(2008) Brides of year 2008


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jolene.. ur hubby buy the SDJ how much?? mine only $1k coz my in laws not very rich le... so the diamonds quite small.. not suitable to wear with the AD gowns.. so i decide to wear during the tea ceremony with my tea dress lor..

keke...my BS provide one is give one not rent.. so dun need to return.. btw u gals tin hubby shud give hw much angbao to jiemeis for opening the door??


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ho ho ho...! Finally ENDED!! The day went pretty well except.....

- hubby's ah ma went home before we arrived his house, and waited till 1030hr she was not back yet. We started with other relatives 1st and by the time all finished, his ah ma returned.

- rushed to PJ for solemnisation, JP was already there, but 2 witnesses not there yet. Could see the JP wasnt tat happy -_-"

- stopped by the swordbearers! But my hubby managed to talk his way out :p

Too bad there was no time to chit chat with my friends... sigh... wanted to go down to recep after redoing the hair and MU but was stopped by the in-charge, told us to get ready for march in.

To all other sep brides (whose AD isnt over yet), juz relax and enjoy the day ya!


sanriobtb = i thk ur MIL shld have smthg for u de.. if nt, an angbao is good enough too!

ehhh i not money faced la.. but to me the best help for wedding is financially lor... coz tts where all the stress will be from....

and watever gold i receive, i may eventually dont get to wear them after the AD.. and i not a fan of jewels.. be it gold, diamond or whatever.. :p

yvonne = ehhh not sure about the basin thgy leh.. dont see it in the brochure though :p But i tot that was cool :D

But my hse is rectangle de... i thk easier to renovate...

ohh..my fren got the ang park central number is 2 digit lor! She is troubled whether to go and get a flat but i was telling her 2 digit - 32 is like OMG! I will go take lor! Tho its expensive...

jane = my SDJ is abt $1K+... no diamonds. At first my mum wan pure gold, i was HUH?! And told her will end up nt wearing if pure gold so i dont see the point :p So end up i get to choose the set with gold and parts are white plated..ehhh they said its foreign technology.. not sure hw it works... got ring, necklace, bracelet and earrings... Since my evening gown is tuquiose with gold and silver designs.. i tot the SDJ will look good with the evening gown.

Anyone seen my www.fariesinn.multiply.com blog? i posted my ROM photos (for those interested in peony jade) and my bridal photos with my wedding and evening gowns

Keke.. but hor, I am really not a fan of jewels. My mum bought me a necklace and i really canot appreciate it coz its pure gold but since she wants it because she is paying for it, then no choice mah.. will jus lock it somewhere lor..

But think she will make me wear with my KUA during tea ceremony.. very stressed to have so many thgs hanging ard me

Ohh ur BS so good, give u the corsages, but must see if nice anot wor and march the gown or nt :D

ACtually how much for gate crashing is really depends on individuals.. i have frens who give us an amt which we thk is TOO much and we decided to 'return' back as an angbao to her after the wedding dinner...

But of coz there are ppl who doesnt give much angbao to the jiemeis for helping out so the jiemeis got to work hard to earn their worth :p hahaha.. joking...

I thk it shld be an amt both u and ur hubby is comfy with... coz eventually its just a Xing2 Shi4...


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Not too sure which areas will be crowded/closed.
Maybe 26 Sep is a bad idea. But after 26/9 most of us are not available liao.


i agree with yvonne.. shld be some lucky numbers lor...

but shld be an amount both are comfy.. coz i believe ur jiemeis arent there to earn money oso... and if like tt...does it mean must give big angbaos to brothers after they kena thrashed and bullied for the groom's sake? Maybe that will keep them from getting the groom drunk after the dinner :p

Wedding is very costly already, so i guess your jiemeis and brothers are really there to help and not that concerned how much they are 'paid' to do the 'job'... :p The most give them a good thank you dinner after settling the cost of the wedding ^^ I think of throwing a Xmas chalet for my jiemeis, brothers and helpers after my honeymoon

by the way, i gg to japan in Dec ^^


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Fiona and Flora,
we are all having PS in the same week...mine is on 24th...now trying to settle on the locations and number of attire... let us all pray for fabulous weather that week with nice blue sky and white clouds

that's nice of your BS!! Yep, you can do your own album when you have time....


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hi ladies
seems like everyone are busy for the preparation.. me too.....:) 19 more days i will beocme Mrs... so excited.... and a bit worried... ha


yvonne, TOP as in temp occupancy permit.. after TOP then i can get my keys, then can start reno.. my timing's gg to be very very tight.. hope everything can be ready in time for my AD..

jolene, i haven done the AD schedule yet... stress...

ya jane, guy side GDL stuff cheaper, coz gotta give pin jin.. gal side parents can take part of the pin jin to cover dowry items.. actually my mum gotta buy lotsa stuff, traditional things from chinatown already 100+, then bedsheets and comforter set not cheap too I tink. go where to buy bedsheets and comforter set?

what do we need to give jiemeis ar? need to give ang bao? or buy/do gifts only?


