(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Hi all,

I have 1 carton (12 bottles) of wines (CORNERSTONE Classic French Red 2007). Willing to let go for the 1 carton (12 bottles) at a discount at $204 only ($17 per bottle), but have to self collect. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are keen


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Hi ladies! Agree with Karen Francise Tey (ceo38) that the atmosphere here is so intensed! but so exciting too! Happy for Jolene^^ (jolene428) for having her fairytale wedding come true! I dun ask for much for mine, just hope that things will go well smoothly. Been so stressful and whenever i think of the actual day, my heart keeps thumping so fast! Dunno how u gals handle it... its really scary!
Wanna ask for some advice, u gals think 30mins for games is enuff? Im still thinking what "feast" to prepare for the groom and the boys on the gatecrashing day. Any ideas to share?



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charma & Kelly:
Nervous must still eat orh. If not how to tahan thru out the night. And its easy to get drunk on an empty stomache.
Ya. Only took a bite from the 1st dish. Everyone telling me the roast duck is nice, but i got no idea how it taste like (cos i changed the dish after food tasting).

Due to time constraints, my gfs blended bittergourd, chilli padi, lime with yogurt. MUA telling me if want really something bitter, get 'bai hua'from chinese med shops. She mentioned the bitter last for half a day. haha


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I agree with the rest that the atmosphere is rather intense now. And lesser posts as compared to the past. By the time I enter this place.. All of you would have gone for honeymoon already. Sob Sob.

TanLee: Wah! You even thought of the using chinese Herbs! I cant imagine how they are going to take it. I used to have a friend who served Hersheys dark chocolate for 'bitter'. Now I know that the guy is a LUCKY man!


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Hi there gals....
I'm oso a Nov bride.... having my GDL this sunday!!! Pretty excited & lost.... anyone can help me bout wat are the stuff needed for GDL???
My hub is a Hokkien & i'm a Cantonese.....



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hi racht, *high five*
why dun your HTB wan tea ceremony for relatives? I'm sure there are certain relatives whom you have a lot of respect for and this is a very good time to show your gratitude. It will be tough to convince your parents to skip tea ceremony for relatives...

Btw, below is my schedule:-

6am - Bride wakes up and do own MU and hairstyle
7am - Fetch Bride, follow by tea ceremony for bride's parents
7.45am - Depart to Groom's place
8.15am - Tea Ceremony for groom's parents
8.45am - Arrival of MUA
10.30am - Depart to outdoor wedding at Japanese Garden
11.15am - Start of solemnization (only for immediate families and very close friends)
11.30 - End of solemnzation. Photo Shoot in the garden
12pm - Canapes and Cocktail
1pm - Buffet Lunch commence
1.45pm - Group Photo
2pm - Toasting and Thank you Speech + Group Photo (con't)
2.30pm - Tea Ceremony for groom's relatives, then bride's relatives + Group Photo (con't)
3pm - Guests to depart. Adventurous guests can stay behind and mingle till 5pm
5pm - Bride & groom going for a drive around the island


hi gers!!!

hey! i totally agree w Lost! Pls pls pls eat ur pre-dinner k? Esp if u know u have ppl who gona make u drink table to table!!! i only had my makan at my HB hse in the morning and had no mood for any more food all the way to my first and second dish at dinner... and no more time for all the other food after my 2nd march in!!!

Coz i knew i was tired and gg without food so i refuse to drink more than 50% of watever they offer me at the first two tables.. aftr tt i totally refuse to drink coz i really dont wana get drunk and make a scene.. my HB's brothers are really nice and drink for me too! my HB himself was almost at his limits when i told him to leave the rest of the drinks to his brothers... my jiemeis who are bad drinkers oso came to rescue to so end up the remaining tables oso paiseh to make us drink :p End up the brother who drank most for us got drunk.. poor him... really nice of him lor!!

so hor... never go without ur pre-dinner or lunches k no matter hw moodless u are for food!!!

