchmate's bridemaid, i keep look on the floor loo... Wish me good luck bah... I hope everything will be smooth...

I remember u also did some DIY stuff right? Wat u did already?


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luv@luv (luvs_eternity) > DIY stuff? Ha... I think I did nothing... I asked my sister to do AP box for me. My sister-in-law will do the bridal car for me. I intended to DIY the card insert but a bit lazy (& a lot of amendments), so sg banquet will use the printer (T&T, gold wordings). For JB banquet, I will try to DIY postcard type. I placed order last night 10pcs (online) to test test, if ok then will printer another 70pcs.

I made enquiry to Dana, but I think she has gd business, very slow respond and the price increase to $400 (1session only + trial) while my friend has her AD with Dana in dec only $300+ and she said ok only (ps: mayb my friend's expectation very high).


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hi all, i printed my cards at T-Dragon, felt it was very expensive but hubby didnt want to go JB. Anyway, we chose hotstamping with matt gold ink.
FYI for those who want to know the cost of printing at T-Dragon: (My hotel provided 80% of total confirmed no. of pax.)
1st 100 pcs: $140
Per pc thereafter: $0.50
Icon on card: Flat $10
Cards not covered by hotel:
Per card + printing: $1.50

My total cost abt $300+

We also printed angpaos with our name: 200 pcs with matt gold ink for $140.
Candy > Yap, price increase to 400 le... U hav yr fren photo? I saw her FB photo, all very nice ler... Huhh, I thought u diy stuff urself... U know where to buy cheap n nice long envelope mah? Btw, is yr sis in law help ppls to do bridal car deco? I m looking bridal car deco, hand bouquet, n corsages now...
Hi gals, anyone take ur album? Would like to check if our body hav 阳光,izzit can't edit? My BS say cannot, but it look like I hav skin prob ler.. How?


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For album, I dont have daytime outdoor shoot, so cannot comment.

My friend's AD photo is very nice, she is so beautiful on that day but maybe she still prefer the MUA from JB BS. She told me "Dana's makeup is ok but I still prefer xxx". That's why I said maybe her expectation very high, not Dana not gd. I saw Dana's fb, the makeup is not bad. That's why I make enquiry too...


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Merry Christmas to all March BTB.
I am also a March BTB. Have done insert printing at T&T, you can have all the icons that's available and wont be feeling carrot head like T-Dragon for each additional icon. But yup the troublesome part is to go JB, best is to go during weekday if possible, from Kranji to JB will just take 45min instead of a weekend where it was 2+hrs. Left GDL, guestlist & to confirm wedding apparels hahaa.. Think the guestlist will be the biggest headache..
Jiayou to all BTB!!


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hi Plue.. me too plan to go T&T.. may i know how much u pay if doing 2-sided printing coz i nit to print in the map and shuttle bus services time table.


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To all March BTBs

to say = Happy New Year (In adv) and we shall look forward to our beautiful day in March 2011



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hi everyone! merry christmas & happy new year! have u girls realised it's 3 months to our big day!! lol. exactly 3 months for me... less than 3 mths for most of you! wa. things are really getting busy now. i'm finalising my cards & printing soon... finalising my church songs/sermon/prog booklet... going to meet caterer, florist & banquet food tasting & finalise my photoalbum next week! what's left is that montage & all the small small DIY stuff like guest book, ang pow box and corsages etc... but small small stuff also need a lot of time and effort!!! i dun have enough time!! haha. taking 1 week leave next week but i have work to settle also.. so... sigh. hope i can use the time fruitfully. jiayou everyone!!! how's all your preps going??


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Hi smilem, do check with your hotel whether do they provide map inserts...
This is the quote T&T give me.
(A) Normal wedding insert paper (cream/pink color paper with gold print):
2 side printing with map :
250pcs = RM 230.00
300pcs = RM 254.00
350pcs = RM 278.00

2 side printing without map : 250pcs = RM 200.00
300pcs = RM 224.00
350pcs = RM 248.00

(B) Transculent paper with color printing (only can 1 side)
250pcs = RM 417.00
300pcs = RM 477.00
350pcs = RM 552.00
(with map printing will add RM 30.00 for total price)