(2008) Brides of year 2008


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we gave to the young ones, unmarried tongbeis and even some elders. didn't do straight count but gave about $1000, bulk of which went to parents. we were lucky to get back some angbaos from parents and some elders. was a surprise as we didn't expect any from them.


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jolene.. so the pap smear test at KKH is cheaper? I also tot of going for the test.. keke... how much is it?

ya shud find a perm job coz now married got family got commitment liao.. keke... my hubby also say cannot anyhow change job le..

blanqq.. ya after 35yrs old give birth need to go thru many tests and they r very ex... i intend to give birth 28 or 29.. so i still got 3-4 yrs time.. keke...

yvonne.. so u intend to take care of the baby urself after u give birth?


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provi, BKK fun to shop hor? :p
I always go there with 2 big empty suitcases and come back with the suitcases filled till I have to sit on them to close them.
There is one time I have to ship back the things cos buy too many home deco items.


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<font color="aa00aa">hmm...my in laws (Hokkien) said we juz need to giv HB to those xiao Bei...hmm.. Duno le...kids just give lo... haaa. Total Damage also abt $1K...bulk to our parents &amp; in laws... =D

Anyway CNY my man &amp; i hardly have anywhere to visit...hohoho...</font>

~~Ah net
<font color="0000ff">BABY BOY!!
I LIKE!! kuku bird. haaa, so cute, haaa - sounds so pervert sial
No la, i meant, 1st BB a Boy i really prefer as i felt less stress...from relatives, parents, in laws, maybe? esp the older generation, teh BOY to carry the line/surname or wat so ever...
i also lik the idea of havin an ELDER Brother to take care of his younger siblings...haa just like wat my elder brothers (2 of them) did, i m so in Bliss under their care of wings. haaa...</font>


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hmm.. nope by then 2011 I will be staying at my new hse ...

my plan is by then let my PIL take care until 2-3 yr old like tat... pick up at my PIL' hse every fri and send back every sun..

by then I will send to the carechild my mum is working in to make new friends and play ard..


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Hello, I have decided to have babies regardless of which year as long as my baby is healthy.

But I hope I can get pregnant asap. Partly can delay the timing of moving back.. Haahaa..

Jolene: Share the pricing of Pap smear test between both KKH and TMC.. Actually i tot of going those private clinic..

Yvonne: you putting your child to stay with your in laws during weekends?? Don't scared later your baby dun close to you?

For me, confirm is my in laws de.. coz confirm staying with them which is also good lar.. Give my in laws more money than outsiders.

Tell u all something. My mil now already training me to drink D.O.M and eat those stuffs that those women have to eat during confinement period. I told my hubby and he said good what.. *FAINT*


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To all: my birthday is at the end of Jan, which is tml. lol.. Okie! Maybe organize for those in April. Maybe can meet in March. =)

I am still thinking when I should start trying too. On the contrary to many of you, my friends and relatives have been telling me to take it slow. Enjoy, adapt and settle down first before having a child. The most terrifying about having a child is whether the child will behave, obedient and a useful person or not. Scared scared. If not, it is really like a bad gamble that will haunt me forever.

I am thinking of having a Pap Smear too.. just to check whether I am healthy or not. How much is the service from KKH?


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yap putting to stay wif in law during weekday. so they will stay overnight from sun night till fri night.

i nv take tat into consideration. in fact to be frank I dont know if I am up to the job of being a mother anot...


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Hi ladies, Xin Nian Kuai Le...Jolene you are not the oldest here, guess i'm...already above 35:))hearing you all talking about pregnant make me feel pressurise...haha...my colleagues have been telling me almost every 2 weeks i old liao, better get pregnant fast...haiz...my mil n mum oso nv say anything..huang di bu ji tai jian ji...


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viv> ha.. i also hokkien.. but both parents said..as long as not married must give. has been the tradition in our family...
last time ur cousins who got married got give u AP?

but u never give..they never ask from u meh?? hehe....

hahha.. but i think practically... its easier for jie jie to take care of di di.. then kor kor to take care of mei mei leh.. true when they grow up.. but while they are young.. its easier for jiejie to take care of di di... hahahha...

