(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Green> Add me to the gathering....look forward to meet up with you all.....Mrs Club.

Rach> Yup yup, my dreams for the banquet profit really came true and I am just glad that my budget will be loose after the wedding...can splurge now....have control for the past few months..

Crown> Saw the news that the Taiwan Typhoon was quite bad, hopefully it will be better these 2 days..think YL is also in Taiwan now, but she should be coming back soon....


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I second that - on a new hobby. Find something you can do alone. Need not be expensive (eg: shopping!). When I have lots of free time (which is rare), I start taking out some unfinished crochet pieces. Or you'll see me cleaning out the cupboards.


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hi florabliss & nelle
my class going to start soon, so no time to explore new hobby. anyway, my hubby peak period is going to be over soon.
thanks for your suggestions!

i used to be single for nearly 2 years, i was a independant person too..i already switch to my old self.. going retail threapy later at city hall while waiting for him to knock off..

feel free to join me.. hehe..

errr..nelle arr..shoping is not cheap lor.. "haha"..


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when i have time i love to go to gym, go library, have a cup of nice coffee / tea in cafe..do volunteer work etc..

i dun like to go under the sun...i am not a beach person...any indoor sports i will consider..i love dancing...yeah!!


just taken our photoshoot yest...

can view at ivycsh.multiply.com

too bad raining cannot go hort park =(

haizzzzzzzzz but overall is sooo fun....


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err..good questns! I only remember 4th & 18th Oct r the hot dates in Oct. Maybe time to refresh the chart out again. =D
Wah very the excited wo...


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lvy, cool.. you have complete 1 major task liao.. ^^ Will go and check ur multiply as soon as i get home.. My company block all these sites.. >.<

pin, we forgo honey moon to a later date as it is not a good period we feel to go as everything is more expensive and there is not enough time to plan for everything and + work(yeah at work we do planing 1/2 of the time too.) BF and I each focus on different tasks and we will drive each of our tasks separately or else we will have more conflicts bah...think clash of the titans.. ^^".

Yeah ah.. I see the SG bridal mag do have much lesser photos and they like to take the model slouching or doing weird things too. ^^"


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love dancing too!
and like what everyone says, sometimes we just have those moods...it happens.
don't worry too much abt it.

oh, must tell you gals some $%@.
my church that i booked, supposed to only take 1 couple per date.
cos parking there is very very...er....challenging.
now, some BTB went to the priest instead of the church secretary and wants the same date.

my time is 11am.
she wants 10am, so ask me to move my time to 12.30pm.
then i'll have hungry ppel waiting for such a late lunch!
she refuese to budge.
i haven't spoken to her, but this is what the church secretary told me.
i asked him to ask her to take a 9.30am time, and i'll take 12pm, ask her to adjust her timing a bit.
but she can't.
alternatively, she can take 2.30pm.
but she insists that i take 10am, and clear out by 1.30pm cos she wants 1hr to decorate the church. (it's near christmas, and the church is very flowery on normal dals already)
ask her to move to 3pm, we try to clear by 2pm, also cannot.
*blood boiling*


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nec, i had a similar problem. church was double booked, and receipts were lost and no records of this was even done. somehow we found out abt the problem, and realised there was a couple booked at 10.30am, while we wanted 12.30pm. 2.5h was the min buffer that is needed, so they shifted forward to 10.30am. church isnt so much of a problem, and we managed to compromise on wad the flower ladies should deco the church with. BUT even the hall was double booked, so we were told to move to the smaller hall with no a/c. at the end of the day, we had to budge because we are the later bookees, and priority should be given to earlier couple. double booking definitely means conflict, even for compromising couples cos its equally the most impt day of their lives for 4 pple! if that girl is not being nice abt it, dun bother being nice. stick to what u have. besides, church does have a half year in advance min booking time, looks like she didnt stick to it either.


