(2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB


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Hi Gals... Sorry for MIA-ing for the past week... busy with work... anyway, i'm glad that the website helps
anyway, i have decided to go spotlight this weekend to look see look see at the material before deciding about the wrist corsage since my wedding will only be in Dec...

Btw gals... if possible please help me with the AD Wedding schedule and check list... Needa plan timing for the PG



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elynh: I couldnt seemed to D/L the file, but had dropped you email.

Babe, abit lost here, sorry! You mean to say you would sign BS in Taiwan & they would also cover your SG wedding too, or...?

Try this too, looks pretty too! http://www.weddingcakes.sg/index.php?option=com_phocagallery&view=category&id=34&Itemid=6

Thanks for the site, here's another for you too!

I thought I wouldnt be; but looks like I am soon turning into Bridezilla, lol!
DIY favors, DIY cards, and the list goes on, OMG!


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Hi ccharis, you've got mail! hee! I couldn't find your email earlier. =x

I'll have 2 banquets, one in Taiwan on the 1st Dec and the other in Sg on the 5th Dec. We will be getting a BS there and the BS will cover our wedding in Taiwan. We called to ask and the BS said that we can bring back 2 gowns for the banquet in Singapore.

But I guess I'll have to find my own florist, make-up artist, photographer and videographer in Sg.


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After 2 days and 4 cakeshops, I found my perfect wedding cake! ;p

It is at Sweetest Moment (http://www.sweetestmoments.com.sg/)

They have really nice normal size cup cakes. But what caught my eyes were these! They have these mini cupcakes that are really cute and also, they have these really cute transparent cupcake boxes for them. I need about 160 cupcakes and so they will fill up 5 tiers nicely!

These cupcakes are bit size, and really yummy! Our guests can choose to have them there or they can take it home!


What's best is, the price is right! :p

They also do xi bing as well! Customised photo card of the bride and groom!


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elynh: I received it, thkq! It's so helpful! :D

Ya, sweetest moments; I should have thought of it. Just the other day my buddy show this site to me, but I was looking at their trad cakes instead. The picture you show, is just.... PERFECT! Geez, I am so happy for you!

Maybe you can "dress" the cuppies up a little more with this? Lol, was just surfing the net & thought of you...


Just "slot" the cuppies into them, works just nice if you want a little more detail, yet not at the expense of breaking your wallet, teehee!


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elynh, I could share info with you on freelance MUA or PG if you need,
just let me know so I can compile my research into a spreadsheet for you.

Oh, I forgot to mentioned, I didnt managed to go to BS on Monday b'cause Sophia was closed for their company annual holiday. Ugh, I should have thought of it earlier, since business is usually bad for them in this month, sigh!
So, it's next Mon again, it was so disappointing!

That aside, I am more worried about the collaterals now. I havent started on my invites!!! I'm so undecided!
Ya, and those wedding favors too, bleh!


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Agnes: Welcome back! Lol!

Perhaps another tip to help you with the DIY-corsage -- have you decided the "theme" for your wedding/bridesmaid dresscode?
In this way it would be easier to pick out the colors/patterns for everything else.

I personally like this:


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The cupcake I posted was actually one that they happened to have in the shop. We can customize the cupcake to our likings! The best part is that you need to order 7 days in advance! Other bakeries requires me to order at least 2 mths in advance!

You can add on individual transparent boxes for each cupcake before you display it. That wld be more hygienic and probably fuss-free if we are giving it out at the end of the day!


Dressing the cupcake seems fun! Where can we get the inserts?

I am playing with a garden kinda theme, something a bit whimsical. Will be starting a wedding blog. How bout you?

Are you sourcing for ur own favours?

Oh! Can you please send me the MUA and PG? Much appreciated!


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elynh: Babe! I love those clear holders!!! Yes, I think the hygiene factor plays an important part too -- time to play dress up for cuppies!
Would this be consider your wedding favors or you're planning for others?

Yes, I was just asking the other day who has a wedding blog -- I think it would be cool esp. we're all the Dec 2010 BTBs.