Pinky> haha.. as long as u can afford its okay.. all my relatives used to give $4 anyway... so.. no diff... only some will give $10 or more... but the norm is $4...

My HB's relatives give $2 de okay... piang... but we both have huge families.. so alot to give if give everyone..so its very siong.. hahaha... :p


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Jane, so good for u. No stress to hv baby now cos i think u're still young. As for most of us here, can't really wait liao. Must start trying le..

Blanqq, so u trying for baby now?

Yvonne, so that means if ur plan succeed, u will have a rabbit baby too! I think we will have so many rabbits here.. Haha.. Then all can arrange gathering to buy baby stuffs!

Ur mum is working in childcare? Wah.. then next time if we bring our baby thr got discounts? Hehe..

Charmayne, u want to have baby asap? Haha.. so cute u.. Then now must start trying liao lor? Dont forget to let us know if there's any good news!

Last time i was very weak then my mum also ask me drink D.O.M, but it sux!! Like drinking those medicated oil lor.. Haha.. u can stand the smell?

Pinky81, Happy Birthday to u!!! May all wishes come true and stay pretty always!!

Hi sandy, long time no c! So u trying for baby now?


woah.. all of u gave so many angbaos?

my mom told me give to those younger than me, unmarried one.. amoung the tongbei, i'm the second youngest.. most of the angbaoz goes to my nieces n nephews.. total about 15 kids..

i was told that 1st yr can collect angbao leh. but so far.. i only received 1 only..


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nelle, haven't go there for so long, forgot that it is a shopping paradise!!! I had to restrain myself and keep to my budget.. ha ha, if not, I'm sure I would have faced the same problems as you.
This time, I only bought one empty bag, next time, I'll be sure to bring more empty bags.
Btw, I don't really fit into their 'S' sizes, sigh, sadness..but so fun..


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most of the angbaos given were all to my hubby's side cos he got a lot of nieces/nephews/cousin. N we still got 2 more days of visiting to go.
Wad to do.

waxie>came acoss your bouquet in another thread. V nice!
I love the colour of the hydrageas


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jovin, no no... no babies for the next 2 years.. i'm not ready..

maybe on the 3rd year onwards, where 2 of us are financial ready..


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<font color="ff0000">finally it's gotta be Feb!! i booked 2 units chalets from 12 feb to 15th Feb!! maybe a gathering for my JIEMEIs and XIONGDIs! haaaa...cant wait !!</font>


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Pinky81: Happy Belated Birthday. May all your wishes come true and happy always.

Jo_vin: I bought D.O.M.. But it is now sitting in my cupboard.. LOL.. I don't like to drink this stuffs. Told my mil wait till i give birth then i learn to eat those stuffs.

Yvonne: I am same as you. I also scared I am not up to the job as a mummy. But alot of ppl said when the baby comes, you will automatically become a mummy. So i think being a mummy is a on a job training.. LOL..


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nelle n providencia,
hehehe....bkk is a shopping paradise as d things there r dirt cheap, cant wait to go back again
same here, i went there wif a big "runaway" bag n bought another suitcase there after my suitcase flooded....d things there r so cheap....i love their tops, earrings n slippers....i gave up on their bottoms cos i always feel so obese having to wear a bigger size than my usual :p


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Blanqq, icic...

Charmayne, then ur MIL nvr ask if u got drink the D.O.M? Tatse bad right? Haha.. Agree that ppl always say when the time comes, u automatically will know what to do.. But how true isit? Cos really worried no experience at all dont know can handle or not lor..

I have decided to try for one in Mar.. But on the other hand, i am really worried that i cannot handle and will be depressed. Cos hubby signed another half year contract starting from June. So that means if kanna in March, he wont be with me throughout the whole pregnancy period.. Haiz.. but i really dont wanna wait so long..
I didn't receive any angbaos from my parents. It's ok lah, we already receive angbaos from them for more than 20years
Instead, my hubby and I gave $400 angbaos to them.