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nec, how punk u wanna play. ^^ anyway my take is go through the documents the church had given when u booked ur date, and the time you have booked and the policy ur church u have booked. IF you had stated the time and date clearly and the date u had made the booking was much longer than the gal's, I will say refuse to budge as you have the first right.

State that you have provided 3 options out of good will. Since she was so adamant to have her time without considering the other person's feelings, I do not think you should give way now. Let her work her time around your time. state tat she has to clear by 10:30 if hers is before yours and you will only clear out at 2pm.

Then let the church settle her and do not talk to her.


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i have a feeling she was in the forum before leh...
cos in the catholic brides thread, got one gal whine abt me booking the church date after she told me her date.
which is utter rubbish.


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Anyway when did she tell u the date and when did u book the church. Anyway it is her problem is tu-ing in booking.

Just ignore her.. let her find another church let her whine.. there are other catholic churches for her to choose from.


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Finally viewed my photos yesterday,. You gals are right, its hub who ended up wanting to increase top up. hehee. I am there, 1 look if i had doubt about the pic and i will discard it. Hub will re-think about each photo. So we ended up with 52 photos instead of 30. Soft copy only for the 52, but will get back all the sample pics that we saw yesterday. Layout draft will be ready in 2 weeks. Expected date to collect album is 2 days before our wedding. We very slow hor...
Posted photo in multiply: the pics all sprawled on the table, abit blur though.

jo_vin: ya lor, when hub suggested using double sided tape, i was like errr. He even went to buy them. But eventually convinced him glue is the better idea, cos tape, paste wrongly and that's it! And its so so so much more work.


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i think the best solution is she take 9.30 and u take 12pm..
aiyo can negotiate mah..why she so persistent and make everyone unhappy?


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ignore her.....whoever books 1st shall have d priority.....it's up to her to see if she'll compromise in d timing else she has to find another church or change her wedding date, she shd have settled tis long ago n not do it last min :p

cynthia tan,
well well, glad dat u r feeling better....tot u have ur sil's prep to keep urself occupied....else nxt time if u r feeling bored, den u can come into tis thread n b our auntie agony cos we seem to have lotsa problems dat we need to handle :p

i still havent found an alternative to my europe honeymoon....so sad, another hiccup, hope dat i can resolve tis issue tm


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yo meiling,
thanks for you girls advise so my recovery time fast..and of cos my hubby for being so patience to me..how can i not "wake up"?
but..i am a better woman now.. yeah! i am back to my "san ba" nature again!

my SIL's wedding, my part more or less done. now left with montage..which i be doing tomorrow..

hmmm..aunty agony huh? my pleasure!

now..is less than 3 months to your wedding, i think u will start to worry about guest list soon..reminder..have you get your printer to settle inserts?

if honeymoon got issue, can always go later...actually go where also never mind, so long u are with your hubby...


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yo yo everyone!!!

im happy for all of us, who's wedding's over!!! i bet we enjoyed the whole process very much.

yeah, haha, i think i complain the most, but i still make profit from wedding dinner. heng ar!! yeah, my frens all give 100 bucks and above. those never turn up de also give 88. I'm glad that even though my tables are not all full, i can still make a profit. all thanks to my frens and colleagues and must also thank my hubby's side. he got an auntie give 1000. dat's alot!!!!!!!

dor, my venue was at sheraton towers hotel. one table $1k+. Wat's surprising is dat we only use extra 7 bottles of red wine. the xiong dis all really super good in controlling. hard liquor also a few bottles only. dat's very good.

green, 20 bottles of red wine for 20 tables should be enough for weekday. mine is also weekday. and i had 1 free red wine for each table. we ended up only paying for 7 extra red wine.


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Nec, I'm on your side, whoever booked first must have first priority. Can try to be nice nice, but if the other party doesn't play nice, then don't compromise on your demands.

Mei, you not buying bags in Europe anymore?


