(2009) Brides of year 2009


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not superfamous!,
nope. me nt goin to tailor my jie meis dress. i leave it to them. but will request tat they get the color that i wan lor. keke...

becoz i tinking if tailor for them, in the end they nt goin to wear it for 2nd time, then no purpose.


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Suntan & Lawery, sorry to hear abt ur incident w WL. But Sun, tot u went down aredi in Feb to settle the gown choosing. when i went down e other day, i oso need to top up $200 for my EG. But Agnes, who's my coordinator told me dat's an exclusive range before i choose to try e gown. So in e event dat i wan it, there wun be misunderstanding. I rem u told me urs was Agnes too rite? Did she tel u abt the designer range before u try?

N I muz admit, their groom's suits are not fantastic. All very normal one. So HTB is considering tailoring a suit outside from his regular tailor, Oxford at OUB centre. the last time he tailored was abt $700 per set. No point getting from boutiques i tink. So ridiculously priced. We went Zegna. 1 set is ard $6000. We can tailor e exact same design for 1/10 of e price man.

Back to ur package Sun, if u really nt happy with their service, maybe shld consider their refund. Afterall, this is oni e beginning. Next few mths stil hv fotoshoot and plus ur make-up which still requires their service. So it's best to work out the whole relationship in case they sabotage in e next few mths.


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saggie> i plan to give around $20 each. i've got 4 jie meis. but i will fork out $50 for their desses each. so from me $70 each. then hubby gate crashing another ang bao.


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Hi ladies, Capella was great. It's a new hotel which grand opening is today. And the ballroom is really really nice. Round ballroom with crowned roof which can be opened to glass top to reveal the moonlight and stars. We are trying to talk to the person in charge and will be meeting them this weekend. Will try to take some pictures and update you ladies.


hi not superfamous,
yeah, me also 6 jie meis, so i bought materials for them from arab street too. materials bought were: duchess satin + silk chiffon. Total cost: $150, for 12 meters each.

average cost for a simple dress: $60 - $80, depending on whether u want lining or not. a simple tube dress without lining can be $60-$75.

my seamstress is in katong shopping complex.


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akino> that is OK
at least u have 4 JMs...for mi only 1 confirmed as of now (my cousin)...coz the rest alrdy married with kids...but they will turn up for my wedding dinner later at night
which is so nice of them..... :D


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thx elyse..will go pagpda street to lk c lk c...

wat is down pillow arh???

i went there during e weekends...they dun hav big pillows leh..onli cushions....

btw gals,
whe good to go for makeova??
i need e pics to submit for motor show , etc, sort of jobs...


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Saw some really nice bedsheet.. the silky kind.. during the recent OG sale.. but never buy coz haven decide whether we want a queen or king size bed.. heehe..


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akino> i tink is quite OK...the angpao is to cover the transport cost....then u will be forking out a partial of their outift...i tink is quite reasonable


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no la.
if the dad-in-law is ok, then served @ restaurant ba.
Can ask the restaurant-in-charge if can arrange a room for serving of tea.

Else run all places ba.
- MIL place
- FIL place
- your place


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me... let nature takes its course. was in a conversation w my mum over the wkend (objective is to 'make' her retire), so i asked her what will she regret not doing if the world comes to an end tomorrow? She says 'travelling'. And she added 'Daddy will regret not being a ah gong yet!' I wonder is she regret or Daddy regret? Haha... I told her anytime, if she want to help me feed the child. Haha...

Anyway, recently we just booked a car... really unsure if we can afford a child as much as we want to. I think 1 would be too lonely... at least 2, but must make sure we have enough to feed 2


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We went on the second time round as we cant find any gown suitable on the first time we went.

Base on our contract, its stated OTR(free choice) which means to say that be it exclusive range or normal as long its OTR, we are allowed to choose.
That was being agreed on as sun did asked b4 signing.

I'm not happy that they came up with a new term "designer range" means that I have to top-up??
Now that they got "designer range" who knows later they'll have dunno what "Celebrity worn range" since many celebrity like Lee JiaWei got the gowns from them?

Anyway, both party came to a compromise and the dispute has been settled.
Have to give credit to Felicia(sales person) as she's very patient and helpful during this event.
As for Agnes: helpful but sincere...
I have my reservation on that part.


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Agree, Grace.