I eat nut mix packs, all sorts of nuts inside. Btw almonds have high dose of Vit E, great for skin.


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Hi Jo vin

yes, so far tat is my planning. yap my mummy working in childcare.. tat one I need to check wif my mum..

Hi Charmayne

see how it goes ba.. I was thinking maybe now worried but by then might turn out to be ok.. wif family support..


morning all~!!!

kekeke. my menses came yest... yoohoo.. so meaning, my next cycle will come soon :D good luck to me!!!

ohh charma: i think u dont need to eat those thgs nw leh.. if ya trying for a baby hor.. these are the thgs u shld eat...
1. folic acid - can buy at guardian .. i bought last wk... 50pc for $3.25 only..cheap cheap...if not u can eat frm cereals, beans
2. vit C - vegs and fruits
3. vit D and omega 3 - salmon...
4. calcium - milk, cheese and yoghurt

there are the thgs u shldnt eat/do:
1. caffeine - results in birth defects
2. raw food and smoked food
3. too much vit A - if its carrots and dark leaf veg is okay...
4. too much protein - meat
5. alchol
6. smoke

What dads-to-be shld eat to increase healthy sperms and sperms count:
1. cheese, milk and yoghurt
2. folic acid - beans, cereals, grains (guys need not eat the pill folic acid)
3. zinc
4. calcium
5. no caffeine, no smoke and no raw food
6. Vit C and antioxidants (Vit E) - oysters, baked beans, dark chicken meat, beef

Hee.. i did some hmwrk and found the information ^^ i just had my last salmon sashimi and nw has to do without it le
sob....but then if i get preg then its worth it :D

For those who dont wana baby yet but wana try later on, just keep in mind to eat the food listed min 6 mths before u try for a baby ^^ so ur body is all ready for the newborn :D Heehee... but of coz mustnt have too much of anythg... :D


i oso have a bottle of DOM at home liao.. coz tt time my mummy asked us to buy and stock up :p heehee.. gd thgs are meant to be bitter and sucky (like chinese medicine).. heehee...

kekeke.. i thk all of ya still young ba.. other than me and sandy... :p

Sandy: are u not planning yet? i heard the later u plan the more expensive the maternity fees will be...

Hee... i did my hmwrk and compared maternity servics prices in TMC and KKH... the rates in tis two hospitals are the closest.. the other pte hospitals like MT A etc is far too ex.. more than $5K for basic services...


like to share my research... heehee..

there are 3 stages of pregnancy and costs:
stage 1: wk 0 to wk 16 - pre-anenatal period
stage 2: wk 16 to wk 40 - anenatal period
stage 3: delivery (2-3 days)

3 ways to go about it

option 1: go to a pte clinic during stage 1 or/and stage 2 then look for a private hospital or KKH just before stage 3.

option 2: appoint a gynae directly frm KKH all the way frm stage 1-3.

option 3: appoint a gynae directly frm Pte Hospital all the way frm stage 1-3.



Stage 1: Monthly checkups - pay for consultation fees + scans/tests

Consultation fees varies frm $50-$90 per time. TMC charges $90 per time. KKH think depends on ur subsidy rate can varies frm $48-$75 per time. Heard pte clinics with male gynaes charge abt $50-$75 oso...

Scans/Tests fees varies little between the 3 options... average cost is $50-$150 for diff scans/tests.

stage 2: Costs is per visit consultation + scans/tests. Consultation and scans/tests coz the same as stage 1 for normal situations.

Pte hospital has anenatal package at $600-$900 for infinity number of visits. Better to get the pkg is u are above 32yrs old or tt u hv a family history of complicated births.

My cousin said his fren who didnt signed up the pkg, end up paying $9000 for stage 2 alone coz of the complicated birth problems...

KKH doesnt have anenatal package.. but their per visit consultation is already cheaper.. so ultimately even with complicated birth, the amt doesnt varies too much frm pte hospital with anenatal package too.

