(2008) Brides of year 2008


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thanks gal! do share wif us ur PS pics ok? now d euro is on d climb again....hopefully will drop when i shop in paris :p


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Hi ladies, may I know how is an chuang done? We were told that when my fh comes to my place for gdl, at the same time his parents will do the an chuang. Is it right that all the have to do is change the bedsheet on the new mattress and place the stipulated items like red dates, etc on the bed that's all?

hi gals... it's dec already!!! Gosh, counting down time for us.. I'm just starting to plan my Ad iternery. hws everyone's preparation?


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Sigh.. you guys reminded me i am really behind my scheduleeeeeee.....

I am trying to find "the parent's prayer" by stephen curtis chapman in CD. CAN'T find!! help! That is what I wanna for my church march in. I also trying to find the traditional version of either Hendel's Massiah or Beethoven's Ode to Joy as my church march out too.... Oh yeah, anyone has that theme song by Diana Ross in that show "Land before Time".

For my dinner, I dunno wat good... STUMPED. LOL..

Jol, I used the Gift for my photomontage of my PS in cartoon series. ^^". John Wickham's always forever for my church photomontage when i am signing on the dotted line.

Pin, I dun really like mendelssohn's wedding march though, but you can go for a variations of others like Trumpet Voluntary, handel's hornpipe, Pachelbel's Cannon in D. If you wanna a songs with words, Try "I will be here" by Stephen Curtis Chapman, One Gal One Boy, by Collin Raye and "forever and always", by Shania Twain.


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Hi Ping&jie

I have sent the songs to you. Hope you like it.

I checked out Bond's Quixote. Sounds good, quite tribal =)
Their Libertango is also quite nice.
Also considering Winter Games by David Foster.


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Hellos to all the MRS!!!.
Everybody''s Married. heehee

Stay: glad to hear that you had a perfect wedding

jo_vin: yupie, i have upload some of my AD photos to multiply. My ID is lynnqi


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<font color="ff0000">OMG!!!</font>

<font color="aa00aa">my 20th Oct 2008 adopted Hammies - Pipi &amp; Pupu mated and Pipi gave birth to 5 cute hammies today!!</font>

ahhhhh.... haaaa


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hihi its my life.. while i wait for jol to share w me n pin&amp;jie8275 the chinese script for solemnization ceremony.. cld u send me the hotel scripts u mentioned? u can pm me.. thank u~ (^.^)

btw.. all dec btb.. does everyone assign n specify your helpers' (bros n sisters) roles.. who do what etc? i am facing challenge deciding who shld do what? my siblings may nt make it to my ad (of crse helpout too) n they cant confirm yet~ n if i were to call for more help too late (less than 12 days nw), i fear there maybe too few or too many pple to helpout.. oso i may nt get help at all last min.. kinda of concern hw they will feel if there r too much on one person's plate too? tell me i am thinking n worrying too much.. (=__=")


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Congrats Viv... on being "Grandma" to yr hammies.... haha....

The last time i tried to mate my dog, he snub the bitch... i gave up after that.... haha


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My partner did the An Chuang before he came to my place for GDL.
What he did was:
1) Place bedsheets, pillowcases etc.
2) Place 4 fruits (apple, orange, pear, peach -can be any type)at the 4 corners on the bed in clock wise fashion (starting from top of bed)
3) Place 1 pineapple, 1 Fa Gao, 1 angpao (of $1.20 or $12 or $120 or $1200 etc, to signify 12 months of the years also have money) at centre of bed
4) Leave house to go GDL

After GDL, he (at this point I also can follow him to the house but I cannot step into the bedroom anymore till the AD) kept the 4 fruits (for our consumption). Pineapple and fa gao to leave at some other place in house but do not eat, can throw away once spoilt. The angpao to use after the 3rd day of AD.


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<font color="0000ff">haaa...it was kind a surprise....we suspected she was preggy buy pass off as being fat la..then today wanna change cage i saw moving red 'objects' then realised they are baby hammies!! haaa</font>


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rommie, so nice! Can c snow! Must be really very cold! Alrdy - degree liao.. I guessed u had really enjoyed urself! So now still feeling tian mi mi right? I cant wait for mine too..

Jolene, tot i pm u thru multiply my number? Grrrr.. Anyway, i pm u on multiply again ya? Must be bz packing all ur stuffs now and getting ready for ur honeymoon right? Enjoy urself!!

U saw my AD video and cartoon animation? I uploaded into multiply le. Take a look ya? Hehe..

Now i have a little problem. My hotel says there is a little damage to the table in the bridal suite. Think my friends accidentally kicked it and got a little crack. Then there is also a ciggarette burnt on the carpet. Now they're taking pics n sent for evaluation. N they say maybe will need to claim for compensation. How ah? Haiz.. Damn suay..


jane: my facebook is [email protected]. Anyone got facebook pls add me k :D heehee...

jo_vin: ahhhhh.. ur frens drank tt nite ahhh.. aiyoh... i hope u dont need to pay for it wor... yest at xiaokai's wedding, one of my cousins was telling me his fren was so drunk on his wedding tt he broke his bridal suite chair and ended up my cousin needed to pay $300 for the chair 0__0 coz he was so drunk himself tt he didnt recollect who did it........

jo_vin: paisehh yet to notice the PM in the multiply..alamak... i go check k? Just got back frm my trip briefing..heard v cold wor..but saw the japan national tourism website and said nt so cold..alamak..hw? i dont wan overbring my winter clothes yet i dont wana freeze to death... if in hotel shld hv heater rite? the tour leader was saying we can even wear the japanese bathrobe and walk ard the hotel...

i flying on 4dec, 0055 am flight to Shanghai at abt 0555am then transit for 4hrs then 0935am then go to Osaka.. thk i gg to die in the terminal haha must find a place to slp :p Or else i go Universal Studio sure v grouchy! I like baby lor... if nt enough slp or hungry, i become v grouchy :p


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Jovin..I am very SUay..i had rashes outbreak in the middle of my wedding..5th dish i think..and had to smile with Swollen lips..and face, ears looking really Lobster red man..and whole body super itchy and was trembling..