and make sure u get enough brothers to drink for u!!! ^^ and hor to speed up the photography session, get the brothers to line the next 2 tables up so u can finish the photography and have time to go to each table to toast and catch up... and hor... ask the emcee to tell the guests to toast u two only after all the photography.. dont end up too drunk to finish the shoots...

for us, tts wat we get our emcees to say...

keke..tanlee i know wat u mean!! my WG and EG is sooooo long i have to try to avoid stepping on the WG when i danced!! keke ^^

but gers, no matter wat, must always remember to enjoy ur BIG day k? no matter wat, just enjoy the day! Afterall, its Ur Day so dont be too worried abt thgs u cant control...

as for guestlist.. there will cfm be changes even on the day itself so dont be too bothered over it!! i have guests who didnt replied RSVP and appear on my AD!!! And there are guests who lastmin cannot attend oso! so just let thgs be coz we cant control it ^^

Lost, u better take leave soon or else gg to be so stress up ^^


luckiechako, check out my mutiply for the GDL items ^^

Lost: i thk shld be ok de ^^ My fren's wedding in grand hyatt oso din lose more than 10K..

ohh ya... anyone wana MUA for ur jiemeis and mothers hor.. and oso need 2nd PGs let me know k?

and if ya need walkie talkie lobang, projector lobang, watever lobangs u need.. just ask me k :D

pinky81: send me pte emails to [email protected] if ya need to check anythg abt rasa with me k :D
" i m in love, i dont wanna have sex, i only want you..."
What a catchy pick up line! ;)

My answer to your question is my FH isn't with me every night.

My FH usually OT and eats dinner outside on weekdays, so he only reaches home at 9-10pm. Then he will be at living room watch TV wtih his family, while I stay in bedroom do office work or surf net. Haha think he only snores to me instead of talking!
Hi gals,

What song do you all use for your 1st march-in? Can you please share share? *Headache*

No time to do research and my fav English songs are all sad ones :p


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Lost, dont be stress.. Enjoy ur big day thats coming!! I'm sure it'll be lots of fun like what Jolene said!

Kelly n Karen, i also have a jie mei cant make it for the day. Haha.. But no choice lor.. Have to make do. I'll also be having my solemnization on the same day.

TanLee, ya, we must rem to eat. But i think i wil be so excited n nervous i wont feel like eating anything that day.. I'm like tat de. Once im stress or excited, wont feel hungry de. But once the event is over, then super hungry. Haha..

TanLee, my jiemei also suggested chinese herbs lor. But i say no. Haha.. Cos i scared later mix so many things then plus the chinese herb will lao sai. So better not lor..

Jolene, can call u lobang queen liao.. Haha..


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Wow...really the atmosphere here very intense haha...i am begining to feel the stress as well..

I am having my HENS nite this SAT, buy flower basket page boy and flower girls clothes on SUN..dun Know where i can get it man..., GDL next Week...still got loads of stuff not done yet...stress

Anyway to all brides getting married this week..CONGRATS and have loads of fun...!!!!


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hi gals,
congrats on ur new title as a mrs :p guz all of us wld have bcome a mrs by now....do take care n keep in touch, have a blissful marriage life ahead


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Hi Kelly

I rommed last year on 060607
so 15 Nov will be simply customary.

Will be on leave from 12 Nov 2008 till 2 Jan 2009 (1st day of school reopens) but will need to back for meeting (if any). keke

Honeymoon at Hokkaido + Tokyo from 22 Nov to 29 Nov... ;)


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Hi ladies, i guess its tough to skip the tea ceremony for relateives. I am having my wedding in Dec and will be doing a simple wedding with friends and colleagues. I am only have tea ceremony for both side parents


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morning gals!! wow, u gals are really active in the forum and to think that pinky81 said its not as active.... can hardly keep track of all the posts! thanks to TanLee for recommending chinese herbs! ULTIMATE MAN! But im also worried that the boys will get tummyache after the drinks, then spoil the entire day le.
actually, im kind of curious, how come everyone stress on having to eat? but i was thinking surely no mood to eat one.. will be so anxious. Another thing, Jolene: did u mingle with the guests during cocktail reception? I was thinking if i can be down at the ballroom or have to be in the bridal suite. So many things to think about!!!