Let me consolidate everything & send you in email shortly (with the site to purchase the cuppies inserts) & oh! It's my pleasure so please dont mention it! :D


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Yeap. Forgotten this part: I am sourcing my own favors -- sorta already have the idea in mind, so now am looking for cheaper alternatives.
Since I love to DIY, I reckon in this way I could have more cost savings; unlike going to wedding-related stores that would take this 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to rip you off.

Afterall, I said I am soon turning into Bridezilla, lol!


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Hey babes... i like something like this


Anyway, ccharis.. the design of the corsage id very nice, any website to share? oh.. btw mind to share your list of MUA and PG as well? My MUA like forever busy for the trial.. difficult to pei he the time.


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ccharis> can send me too? i did my wedding blog halfway. haha too lazy to carry on. I going for a scrapbook on pre wedding photos though so if u gals interested, let me know.
hello babes. i am new to this. very lost and will appreciate any help ir info, or anyway i can help.

here are my info:

thanks for updating the list.

Ad/ ROM - 5 dec
AD venue - TBC
ROM venue: TBC
Lovenest: TBC.

Actually my situation is a little complicated. we are doing rom cum tea ceremony yr end, followed by lunch with family on the same day. PS next yr at krabi, and a garden party for friends probably middle of next yr.


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Morning Babes!

Agnes, Deb: No prob too, do give me your email adds please, thanks! I'd send over the weekend.

Elynh: Finally I signed my BS last night, phew! But I am so worried, time is running out. So rush, next week choose gown the week after have to phootshoot already else they cannot deliver the album in time, sigh! *panics!*

Lastly. I'm desperately looking for such prints/cards -- san anyone please let me know if you come across? Much appreciate!



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MY favors are included in the wedding dinner package. And they are quite decent. I think I'm choosing between a bookmark cum letter opener AND a glass coaster cum photo frame. The cupcakes will be in addition to these. :p

Initally I wanted to do my own tokens for the wedding. i.e. taking crayons and melting them into tokens, or using any coin size chips. Then I can have our initials on one side and table number on the other side. And I wanted attach each coin to a ribbon (better quality ones like the miu miu ribbon) Something like that, I'm not sure if you can visualise what I'm trying to do. I got the idea for recycled crayons here http://notwithoutsalt.com/

Congrats! Can you please email me what they offered? Hee! Don't worry! I'm sure there is ample time for you to do that! I shd be the one panicking! I can be in Taiwan on 21st Sept. And I have les than 3 wks to get a BS, choose a gown, and do my photoshoot!

What kind of scrapbook are you doing? I did one with "Photobook and the results turned out to be quite good.

Welcome and congratulations! Yours is not as complicated as you think it is. (At least it seems to me!) Work out your budget and how many tables you need for your family first. Shortlist the suitable venues (indoors or outdoors) and call them up to see if they are available? Then get a BS for your gown etc.

Hope this helps!


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Good morning babes!!! Guess what? I went to Spotlight and i have decided NOT TO DIY the wrist corsage, too complicating!! LOLs

BTW, any ideas on short getaway after honey moon? cuz i will be back from Honeymoon on 12.12 and my hubby bday is on 17.12, so was thinking of a surprise... please help... cracking brain and all brain cells dead..


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How's the weekend for everyone?


Deb, Agnes: *dingdong* You've got mail!

Errr, let me just catch the weekend posts before I reponse, hurhurhur...


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Hi everyone,

Have been really busy for the past weeks.. work and wedding planning is driving crazy… @_@â€

For guestbook.. am choosing between Photo Booth or Digital scrapbooking guestbook (something like what offered by Photobook)….
Anyone know where can I get those papers (A3 size, 170gsm Matte finish paper)

Am going to choose the pre-wed photos today.. hope I would get a good deal and won’t need to top-up too much!

Btw, have you choose & inform your bridesmaid and groomsmen ? anyone knows what are the market rate for Xiong Di, Jie Mei’s * other helpers Ang pao ?
Coz I will have a few important jie mei to help me throughout the day.. and a few others to help up only on gate crash (coz my htb will have ard 8 xiong di &amp; I’ll only have Jie Mei’s).. so thinking of asking a few more friends to join in the fun ..... now I’m a little lost on how much to give,…. Coz some will say they help up more… >_<†any of you have such problem ?


