(2008) Brides of year 2008


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hi cynthia, i am thinking of printing those cartoon like cariculture on the front of the cover instead of using the ugly super red hotel ones. U feel is no good and very expensive too?


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hi xesthir
hmm..that is definately a better idea.
you can use the cartoon on montage, and specialised stickers for your GDL..
mine got cartoon, but is precious moment one..hehe...


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hi cynthia

the hotel does provide ang pow box and guest book, but i do not really like them..

for the guest book i will just do a simple one coz i want to match the theme of my AD.. the one that the hotel provides is those flap one, i want to have a book style one, not sure if you know wad im trying to refer to.. hehe.. hopefully i will have enough time to do the guest book, if i really end up with no time, i guess i have no choice but to stick to the hotel's..

my PS is on 2nd oct, and we also haven decided the venues.. i only know i wanna go to botanical gardens, but haven had the time to recee. where did you take your PS outdoor shoots when you got married?

so this sat will be to check out the printers, wine suppliers and if possible, buy some stuffs required for the PS and solemnization.. sunday will be to recee the PS locations.. going to be a hectic weekend!


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hi xesthir

the idea of designing my own invitation cards came across my mind too, but i tink i have too much things not settled yet, so HTB and I decided to give up this idea and will just pick a selection from what is available from the printers... and we, or rather i, intend to get 2 different cards, one super traditional design for the relatives and older generations, and another for our friends..

im actually thinking of BLACK colour cards with gold trimmings and wordings for frens!! wonder if anyone received black colour wedding cards before? anyone??


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hi summer ice
i didnt borther with PS locations, i tooks at botanic garden and somewhere around old shop houses of tanjong pagah (also near to railway).

Bedok Reservoir Park
Bottle Tree Park @ Yishun
Central Fire Station
Changi Airport
Chinese Temple @ Telok Ayer
Dempsey Hill
Henderson Waves
Hort Park
Jalan Sultan shophouses
Mandai Orchids Garden
Punggol Lalang Field
Red Dot Traffic
Rochester Park
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore Flyer
Spottiswoode Park
St Teresa Church (very nice)
Tanjong Pagar Train Station
Villa Bali


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saw this from the internet


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dor> hahaha.. we had sponsored their jiemei dress $300... we gave them an AP each.. $10 for jiemeis.. $40 for Xiongdi..(coz they have no gatecrashing..)
and $288 for gatecrashing... ($24 each) and both parents gave them AP too..

thats about +-$100 in total collectin.. coz my mum gave them $50 each...

they only managed to get 2 out of the 3 APs that we prepared... but at the end of the thing.. my HB passed them the 3rd AP...

but some of them blessed us back the AP...some treated us to lunch the next day..

Hahaha...they knew that it was just pure fun that they are coming here for... not the $$ la..

not to forget we had 12 Jiemei and 12 Xiongdi...thats 24 liaoz..

waxie> $80 max ah? where u held ur AD?? Mine still got $100... average is $90 i supposed??? coz many $80 and many $100 too..
But also got a portion of $50 & $60... some $120.. 1 $200.. from frens la... relatives is another story..

at least u have spare to cover ur loss..thats at least not too bad..

oh... coz buffet...people prob tot its much cheapr... how much ur per pax cost???

Wah!!! Ur jiemeis good ah...really get all $600!! Wah piang...$100 each la... hahahhaa...why did he bring spare cash??? hahhaa....

Morale of the story: not to have any spares! hehehe..:p

YL> hahhaa.. okie..

you can see my games at the pics...