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wao gals, so quiet these few days all very busy?
My GDL will be on 16 NOV. I hav order 40 boxes cakes, everything ready liao nw waiting for the insert to be ready cos i ask for re-print after tat will start to give out all the cards.


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Hey Jane, enjoy yr wedding and you'll be a very pretty bride. Btw,Terry is taking pics for ur AD rite? Lucky u..he couldnt make it for my AD.
U should be in good hands..enjoy!


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hey.. Fionachua,

I did not received any email from you regards to the jiemei's corsage which you mentioned.

Hi ladies,

Anyone here have the intention to get jiemei corsages? If there is, we can consolidate and have a better deals. what do you think?


haha i was still so high that i mixed up the name.. :p i think i was agreeing with TanLee abt the food...

pls hor..STAY and Jo_vin.. no matter wat. MUST eat something dont go on empty tummy.. coz u will suffer when the toasting comes... unless u really arent gg to drink a sip!

Coz being tired and empty tummy (no matter u hungry or not, u are still on an empty tummy), u gona get drunk really fast!!! I was soo hungry by my first dish lor... coz after the first march in - dance.. i was like Phew! One item over! And we are more confident in our singing so can 'relax' abit :p But we know we have a war to fight - lotsa of toasting during and after photography at each table!!!

So MUST Eat k!!! I know sure no mood to eat.. like me! I bit abit of food at my HB hse only after the tea ceremony and last till my dinner first dish lor!

So just try to eat and stuff urself with some food or anythg with starch and glucose!!! drink dessert oso better than nothing!

And if ur tummy is happy with food... u will be less nervous oso for ur march in ^^

And hor, no matter how no time u are, must take a hot shower and rest abit before ur wedding dinner k coz it will calm ur soul down!!! i reached rasa at 1pm but my first room (i have bridal room + day room + 3 othr rooms for jiemeis, in-laws and an overseas fren) was only ready at 1.30pm. And my bridal suite at 2.30pm (coz my hotel coordinator arranged for a surprise for me - the presidential suite vs the usual bridal suite), while MUA came at 3.30pm for my jiemeis hairdo. But i told my HB dont care die die i wana a slow hot shower first and after tt i felt sooo refreshed. By the time i done my MUA come liao :p

And 'work' started from there... but i felt already so calm and refreshed le ^^



jane: dont be nervous k!! u can do it~!!!

ohh ya, anyone wana do nail art can go to this shop at fareast - http://www.nailsbar.com.sg/ The shop ran by 2 sisters and 2-3 workers. They offer mani&pedi, body massage, scrub, wrap and waxing etc!!! its at the corner in far east so quite quiet and disturbed atmosphere with osim massage chair!!! I thk u can have a relaxing hen's session there! i did my french 3D nailart there only $169 in all.. 10 fingernails of french and 3D nailart + toes french nail and 2 toenail 3D nailart... they include scrub and massage oso! Oh oh! i put on the fake nails hor.. only $45 for 1 set of hands! i ask outside is $7 per nail lor.. they consider cheap liao!!! My 3D french nailart only $50 for 10 nails and $5/toenail lor and SOOO pretty!!! will post in my multiply for ya to see tonite!!! so $50 mani and pedi + $60 3D french nailart + $45 fake nails + $5 hydration milk = $150 then + gst smthg to $169 i thk.. I saw in the website there is an online promotion of full mani and pedi + 45min body massage at $80 ^^

aiyoh!! like free advisement!!! Got anyone wan wedding at rasa i can recommend my hotel coordinator, anyone wan choose whitelink, i can recommend my bridal coordinator and MUA oso ^^ i just realised white link is opened by mediacorp star Lai4 Yi1 Ling2!

