(2008) Brides of year 2008


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yup yup... in fact now i prefer nubra to the usual ones :p But during the gown collection i will try wearing the seamless one and see how it fits, coz seamless nubra aint tat thick

tell your helpers dun peep while you change :p

Haha they cannot peep much cos my boobs too small.

I've still been growing in size, too much mooncakes and icecream these weeks. :p Photoshoot is next month. Think I'll just rely on the Photo editing software to edit off my fats LOL. How I wish it's my bank account that's growing instead!
I only have 2 jiemeis plus my sister. My bf only has 2 brothers. Do you have siblings to be your backup jiemeis?

I have 2 other friends who volunteer to be my jiemeis but I rejected them cos I feel paiseh to ask them to take leave on my weekday AD.


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Hi Yvonne, i think i roughly know where to get those GDL stuffs le.. Quite a number of brides here share their info on their multiply. Hehe.. Thanks to them!

Jane, HTB comes back 2 weeks before, GDL should be around that time ba. He come back, then we go buy, then GDL lor.. But i see u all do liao, me so stress.. Haha..


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neko < yr outdoor pics very nice.... blue sky and the sea is a "WOW" combination.....

My PS, outdoor shots also not very nicely taken thats y my outdoor photo very easy to choose..haha... I am too lazy to re-take the pics.. so just make do lor... hehehe... I'm a lazy bride... :p


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sotonglet n lost,
my mum is taking 5 tables frm my fh, not too sure abt d AP cos she's covering d rest of her tables at her own cost :p

nec n sotonglet,
heheheh.....hey, we can still drool over guys lah, else life is so boring....hehehe, im sure d guys will drool over gals too :p


jane, my HTB is teochew, i'm hainanese... duno lei the pp at the shop suggested the abacus and fan so we buy lo.. i went to the shop 1 lvl above the people's park hawker center.. Shop name is Amanda something de..


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Hi ladies

Regarding the Max's Cafe catering... For my company event, I paid based on per pax but for my personal events such as BBQ and birthday party, I gave him the budget and he proposed accordingly...

So far never seen pork dishes but they got wine and beer hence I think not halal bah....

Mr Sim very friendly de.. U can call him for a quote.. very flexible too... =)


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wa since is mooncake festival really can hang those big big lantern nice nice outside house
For those who going to have wedding dinner on Sun maybe can think of having the flower girl holding lantern instead of flower hahahha


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waxie > soo good!!fantastic!!u get to sit down and mingle with ur frens..I m praying hard now that my fh will forget about the idea of my changing gowns ("p)

YL > alot of preggies lately yah...lol..

neko >soo beautiful!!I like the pics so much!!i love the colors of the sky!

I m also going for a 2nd PS soon in taipei.But this time not with Julia wedding news...It is with another bridal shop in taipei called Linli..It will be all outdoor~~yucky..yucky..yucky..Well,it is
for free so I will do it but if the weather is like that hot like now!35degrees (I will think again liao)..and last night got earthquake again..but alittle while..
Abit bimbo..my fh and his bro aldy ran out of the room.My fh open the door and his bro was holding on to their flat screen tv..while me..still sitting in front of the computer like:"what what???"


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Dun think you'll get to see this msg today. But CONGRATS!!!!

My AD is this Sunday. Still quite a bit of stuff to do. Hvnt collected my gown and photographs. Hvn't settled the schedule for the day. Speech. Mani Pedi. Prepare Sabo items. etc etc etc...

I've decided not to use nubra liao. Went for fitting the other day and they used masking tape to tape for me. Better than nubra!!

Really stressed out the past few days. Now feeling the heat. So worried that I'll forget things or something will go wrong. Had a lot of disagreements w my bf regarding the details for AD. my FMIL are so excited abt it, they seem to take it into their own hands to decide things for us before informing us.