Coz i heard most pte hospital will send complicated cases to KKH for treatments but mummies pay pte hospital prices.

stage 3: delivery charges includes 2-3 days of hospitalisation stay

Noted that it will be good if u make a decision hw u will like to give birth becoz if u opt for natural birth but failed and lastmin chg to caseran then u need to pay for both. Thk natural birth abt $800-$1000 and caseran is about $1200-$2000+ depends on the diff degrees of assistance...

And u can choose diff rates for staying in 1-person room, 2-person room or 4-person room. KKH only has 1-person room and 4-person room but i thk pte hospitals has all 3 types of rooms.

Delivery rates in KKH is cheaper than in Pte Hospitals too.

An average mummy with a healthy baby pays $300-$400 for stage 1, $300-$400 for stage 2 and abt $1500-$2000 for stage 3 if engage in KKH. Costs doesnt include the supplements provided.

And total costs in TMC is about $3500-$4000 (not including the supplements) depends on which doctors u paid for.

But if there are complications, costs in TMC is much much higher.


hee.. hope the info is clear

actually quite fun to find out these info :D heehee..

ohh.. by the way, my menses just came so i wont be gg for pap smear :p

but i check the costs.. if u just wana do pap smear, i thk pte clinic costs $35. But if u wana do full checkup... ranges frm $160-$335 for pte hospital and less than tt in KKH...they only charging me $75 for pap smear and some basic checks.. will only knw the extra costs for the tests when i go lor
Tell u after i go :D

if ur HB is a regular or govt worker..i thk u hv discounts for KKH leh...


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vivian> yeah i also prefer first bb to a boy...

i dunno if im getting prenatal depression or wat... cos im really hating my MIL more and more each day,seeing the way she babysits!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!! when will my flat come???

it's such a pain for me living wif ILs.......... and haf to tahan all this nonsense jus cos i married my husband..................

talking abt brazilian wax...., jus to share wif u all,.... nw i cant shave myself clean anymore....
my bump is blocking the view and i cant shave cleanly at all!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jolene: Thanks for the information. Shall show my hubby the info tonight. Yeah, I been eating the folic acid for months liao.

As for the D.O.M and others, my mil just wants to let me learn to eat because I don't touch those food which women have to eat during confinement.

Sometimes she will purposely cook then see if i got eat. If i nv touched, she will ask me..

Jo_vin: I think you no need worry too much.. Coz you still living with your family.. So they will give u the support when your hubby not around.. But must make sure he will be there when u are giving birth.


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As for able to bring up your kids, I think don't stress ourselves too much.. Now our main concentration is to concieve.. once hit target, then think also not too late.. LOL..



sleepy afternoon.. nw i everyday count down to knock off time... v sian and not motivated anymore

actually looking forward to stay hm... i thk washing clothes and cooking is fun :p

yaaa jo_vin, if u are preggy by March then we can go shop and chat abt baby thgs together!!! I will support u de :D And since my HB is busy with work n studies, we can keep each other company :D So sianz leh, sometimes he leaves me at hm and go out and study...or go sch during wkends for some meetings...

and ya, actually as long as have parents and inlaws support is good lor :D esp if they are financially okay.. Unlike my inlaws who are not financially ok, so i m worried i become jobless will add on to my HB's burden...nw i m hoping tt my biz gets better so i dont need to be so stress...

actually thk if i dont conceive by April i may continue to try lor.. coz like charma said... as long as baby is healthy mah and sometimes is fated one lah :D

And yeah, yvonne is right oso.. sometimes its v irritating when inlaws/mothers keep telling u tt u dont knw hw to take care of ur babies.. Most mummies during confinement have a little bit of depression coz suddenly u need to take care of a baby...

