(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Hi all gorgeous wifeys

Merry X'mas

As for me, my parents can't wait to look after my baby as it gonna be the first baby for my family coz both my married sisters din wan kids. So baby sitting problem and confinement will be done by my parents at their place.

Parent in law are fine with the idea as they know that my parents really dote on me and MIL dun wish to look after baby at home as she prefers to continue working
. Hope she will not change her mind after the baby is born. *fingers crossed tight tight*


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wah. you all have plans for confinements and who to take care of the kiddo liao ah...!!!

Both side parents are working, so i guess i will have to get help from confinement ladies. Have heard of babies childcare centre, but dont like the idea of leaving the baby there when its still so young. Especially NO NO for those that is air-conditioned centres. So unhealthy for tiny babies. Prefer fresh air...


wow!!! yvonne, u already planned everything!!! good good

haha we still stuck with who is gg to take care of the kids. Coz my FIL clinic nt doing well, so if my MIL quits her job to take care of the baby then we gg to be even more strained with the family finances... and my HB doesnt like the idea of my mum taking care of our kids.

so see how lor.. hopefully i strike toto...then get a maid lah :p hahaha...

charma: keke yeah, since she volunteer better still leh. I know of MILs who told the DILs off before wedding that 'dont ask me take care of ur kids hor..' duhz...

pinky81: haha use a mini vaccum cleaner to clean before u go to work and hide the blanket :p


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Ho Ho Ho!!! Merry Christmas to all!!!!

so nice that some of u already have ur baby care well taken care of, either my own mum and MIL! my mum is keeping quiet as to whether she will take care coz have to depends on whether my sis or me gives birth first! haa! so for MIL, she is older so cannot take care full time as too taxing for her health. oh well, we shall see how and take it as it comes ba. altho i would have preferred to have concrete plans as to who is taking care coz me quiting after having a baby is a no-no! too much to lose financially... cannot change my current lifestyle and it also makes opportunity costs of having a baby too high!

TanLee : totally agree that babies shdnt go childcare so early! my niece-in-law sent her less than 2 yrs old DD to childcare and now totally regrets coz the DD's health is so bad. having built a weak immune system since young and now always sick. so for her second child, she decided to keep him at home first. so i will not leave my kids at the childcare until 4yrs old. i rather my child have a good health than a better education. 0-4yrs can homeschool lar.

Ladies: Hope u'll all have a WONDERFUL christmas it being the 1st as a married couple!


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Hi Stay

Ur niece in law send her 2 yrs old bb to childcare still ok leh.

Good is fr young let them mix ard wif other bb..
next time wont be too shy and can know more friends..

Lastly wish all u of MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YR...


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Msclaire, breathe ah.. dun panick.. mine also have problems..
Been also arguing with bf more often.. Good thing he still tolerating my nonsense.. ^^"


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hi gals, wao veri fast just a few days away and these gals will join our MRS CLUB liao.

Counting down for you gals and wishing everyone merry christmas.


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fern: Congratulations! I just viewed your highlights...You guys looked so happy! Hope you two have a blessed happy life as a married couple!

Erlina: I think ah...I definitely won't have a problem like yours! Haha! I am also prepared to 'waste' some tables...But yup, hopefully it'll all be ok...But your turn's over too! Congrats!!

Rach: Thanks for the reminder...Christmas is indeed a wonderful season of love and warmth and much joy, especially from Up Above!

May all of you have a blessed Christmas full of that love and warmth and joy!


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Hello everyone...

Merry christmas.. yup, enjoy this first xmas together... We went to watch Bolt (3d) last night.. is very good and funny.. should go watch.. hee..