Wow.. Jojo.. ur wedding oso in Nov rite? Enough time ah? Thought min need 2 mths for a simple reno?

Dont worry, thk the schedule template more or less the same, after i cfm mine, i send to u k?
Then u modify from there. But my daytime v easy coz only got my hse and inlaw hse... keke... if there are another hse to go then will be v rushed...

Wahh female thgs so ex...

The bedsheets and comforter u can look for it at bugis OG... they always have sales there
I bought a set with quitcover (sorry, not sure how to spell)only $50+ after 50% discount.

Unless u are thinking about those with wedding designs then I dont know :p

For jiemeis hor, normally both parents will give angbaos. And normally bride will give another ang bao la.. and gift is personal preference as a personal touch ^^ Plus they will get some money at the gatecrashing lor :p


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Jac, ya lo really hope the weather is gd with white clouds. I will be having 2 outfit, 1 ODWG and couple T-shirt for the OD PS so i need to change at outside toilet. Hw abt u?


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Meiling> I'm too busy with stuff so got not enough time to sleep. I'm not even sure if I got the time to get insomnia. Even my beautician said my eye circle is getting darker. Sob...

Jac and Fiona> Have you decided where you wanna go for PS? A lot of places can't go becoz of the F1 race. The only place I've confirmed is Regent Hotel. May go botanical garden since it's near to Regent. Dempsey Rd is oso on the consideration list but scared got nothing much to shoot there.

Btw, gals who have done their PS, how and wat should we prepare for PS? Like things to bring lah etc...


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Flora, just bring yrself and yr hubby for yr PS...hehehe... Oh and if you are going to some lallang field, do bring along some insect repellent. Also prepare lotsa tissue paper and wet tissues. Also check if yr BS provide u shoes for yr outdoor shoot anot? If not u might have to bring along a pair. But try not to bring yr AD shoes for outdoor as u may dirty it... hope that helps


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Hey gals ... kinda sourcing around for a caterer coz my mom wants to prepare lunch for the relatives after the tea ceremony. Any good recommendations?


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ya i noe lucky numbers.. but if i got 6 jiemeis.. how much to give them ne??

my parents buy for me the gold jewellery also gold but white plated.. keke... dat one they give me only during tea ceremony.. i also dun intend to wear.. just keep coz gold prices are increasing.. last time is $20+ per gram.. now become $40+ per gram le.. good investment also.. keke...

i also going japan for honeymoon.. but only in apr.. coz i scared of cold.. keke.. but maybe if then got more cash.. may go paris instead...

i bought my bedsheet and comforter at taka bed linen fair few mths ago.. den Robinson and isetan sales too.. almost all shopping centre got sales le.. keke...


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Happiness> I heard must bring a bit of food and a straw to drink water? Tissue wet or dry no problem. I auntie one, always have them in my bags. I will not bring AD shoes loh. Will be wearing my working shoes. My BS oso recommended us to bring slippers.


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I have got a practical bf tat prepared the stuff for ps and put all of it into those cabin case travelling bag, so we can drag it along, while leaving my hands free to carry the extra clothes we bought along.

What goes inside was :
1) my shoes (i had 3 pairs, he gone around wearing his leather shoes i wore my running shoes there)
2) frozen drinks (4 ribena packets.. ^^v) wrapped in newspaper kept in a coolerbag. This became very useful when we are at OD and BF was sweating like a pig. We gave a packet to my PG and she love us to bits for it.
3) plain water and energy drink.
4) Tissues to wipe every sweat off else except face. Wet tissues to wipe off dirt when u need to do funny things and endup having dirty hands or watever. I did not use any blotters are we did not have a mua to follow us around and I was afraid to make a mess when i blot my face.
5) mini batt operated fan. Trust me.. it will be use full.
6) some smallish food stuff that you can pop into ur mouth without damaging ur makeup or lipstick.
7) I brought some blinks that I have just incase my MUA did not have what I wanna.
8) Some pictures of hairstyles that you want.

Other than that, make sure u go to the ps with ur hair dried and can be worked on immediately. Apply sunblock on ur face and expose areas too.

Flora, you can always try to go north or east bah, like seletar airbase, lallang fields and changi broadwalk.