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Agnes: Here's the link where I got the sample of the corsage (with instructions):
Actually you could google for 'DIY corsages' and alot should come up, it's really easy to make; even if you're a craft-dummy.
All you need is the art/craft glue &amp; everything else is like a breeze!


Deb: I wanna make a scrapbook too, but no time leh. By then when we receive those BS pictures, would be mid Nov -- now I'm worried, we'll only have 1 BS album, cause decided not to take those 'loose prints', and I see alot of wedding receptions have tonnes of pictures/album to showcase, sigh!


BIG welcome to ANGELIA too!

Just voice out whatever you need -- the BTBs here are all so helpful.
Now I have better perspective towards putting my own wedding together.

I think you have the BEST of BOTH worlds!
Perhaps you could do formal for family/relatives (ie. banquet) whereas with friends casual style?

Oh! Which would you regard as the 'Actual Day' then? In this way things would be easier to plan.
Hope it helps!


elynh: Those crayon token ROCKS! I didnt knew they can be recycled in this manner, so cool!

Are you going to DIY on these tokens?
Hmm, just wondering how are you going to engrave the wordings?

Ok, I'd email you the package details shortly.
Nothing much basically cause alot of items were exchanged for pictures instead, but you can have an idea with it.

I tell you -- I'm almost sh*tting in my pants, really... This week need to confirm the gowns (not to mention the alterations/fittings) for next week's PS -- I'm just wondering if they are able to deliver before the deadline? I havent confirm the PG too (they have 3 in-house for us to select). All this because of 2-3 months required to produce the BS album, sigh!

Lastly have you shortlisted the BS in Taiwan? I heard they have streets after streets of BS, so maybe best to just 'aim &amp; shoot' else you'll end up with a bigger headache -- too many may not be good idea, dunno which to decide, lol!

Thanks for the shopping offer too! I'm actually not good with mandarin, so I couldnt shop on chinese-based websites, but let me think over what I need, I'd let you know again?

Also, I think I may not be able to DIY on my honey favors anymore, well, just pay abit more for others to do loh. I'm worried if something screw up &amp; I couldnt fix it in time, lol, no confidence in myself eh?

I think I am going with the card I shown above, I couldnt find similar paper &amp; time's running out if I need to give them out by end Oct. That particular design costs hefty S$8/card (w/out envelopes). They do have a single-card, like menu style card which costs S$5 each. Gosh! So heartpain!


simplesweet: The heat is on for me too!

Hmm, Photobooth seemed to be the "in" thing these days -- are you referring to those that has backdrop &amp; polaroids, that allow guest to take pictures on the spot, or...? Sorry ah, I'm so outdated, lol!

Paper wise: try looking in Bras Basah? I think you should be able to get them easily from Art Friend, but at higher price of course. I got some matt finish paper from Shanghai, but not sure if the gram is what you need.

So how's the picture selection?
Got succumb to topping up? *BIG GRIN*

BM/GM: I have decided, actually just a couple of Jie Mei as helpers, as we do not have fetching of bride in the morning. I'm planning to pack goodie-bags for them! But if you do have the rate for the angpaos, do let me know please...

Gatecrash: This is strictly my personal opinion.

I think it all depends on how much they can bargain then split amongst X no. of Jie Meis, but do have your HTB think through the min-max he is planning to bao. Let the rest be decided on the spot, fret not.

I'd be honest too: I've been to couple of gatecrash, where there are 'smart' people.

Let me tackle the groomsmen first: they came prepared, with different currencies (ie. RMB/Rupiah!) lol..
Some weddings have alot of Jie Meis, and they're usually made up of friends/ex.schoolmates/besties/colleagues, etc...
I had encountered once, the lady actually took the SIN big notes (ie. 100s, 50s) and shove the rest to the rest.

For many reasons, I decided not to take a single cent, neither did the rest of us voiced out, well, reason's simple &amp; neednt rocket scientist to figure it out. However, the bride did ask me weeks after her big day -- that was when I told her the truth.


sinplyme: Please update my BS &amp; PG please: Sophia Wedding and Photography by Yew Kwang. Thanks Babe!
hello girls. just wanna hear your view on this.

my AD is on 5/12. morning will be the jingcha etc, so will wear the bridal gown, there after change to a cheong sam for jing cha.

after that i am doing a luncheon cum rom for relatives in the afternoon.since its day time, i tot i will wear a short white gown instead.

my qn is, do you girls think i need fresh new make up and hair for the afternoon? if needed, i probably gotta find one as the BS only provide for the morn.