keke but i m trying to be positive coz my mummy was a nanny so i seen many babies in my hse liao..so i thk .. i thk only hor, tt i knw wat to do when the time comes :D Maybe its good to go experience with ur frens who have babies too
and hear frm them to feel more assured :D And hor, most hospitals u engaged with will have those pre-natal courses for mummies and daddies during the 40 wks of pregnancy :D They teach u hw to take care of babies :D I think cost abt $200+ only :D My bro and da sao went every wk tt time :D

from there, u get to knw other mummies and will feel more supported by each other.. like we all here :D

i think everyone has mother instinct one..coz tts hw animals and humans are made of... u see, animals dont even need to learn hw to care for their babies and they knw when the babies are born :D We are smarter creatures than animals so we shld be able to do well too

as for whether they grow up to be gd ppl.. i thk as long as we knw our genes are good... then cultivate proper values to them, and lead by gd examples...we already done our part lor... sometimes everythg is just fated....


net> u can seek professional service to clear the "bushes" la... now preggy. u cannot get angry leh..

yl> ya. i love hydrageas too.. they are in many pretty colours too.. but they are normally accompnay flowers in floral arrangements..

green> saw ur weddin photos on multiply.. pretty leh..


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Hi Jolene

especially for me cos my MIL did came back to complaint abt my da sao's mum tat she dont know how to take care one.. so end up my da sao mum so pai chek and told my MIL off when she come alway make them very tense up..

like I bought a bread juz now and my hubby help me to carry once she saw it she asked my hubby buy for what.. then my hubby replied tat I was the one who bought it.. then she nv say anything.. but I was like of cos for eating la

My MIL very nagging one. like to ask question.
go where, with who, buy what and how much..
if she know I bought very exp thing she will huh so exp!!!


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Meiling, ya lor, after coming back, took me a while to readjust to the prices at home, ha ha.
Nelle, S size is still a bit loose, but a lot better than those that we get here. I'm a happy gal, nontheless.


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Man.. *abish* Prov... Now I feel fat!!!!!! I cannot even fit into their L tops and have to get their XL tops. mutter mutter.........

Hubby is tempting me to go bkk again.. So darn temptingggggggggggg........ ^^;;

Eh.. when is the next club meeting ah?


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SotongLet, we all know that you've got slim arms and assets that more than made up for it...grass is always greener elsewhere ah.

club meeting.. i wonder when too... open house anyone? or maybe a potluck?


yvonne: ur MIL very weird leh 0___0 bread of coz buy to eat lah... faintz...and if she doesnt like hw ur da sao's mum taking care of the baby then she does it herself lah since she so act smart :X

she likes to hiam so much then ask her buy herself lah! Anyway its not frm her pocket wat :X keke.. my mum likes to ask hw much tis and tt oso and i always bluff... cheap lah... cheap... :X

maybe next time before they ask u ans them cheap de lah... :X hahaha... then they will knw hw irritating they are :p


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Yap.. this is the problem I am facing la..
for my da sao case is bcos my da sao's mum wan to take care of the bb.. my MIL of cos willing to take care la but mayb when my BIL taken into consideration tat my MIL already helping my SIL to take care of 3 kids age 13, 11 &amp; 6 tat y final decision like tat...

I bought the bread for myself for breakfast brought it to office this morning

she juz like to ask question..

ya my new yr clothes she say it is nice but is it too small for you. can wear??? then I was huh.. and replied can.. inside i was thinking sure got try then buy..

for those exp thing i alway faster bring it to my room before she saw it.. can aviod her fr asking..

eg: my mum bought a whole duck for them.. so my MIL asked how much my mum bought when I told them they say wow so exp... I was like instead of saying thank you and accept the gift yet ask me why ur mum buy??? then I replied for u all to eat.. reason so simple. my mum did told me tat the stall she bought fr will be much exp than others but very delicious. the batch of duck roasted in the morning were sold out when my mum went down so she went down again for the afternoon batch juz to buy for my hubby's family.

and also she will say u dont know how to do one la.. but i can say everyone got their way of doing thing.

she did said tat how come washing machine need so much water but dont forget I am washing 4-5 days clothes imagine I didnt use water for washing for 4-5 days compare to her daily hand wash. can I say tat it is still the same aft tat..

dont know wat my MIL &amp; SIL discuss when I am not ard. when I was eating dinner my SIL ask me to handwash my clothes.. I rejected them directly sorry I cant... think my MIL complaint tat I one time wash no place to hang...

tis period I staying there my SIL sometime still washing clothes at my MIL's hse cos my SIL stay upstair only.. but now getting lesser of cos..

like tat how I can relax to do my confinement when I still staying wif my PIL... Tat is the reason i wan a rabbit year bb.. cos if it go smooth my flat will complete by then.. 2011..

sorry for the complaint..