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hi all merry christmas.. keke..

yvonne.. ya wash with my own clothes also cannot... coz MIL tins dat it's unhygenic to wash the woman's lingerie with other clothes and guy clothes..

jolene.. ya washing bras in washing machine with the bag is ok.. also now i washed them with the mini washing machine.. dat is designed for washing lingerie or baby clothes one..

pinky81.. ya it's automatic.. from wash, rinse, drain.. only doesn't spin dry.. but there's a tin for u to hang them to drip dry.. so you can hang it after dat.. if not den you can squeeze them dry den hang them... its nt very big one.. so put in bathroom shud be ok... ya $100 cheap cheap.. keke let me noe if u wan.. =D


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gals i have updated the attendance list.. so far majority goes for 3 Jan.. so only rommie cant make it.. and lost also haven update yet..

so where to go for gathering?? seems like most of us are fine with anything and anywhere.. hahaha...

<center><table border=1><tr><td>

Attendance.xls (25.1 k)</td></tr></table></center>


Hi all brides,

Just wanna wishes all Merry X'mas.. Stay happy &amp; extremely joyous in this festive season..

For those who had just got married like me, stay blissful &amp; happy &amp; enjoy every moments of our life..

For those BTBs, relax &amp; stay cheerful always &amp; u will be a beautiful bride on your big day...

On my updates, now, excited &amp; hope to receive my AD video &amp; photos by CNY.. Will find time now finally to upload my prewedding shots soon.. Hee..

For all brides who had finished their weddings.. Let's gather here again &amp; continue this thread.. It's getting kinda quiet here.. hee... everyone still in honeymoon... heee........


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Hi dec brides!
I just completed my wedding. It was fun and memorable! Very enjoyable
Hope those who going to have theirs soon, enjoy to the core!

Merry xmas!


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ye girls
all the best .. I am sure you gals will be gorgeous.. Rem to stay relax and flash their million dollar smile...


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i think i shd b planning to go tokyo 1st since i got a taste of winter n snow in switzerland....so will skip hokkaido 1st :p wah, so envious....i doubt i can go in apr n ever see sakura unless my hubby quits his job....so i'll go to universal studio, puroland n disneyland ba :p

oh great....so it means dat i've to start saving up $ for shopping....hehehe, bad habits never change :p nxt time shd consult u on d branded bags cos im never an expert....im thinking of buying some more bags esp d burberry london bag n 4 more LV bags but mayb i'll spaced them out else i'll b broke :p

hey gals,
by d end of d yr, we'll all b in d mrs club le....congrats n all d best n hope all of us will have a blissful marriage n many wonderful yrs ahead


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<font color="aa00aa">woke up at about 12noon! Went buy last min Pressie at Rafflas City SC for gift exchange at my hubby's fren place later of the day..we bought Marks &amp; Spencer Belgian biscuits/choco collection tins lo, haaa....no more wrapping services nor wrapping paper! Thus we went watsons bought wrapping paper...went home &amp; try to separate the hammies into 2 genders...5 baby hammies = 3 males &amp; 2 females! i haven find the perfect 2nd cage to &amp; 2 BB gals Squeeze into a small cage..i must find them new bigger home by next week..haa...

reached hubby's fren new place at Aspella, (nice name!!) at i think sengkang - compassvale area where m sec sch gf also had got a unit in early 2008...the rooms really small....but masterbed room is fine...nice condo feel design and surrounding - like parks, etc. had a great xmas dinner - pasta w delicious sauce, baked chix w really yummy butter potatoes, salad, log cake, etc...ate until we felt like pigs once again...grrgh...

