(2008) Brides of year 2008


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really i think you dun need to lose weight!! very very very slim.....
what r ur gowns like??
i agree with what sotong said...the MTM gowns are supposed to fit you, not the other way round....
do u have any pics to show us?? Wow, only one fitting is required.....hope you get your phone call soon!

hope your CS 'problems' get sorted out soon....ya, think you should still keep other options open.


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lsntyl> I think you better push M&M, don't let them walk all over you.

Gals, I'll be going for my trial makeup on Sat. What should I take note or do? Do I need to make any preparation? Is there any question I need to ask?


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cacky, the one with 20% off is Moments that last @ People's Park Complex #02-33.

Fu Yuan has a variety of teapot sets to choose from if you do not want the common "Shuang Xi" type.


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rach (rayrachel)
<font color="ff6000">was readin the previous threads abt ur Hubby sorta fell sick or gt muscle Pain....hmm, please do take Good care of one-selves....i recently also Kana coughs, hand sprains, etc..sianz....n my Brain cant really Function well at wOrk, made a lOt mistakes lo...kana alot scoldings...sianz..Next week is a CRUCIAL Week as i need tO desperately CLEAN my room....SO damn Dirty...as my Leave Only for GDL and 7th onwards...9th is my AD, i dUno can BOok for Brazilian wax, Medi n Pedi, Massage n facial or Not....sianz, bought different packages liao yet unable to use..ahhhh.....
12 days to Ur biG day...i already gettin the jitters...haaa...but muz deep breathing...n reLax, dun stress like havin exams, but PLEAse B in pink of health, WATER!!! Dun Anyhow eat ah..so No heaty....</font>

dor (bedazzle)
<font color="0000ff">my corsages are from JB also, Tebrau City, Gt florists ma, v Good Prices....Only RM80 for 6 specially hand-made for my 6 sisters..my 7th MALE Jiemei will get a Bear design w sunflower, haaaaa, to b collected Next week. =)</font>

strawclare (strawbsc)
<font color="aa00aa">haaa....tt time was 1.3X USD, nw appreciate to 1.4....haaaa....ya, VAT tax claim but aint sure abt the Procedures and my colleagues were saying Bring Credit cards, to b safer...Haaaaa...but sianz le....scare Exchange rate for CC in SPore B exorbitant! so b exchanging abt SGD$10k (is it too much??) worth of USD lo...Hubby wanna get a Body Wallet tt wil tie &amp; secure around his Body de. haaa..mayb i will slip my $$$ in my...Bra?? haaaa...</font>


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Oh great. Join me


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Jojo..i agree they take really long..they told me to wait to OCt to get my softcopy/view the edited layout..i was like WHAT!!! so late..gosh..
They then told me they will try to rush by End sept..hmm hope they do a good job.

Brenda...gosh you going to view your pics hee so exciting..let me know how many pics u top up yah haa..me very controlled..only top up 10 pics..haha..Oh 2nd tot..i should have topped up a few more..oh well hope your pics are beautiful :p

My MUA charges $80 per pax if is 2 person and $70 per pax if its 3 person..

Charma..agree the world is pretty small...read from the papers previously..every one on earth are on average 6.6 degrees away..meaning 6.6 friends away haa..pretty cool yah

Mei..thanks..haa consoling me..hope all of us brides will be the prettiest on AD

Anyone getting married on 30/11??


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if you want fresh flowers for your AD, best to let your MUA know?
is your trial for AD?
must see the accessories and hair-dos match the gowns and the event appropriately.
and if you're going to dance etc, also do let MUA know, so the hair-style can be arranged accordingly.
mmmm...i've not been for a trial, so that's all i can think of...

other pointers?


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wo1 men3 chi1 zhi3 ni1!!!
erm, my pinyin might be off, but you get the idea..
i hope!
go make noise in the shop esp when there are new customers ard!!


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i also wan to go europe .... but $4246 ex leh.... i still considering... how much do u intend to bring for shoppin, meal etc? need to work out my sums....