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jus to share wif u all smth,... finally, FINALLY, i received the Option to purchase flat jus nw.... going to HDB nxt to pay the 5%...


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after hearing my da sao case my mum already volunter to help me wif my confinement next time... she worried I depressed.. cos she know what I will eat and wat I dont... to cook the confinement food..

I can see tat my SIL sometime very buay da han me.. but juz dont wan to say me.. cos if she did tat putting my hubby into very difficult position..

one day during lunchtime went to the kitchen to go toilet... then my SIL ohh u came out we was juz wanting to ask u out for room service...
meaning she was hinting tat i was treating this place as a hotel...

but how do I know when my MIL cooked finish...
yesterday praying ti gong..

I really dont feel like praying la cos my parent dont practise... I show the dont wan face think she was looking at me cos I turned to her side and we had a short eye contact...

sometime they drop alot of hints but dont dare to ask me do thing directly.. i got their hint but I juz act I dont know...


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Hi Jo Vin, Jolene...we wanted to have a kid but didn't want to really stress ourself up...i only did the basic of taking folic acid and take note of the ovaluation period...
Jolene, thks for all your info...you are really fully prepared for the motherhood... :))


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"S size is still a bit loose"
Gosh Providencia, very envy you... hehe i have grown 1 size larger after my marriage haha.. negative result of marriage..
Nelle hope your sun burnt is better by now.

For goodness sake.. prov is right u have arm so slim that depict the gracefulness of a swan of a ballerina...


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*ka boom!* Fall off chair! Pengz.. slim limbs and fat body makes me look weird ah...

Anyway after my wedding been pigging out at too many buffets and gatherings.. Not to mention having good meals too often has been pumping fats to my body.. T.T


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hiya all.. wah all start toking abt babies again.. keke..

wow jolene.. u really do ur research ar.. keke.. i haven do yet coz no intention yet le.. seems like many tins to prepare for having a baby.. keke...

u all faster give birth den when it's my turn i just consult u all can le.. hehehehe... but i tinking of going for pap smear 1st.. jolene.. tell me more details for KKH le.. hehehe...

yvonne.. wow ur PIL like problematic.. i tin u wait till u got ur own hse 1st le.. and since ur mum say help u take care of ur baby.. i tin it's better tis way..

Just to share my thoughts le.. at 1st i also tot very negatively abt living with PIL.. i tin pre marriage blues le.. keke... after all im only child and all these yrs im used to doing wat i want to do.. now gotta learn to live with others and it's quite a big change for me.. last time only me and parents.. now got me, hubby, PIL, SILs and nephew... but so far so good le.. at least got pple accompany me at hm when hubby is working.. got pple to chit chat with.. go shopping.. also learn to interact with children.. but im still bad at it le.. keke.. i dun really like children.. =P at least my PIL dun irritate us with questions and remarks.. im quite free to do wat i wan.. now im learning to cook so dat when we move out i can cook for hubby.. keke...


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<font color="ff0000">Girls....</font>

<font color="aa00aa">i m juz wondering....for normal Boy Girl relationship, if the boy's grandpa passed away, must the girl really need to DIE DIE attend the crementation?</font>

dun attend will b Bad??
attending the wake aint gd enuf??

please adv.


