(2009) Brides of year 2009


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pebbles> hmm heel support? my heels dun have but they are quite sturdy...the soles are not as hard as other shoes...so quite OK for me... me quite picky with shoes as i am a bit flat footed...


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pearlypearl: u plan to MTM ur bridesmaids dresses ah? how many bridesmaids u have? my fren just bought identical dresses for her bridesmaids in Thailand.. i guess that's more affordable.


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Ya- but it's for my EG. It's halter neck and I'm scared it will 'expose'. Where can i get it cheaper from TopShop?


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Pebbles> i see
hmmm my shoes dun have.....


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Pebbles> Yes, cos I don't want them to look "messy" when taking pictures! LOL! I have 6 of them... but all the way to Thailand, not v economic oso right? hmm... what if the sizes don't fit too?


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saggie & pebbles - seems like it's better to be hassle by them then to be neglected at the later stage. hehe...

Btw, how long does it usually take to resize the ring or engrave? They don't take months right?


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pearlypearl: i know what u meant by "messy". but after weighing out economically, n i looked at my friend's pics where we wore different shades of purple, i decided to be more cost effective. cos i'm already gg to try to make their wrist corsages for them. n so far i dun think the cost of the ribbons, rosettes, time and effort is cheap lor!

Anticipate: what i've heard is, they need to order the ring size u want. if dun have ur size, might take awhile, 2 or 3mths. engraving is on the spot. if they have ur size, 1 or 2 weeks. this is what the salespeople told me la.. i haven't experienced yet. :p


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Anticipate: u only getting ur rings in time for ur ROM? what about ur PS? will u wear ur rings for PS? then u have to factor that in. for me, my PS in June, hence i gotta get my rings soon.
if not my ROM is on my AD.


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Hi.. I am getting married on 19/6 but havent confirm on my solemnisation venue yet. I am getting nervous because it's getting near. I am looking at outdoor solemnisation and buffet dinner. Any nice outdoor suggestions except those common beaches, museum or national parks?? thanks


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pebbles - OH... totally forgot about having it for the PS. Ahh... which means that I have to be fast on the ring too! Normally, how long in advance before the AD is the PS huh?

suddenly seems like a lot of things until i'm a bit confused now..


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lalaa...mine is system 4 only got 1 compressor leh...so i think system 3 dun need 2 compressor ba...go down to the shops n bomb them with questions on why would he suggest one over the other...then go another shop and ask the same things...or same shop different salesperson...

nok..i will be interested in the statues...pics pls? material? size? got "kai kwang" one?


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Anticipate: depends on u when u wanna have ur PS. generally BS takes 2 months or so to get the album out after ur PS. Sometimes if ur invitations going to have ur pics, or u printing posters/stickers/favours/stamps that will have ur wedding pics, then should do PS abit earlier lor. or if u wanna space out ur preparations la.
for me, i'm having my PS in June. oh do remember that if ur gown is MTM, u need longer time before ur PS for the gown to be made.
helps if u come up with a timeline to-do list. then just tick off item by item. n don't do it all urself. share the tasks with ur partner!


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Karenyeo, the shop I went to at Chinatown is at the market/hawker centre. Near this CK place. Not sure if it's shopping centre or dept. I know you have to pass by Mac and the traditional dessert shop. It's towards that direction. I think there's a short flight of stairs leading to the hawker centre.

Ainsley, you can check out Sentosa or Arts Museum. Depends on the number of guests you wish to invite. You can also check out some hotels like Marriot and Changi hotel as they have outdoor venues as well.


raffles marina country club, u can see the 2nd causeway link and yatches.. a bit out of way as it is at Tuas, but nonethelss, the scenery is not bad..


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Hi girls,

i got my wedding rings from Love & Co. Hmm, they're taking about 2 months for the sizes and another week for engraving (after we try on the size). so for those who have PS in June/July, better get them soon.

When shopping for wedding bands, my bf is always the one who says "we will consider it". i think there muz be one who is kinda firm.. if not very hard to "escape" lo. for me, Love & Co very cosy.. for ppl with budget, i think there are many simple designs to choose from. as my bf is one who refuse diamonds on his wedding band.. so for mine, wedding bands become a cheap affair. hee..

PS: oh ya, as im wearing the engagement ring together with the wedding band, my wedding band is the thinner version, therefore cheaper.


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Jolin, how many hours of videography did u book with Lighthouse studio? The latest addition is in his blog (peixian) is my uni friend. Really like his works!