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Hi Angelia, my personal take is that your current should be sufficient.

However, if you're wearing veil &amp; concerned about your hairdo, do speak to your MUA
-- they could actually bun it in a way which would allow you to 'let go' your hair during lunch, and this can be easily achieved with the help of your bridesmaids.

In fact, our events are pretty much the same -- just that mine would start from the afternoon through night. I would even have some AD pre-wedding shots done (in+outdoor).
I have spoken to both MUA &amp; AD PG, both suggested 1 MU+hairdo is fine, unless it's raining and/or outdoor for consecutively more than 2 hours. I've cancelled 1 session too.

In this case, do remember to opt for ampoules which would help the MU last longer.
From what little I understand, ampoules also help with oil-control.

Hope this helps!


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Hey Ccharis, Thanks for the advice!

The photos selection have been pushed to Wed coz my BS last minute not able to collect the developed photos… anyhow, hope I’ll keep to 60pcs =p

Hehe, yup it’s those photobooth where the guest are able to write their wishes on some A4 papers and take photos with it =) (http://www.weddingbee.com/2009/01/23/that-wedding-photobooth/)
Think both scrapbooking guestbook &amp; photobooth are fun ^O^†… but for scrapbook..will need more time to design.. and make the printout’s perfect..

I’ll have gatecrashing at Orchid Country Club, follow by Jin Cha , Church wedding + lunch , then.. dinner reception… @_@†Whole day of event…
My MUA will only come in the morning too… am considering not to change to CheongSam.. coz it’ll be pretty troublesome… but that means my relative’s gg to see me in that gown the whole day..

I’ll have around 7 bros 4-5 JM … during one of the JM’s wedding (3 yrs back) she gave ard $68/prs, plus $20+ more for those that help up more..
So… Ang pao for entourage will be around $1.1K+, plus other helpers…. The AngPao come up to be around $2K+

Ya..sometime when it comes to money.. it’s pretty sensitive… haiz.. really headache over this…

For Pre-wed photos.. perhaps you can use a “digital photo frame†to make the whole place more interesting?? Or you can do up a photo slide for the guest to see in the ballroom while waiting for the dinner to start ^-^

Yea…we r all gg to be bridezilla soon...


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ccharis>> thanks for sharing

BTW.. i saw you gals discussing abt Jiemei and Bro ang pow ar... what you gals thinks will be the appropriate amt ar?? headache!!! faintz...


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wow.. miss 1 week of updates..

Deb /Ccharis: when i pick up my caricature i was so excited lo.. but on next day during the day time than i realise that on my forehead there is a patch which is quite obvious and the frame got all scrathes which he just use a black marker to cover it!! i'm sure the artist know bout it and yet still deliver to me. I have given him ample time to draw. so to cut the story short, i text him say i want him to redo, he replied say he wont redo, but will do a touch up but willing to change the frame.
so 1 week later i go pick up, and you knw what he did? he redraw our head only on another paper, cut and paste on our original copy!!


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Angelia: All the more, my pleasure!


Simplesweet: Your AD seemed so packed -- you sure 1 MU really enough? Just concerned.

Mai A4 paper, how about chalkboard?
(I think still within budget since chalkboards can be 'recycled' &amp; looks funkier? Lol!)

I'd love to have this photobooth thingy too, but reckon our crowd may not be as sporting *sobs!*

Anyway after you spoke about GM/BM angpao, I started pondering on vendors too -- MUA, AD PG, etc...

I would love to hear all your views on this: Are you all planning to bao? If yes, what is the market rate too? Initially I had in mind to "invite" our AD PG to eat at our banquet (we foresee it would be busy hence we requested our share to be packed back to hotel -- so maybe can cater for him) but my bestie beg to differ for it's his business/service mah.

Back to main agenda: Aside the goodie bags which are meant for my close mates, I think we would bao them additional S$68/- or if no time to prep the goodie bags then it would be S$168/- loh. As for other helpers, hmm... havent decide yet, I'm not sure if S$48/- would be a good idea or not, polls please? These are people who would only help me at point of recept, thats it.

