(2008) Brides of year 2008


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hmm, nubra cant give much support IMO
The seamless is good, invisible under tight tees.
You collecting your gowns so soon ya? We going to collect ours this fri. Just now PJ called me to ask for the BQ seatings... geez... now i also pushing on my fh in full force liao, kept reminding him the coordination with all vendors is his babies liao.

insist your fh to appoint someone. Tat's wat i did :p When he said 'they' will do recep i will kept probing 'who? who are they?' He doesnt need to tell you immediately but at least in the next couple of days.


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spoiltbabe>hmm, I find my superpadded is ok leh. does give some support. But of cos support is not as good as those with bra straps. Just came back from collecting my WG and EG. A bit tired now and donno how to pack the gowns off to Taiwan with us.

Fanny>hmm, what I did was have a brief discussion of the itinerary with my FH's side. Then I ask questions like who will recognise their side's guests? Cos the ones I appoint can only recognise my sides's. Then I ask if their side can come out certain people for tasks like recep lor.


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i am packing my stuff cos moving to hubby house... then my aunt keep crying... geez... so i ask her to bring my dog go downstairs for walk... haiz.... cos i scared i will cry too....


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Nec>my friend n I thought of learning exotic dance! But wait here, wait there, until now, still never registered. :p

Just collected my WG and EG. So tired now. But at least they are safe in the home now. :p They added some bling to the EG. Maybe when free, take photo.


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Oh my...it completely did not cross my mind that we need to prepare AD caterer as well...

I guess we have prepare this both side for lunch yah..

U girls..got any recommendations on caterer..

Hmm if only i did wedding lunch..would have saved on this as well...


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taking up dance classes after wedding sounds good!

woohoo, the idea of taking pole dancing is quite fun...i did ever thought of taking it up but just didn't go through with it...
i didn't know ballet can make thigh and calves big....!

are you on leave already?
do get sufficient rest ya?!


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it is consider exp. i source and the price is abt $60-80. i will PM u the contact no and you may ask them for their profile to view before deciding which one.

Hi Baylee

I got two recommendation

Neo Garden
Four season


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Jac>hee, now is talk only. Donno whether really will go learn dancing or not. Both hubby n I v nua de.

N nope, not on leave. Not planning to take any leave till after the wedding as I've impt meetings next week and need to pass over my work before I take my mini-break.


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i also took ballet last time, but i dun have muscles at all...just fats
my badminton is not doing much for me either.



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hey baylee and jo_vin, I'm also in the midst of sourcing for AD catering ... deciding btw Angeli catering, Four Seasons catering, Neo Garden catering and Deli Hub

jo_vin, Four Seasons' price is quite ok .. it starts from $11 per pax


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hey jo_vin, i took the summer set.. $13 per pax

Chimes, angeli catering, neo gardens and four seasons are my 1st 3 choice.. :D but took four seasons in the end :D


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I'm thinking of getting Neo gardens or Kims Kitchen.. Cos Kims kitchen belongs to my friend, dont know got discount or not. And Neo gardens seems like alot of good reviews..

Btw, Lost, i heard Four Season's portion very small. So rem to order for ya?


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1. bao all the ang baos.
2. Settled my sitting arrangement, except for FFIL's guests which is done, just need to type out neatly

yeah... a big rock off my chest...

Yet to do:

1. finalise all banquet details with coordinator (tmr)
2. Send all the run downs to helpers (tmr)
3. prepare sabo materials(Fri)
4. order fresh rose petals (tmr)
5. Print out all materials eg. seat arrangement, run down, table layout, to pass to helpers (Sat)
6. Mani Pedi (Sat)
7. Collect gown and photo album (fri)


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orh...msclaire has a point, maybe cos i took ballet from young, like 5 yrs old, till abt 17 yrs, so got time to form muscles.

but really the leg muscles are impt for the high jumps and pointe shoes and ballet is all leg work, turns, leaps, blah blah....the arms just look graceful can liao. :p

oooii...so anyone wanna join any exotic dance classes or not? :p


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angelina: cheongsam can not fit then alter lor
hee hee small issue ma

"older sister" dress??? don't get what it means also wor... is it a particular cuting/ style?? What color is your current cheongsam??

What's the reason for her to ask you to wear glove n veil for the western dress? she just like it or ?? Maybe talk to your FH again? Sometimes it can be just a casual remarks she make yet we take it seriously...

Just personal view that alot of things like procedure, ceremony things can follow what the parent say la... (anyway most of the time is do for them than for ourselves) but dress, deco those little things.. that is not impt(to the culture/traditional pt of view) maybe the couple can have more say... After all is our wedding ma...should give us some say.... Make special request also must have reason...should be more fair to the couple.... there is no fix rules say wedding MUST be like how .... is more like a give and take.... between familys and the couple...

annabella: http://eevee.multiply.com/journal This is a web I visit before and there is lots of template for use... maybe is useful to you ladies... MC speech also have


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Yesterday finally bring my gown to alter, >.< cost me $70 to alter 2 gowns...(is that ex??) Just hope it end up with good workmanship... and hope Just ONE time done kind of thing... not much time for re-alter....


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oh my.. you gals very fast.. buy GDL stuff and looking for caterers liao...

FH just came back from overseas last weekend.. and we only have finalised on the HM tour pkg. the pkg we booked do not have enuff pple, so we decided to change to another pkg but still flying on the same day..

still alot of stuff yet to do.. feeling the pressure liao..