Whenever, someone told me they had a child, I always asked how about a second?

Playing alone, Doing things alone, Facing problems alone. It gets lonelier as one grows older. Despite I didn't want to have children, if I am going to have, I will try for 2! =)

What car did you all get? For us, we refrain from driving into town during ERP hours unless necessary or once in a while.


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hey gals, indeed the thread less active nwadays..haha

me preparing to be a mom anytime now

oh..grace, after much consideration u decide to buy car liao ar?
hubby n i also refrain fr driving into town during erp..even sat also hv..sign..

btw u gals hv facebook?


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Hi Cheeky_chick

oh..haha.. guess i had to started sorting out all the stuff also.. So wat is the market rate now??

Hi Anticipate (agag),

So you have not found any bridal shop for your AD stuff? So when is your AD?


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i haven done anything for the wedding man....oso dunno have to prepare wat, maybe i will start with songs selection as well as think of gifts for my sisters ba.


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Ashes,like paradise said, you can have the option to postpone it.

Or, if you still want to have it Oct, maybe have a small intimate wedding, with immediate families & close friends only. have a simple dress instead of an elaborate gown? try to do-it-yourself (DIY) as much as possible. there are plenty of websites that you can google that teaches bride to DIY.

be creative, & you'd be surprise that you can actually save some money & have fun in the process of planning it.

just my 2 cents worth.


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ic... but i c hw.. tink mayb give angbao then treat them for a meal ba. also dun knw wat to get for them. keke...

I agree wif others. if nt enough cash then postphone or do a small one...


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cosyouaremygal & desjO, I just booked the new Kia Cerato Forte. Booked an Off Peak Car. It's more of transporting both of us back to my mum's place every weekend. We go to and fro like in odd hours, so always incur cab extra charges. We have been incurring a lot on cab fare and calculating the amount we spend, we can get a car (of cos' car still more expensive but gives the flexibility). Reason why cannot go back earlier is really due to my parents' working hours.

I agree with cosyouaremygal. i dun wan my child to be doing and facing everything alone, so when i plan, i plan for 2 and I don't want their age gap to be too huge. Thus, the finance side must be able to support 2 first. Of cos' with all the baby bonus etc. it seems more attractive, but still insufficient.

Actually only child are really very self centred and in many times selfish. my hubby is a only child. i feel the difference when we first started off.


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hey mashi, its alright! i thght i cud be of a help to all btbs & brms by sharing experiences..gd to know you ladies have your own muas.;)

* Ashes(ashes02)-do be disheartened,try to budget yourself as much as you can in what ever you choose.im sure your wedding will turn out fine this year itself.all the best ;)


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Zara Daniels,
haha.. sure of coz. but believe most sign on wif loacl BS, thus hv their own MUAs. but I still believe there are some look for MUAs on their AD as they using overseas BS...

Me getting my wedding bands next wk... cant wait man.. haha....


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Hello all,
Good morning!!! Me counting down for confirm gown next monday, hopefully can find my evening gown..

Ashley> would suggest u postpone it. If not, if you need wedding gown, can purchase from taiwan or Singapore too.. they do sell @ 200 to 400 plus. Maybe can suit your budget. Let me know if you need the link.

Poisedon gal> of cos can share link with you. You need to check with individual on the pricing. Bet you see till you blur cos too many choices to choose.


Happy shopping. You need links to make car plates (just married) or any other lobang can let me know.. Who need the prices for tailor made BM's dresses? I had a copy here.. share share with you all in case you need it...


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oh..so urs is a wkend car..i do agreed the flexibility esp when u move house in future,it will be very useful..definitely convenient
so who's driving? ;p

yes, having 2 bb is definitely better than one..else so lonely..


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hehhehe! yeah, hui, u v active in the forum one. at least our thread here still alive. :p

me also want as many as 3 or 4 but the thing is can afford ma. and nw im still in search of house, buying resale le. i told my hb no house no babies.. kekek.. but planning 2yrs later for 1st child. :p


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The JP will usually be speaking thru a Mic. So make sure your mic is loud and clear! haa

Anyway the JP will know that he has to be loud and clear cos the he is actually speaking to an audience, instead of just the couple alone.


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ete asking whether any of us here nt goin to take table photos after the 2nd march in.

I m still having the table photo taking. y? u do nt intend to hv ar?