1: "I LOVE RACHEL" in 10 different language at LEvel 1.. after open door...
2. Welcome Pump - 10times (1st of Sept so = 10) with HB lying on top of all the 12 Xiongdi... so he's saved... haha..
3. Frog Jump - from level 1 to level 3.
4. Level 3: Getting cold feet? put his feet into a pail of ice filled with numbers - to draw out a number and answer the question corresponding to it...related to me or us..
5. Level 5:Zero Point - to pass thru 7 stages from floor to head.. but at armpit height, some minor injury...PG's specs broke.. one bro crashed into him while jumping over..
hahha... so they ended the game..
6. Letterbox key supposed to be inside Ice CUbe frozen 3 days before to ensure its hardness... Lo and behold.. my mum was preparing drinks..and not knowing that faithful ice cream box contained my ice with letterbox key...
she used that ice to make syrup....only when we were looking for that piece of ice cream box did we realied.. its inside the water dispenser...
we digged it up...found the key... sisters were quick enough to make a dough out of water and flour... pressed the key into the dough..and got them to bring down to the relevant floor to wait for them to come up and bite into the dough to get the key out...
And to go down to letterbox...which was supposed to have a paper that says.. u are ready to receive ur bride.. go up to 8th floor... but the paper went missing... (maybe the jiemei slot into wrong letterbox.. hahaha..)
So they found nothing...and took the lift up to 6th and climb 2 levels... to be met with...
7. A guitar... HB supposed to sing a song....change lyrics...(we knew one of the bro sure can play guitar off hand...)
8. THere was a big pink heart.. he supposed to bash through the heart to get into my heart.. but then..bad idea... it became like breaking my heart..
and true enough..something bad did happen.... and i cried minutes before my march in... but shall leave that out.... it was indeed heart-breaking...
9. After he came in... another cake (with my bedroom door key stuffed in between) was given to them..they supposed to eat the cake..and find the hint...
10. A Love PLedge was given...he supposed to read it aloud into my room...and then sign and endorse with lipstick and signature...
12 brothers all as witnesses.... so they were all lip-sticked.. hahaha...
13. Finally.... a cup of ice water given to him...to cool down.... cleaned up... then... say the magic word..." I love you.." before he open the door with the key found inside the cake...

hahaha.. i didnt realized my jiemeis were so powerful to finish all these in 30min!!! hahahaha...best!!!!

Check out my morning express....u can get a better idea...

Happiness> yeah loh...meeting next mon...see how then..

fanny> i didnt allow my HB to be late...but htey were late coz a xiongdi was late!! coz i wanted them to go thru all the games we had a hard time preparing..
but i did tell my jiemeis beforehand..that dun expect a huge AP... a token sum...they were kind enough to ask for just 2... but he did prepare 3...hahaa..
he still give them the 3rd AP when we were done la..

My Jiemeis knew they were not there for $$.. and everyone just wanted some fun loh..

$100 each ah??? so much.. hahah..should make ur jiemeis do more!!!

wah.... but to sms them say never see their AP abit like...err.r..... i still have frens who tell me paiseh didnt come and wanted to give me AP la.
see when they'll really pass to me loh.. hahaa..:p
Some already passed to me la..

No tissue paper or notes received.. so thank GOd.. a very nice scrap book received from a student though...she must have took alot of time to draw it..
nice efforts but students can be forgiven.. Sec 3 only..

dor> huh...really ah... bad hor?? like recycled de.. sianz..

green> Fridays are out for me.. other days??

try to see what they can give.. my 10% svc charge is about $4.5k lo... how to compensate me with dinner vouchers?? lifetime anniversary stays?
hahhahaha... :p
if it was that nite.. i prob would be able to ask for waiver of svc charge loh
sianz... my fren did that before..


dreamy79 think its good to wear the nude bra.. more secure coz maybe u in a rush the gown never wear properly will 'see light'... and then nude bra can create the magic of cleavage :p

it works for small breast-er like me :p

i knw nude bra at TPY-Pretty Fit Panty and Bra shop near the KFC only $18.. i bought two, one for normal use, one reserve for wedding.. It's So sticky that i went clubbing dance all night long also never drop off :p


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I've a colleague who asked if I wanted vouchers. I told him cash please. :p

Now super stressed with Taiwan. My plans got prob cos the mountain area is flooded. Super stressed at work too cos so much stuff to do before Fri.


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lp: me 4th Oct
you also?

ladies still got time
but do fix a time to go down soon ba.. coz if need to alter will take time also

angelina: Kua is nice! hee hee but maybe you prefer cheongsam.. u can choose your EG that is cheongsam like if u like it very much.


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hi yvonne and jane, I think the thank-you speech won't take too long, keep it to 5 mins at the max if u r afraid of dragging time ... if not, u can do up a thank-you montage instead of saying it verbally, one of my friends did that
I'll be doing the thank-you speech.. thot it'll be nice to thank guests for coming


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could u advise which shop at which mall did u print ur card with?

Citysq is nearest mall from JB causeway, so is it also cheap there? Don't want to venture too far in..