"XMas is all abt GOOD FOOD, enjoy urselves this xmas and exercise next year"
...haaa. wat a good saying ...

i hope all have a wonderful night also...though might have no big ho ha..celebration stuff but i felt...duno..suddenly miss those clubbing days w my frenz..haaa</font>

~~LSnTYL (lsntyl)
<font color="119911">hubby bday was also quite plain...i worked until 945pm ..search for some old 2003 data stuff..damn...he waited for me lo then we wen to his place to cut cake w his family. he got 2 bday cakes, 1 from me, 1 from his younger sister..</font>


~~green (green_tranquility)
<font color="ff6000">erm....BINGO...haaa</font>


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Jane!! U r back~ :D hehe.. hmm.. 3 Jan I already had plans.. so can't make it..

u gals are talking abt MILs, washing clothes liao ah.. :p hehe... I'm staying with MIL but never wash my clothes.. cos everything she will dump my clothes and his sisters's clothes into the washing machine then to the dryer.. :D hehe.. I just help to fold the clothes nicely can liao

hehe.. as for the lingerie.. I tried to wash them myself.. but I hung in the toliet.. MIL don't like.. say later ppl go inside not very nice.. so end up machine wash lor.. until my bras are spoilting.. good excuse to shop again.. haha..


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Hi Jane

Yap.... now date is fix 3 Jan 09. So we got to decide to either Charmayne's house and order delivery or outdoor dining and at where for dinner.


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Hey girls, just checking in to say I'm getting married today! :D For all newly weds, CONGRATS!!! For those getting married in the next 5 days, ganbatte!

I've been too super busy to post with my inlaws flying in from Canada and all the stuff to settle, but took a lot of photos, so will share on multiply when it's all over.

I've basically done all I can for the wedding, ha ha, so will take in stride whatever comes along today, last min cancellations and all.



Merry Xmas to all

Hmmmm i will say gg to Charma hse seems like a better idea coz outside maybe too noisy to chat :p hahaha... just a suggestion
If not we can always go to settlers
Maybe the food arent great but we can play board games there and a cosy place to interact ^^ I think settlers in The Central has a 10pax private room for book... $150 for 2hrs... with some snacks and freeflow drinks.


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Meiling>is ok. at least you are still planning another trip.
Hubby and I will be based in Tokyo too but we're doing free n easy. still trying to settle our itinerary. :p

Have a great wedding, gals.


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so we are going to arrange another meet up soon in jan hope those who cant make it the last few times able to come this time.

nelle, i am ok with 16 Jan fri.


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Hi Ladies,

Merry Xmas and Happy Boxing Day!! Enjoy your xmas??

I am fine with anything. You want to come my house also can.. but abit small (dun mind ok??)..

Must let u ladies know my house got 2 dogs.. so those afraid of dogs must let me know in advance.


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Congratulations to everyone!! December's finally gonna be over.. which means that all our btbs are gonna be happily married!!

For all those soon to be married in the next 4 days.. rem to sleep more, n put collagen mask on your face every night before yr wedding day.. every lil' thing helps!

Merry Xmas n a Happy New Yr!


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too bad gals, i dun mind having my place for gathering.. both xmas eve &amp; ny eve are both booked for my frds. Just tat, 3 jan, i gonna to attend a frds's ROM in the evening..


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*tsk tsk tsk* meiling meiling meiling.....

Buy something else instead, maybe give up the 4 LVs for some other stuff? I have hit my bag quota for this year and so now hunting around for a good watch. Ok lah, equally as bad as you... p


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yeah! congrats to all who have joined the Mrs Club! And for those who are still BTBs, you're not far from joining the club! hehe

let's all toast to a blissful and happy everlasting marriage!

early born expensive son! wahahaha

happy new year to all Dec Brides!


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Hi all! Im here! Now in Macau le.. Reached here on Xmas eve. Saw a few of your Multiply and saw many of u had a good time on xmas eve! I also had fun, esp its with my hubby. Hehe..

Wah, now all talking about babies liao ah? So is anyone here pregnant now? Did i miss out anything? We wanted to try for one, but decided to hold back for awhile first. Cos both of us are rather worried that i wont b able to handle the pregnancy alone, since my hubby is still working in Macau..

Great! We can have the gathering on 3rd Jan then. I also dont mind gg to Charma house. Btw, what dog u have? Can i bring my gal thr as well? Hehe...