Lastly. I could make use of the digital photoframe, maybe upload our courtship pictures?

As we're not having it in ballroom, and thou' My Humble House have projector, had already seen the actual position (it's at the entrance) whereby guest would not be able to view it + it's projected onto cement wall (no whitescreen) so it would be pretty vague, hence defeats the purpose of having photo-montage so we're scraping this idea.


Lymo: I like to apologise first, if the following sounds offending to you -- I'm putting myself in your position.
If you would allow, I'm sure all of us here would help you out of this situation &amp; get the best redress.

WT* siah! I'm sorry! I'm trying to accept the facts. Could you explain again, scratches on frame and covered with black marker? Did you speak up on your concerns on the spot? If yes, what was the artist response? I'm trying to visualise -- because it would be patchy &amp; so obvious right?

As for the so-called touch up (aka. cut &amp; paste) it's ABSOLUTELY unacceptable! I would either demand for re-draw, or if he is so adamant about it; then compensate me in FULL! Well, at all cost I would definately make claims against him. No way any professional artist should resort to this.

By the way was it live-drawing or digital?


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I just had some random thoughts &amp; would like to hear all your views:-

(1) When are you giving out the invites?

(2) Any of you wore your engagement ring for PS?
(3) Bridal shoes; buy before PS or before AD?
(4) How many fittings before PS?

I'm actually required to pick my gowns tomorrow as early next week is PS!
I feel so rush, but no one else is to blame but myself lah. ..

Those whom had already taken their BS PS, could you kindly share your experience with me so I can be equipped with abit of knowledge &amp; feel at ease tomorrow -- because my bestie's son is admitted to hospital &amp; couldnt accompany me.

As for the men, they always dont get it, lol!
He's only assigned to confirm the gowns I've selected.

Hmmm. i think invite shd be abt 1 mth in advance?

after u kindda of sms everyone who will turn up?

i guess bridal shoes depends on the kind of pics u will take. if you think it will show ur feet, or going to wear a short gown, a pretty pair of shoes is a must!

anypme here is a whitelink bride?


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Hey Ccharis,

For shoe, I bought one for my photoshoot and will be getting another one for AD. Cause the shoe i got previously have got 'claws' so it's not suitable for AD...

I wore my engagement ring for PS, but not the Wedding band ... thinking of wearing the band only on AD =)

For gowns selection for PS, will it be the same gown fo AD? I went 3 to 4 times before i got the one i wanted... was really really stress choosing those gowns.. coz it'll b the same gown i'll be wearing on AD..

I would advice u flipping the maganize or at least have an idea what type of gown you like ... then also ask the designer to recommend what's suitable for you. A good designer will know what's suitable what's not..
Same here, my htb didn't really give comments in the begining ...
Think it's important to communicate with the PG on what style you want, where would you like to go etc..

Go with a joyful heart while choosing the gown, it'll help easy the process... ^O^"
Hope you get to choose your dream gown!

btw, i replied ur PM already =)


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Oooo! I'm at a lost of where to start.
I might have to give it a miss (the tokens I mean). Was actually thinking of putting crushed crayons in the design that I want before putting in the rest of the colors. But that would probably take ages!

Do you have a theme in mind? Maybe that would help in selecting your gown? Are you gonna do something in tune with the decor of My Humble House? Previously, someone did something like a Shanghai Night in Grand Shanghai! Looks fun!

Also, get a gown that you like! Since this is gonna be your special night!

As for your PG, check out their portfolio. Is there any style that you like?

Gawk. I'm really afraid that I don't have enough time to get my BS and PS. Technically I can only start on the 22nd Sept (a month later). Sigh! And I'm sourcing for my cards from Taiwan. Did you visit the link? I think some cards cost like $1 and more elaborate ones might be around $2.50.

Have you tried "golden dragon" for DIY stuff? Apparently they have DIY sets to sell, and they will teach you if you are not sure.

This bride also did photobooth on her ROM. Quite fun I think! She does a lot of DIY stuff as well! You can check it out!
Would like to do that but I'm not sure if my family is up to it. sigh.