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mrs.chiew : kua is for d tea ceremony right ? my MIL said that after d tea ceremony, i can wear my cheongsam..ut for what ? to wear while eating lunch ? doesnt make any sense. coz for EG i will have a dress n change to kebaya... im so sad i wont be able to wear my cheongsam

anyway, i just went to cartier to find d wedding bands, quite happy with their rings ... will compare with buying online ...


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Summer_ice: I'm deciding to design for myself because it's cheaper, I feel...But I'm only printing postcards, which is probably not what you want to do for your relatives right...But was thinking if use those more traditional cards, need to pay for the cards, plus pay for the printing cost in the cards!!


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I think chinese will all bao cash lah. I'm thinking the voucher could be fr a non chinese guest.

But actually our friends are quite generous with the angbaos. Average $100, some bao $200 or $188 for 1 person, $388 for couple, tt kind. Min is $80, but only a handful of them. But I think loss due to the elderly folks who bao less.


rach> neighbours' AB ard 80.. but per pax cost 100+.. buffet cost the same like per table.. friends gave more ave 100+ la.. as for the spare cash.. i'm not sure how much kids will be at my place.. so i ask him to bring some spare cash (just in case).. who know the kids become JMs.. wahaha

haiz... i'm very satisfied with my wedding.. so erm.. like that lor.. once in a lifetime.. getting married =spending $$.. next big expenditure is our own hse liao..


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brides: do u al girls think that its nice to wear gloves n veil ? i thot that it will look weird
which gloves that suitable for normal wedding gown ?

im so so so so sad .. with this whole gloves n veil thing


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great to know dat u have finally found D shoes
will go n take a look in multiply later

of cos we welcome u so u can give us some tips n pointers along d way....:p

no lah....there's always me n nelle to join u....im d oddball n u n nelle r d oddsticks cos im round n fat while both of u r slim n tall :p
i might not go for d wedding show but must chk if robin if he's free :p


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Piangz... I just got to know that I need to wear the yellow gold which my mom bought for me on my actual day from my home to the groom's home and I will be wearing my wedding gown! It just does not match.

How how how how.. They insist lor...another objection to them might lead to another cold war again. =(
Will the tour agency arrange other alternative spots for the tour? I think it can be done. Hope got good news soon for u.

27 Oct (Monday)? 30 Oct is my PS, so I'll be busy for those 3 days bah.

How many days before PS/wedding do you have your facial? I've pimples to be squeezed haha.
I still give $100+ AB for my friend's buffet at Rasa Sentosa. Nowadays buffets and chinese dinners cost about the same. Hehe I thought your house is already done up, how come still need to spend a lot on it? Baby room is it? ;) I may remember wrongly.

You are lucky not to incur big loss for banquet.
How many tables do u have?


green> i moved into hubby's room.. we haven't got our own house.. hehe..

facial.. best a week before.. so that it will have ample time to heal / reduced the redness.. see how ur skin normally react to pimples also.. exfoliation and mask must religiously do at least 2 times a week


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I am so disappointed with my restaurant, they change the menu this year. My menu is with 9 dishes but they reduced to 8 dishes and the dish they took out is the suckling pig.

My HTB is pissed off so are my family, they say they will replace with others. But i do felt that the suckling is the main dish tat i signed with them.

Less than 2 months and it happens to me. How gals??? DO i Insisted they provide for me? Or i ask for something else? Like discount??


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green>we are doing free n easy. anyway, have managed to cancel our booking and now need to source for hotels to stay in taipei... I did my facial last week but got new pimples out cos of stress n my period that came early.


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yo..me 1 more wk to reach my AD!!
and i cant help myself to eat..lolz..
jus cant forget abt eating...growing again..dammm
but really dun wish to care so much liao..lolz
tink i diet at e wrong timing..
shldnt have diet for photoshootin as photos can be edited to look slim..lolz....
shld have diet for AD!! i do opposite way..damm stupid..lolz..

anyway....wanted to order some wedding pens from some one..but she cant make it to do for me..so i do myself..look at my product


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Hi Blanqq

huh.. tat is very bad of them. u told them u sign that contract that state 9 dishes shd be based on the date u sign. I think suckling pig is consider quite presentable dish to ur guest..

insist that they provide for u..