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i booked and paid deposit on 3rd or 4th Jan,
she first made contact in the forum mid Jan, and she said her AD was the same as mine at abt 16th or 17th Jan.

anyway, the issue is sort of resolved.
the priest i asked is only free for the window of 10.30-1.30pm. So she either has to take a really early time or 2.30-3pm.
She booked high-tea at Goodwood park, which lasts till 5pm.


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jo_vin.. yeah towel included in the dowry for u only.. dun need for hubby.. haha dun stress.. the GDL shop pple will advise one le.. keke... haha congrats on getting ur "A"..

pinky81.. haha icic.. ya lor check with the MUA better...

jojo... most wine shop have consignment.. but u may need to get certain quantity from them.. attached FYI..

i wanted white or pink for my bridesmaid.. but in the end.. the dress i wanted only left with grey coz i need 6pcs.. den ok le.. grey unique ma.. keke... and my bridesmaids very chin cai also... let me choose the design and colour.. coz they say im the one paying for it ma.. keke...


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Ivy: Have seen your photos liao!
Even though you didn't get to go to Hort Park, you were still able to take outdoor photos at Labrador Park mahh...Am sure those will turn out nice!

SotongLet: When and where will you be going for the honeymoon then? I have no choice but to go during expensive periods...After all, bf and I are teachersssss!!! HAHAHAHA


wah. the thread so fast!!!

Fruittea (fruittea80 Haloo!! I am also a 2 nov bride!!! ehhh... if you have RSVP with ur guests liao then i think its okay to send them the cards late. My case is coz my HB didnt RSVP with his frens earlier on so intend to send them nw so still got time to find 'backups' if cannot fill up the seats! Haha...

My HB damn idiot.. told him the 20% rational liao still think inviting 300pax (30 tables) is sufficient... My frens said its always good to invite more coz 20% wil last min fly kite!

Haizz..some of my frens i wana meet they oso no time to meet me so end up mail them easier. But remember to include ur return address wor! i got frens 1 wk before the wedding then realised some of her frens didnt get the cards!

jo_vin: Thk i gg to shop for those GDL thgs at Far east tmr... aiyoh.. or maybe bring my MIL and Ah ma to buy clothes...my HB everytime so lazi...very fedup sometimes lor!!!

parents guestlist normally is let them settled one la.. if cannot fill up then take it as suay suay lor :p hehe.. but maybe get ur HB siblings to help coordinate and type out the cfm namelist for u to collate for the reception table

I will be getting my HB siblings to sit at reception for his relatives and my cousins to do my relatives and my frens to settle for both mine and my HB frens.. i thk shld be good enough...

Now i got problem with the car gantry tix.. coz some relatives requested for the gantry tix
I mean can lah, but Rasa dont give car gantry coupons and only charge by per car.. so end up if relatives come late, maybe also cannot get free entry mah... Rasa parking even more troublesome.. aiyoh.. best if they all come by my chartered bus lor!!!

yeah hor, maybe just leave the dress code alone ba.. maybe i just write formal lor..so ppl wont thk its a beach wedding.. haizz..

colour theme for jiemeis ah.. i thk same colour is ok la.. and easier to find oso coz cant expect the jiemeis to buy 1 dress for each wedding they attend.. nt quite fair for them unless I am paying for it. Think i paying for too many thgs that my jiemeis wont accepted anymore liao


Actually i thought it would be very nice if your mum just take a little bit as a token &amp; return the rest to you &amp; i believe your hubby &amp; his family will definitely appreciate it


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wow cacky , i guess ur d 1st bride this oct
am i correct ?
i can only remember 4th of oct . mrz chiew jeslyn n koyoyo

mine is 27th , feels like still so far away


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I am very worried about tomorrow's both parents dinner meeting. I hope my mum will not walk out of the dinner half way or be so quiet that I don't know what to say.