Buy credit of $250 hor, can get $50 credit free!!! Then u can pay for ur jiemeis mani and pedi with the excess credit


hehe.. actually i wanted to use chinese herbs that time oso but my frens said scared the guys lao sai coz some herbs canot combine and use one... got laxative effect! so better ask the mothers before using herbs ^^

tt time coz my mum set alot of limitations and said no sweet, sour, bitter and spicy... coz not gd to have bitter and sour for wedding. So end up ours all sweet and spicy!!! :p mainly spicy :p hahaha.. and somemore chose all the food guys dont like..

basically, guys dont like vegetables.. and my HB doesnt like slimmy food..so we put special filling into ladyfinger and between two slices of brinjals, tau pok and bread. U can try capsicum oso ^^ But please hor, must at least boil everythg with water! haha.. so funni, end up my mum joined in and we 2 + 2 stayover jiemeis happily take turns to bath, cook/put filling and iron clothes. ( coz i only managed to collect my WG which was sent for drycleaning on 1 nov itself so after mani, pedi, wash hair - coz i scared destroy my crystal nailart and collect WG+hand bouquet+hairflower etc and get home already 7pm ) we had a quick da bao dinner, do up the games materials then start cooking etc...

special fillings include spicy shrimp paste (my HB doesnt like prawns), wasabi, grounded garlic and sliced ginger!!! hehehe... all sounds yummy to me but is the Ke4 Xin1 of guys :p hehe simple but effective.. the feedbacks are - shrimp paste almost killed them :p And the wasabi we chose is the super spicy one somemore :p hohoho... but of coz...they really hated the brinjals!!! :p

but the games are simple but wat i want oso ^^ we played at the corridor itself so the PG can tqke more pic of the jiemeis too or else hid behind the gates cannot see their faces!!!

first we have the history exams - 10 qns, wrong ans forfeit and eat the torture food...

2ndly, we get my HB to write 5 reasons why he wants to marry me and 5 reasons why i must marry him and sing out the reasons with our favourite song.

3rd, we froze the house gate key into ice.. and let him choose out of 3 ice blocks which is the one with the key.

Then once they enter the hse, he has to guess from 6 lipsticks which is mine. And he guess it correct the first time!!!!!!!! yeahh!!!

the last part is to read out loud and sign the 10 commandments!!! Hee...

see if any of u wana use any of the games ^^


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oh no Jol...and Shirley..
I see email notifications that you request me to add u as contact, but dunno why there is no invitations showing up at my multiply main page. i think my multiply got error...maybe u give me your ID and I add you..think its easier...
sorry for the inconvenience...
but thanks ...thanks for adding me!


keke..i realised i wrote v little for my pre-wedding blog.. gg to add on more in my post wedding experiences sharing blog ^^


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Jolene: ure the best! thanks for sharing ur games with us! u really went all out to prepare the food! even took note of ur HB's dislikes! haha! so cute!
okie, will definitely eat a bit and try very hard to rest when in hotel. how's the quality of the manicure at the place u recommended? sounds like a cosy place, got osim massage chairs some more? so we sit on that when we get our manicure? so shiok!
Jolene not going for honeymoon anytime soon?


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green> Ermm.. we used "nothing's gonna change my love for you" remix version.... for 1st march in...
2nd March in is One and Only You.. (Final Fantasy theme or something like that..)

Mmmm....recently heard of frens who actually have difficulty to ML.... And only recently i heard of the term Vaginesmus or whatever that green mentioned before earlier this year.....

How's everyone's private life? hahhaha...


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Hihi I'm a Dec 08 bride too! Having my ROM together with dinner on 7 Dec at the Regent. Now just 1mth away from my wedding day. Starting to feel the pressure *faint*


hee!!! yah lor!! u can have back massage with the massage chair while u have ur mani and pedi!!! So cosy and feel like princess there!!! Somemore coz its at corner so u wont feel like a public animal letting ppl watch u as u do ur mani and pedi!!!

the quality is good oso wor! at first i scared the crystal dropped off but i realised the glue is sooooooo hard lor and the fake nails no matter wat u do wont drop one!!! And if u dont like the sample designs in the shop, they have many japanese nailart books to browse and choose wat u like! And can bargain somemore! For $5/nail u can choose a v pretty design liao!