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Cracky: World of Fortune is 32 New Market Rd Food Centre #02-1098
Some shops to add on yr collection:
1) Yue Hwa Chinese Products: 70 Eu Tong Sen Street, level 3(its an emporium at e traffic light junction beside OG)
2) Cheok Keuw Bridal Co: Blk 506 Jurong West St 52 #01-180
3) Sin Chye Departmental Store: #01-K3 Beauty World Centre, Upper Bukit Timah Road

Melody: u can refer to Mrs Chiew Multiply..she gt good sample for AD plan.

Mrs Chiew: muz be excited abt yr trip siah..envy


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PM's rally speech abt 16 weeks maternity leave, and increase of baby bonus.
for the first time i find the govt good. haha. cos of longer maternity leave and more baby bonus. jus nice for us, who are planning to give birth next yr? the new scheme will implement in jan next yr.


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i have the announcement of the parenthood benefits (what was announce in the news)... but the PDF file is too big to upload here. So those who are interested, do leave behind yr email address and I will email to you. Or you may choose to request via my email in case i miss out yr request. My email add is : [email protected]


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<font color="ff6000">Hi all..please vote for me....</font>


<font color="0000ff">** CLICK on "LUSCIOUS LIPS category"
** CLICK on "CLICK HERE To see the Finalists"</font>

<font color="ff0000">And... tada!! can u spot the chubby me??</font>

<font color="aa00aa">please vote fOr</font> VIVIAN WANG - LL02 <font color="aa00aa">lo...</font>

<font color="119911">Will need to fill in details lo...thus ...take 1-2mins...then remember to redeem $5 voucher after that ah...Cheers!!</font>

<blink>Thanks alot! =)</blink>

Thanks Loads!!



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LSnTYL: You've got mail.. =)
Sigh, I fired my videographer... who was also supposed to do my video montage and be my emcee for the night.. Luckily I got another friend to replace this jerk.. And found another person to do the video montage.. For the videographer, we are meeting one tonight, hopefully will be ok.. After promising us so much, my original videographer really gave such sub-standard services... and I am usually an easy going person.. and we already paid him the deposit.. I dont think we will be getting that back now since he has since gone MIA!
I have more or less confirmed my guest list, but yet to do the table allocations..No roast pig for me, too messy.. will just get my HTB to buy a hamper and bring over during our AD in the morning..


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I brought mine at moments that last last month. the 20% discount is applicable for ala carte items. I brought the package one, no discount.

Not recommended to buy the and bao packets from them, their pricing is alot higher than other stalls. Not sure abt the package, for us, we chose them because the lady boss was very friendly, she taught us alot of the procedures, and the stuff looks okie to us.


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SotongLet and Jac, the gowns fits me well (too well, if you ask me), it's like 2nd skin (if you know what I mean). As I always like my clothes a bit loose, i thought maybe I can lose a little bit to increase my level of comfort. It's not the gowns lah, it's me lah,ha ha, I just don't like tight things lor.

Jac, my gown is same shape as yours. My home pc is down, so can't post any pics online.

ha ha, nec, i undertstand your hanyu pin ying.. but think LsnTYL needs more encouragement. Tks anyway.

Flora, some things you might want to take note of, leave the makeup and false eyelashes on, watch to see if you will be oily, or if the makeup will oxidise on u.


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hee hee I got new angbao at my multiply did your see.. give me some feedback nice?? If nice maybe I bring in more :D

ya excited about my trip :p is really happy to know your HM is an ONZ thing hahhaah


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ChEryL: you using movie maker already?? Do you have the problem like original pic is clear then when import into the movie maker .. at the preview there (full screen) it become blur...

And when we wanna publish/ save the working file to real clip (End product) which movie setting is best for show?


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annabella: where do you recommend to get the angpao? i was comparing against world of fortune and the price after discount seems to be cheaper per piece....hhaha


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Hi straylamb, sure... but i can only pass you the roast pig contact over the weekend, cos its not with me right now..

have been so busy with work lately, have not got a chance to visit this forum... woah so many developments..

i think by right the pig is supposed to go back with the bride when the bride goes back to her parents' house for tea ceremony... erm... it's supposed to be the hui(2) men(2)(like what dor said), and the pig is supposed to signify that the bride is a virgin and therefore the "gift" to the bride's family ... that's what my husband grandma says lah

Ah Net &amp; Waxie > i'm still waiting for FB to get back to me, whether they can give me my choice of hand bouquet =( oh ya, their car decor very limited hor... i chose the pink one with roses and a few lilies... =(

rach> how are you, feeling better?? must be super stress for you now that your AD is 9 days away... whew... although mine is later, i'm already feeling stressed... argh...