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HI erlina,
you had your PS last week too? Which Bridal shop you chosen? I managed to sneakyly took 1 or 2 myself that day, when the PG actually stared at me for a moment keke. But my MUA helped me to take quite generously..behind the PG's back


heehee jolene, actually our names sound the same, but diff spelling.. ya my wedding 8 Nov.. when i get the keys, flooring, wardrobes, kitchen and toilets all ok le.. just need to do some feature walls, lightings and arrange furniture.. met up with my ID last Sat, the time is tight but they'll try to meet it.. i tink coz my dad in construction line they give him face die die must do nice nice.. haha.. worse-case, told them they do up the place nice enuff for us to go back to change into Kua before i return home on AD, then after the wedding we gg for 3 wks honeymoon, they can continue..

thanks for sending me ur schedule when its done..! will save me some time... i'm having my solemnization on the same day so we're thinking of reaching the hotel at 2pm so we can get some rest..

Bugis OG bedsheets have lotsa designs and colours? I don't think I wan wedding designs de, just simple, one-colour will do. Must be red for an chuang ar?

Anyone has experience being jiemeis for others? Normally if bride give angbao will be how much? Gate-crashing angbao normally how much? Just trying to get a rough idea of what's the norm, don't want to be too far off...

btw, anyone has lobang for bridal car rental? thinking of getting a 2-door convertible..

How to order catering at one side only? Groom and bride hse both will have relatives there for tea ceremony and they will not follow the couple to the next place, but will wait there for the couple ya.. so will sure need catering at both sides? For eg, bride reach groom place in the morning, after tea, mayb leave for bride hse ard noon. Groom's relative stay on to chit chat and eat? Then bride's relatives waiting for the couple to come back from groom's place, so also need lunch? For caterer i looking at neo garden and ysl catering.. But for both min pax is 30 for the buffet package.. i tink ard 20 enuff le lei...


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starting to panic, a lot of things not done. girls, which printing house is cheap and good?

are u all just taking the hotel's card and just printing the inserts?

I am thinking of printing my card entirely myself to make it more special, so printing cost might be higher. any recommendations?


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jojo.. u can try major shopping centres.. most got lotsa designs.. =D

What car u looking at? I'm renting a Mercedez SLK for $450.. my AD is 7 Nov.. 1 day before urs.. keke...


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florabliss and Jac, i will be going to Hort Park and Labrabor park for my PS.

Meiling, happy for u tat u get to hav all the soft copies back remember to upload n show us.


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jojo: I agree with you that one colour bedsheets will be more functionable in future. FOr the same reason, I bought my red (one colour) bedsheets from John Little so that I can match red covers with other bedsheet cover covers. I think BHG also carry my bedsheets. Basically, it does not have to be red in colour, neither the ones with 'xi' words too. It all depends on your parents and his parents.


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florabliss < i only bring along my own mineral water. I did not prepare food... cos we already ate when we were shooting indoor PS.... They will stop for an hr during lunchtime for us to eat...perhaps u can check with yr BS... I also avoid drinking too much water cos I scared suddenly urgent need to go toilet in the heavy gown then jiat lat... kekekeke....
For indoor I wore my AD shoes... for outdoor i borrow a pair of shoes from them...


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fiona> Tat day I tried to racky Hort Park. End up we can't find the place. hehehe... Anyway, we gave up searching for it after it started to rain heavily.

SotongLet> Can we see sunset at Changi boardwalk? I wanna have a sunset photo leh.

Happiness> I tink I better bring some bread to bite on coz me and my FH get hungry very easily. I tink my BS dun provide shoes coz on the checklist they gave us, it reminded us to bring shoes along.


jane, im tinking of a Merc SLK too.. Where are you renting yours from? Can I have the contacts?

pinky, yalo i tink i'll just buy plain maroon or red bed sheets..


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what are the places u want to go but can't due to F1?

I'm getting my WG, short WG, EG, and one outdoor gown....might wear my WG for some outdoor shoot then change into the outdoor gown when we need to get dirty...

we have too many places we want to go....so still undecided right now though Four Seasons is a must go...

okay, i did some research and here's what's needed for PS:
- no washing of hair on the day itself...wash hair the night before
-bring loose powder, blusher and lipgloss (for simple touching up)
- drinks, snacks (straws for drinking) (can buy sandwiches and cut them into small pieces)
- wet and dry tissues (face towel if heavy perspiring)
- actual shoes for indoor shoots
- non-actual day shoes for outdoor shoot (best be comfy, flat shoes eg crocs)
-sunblock (apply on shoulders etc
- my makeup artist said that i can still do my normal facial regime stuff including application of sunblock....so check with your MUA
-manicure and pedicure (day before) and they have to be the same colour (my MUA told me this specifically)
- if u haven't discussed with your PG previously, then bring some pics of the pose/location u want
- your own camera
-accessories (earrings and necklace)
-wedding bands
-engagement ring

that's all i can think at the moment...will add on if i think of anything else


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florabliss < I was also at changi for the sunset scene... unfortunately we did not have too many sunset shots as I was too tired and ask for the PS to stop at abt 6.30pm... hehe... ya i am a damn lazy person...