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fionachua>haven't had my PS yet but have already collected my gowns. Realised I can't wear the nubra with my gowns as the fit is too tight. Which is a waste a I bought one just to use on the AD.

Am selling my brand new nude superpadded B though. Letting it go at $50. It'll cost about $70+ if you buy it at the pushcart in Suntec.


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strawclare>wah, earthquake. wonder if I can experience one in Taiwan... How's the weather like now? Hope it'll be good when I'm there.

Dor>wah, you are well-prepared.


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Hi Hi,

I decided on Neo Garden, very gd comments.

Hi, Kelly

dont be stress. Discuss wif ur HB on GDL then go see see look look as for caterer can you book 3 weeks before ur AD. still got time one.


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Lsntyl, u mean u wear together with the padding in the gown tat y too tight? cos i dun knoe wan to buy anot cos all my gown already hav padding in it. But my OD shoot i got 2 attire, one is OD wedding gown and couple t-shirt so hav to change outside toilet and thinking if i change into t-shirt of course i have to bring my bra along a bit troublesome.


Hihi all!

Kinda of new here ^^ Heard my friends said I will be able to get some advices and share my experiences with the other brides here ^^ So here I am

Had my ROM in 2006 and my AD is on 2 Nov 08
Anyone on the same day too? Venue: Rasa Sentosa

Those of you looking for simple cakes hor can try bengawasolo
my brother bought the butter cake for $5/box for his wedding in 2005. But i thk now is $6.80/box and I cannot find butter cake nw! haha... but i heard the banana cake fruit cake and chocolate cake is nice ^^ Thk range from $6.80-$8.80/box.. Still waiting for my mum to decide which one she wants.

But my friend recommended Pine Garden - I think a variety of slices of cakes for only $8/box!!! And can get tiramisu cakes :X (my fav
having that for my wedding!!!)

Went through my discussion on GDL and AD items liao but i thk leaving it to the mothers and my HB to settle :p I look at the list i wana cry...so complicated...

Bought my 4gold liao a few mths ago! Teochews faster buy the 4gold before the gold price go up again! So ex lor... last time my brother bought 1 set i thk less than $1K and mine is almost $2K!!! Duhz...

Currently busy smsing my frens to get their mailing addresses and arrange for meeting for the closer frens.. and just confirmed my dinner programme and meeting my jiemeis, brothers and helpers tomorrow :p

Kinda of kiasu right? But i m the type who cannot do lastmin thgy..will go crazi :p hahaa so better plan shui shui everythg first :p

Looking for MUA for my jiemeis, emcee and the mothers... anyone knw not so senior MUAs charging not more than $60? Hee..

Wat else ah? ehh.. i dont have VG leh... kinda of Off-budget...... keke... and hor, u all cfm ur honeymoon already mah?


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cfay n fionachua>I already have a superpadded nubra that I'm using. Find it quite convenient cos its backless and strapless. Bought an extra of the same so I can use brand new bra on AD mah. Superpadded is the one side cloth material, the other side the adhesive. The silicon is more than $100 so I didn't get.

n yep, my WG and EG already has padding. As it is v fitting, I end up getting bulges if I wear my nubra with them. So decided to just go braless that day.


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PolarWhite: oh~~ eevee used your friend one? or eeve is your friend? maybe ask her better to remove name and address /contact ba.. else pass ard also not nice


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Polar: I also shared my frd's AD schedule too but I removed their names prior sharing.

Angelina: Yap goin to get "promoted" to MRS life liao which means can hear more ppl calling me auntie..eekkk still nt used to it.

Mrs Chiew: wow u sound like a wedding advisor wo..heheh. Alter means wat? Hmm alter the sizes or length? I found nwdays tailor &amp; altership $$ also not cheap. I brought mum to tailor a whole suit of mandarin collar top with pants. It cost $29 for the cloth &amp; $90 for the tailorship.

Bubbly: We r not fated to meet leh..didnt see u ard.

Gers check out yr letterbox..the Neo Garden distributed the booklet with the $50 discount again. For those nt yet placed their catering order for AD, can make used of the discount then. Hey I sound like one of their spokeperson..hahah


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Hi Jolene

I and you are able to the same track la.
i also smsing me friend and jie mei for their surname and add etc...

i got contact u wan u got so many ppl not more than $60 i think can meet ur budget. i got if 3 and above chgs $60 lobang.

for me i confirm my honeymoon liao.


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hi ladies
i am not able to make it for tomorrow's gathering as i will be working late. but for those who can make it, pls go ahead w/o me. once again..my sincere apology.


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I have not booked my honeymoon either. Wanted to do so earlier, but hub says priority should be given to settle more important stuffs like GDL, his suit, guests list blah blah blah. Hope to go Eastern Europe. But to me, holiday dates are fixed by tour agencies and praying hard that the dates we want are still available when we are ready to confirm it. Keeping fingers twisted.

Oh, for catering, can try Mum's kitchen.


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i brought my nubra along for gowns w/o padding....but actually most gowns have lotsa padding so it's abit redundant :p so i decided to go bra-less apart frm wearing d CS i bought....


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ic ic thanks lsntyl.

Fionachua i got the same thought as you, like no support inside the gown. like no leverage right? :p


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yoyo i booked AD caterer with neo garden.. got alot of feedback that their food is nice.. and i took their mini tea set... $8.80/pax.. quite cheap le.. and their min is only 15 pax... which in fact can cater up to twice the no of pple le.. so i ordered only 20 pax.. coz i got abt 30-40 pple...