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sotong my dear...
i drool over those bollywood hunks, then faster ask my FH what's their names, so i can get more of their movies....lol.
i also drool over some of the babes....love their bodies and the way they dance man...
so super sexy....!!!!


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spoiltbabe>hee, ya. like the freedom it gives. You got the seamless nubra too? Is it supportive? I thought of getting it but Kim said the support not as good so encouraged me to get the superpadded as extra instead.

neko>hee, lucky u retook your PS photos. At least u r happy with them now.

strawclare>wah, how come u got free outdoor shot? so lucky.
I saw some of Linli's outdoor albums. V nice! I don't understand wad bimbo?


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I know u r all busy now... but can help give me some suggestions..

I'll be having my ROM solemnisation before my cocktail and dinner starts this sunday evening. As my parents are divorced, I'll not have my father to walk me in. I can't find any pageboy as my nephew is very shy and refuses to do so.

So... how should I make my entrance? Should I walk in myself, walk in together w my bf when the emcee announces, or simply mingle w guests b4 the ceremony and simply stand in place w my bf without any marching in. Does the above sound wierd?

Also, do I wear my veil?

Really clueless abt it.

And where can I find the vows? Would like to read through a few times before the actual day in case I can't hear the solemniser clearly..

Thanks all!!!


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Dor>I know what you mean! I'm not that excited about the wedding but have prepared a rough schedule already. But my BIL is like a military sergeant. Want to make me sit down, go through the whole itinerary, want me to listen to the mc speech, question me about the carpark coupons. can pengsan. anyway, agreed to go over n answer all his questions on Fri. Hope after that, he'll not nag me anymore.

Collecting my CS and gowns today.


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Dor>I'm either going to march in with FH or mingle with guests then just stand in place for the ROM. Haven't really decided. Will see how that day. But definitely not going to hide cos i don't like to make grand entrances. Think my veil will b pulled back bah. Donno. See how my MUA do my hair.

Have you talked to your JP about the vows? Mine gave us 2 choices. Either use the standard vow or do our own. FH say we just use the standard vow. If you want that, I can search my email see if I still have it.


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Nec>I used to sit through the long bollywood movies just to beo the guys too. But now TV doesn't seem to show le so v long never watch. :p


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hey gals
i juz saw a v gd bollywood MTV on last sunday, wah...wif lotsa dancing n singing but it's modern one, d dance song is so nice, d gals r so chio in gowns n saris (so many gd looking stars r featured)....i used to watch bollywood stuff in d past on sundays....hehehe :p


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lsntyl> wah.. then i must be a military sergeant.. i wanted my HTB to sit down and go thru the iternary, agenda one by one... but he refuses say no need... when come to the bridge it will be straightened!! so now, i dun even know what will happen that day..

things to do :
- find songs
-collect gowns
-mani/pedi on sat night (how much did u all pay? i get range from $55 to $78)
- change $..


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tt's wat's exactly happening to me. Everyday I'll ask him abt the details and he'll always tell me "relax, no need to plan until so detail one, on the day I'll know what to do"

But the fact yesterday when we met the coordinator, he doesn't even know wat's going on lor.


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hihi Sep btbs..my AD is next week and gg for my final fitting this sunday. Read about some of u having nubra. Who can I buy it from?
thanks for ur help!


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hi ladies
yan palace catering isn't expensive, about $8 per head. they have lesser dishes, about 6..but its quality..
my 2 cents..


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rem someone asking for cake design.. maybe is too late but this web got quite alot of design

chXXXerylshuen.com/wedCakes017.html (Remove the XXX)
If I'm you, I'll just march in with my bf. My family is not on good terms with my dad, so it'll be weird to march in with him holding my hands, it'll look kinda fake :p


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ya, can tell its u from your pics

we're learning dancing at RpMerleon, at Adelphi....interested?

tell your FH all it takes is practice and practice. that's what we were all told


Check List:

Before Solemnization:
1a) collect on verification/appt day. Do not laminate the certificates
1b) Call your solemnizer to confirm date, time, venue, meeting pt and host

On the Day of solemnization
2a) Hand over to your solemniser: all ROM documents, ics of Groom, Bride n 2 Witness
2b) Sign in BLACK INK

After solemnization
3a) Check Original Certificate of Marriage all the entries are complete and correct, and it bears the solemniser's signature only
3b) Reimburse your solemniser
3c) Remind your solemniser to mail the White copy of the cert to ROM immediately.