Hope i didnt look super UGLY in the pics...sighz..on my wedding day..

But i am Glad its OVER Hee...Finally i am Mrs Yap..Have fun girls for your honeymoon.

I am now in the airport waiting to depart to Bali to R&amp; R hee


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racht - I've a team of 10 assistants and I specify who do what since I know their personality, strengths and weaknesses. Among them, I also apppointed a Main Coordinator who is overall in-charge. Anything crops up that day, all go to the main coordinator. They are empowered to make their own decision. I told them 'I do not expect perfect wedding so go ahead and decide for me. I will only be the Bride that day!' haha

If you fear that you have too many people, just let some know in advance that you may require them to help out on AD with what task. I'm sure as friends/cousins, they will be ready to roll up their sleeve for you.

Give me your email add. I send you my helpers list which you can make reference to. Then you slot in your own helpers' names. Dun be too stress, k?

My AD programme is also completed. Any BTBs who needs a copy can email me at [email protected] Note - Mine is tea ceremony + outdoor solemnization + buffet lunch.


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To all,

how are u all doing.. hows life as Mrs..
me so busy aft finishing planning my wedding.. and I am one of the committee member for my company d&amp;d on 12 dec.

my colleague was laughing at me. saying saw me checkin on my own guest list and AD schedule for my wedding and now i am checking the attendance for my company and program schedule...


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ya, piglet. We also went to him (at Buillion Park) for the wedding dates. My partner also sees him for the monthly 'forecasts'.



added u! tanlee and jane :D haha think we can creat a Nov bride group there :D heehee...thn easier to organise events there...

anyone else has facebook? mine is [email protected]. I feel so lor soh :p

keke went shopping today and bought a v nice white winter jacket from Fox :p heehee got 15% off regular items :p and can get $15 voucher is purchased more than $80 :D heehee..

yvonne: hee!! think u gg to enjoy organising ur dnd if ya likes event organising! I miss organising events wor!!! think its so fun :D heehee wat i organise nw just indoor seminars and conferences..nt as excited as i used to do outdoor banquet and dnd/sports day etc.. But then of coz my current job has better working hrs :p so bo bian...

bay: oh no!!! hw come u got rashes in the middle of ur dinner??? U allegy to somethg u eat or touch? Dont worry, u will still be pretty de! All brides are pretty :D heehee...

my flight is 4dec, 0055 and has to be airport tmr nite by 10.30pm.. Aiyohh...will reach Shanghai at 0555 and wait till 0935 then transit to Japan...i wonder hw i slp in the transit terminal!!!

btw, xiaokai is in Tokyo since 3pm!! She gg disneyland tmr!! So good!! I looking for my universal on my first day of arrival too :p heehee...

i m so lazi nw and dont feel like packing :p haha but i wrote down my checklist liao :p and i thk i bought all the thgs :p heehee...

so excited! hope to see ya all soon when i come back :D


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finally today finish my an chuan and collected my gowns.

What we did today was:
1) Place new bedsheet and pillow case
2) Put up new curtain
3) paste all the xi stickers
4) display all the shampoo, cleanser, toner, moisturier, perfume all in pair on the dressing table.
5) put those small coin at the four corner of the bed.
6) put a tray of 12 mandrain oranges and 2 ang pao on the centre of the bed.

Then just nw went to the restaurant to pre-trial my montage and discuss the actual day details with the manager. Everything settle by my hubby i dun hav to do anything liao hehe poor him he say i veri gd lo all dun need to do and just be a pretty bride can liao.


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Jolene: Nite time is colder than day however it is cooling if there is no wind.

jo_vin: Yup... feeling tian mi mi everyday but also busy trying to clear the laundry accumulated after our 8 days trip and coping with house chores since we shifted to our lovenest after our 2 days stay in the bridal suite.


ohhhhh...i see i see.. xiaokai was saying the temperature v cold nw tt she is in Tokyo... hope the wind isnt strong... :p

or else i sure frozen :p

ahh.. rommie, hw did u make sure ur HB shares ur housechore load? Is there a rule set or smthg?


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hihi evisu.. i hv provided my email addy earlier.. wld u send me what u hv fr the hotelier(s) too? (".")

jol.. thank u for sharing despite your big day is so near le.. is pretty useful.. think i may ref a format similar to yours.. after those comments abt my "essay writing" (=__=")


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eunice - sent oredi. u take a look. umm...slowly ticking off items from my checklist. still quite a fair bit to be done e.g. change money, mani+pedi, pack bride's emergency kit. I still feel nervous...like I am sitting on the head of a bullet train. know what I mean? >.<

racht - bu ke qi! point form is the best. Short &amp; sweet. I just finished the seating plan for guests to DIY


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Hi all beautiful brides!
Can i know what the groom is suppose to bring with him when he goes to pick up his bride on the AD? Thanks!


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thank u evisu~ (^.^)

erh.. any girls hv sample of solemnization ceremony speech for emcee.. (both english n mandarin) too? (^.^")