the lady boss (one of the sisters who opened the shop) is very young and cute cute type and very experienced in recommending the nailart design to match ur WG and EG!!! I told her my WG is cream and my EG is tuquiose and she reco the white flowers with slight purplish petals center and white crystal!! Will post pictures tonite for ya!!!

luckiechako, my multiply acct is www.fariesinn.multiply.com


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Fiona> I now busy preparing for my shanghai biz trip so din come here to chat. Btw, do you gals have any recommendations on where to shop & eat in Shanghai? Oh... my GDL is later than yours, on 23 Nov. I wouldn't be getting so much things. Only about 10 boxes of cakes.


honeymoon will be 3dec-11dec!!!

i gg to central japan!!! My tour grp still got 2 empty slots to make it full so if any of u wana join let me know k!!! HAHA.. the package v cheap.. less than 2.5K for 7 days central japan and 2 nites free shanghai..


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wow! u describe the nails bar so well that i cant wait to go try! shall see when i can go down for a nice pampering session. heehee!
hey! i wanna go japan too! but its during christmas period so cannot join ur tour grp.
else its really quite a good deal, considering its 7D japan with 2N in shanghai!
guess u must be so relaxed now huh? soooo nice... sometimes i cant wait for the wedding day to be over but sometimes i dun want it to come so fast. did u feel a sense of loss after ur wedding? its like all that hard work uve put in is over so soon?


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I need in total about 14 boxes of cakes, and mom wants like 4boxes in cake form and 10 boxes in voucher form.. sian.. dunno where to get 4 boxes of cakes....

GDL we DIY ourselves, with exception of a few items like the tea set, candles and lamps. I love the deep red face towel with gold xi, super over priced but boh pian..bought it for use. >.<

I have done my ringpillow and corsages liao.. yeah.. left with florist and ap box outstanding. I am stressed with my guest list man... thank God for my big teammates that covers 4 tables. ^^;;


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sotonglet>what kind of cakes your mom wants? the round cake or the traditional cake slices? if its the latter, can consider ordering from the cake shop my MIL chose. Its in Boon Keng but everyone really liked the cakes. Can see the address in my multiply


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florabliss, icic wao u got so many trip this month then hav to prepare for ur wedding stuff must be veri tiring and stress. Hav u seen ur album layout?


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jolene: thanks for sharing your experiences! I'm sure you had a wonderful time on your wedding day! Congrats again!

I've booked an appointment with the nails bar. looking forward to it as you described their services so well!

I am so nervous now.. hopefully everything goes well on the actual day and yes, I'll remember to keep my stomach full on that day! =)


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<font color="119911">green</font>
<font color="aa00aa">my 1st march in song is - I DO by 98 degree...i like the tune and lyrics, 2nd march in i forgot, choose by hubby....</font>

I Do,I Do babe
I Do,I Do

All I am, all I'll be
Everything in this world
All that I'll ever need
Is in your eyes
Shining at me
When you smile I can feel
All my passion unfolding

Your hand brushes mine
And the thousand sensations
Seduce me 'cause I

I do cherish you
For the rest of my life
You don't have to think twice
I will love you still
From the depths of my soul
It's beyond my control
I've waited so long to say this to you
If you're asking do I love you this much
Well I do

In my world, before you
I lived outside my emotions
Didn't know where I was going
'Till that day I found you
How you opened my life
To a new paradise

In a world torn by change
Still with all of my heart
'Till my dying day

And I do cherish you
For the rest of my life
You don't have to think twice
I will love you still
From the depths of my soul
It's beyond my control
I've waited so long to say this to you
If you're asking do I love you this much
Yes I do

If you're asking do I love you this much
Baby I do
I'll cherish you
This much I know its true
From the depths of my soul
It's beyond my control
I've waited so long to say this to you
If you're asking do I love you this much
Baby I do

Oh oh I do --------------

<font color="0000ff">i recalled
** From this moment - shania twain
** Truly madly Deeply - Savage garden

Quite popular..Heeee</font>