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Hi jojo.. i went the the amanda dreamweaver to buy my GDL stuffs.. not bad lah.. bought everything.. :D

for AD caterer.. i booked fours seasons already.. 25 pax.. should be enough :D


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Hi Pin&amp;jie8275 - Do you have any picture to show how's the layout and setting for Max's Cafe catering? From the website, i can really see the food. Btw, is that halal?


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Dor>my ROM on 20 and AD on 21. Will use the pen provided by the restaurant.

Fanny>maybe I'm just impatient bah. Felt like he was questioning me. :p

Blinktulip>what cup size you wear? If B, I can sell you my brand new nude superpadded nubra. Letting go at $50, then price I got it from. If you get yourself from the pushcart in Suntec, will cost 70+


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dor> yr HTB reply is same as my HTB!!! he also tell me "that day, we know who will usher guests, recept easy lar, that day we know who do what, no need to plan who do what..very easy one" ----- wah rau... i wan him to sit with me and we run thru so that i can brief my sisters... he say no need ah... n keep watching tv~~~~~~~~~ now hor, i cant sleep already.. i keep thinking of sunday and cant sleep... i dunno y..

lsntyl> heeee...my HTB say i also keep questioning him...he says i make him stressed, not the wedding make him stressed..


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jac, my fh body very stiff 1. I think he will lose patience before can even practice more than 1hr. LOL.

May be i should go back to take up basic ballet bah... for the fun of it.. LOL

nec nec, please show us some bolly wood steps ah.. ^^


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fanny>hee, but for me, I planned the itinerary le mah. and stuff like parking coupons, etc all settled le. Got irritated when my FBIL started questioning me. Machiam I donno what to do like tat. :p

I know its likely cos he's concerned. But I'm the one doing all the planning. My FBIL just need to follow the itinerary I gave him. Nothing more mah.


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hai girls,
i just return from jakarta

wow cheryl n bubbly will go to ROM this sunday ya ? wow so fast ...

anyway, i gain weight when im in jakarta so when i took my fress i can not fit in my cheongsam..siao liao, i only gain i kg already cant fit

n im confused coz my MIL saud taht she want to rent a different cheongsam for me coz mine is not d "older sister" dress... i dont understand...this whole traditional make me confused..my FH is d eldest son...

n she also want me to wear a glove n veil for my western dress...which me n my FH already decided not to ,but he changed his mind coz his mother wants it

how then ??? i dont want to change my dress just because of this reason, but when i taked about this to my FH he insisted that this is his mother special request, so cannot say no

how then ??


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why don't we all gals go learn some pole dancing together? or lap dance or dunno whatever exotic dance...???
*wink wink* shake our bons bons and pretend got gorgeous bollywood hunks running around coconut trees with us...LOL...

i think i saw that MTV thing too...?
at least i saw part of this program on suria or central...SRK, Hrithik Roshan...*drooling puddles*
my FH was watching with me and shaking his head all the time...heheheh....

ballet is gonna make your thighs and calves very big. last time i danced ballet, develop powerful thigh, calves and even shin muscles (can see when we meet), not sexy one!!!!
i danced so long ago, like 10 years ago, but until now, the muscles refuse to disappear!!


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Dear all,
Any recommendation for make-up artist for Mum and MIL? Initially wanna get my make-up artist, but she charge $150 per pax.

Is it ex? I thought usu abt $60-$80?