Digital photo frame sounds like a good idea, I wonder if the BS will give us the photos in soft copy... ccharis's idea of courtship photos sounds good too!

We share the same AD! :p

I agree with ccharis regarding your hair, you can arrange for your MUA to do a setting that allows to to have 2 kind of looks.

Having another MUA is optional though. Will the MUA be coming to your house early in the morning? If so, do find out whether he/she will be staying until you jing cai or will he/she be leaving right after completing your make-up. If your MUA is staying till you finish your tea ceremony, you can ask him/her to help you freshen up before he/she leaves. And your luncheon, will it be indoors or outdoors? If it is indoors, I guess it would hold up fine? But if it is a outdoors event, remember not to "touch up" too much least it starts "cracking" up. Do have a good night's rest the night before, can try doing a mask before you put on your make up. It helps the make-up to stay on. :p

Just my two cents worth, hope it helps!

Omg! Which vendor is that?! So irresponsible! I'm sorry! Not trying to stress you more. But I feel indignant for you! How about the patch on your head? I hope he didn't use white-out for that! As for the frame, it does sound a bit ridiculous! Is he going to change for you?

As for live bands, what kind of live bands are you looking for, english songs, chinese songs, jazz etc?


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I've kinda informed people about the date and they have given me the tentative number of people who are coming. The number does seem overwhelming and I'm starting to think that I might need to increase the number of tables. >_<

Will be giving out the invites and xi bing to the elders in mid/late October to early November. As for the rest, I'll send them out via snail mail. I think.

I do want to wear my engagement ring during the PS but unfortunately, it is a tad too big for me. And I can only get it altered after the PS. So guess we will see?

Bridal shoes, preferably 2 pairs, one more dressed up kind for the PS. As for AD, I'm thinking of wearing flats. =x Can hide under the gown but guess I'll have to get a gown first before I decide if the proportion will look right.
i wld suggest, bring some mags along, show them what you like so its easier for the designer and coordinator to help u.

have fun, its once in a life time!!


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Angelia: I cannot take MTM de, else it would be a brand new season of "Neverending Story", lol!
Well, due to time constraint, I didnt managed to compile any magazine cut-outs.

Also, I *love* curtain drapes, table-cloths, and mosquitoes nets, ROFL!
On the contrary HTB like embroidery. Aiyoh!

Thats why I am heading to the BS first to shortlist then he'll come later to confirm the pieces.

I think my biggest worry would be the EG...
I saw some the other day but their cheongsum style are pretty much like erm... Mamasan -____-"


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Ya, some cheong sam does look like ‘mamasan’
Will the gown you choose today be the one u’ll be wearing for AD?

Hmm..during my gown selection, I request them to allow me to take photos.. coz I’m very indecisive and didn’t know what I want in the beginning..
But then again, not all BS allow that…

if you really couldn’t make up your mind.. go again tomorrow to try.. and see if you still like that gown… it’s a tiring process, but it’s worth it =)
choose the gown you feel most confident in..

I agree choosing EG is the most headache 1 … hope ur BS have many to choose from….

We can even negotiate with them that the PS gown be different from the AD gown…. My BS allows that..
But I’m just too tired to go thru another round =p
my selection is on 5/9. need to choose white gown, tea dress and short gown for ROM.

hope they have nice OTR! otherwise i am prepared to buy my own cheongsam for Qing cha and a short gown for ROM and luncheon.


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ccharis> how was ur selection? dun worry too much and try as many different gowns as possible ya.

For me PS gowns and AD gowns are different. but they didnt allow us to take photos.


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hi ccharis, : ) how's yr gown selection? dun worry just choose till you find the right one..
elynh/ccharis thks for the concern.. absolutely no offend.. my caricature is draw thru photos. i sent him some of our photos so he will draw base on it. overall look nice but i was just upset with his professional lo.. i abit sian when i saw that he paste it to cover the original copy.. yep he change the frame for me foc .. i was too upset to argue wif him.. than my htb also ask me to forget it.. but luckily he still like the picture .. really look like him.. : )


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elynh : i still have not decide on the type of music.. personally i quite like jazz, but tot singer with guitarist is more suitable oh for garden theme.. hmmm... got any good recommend ma?