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viv> wah.. u are on adverts ah?? Mmm.. must go see see again.. hehehe. OCBC?? Mmmm..my fren is also OCBC's model... she's on almost every NTUC cards adverts now... everywhere i go.. i see her face.. hahahaha... OCBC and NTUC... yah..


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Jo_vin: Mine is a schnoodle and my bro's is a shih tzu..

Can can. Welcome you to bring your gal along.. Mine here are all boys..


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hihi lost.. keke u so good MIL still helped u to wash clothes.. and it's good tin she dun mind washing all the clothes together.. keke... for me i only wash hubby and my clothes + lingerie lor.. and of coz fold them myself.. hehehe...

hihi jo_vin.. glad u had a great time with hubby.. keke.. ya lor most of them talking abt babies.. but not me.. keke.. i not planning for babies yet le... maybe 3-4yrs down the road..

charmayne where's ur hse located?? i wanna bring my gal along too.. keke mine's pomeranian.. but she's only 7 mths old.. im quite worried abt bringing her out.. haha...


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Hi I'm back! Had a great time at my wedding, although everything went in a blur (we started late, so the whole schedule got jammed up, but we still managed to end early). I look forward to seeing everyone's photos!!!! :D Mine will be up once I get them!


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So shall we confirm we will have gathering at charmayne's hse... about 6.30pm - 7.00pm

charmayne you may want to PM your address to those confirm attendance from the excel.


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congrats to all brides!!!
i'm sure everyone of us had a great and unforgettable wedding....after all the months of planning and sweating and stress...haha...

just to start the ball rolling as we recollect our weddings, here's mine!
do share you lovely day too!
i had a super fun wedding....the priest at church was hilarious! poking fun at my hubby's bald spot and my low cut WG...causing the church to be half scandalized half amused.

the dinner banquet at marina was great fun!
we started out with cake cutting before the banquet, which was very well received---i didnt expect so many guests to come so early and on time, they were all curious abt the cake-cutting which i had sone a write-up abt in the invitation card. :p
reviews about the cake was great, most had seconds too!
we had a march-in that started with a very traditional wedding march song, everyone expected a solemn walk down the aisle.
then the music suddenly changed to wong fei hong theme, complete with chinese hat + pig tail + wong fei hong pose for my indian hubby and chinese fan for me.
the guests were laughing so hard.
then this was followed by the march-in of the first dish to the tune of cha shao bao.....again the guests were laughing and clapping.
then we did a cheoreographed salsa number which was very warmly received....we were so into the dance, staring at each other thru out the whole dance, it was like falling in love again.
totally unlike the very stressed and un-romantic reheasals!!!
then we had a usual yum seng---with a twist.
we had a gals vs guys yum seng....later we had a combined one. i can't believe how sporting my uncles and aunties are...."challenging" each other, working the crowd and creating loads of laughs.
after that, a "grand" bollywood entrance....my jiemeis and i entered as a 2nd march-in, dancing to bollywood beats, while the guys "posed" on stage to receive us...
then mass bollywood dance! with many many funny mistakes made on the dance moves and formations which made us laugh while dancing, but i guess the guests were too busy laughing to really notice...

later we opened the dance floor and guests popped on and off ....
everyone seemed to have a really good time, many just hung around till past midnight even tho next day was a working monday. :p


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Hi Charmayne

Then we have to vote again leh..

Can order KFC, Pizza hut or MAC... or someone else have better ideas...

i prefer pizza hut...


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Hi Gals,,

Haiz... My PIL I think they told my hubby abt the electric bills is very high.. I guess got to do something with me..

cos i occasionally on aircon, use washing machine which they dont use at all.. I on TV like 3-4 hrs in my room per days.

more worst is my laptop.. didnt really got the chance to really use it at all... his niece and nephew been using it to play games almost everyday.. of cos laptop very easy no batt and have to keep on charging... somemore they dont switch off nicely for me...ai yo...

sorry for the complaint but i just wan to let out from my heart if not I very !!!!!!