morning all :D

heehee.. jane, after my menses i go for my pap smear etc at KKH then i tell u more k? heehee... information shld be shared to all lor.. coz like me, if not coz i m preparing, i wont be doing my research oso mah :D

heehee i realised i quite enjoy doing hsework! the other day, i was washing clothes, then i started ironing (coz usually done by my grandma-in-law when she is still well) for my HB (coz most of my clothes dont need to iron)... thn i thk i enjoyed cooking.. So when my HB is back frm his studies. i said, i thk i wana be a hsewife leh... he almost fainted :p hahaha.... i thk i will still try to find a job, if no luck then i be hsewife and do tuition and biz lor :p

but like jane and yvonne said lor... there are alot of thgs to thk thr when preparing for baby. Coz i m also staying with inlaws but coz grandmainlaw and FIL both not physically well, so its already hard on my MIL to work, cook, do hsewrk and take care of the 2 of them.... cant imagine i have a baby before i have my new hse...

though there were 'rumours' saying they (all the uncles and aunties to fork out) may get a maid for grandma and so my HB said we can 'share' the maid but hor thk its very tedious for the maid oso... coz the hse is always so messy... my FIL has a temper, must take care of two old ppl and a messy hse... and my PILs and GIL cant speak english.. i thk the maid will be driven crazi in a mth :p hahaha...

so my HB joked and said.. if i really cant find a job and wana be hsewife then i gt to take care of grandma and FIL lor... 0__0 U all watched the 9pm show or not? I watched tt part when the grandpa tells chen liping tt 'u are my best daughter in law'... coz i was at my mummy hse eating.. so we both watched until wana cry leh...

i thk my mummy thought abt my ah gong before he passed away... and then i thought of hw poor thg my MIL is gg through nw oso
haizzz.. work til 6pm, come hm cook for the family still kena scold by my FIL (for no reason) then need to bath for both of them...wash clothes.. then on wkends, do market-ing, clean the hse.. usual routine for grandma and FIL..... and wkend nights she can only slp a while coz she make popiah skin on freelance basis for stallholders...

haizz.. i thk my MIL is really a very good daughter in law and wife lor...compared to my MIL, my mummy v good life coz my daddy doesnt let my mummy works since we are young..so the boss my mummy babysit babies and do some partime factory work.. And recent yrs, she is a full time hsewife lor... so gd life...

but of coz when we were young, time was bad and my mummy also had to work like multiple jobs even when she was pregnant with us. But at least, now she is enjoying her life now lor...

since yest i was with my mummy so we did chatted about confinement lah, and she asked i wana let her do confinement for me meh.. then i was thinking i dont thk my MIL able to cope with extra chores lor.. so i thk letting my mummy do confinement is good.. then i can whine and whine oso :p And of coz like Yvonne said, only our own mummies will knw wat food we wana eat :D I ate alot whenever i go home for meals... miss my mummy cooking... My HB came after his studies to have some 'dinner-supper' and fetch me home. And he also agreed unless we have a maid, or else hard for my MIL to handle my confinement oso...

then the next thg is to find a time to discuss abt who gg to be the caretaker.. as much as my HB doesnt like my mummy too much... but then if really no choice, i dont thk he will mind letting my mummy take care of my baby..unless i become a hsewife lah :p hahaha...

sandy: yaya! dont stress urself too much :D heehee.. actually dont even need to check the ovulation too much coz in the end will be too pressurizing oso.. Just enjoy making love regularly lor :D If not, go for a short getaway if work is too hectic :D

most of those pregnancies i knw of is frm holiday trips :D including my brother who tried for 6mths no news and then went for a taiwan trip and came back pregnant :D 3 of my frens is after honeymoon pregnant :D Heehee.. one even said .. go for a hot sexy jacuzzi.. take light liquor to increase temperature&amp;mood... then everythg will go just fine :p hehehe...

i m trying for tis cycle, if nt i may wana arrange for a short weekend getaway oso..coz my HB juggling on work (he is a teacher) and studies (he is taking masters) so he is always v stressed.. haizz..

yvonne: i thk its good to let ur mummy take care of ur kids.. coz i oso worry wat if my child and my niece dont get along..will be difficult for my mummy oso if she is the caretaker for both. So if ur MIL is already taking care of ur SIL's 3 children..then better to keep ur child away frm them :p to decrease chances of more conflicts...