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another day passed by on this month
hehehe so excited, i just folded all d invitation. just need to wait for my FH list

jia yo girls with all d preparation


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congrats to those who's AD is over... glad everything went smoothly... 8 days more to my turn!! gosh. im still sending out invites sia. table arrangement is still in a mess. everything else is still not done yet... haha. haven even chose hand bouquet etc etc

yeah, must post on multiply to share.


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Hi gals!! I'm in Macau now! HTB working now and im at an outdoor cafe. Faster log in and see how u gals are doing! And also dont wanna miss out too much of ur conversations! Hehe..

Hi Lost, u will be checking in ur hotel at 1-2pm? So early? I will only be checking in abt 3pm. Will it be too late? I will be having my solemnisation b4 dinner.. Scared will be very rush..

Jojo, ya, i guess u're right abt ordering catering for both sides. Will discuss with my HTB about this matter. Btw, 1 mth enough to reno meh?

U can try www.weddingcars.sg to rent cars for your AD.

Jolene, ours not say can minus table la. But that time when we book, then we say should be ard 25 - 30 tables. Nvr give them exact figure. So we can play ard with the numbers of tables. Now we counted, should be 29 tables. Anyway, my hotel is min 25 tables..

My hubby also buying all the GDL stuffs himself. Actually all the wedding stuffs all paid by him lor. So i think quite shiong for him also.

Ur reason of choosing Rasa is so sweet.. I did my AD schedule le. But sometimes always look at it and still finds it not complete. Haha. Maybe im just too paranoid n worried ba..

Jane, An Chuang stuffs is bought by MIL? Or by the bride's side? Only $10? I think thats cheap.

We should be giving ang baos in denomination of $99, $199 and $299 during gatecrash. I think should be enough le. I have 7 jiemeis.

Hi TanLee, if u wan corsages, maybe can try to go IDear collections at Far East Plaza. They do customisation and they're pretty nice too. U can c from my Multiply if u wan.


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heheheh....sure, when i get hold of d softcopies den i'll post them up....made a wasted trip to collect yest (tot my wedding albums were ready but it's d BS's costume albums dat's ready n den my PG is out for outdoor PS so i didnt get

sotonglet, fionachua n jac,
d gowns is not wedding gowns or evening gowns, it's more like those ethnic kind of costumes :p
hmm....i duno if i'll make an album out of those pics cos it's a waste of space n $, wld b glad to juz have d softcopies to keep as momento

oh i understand, im preparing for my wedding which is juz 1 mth away n my AD program is not even ready n had to bug my fh to move his butt, he hasnt even send out his invites....horrible :p
den lotsa changes to d guest list which is making my head double big :p
well, sotonglet has even u a comprehensive list of items, u may wana bring some props for ur PS oso :p


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hi meiling
if you need AD sample plan, I have.
then for AD invites, can print out the address and paste onto the cards.

guest list will sure change so...take it easy.. =D. i suggest you dun do anything about ur seating arrangement until one week before ur wedding.


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hello xesthir
you can try those at jB. or t-dragon in singapore.
i took hotel cards and they help me print inserts. its slightly more expensive..but save the fuss.

i am so excited u girls married..makes me so excited by reading ur posts..heee..


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hi summer ice
that "fomular"..hahah..
you should start looking for printer 3 months before, seletc a good printer in terms of quality, design, and price.
then after you found one, 2 months before ask them to print.
- they will take 2 - 3 days to get ready the art work.
- you check the art work.
- then took another 2-3 days to make corrections to art work.
- you check again. (noramally by now everything OK).
- printing takes another 1 week (maximum)
these process already take nearly 2 weeks.

when cards ready, give yourself 1 week tie up the strings, paste insert to cards - prepare the cards for writting.
about 2 days to write cards, then write /print address/ paste stamp...
your cards should be ready to post one month b4 wedding..

hope my "formular" works..


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as for 26 sept gathering, since i am the most "free" person AKA "salty people", i took the KPOness to take the lead..

people going:
1) florabliss
2) cynthia


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Hi Mrs Chiew &amp; Meiling,

Thank you for your advices, we have abt 1:1.5 ratio of wine. So we decided not to get extra wine. We also not free to go down to get the wine too. Will just get another 1-2 cartons of beer.