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hi nec
even she take 2.30 slot, i think its too rush for her...if i am her, i take earlier slot..

hi nelle
tomorrow's meeting..just be sure ur hubby side buy your parnets side a little gift.

then before actual meeting, hint your parents the grooms side expectation and vice versa..so u wun get a shock.

like you tell your hubby that your side expect 6 tables...and $XXX pin jin
your hubby side hint your parents they expect, XX number of cakes return to them...etc..


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if she is willing to talk and discuss, I will die of happiness liao!

I am afraid she will say, I told you I want 2 tables already rite? so what else to discuss? I told you to buy the cake vouchers to distrib to the aunts rite and you already did rite? so what else to discuss? SDJ buy liao rite? so? anyway you married 'off' you are someone's daughter liao, what can I say?

Thing is, I know what's her temper like. She May do all that. I know my FIL are very nice and gd nature old folks. They are not chatty and smiley pple but they are good to me. So I figure my partner &amp; me will behave like 2 silly always smiling idiots cos the parents are not smiling.

Let the man-upstairs help me!!!


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hmmm...a bit tricky...
is it because she is a bit unwilling to see daughter marry off?
but 2 tables is quite reasonable..

how about your dad? if he can play the role of Mr Nice will be good..
ir do u have siblings who is firm can help to medidate the tense situation (just in case).


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Ivy: I like your gown~ so sexy haha~ no wonder I was thinking why U have so many candid shots! Should have ask my sis to tag along as well haha.

My BS is delaying and not responding to me. It's already one month plus from the selection of photos and I've called them twice to check with them. Keep saying will call back but never. Cant wait to see the layout lor..


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You are hit the nail on the spot, Cynthia!
She is very unhappy to see me married, which I think it is selfish of her to keep me by her side forever. I mean it's not that we will never meet again what. I think on the contrary I will go back more - just because I really want to see her.
Oh, my parents are divorced, dad's staying elsewhere.
Have suggested my god-mother/aunt to go along but she say my aunt don't want (without even checking with my aunt whether she wants or not) cos she says this kind of thing no one likes to go (so I didn't dare ask my aunt). Sigh...

Sorry girls. I am really airing dirty linen.
It sounds so dreary and you all don't need to hear such unhappy things from me. You have your own share of problems liao. Sorry again.
What time do u knock off on weekends? So late.

Come join us for outing lah.

It's a pity we can't find a date that all can make it. I look forward to seeing you at the next next outing


hahaha i ask her along is cos she can help me tk my wedding band...i scare lost...then like help me adjust my gown my hair etc during outdoor shots..etc ...hahahaha


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have your tried to reassure her that you're not forgetting her or abandoning her?
instead, let her look upon your marriage as getting an extra son without labour pains.
maybe with more assurances, she'll feel less insecure and won't have the moods...

i think booking a high-tea at Goodowood is quite duh, cos mass is gonna take 1hr, even if she starts exactly at 2.30pm, end at 3.30pm, some photos...leave by 4pm, reach Goodwood by...4.15pm?
Apparently, she's flying off to HK on the same day too.
I dunno how they are planning, but this is the info the church secretary has passed on to me.
I really tried my best and checked with the priest all his possible free times and his next location etc, so we can try to adjust, but really can't liao.

my little india photos not on multiply lah.
actually, these are taken by my sis who is a freelancer PG.
the real pro photos not out.
but the shoot was real fun, many pple ard.... lol.
bet your Bugis shoot was like this also, even beter, with the posing in the windows!!


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Hi Jojo,

I only been to 2 wine shops for tasting, dun really know much but i heard from these 2 shops and my hotel that it is norm to get 1.5 bottle per table for weekend, and the consignment comes in varies combination, depend on how many carton u need...e.g, i need total 5 cartons for 40 tables, i will get 3 confirm cartons with 2 cartons to be return if not consume. I'm paying $20/bottle (incl GST).


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jolene: Can you elaborate on this part? "Rasa dont give car gantry coupons and only charge by per car.. " You mean the guests can get the car passes in advance?