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Wedding on 14th sept is finally over..phew...

luckily not much hiccups except tat i forgot to bring along my bag which my mum insist tat i carry with me b4 entering HB parents hse.

Manage to earn profit of $10K for my wedding dinner as our banquet is quite cheap..$532Nett per table, additional wine and beer cost only $200.....use the $$ to pay for the PS additional photos, AD photographer and bal bridal package.

MIL ask my HB to pay for 4 dian jin as she said they very cash tight
sad sad.... so not much bal left for honeymoon...


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Ya, it's just tat, if i insisted that they can't provide on the AD then my guest will be even more disappointed..

Waht if i ask them to give a disount & replaced other dishes at the same time


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hi blanqq.. u go check ur contract if they mentioned the menu there with 9 dishes.. if they have den they cant change it.. by hook or by crook they have to provide for u.. if there is a clause that says the menu is subject to change.. den bo bian le...

pinky81.. normally dun need wear the gold one.. its only during the tea ceremony if they give gold to u.. some of them might wan to wear it on u on the spot.. otherwise just keep in paper bag... and usually the 4DJ den MIL buy have to wear with ur kua/tea dress..


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hello Eunice

your hotel is not paying for the cards? my hotel is paying for the cards for 70% of the confirmed tables, i only need to pay for the printing leh..

actually designing the card yourself makes it have a very personal touch i feel, and is sthg different from the normal cards.. i would also want to do it, but due to time constraint, i have no choice but to choose the easier way out.. hehe.. you have already designed your card?


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angelina: y r u so sad over the gloves & veil? For veil, it is wear by u during the mornin session wen ur hubby cums to fetch u....u dun need to wear veil again during the banquet...as for gloves, act it's up to personal preference...for me, im not wearing gloves cos i find it veri troublesome...keke...but i look thr some website of brides and they look pretty wen they wear the gloves!


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Hi Jolene,

where's TPY ah? sorry...is it toa payoh? hmm i still considering cos i never wear a nude bra before haha.....cos some of my frends feedback to me is that after some sweating the bra will not stick properly :p


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Hi all, my resturant also change from 9 to 8 dishes.. due to the suckling pig.. But luckily i sign with them earlier then they die die also must give me 9 dishes..

My restaurant coorindator told me that there is no suckling pig in the food industry recently.. after reading your comments, i think it is true..


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Hi charme97, Really, it's true then.. i tot, they are trying to cut lose to make a fast deal.

I can insisted now but if dun have how???? They will start to look around now they can only confirm in mid Oct.


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blanqq.. den bo bian le.. u ask them to exchange for something lor... like me im not taking my wedding favours from them.. so going to change for an additional deluxe room... might not be exact amt.. but at least cover abit..

dreamy79.. i wore a nude bra on my PS.. den after sweating it really becomes not sticky.. so i not intending to wear nude bra on my AD.. actual the gowns come with padding also.. so can dun wear anything.. keke...

charma97.. oh den my hotel din mentioned abt the change le.. keke..


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hey gals im wanna sell my teapot set.. i bought at $50 sell same price.. coz i saw another set dat i like.. hahahhaa.. do let me know if anyone interested.. =D






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Hi Angelina,

I agree with Jeslyn, I find veil and gloves are nice thing to have for yr wedding. As for Kua and cheongsum, my mum said brides wearing kua means good fortune and therefore she wants me to wear too. We dun get to wear kau normally, so why not make use of this special occasion. We can still wear cheongsum on other days.


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hi eunice
you can get lots of idea from website in designin your cards. you can try mywedding.com
you can dsign your wedding website and also wedding card both with same theme.


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Hi all,

eheheh nice to see everyone so excited ... date is getting closed!
Are you girls all done with the wedding prep yet?

Angelina: ukfung is right about the veilt hough, I guess you won't be wearing it for long, only until the groom removes it (I'm assuming you're not doing a chruch wedding la).

As for the kua - from what I understand is that it's a traditional Cantonese outfit. If you're really that upset about the kua, maybe can tell your MIL that you're not Cantonese ( I hope you're not la if not very hard to lie right? :p) and would prefer to wear a cheongsam instead. Hope that helps heheh


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hello gals!!

erm.. just met up with nec and she told me abt ur gathering & made me come check the details.. mind if i join too? keke.. no lah.. used to be very active in this thread too.. until i got overwhelmed with work.. *lol* lemme know!