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Hi Mashi mashi,

booked restaurant, actual day photographer, been to quite a few bridal shop, finally going to book feline this week for bridal package(i know i m very late :) ). taking things easy. dont want to stress myself.

Dont intend to have any VG on actual day.

Am looking out for cheap wedding favours. going guangzhou in april for holiday, hope to find nice and good wedding favours. and also praying hard if i can find a gown below S$200. It will be an extra gown for me since its going to be cheap.


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Hi Oct Brides,

I saw alot of 03 Oct'09 BTB here, me too!

I would like to join in this thread to join the Oct brides in the preparation for our BIG day...

mashi mashi> My info as below, please update for me, thanks!

Nick: mrswong
ROM Date/Venue: 26 Sep 08, Changi Village Hotel
AD Date/Venue: 03 Oct 09, Pioneer Spring @ SAFRA Mount Faber
AD PG: Lightbox Productions
AD VG: Lightbox Productions (Mirage Pictures)
Wedding Bands: Luk Fook Jewellery (HK)
BS: My Bridal Room
Love Nest: TBC
Multiply ID: mrandmrswong


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Nok, y do u need to buy e nails?Y dun juz go do it on ur real nails? To get this kinda patterns, u can do acrylic or gel.It'll be more natural on real nails and more lasting.

IPL has worked pretty well for me so far. I went to BCNg Clinic. They are located at chinatown point and OUB Centre. Good for those working at Raffles pl. I forgot how much I paid but its abt $400-500 for 6 sessions. The skin is smoother after the treatment and hair growth is still there,but finer and slower. I only need to shave every once a month or so.

I'm getting Mitsubishi system 4 inverter and costs abt $3,800 including installation.oni need 1 compressor. but Gal is right,inverter is oni efficient if u on more than one aircon at a time. so if oni single usage, maybe no need an inverter?But if u tend to hv guests over, maybe inverter is a more economical in e long run.


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hi popprincesstrin.. please help me update I’m new…thanks

nick: cjuvina
AD date: 27 Nov 09 (Fri)
Venue: Holiday Inn Parkview (Crystal Ballroom)
Bridal Studio: TBA
Date for PS: 4 May 09
Pre wedding PG: -


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y u looking for wedding favours? care to share ur details??

noted. wow. u buy ur wedding band in HK ar.. keke.. there alot of jewellary shops. haha..

tat day is 15th of 8th mth mah. lantern festival. tats y lor. haha..

any btbs here wan to share ur details before i post up the latest table. keke... ete? bride? cat?


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it's on fake nails.. It's not cheap though.. sort of feel cheated.. This cost $330 I think. But, I paid $38 for a $100 voucher, then $600 for $800 value. So actual value I also dunno how much lah.

It'll cost quite a lot to do it on real nail as well. Use once, I will xin tong.. some more you see the flower, I think if I do on real nail even one day before, it'll break when I sleep man. Hee.. I still have another set to make, so will make one to match my evening gown. Change clothing and change nails at the same time.

15May.. my rings are from E clarity. It's on their website, but we change the red & blue sapphire to emerald and peridot. So it's one light green and one dark green.

Kath.. got contact number? it's a clinic ah?? should be better then salon right. They do for face as well?? the price you pay quite ok leh.. near my office too.. hee..


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Hi mashi-mashi. My wedding details

Nick: Cat
Tea Ceremony, ROM & AD Date/Venue: 31 Oct 09, The Sentosa Spa & Resort (Beaufort)
AD & Studio PG: Portraits
Engagement & Wedding Bands: Tianpo
BS: Amor Meus
Florist: Petal Portal
Wedding stationery: StorybyMia
Wedding favors: DIY (haven't decided on what yet)
Wedding cake: CherylShuen
Love Nest: East side of Spore
Facebook/MSN: [email protected]

Have i missed out anything else?
Hello PK

I am just back from Malaysia as my wedding date over there is 21 March 2009.

I am just back to work today and now the last thing that I need to settle a lot of things for is this Sunday's wedding.


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u give me more than i need. haha...
after i post up, u can add us to ur facebook or msn. lol..

urs alot is source by urself hor.hotel no provide?
ur wedding cake use real de ar?


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Hi mashi-mashi,

Yeah, i did a lot by myself. When we decided to get married, my hubby & i decided that we want this to reflect our personality.

The hotel does provide florist but we are comfortable with ours & she always delivers what we wanted.

As for the wedding dress, I wanted it to be versatile, so that it can be worn again after the wedding. & i don't want a cinderella type of gown. So he has to come up with a design.

My hubby's passion is photography, so he has very specific requirements.

The cake is real, to be cut & served as dessert to the guests.