Hi Miew , welcome! my AD is one day after yours... Is Almeta your name? very unique.. er.. were you from St Nicks?


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Have fun, flora.
When I did the trial, the MUA and me laugh so much that I have laughing lines on the powdered skin!

Here's a pic of my tea dress. This is made at golden scissors at people's park. I chose the fabric there as I wanted something oriental.

My goodness...now I am zi4 pai1 queen!



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Mrs Chiew: mine was alright leh..is your program Window Movie maker? Check on the dpi of yr photos..muz be ard 300 dpi, think it may help if u put on big screen.


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Pengz.. nelle, u are sooo slim.. can i donate some fats to u??? Mi dear ur cs and u looks super excellent ah.. ^^

Flora, i think just tell her ur main concerns ah.. for me i told her i got small eyes and round face.. can do something about it...

Ah prov ah.. u having a bustier right....imagine ur bustier being alittle loose and.. walk walk walk 1/2way some one steps on ur train.. OH oh!!!! That is y they are suppose to tailor to fit u like 2nd skin ah...It may be uncomfy abit.. but after ur photoshoot u will be used to it.


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Hi porsche,

The stalls at the newly renovated market is cheaper....

Actually I brought some xi stickers at neighbourhood shop and it's even cheaper than at chinatown..


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Hi Amanda,
Seen my photos liao ... not too bad hehe ...

I top up 2 only for my big album .. but i added a small album with 30 pictures wahahaha ...


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As for the setting, not too sure coz hubby did them. But I find these info from "Windows Help &amp; Support":
The following list provides a short description of the different setting details.

1) File type. This is the type of video file that will be published. Possible file types include Windows Media Video (WMV) files or Audio-Video Interleaved (AVI) files.

2)Bit rate. The bit rate is the total bit rate of the published video file. Typically, a higher bit rate will result in higher-quality video with smoother motion. However, as the bit rate increases, so does the video file size.

For some movie settings, the value for the bit rate will be variable bit rate. In this case, the bit rate of the published movie file varies automatically according to the motion in your video. For example, scenes in your movie with a lot of motion will have a higher bit rate than scenes in your movie that do not contain as much motion. Choosing a movie setting that has a variable bit rate can be useful because it usually results in a smaller file size compared to a similar movie setting that has a constant bit rate (with a number as a bit rate value) while still resulting in a high-quality video file.

3)Display size. This setting indicates the video display size (in pixels) of your movie. The first number is the width of the video, while the second number is the height of the video. For example, a video that has a display size of 720 x 480 is 720 pixels wide and 480 pixels high.

4)Aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of the video to the height of the video. The two aspect ratios are 4:3, often called standard, or 16:9, which is often referred to as widescreen. When choosing a movie setting, choose to publish the movie at an aspect ratio that will match the aspect ratio of the computer monitor or TV on which you or others will watch your movie.

5)Frames per second. This setting is the number of frames that are displayed per second in the published movie file. Typically, a higher number of frames per second will make the motion of objects or persons in your movie appear smoother.

6)Video mode. Windows Movie Maker can produce high-definition content in two video modes if it is running on Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate: 720p and 1080p. The number represents the number of lines of vertical resolution, and the p stands for progressive, or non-interlaced. Many plasma and LCD televisions use 720p or 1080p modes.


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Thanks, gals. More arm toning exercises and I should be ready.

Oh ya, flora, remem to tell the MUA if you have any allergies (eg. fragrance, etc.) and what you would like (eg. fresh look, glam queen etc.). I just tell her I want to look 10 years younger and she weave her magic.
" mi mum seldom dress up so must shock mi father a bit... wahaha..."
It's nice of u. Sekali she becomes so different until dad cannot recognise her!

"i have a GUY as a JM also, his corsage will be a Bear Instead"
U serious? Bear corsage? Must take pic show us after the AD leh. I have a guy friend who's helping out. I'm not giving him any corsage to wear.

Good that you see thru his true colors now than later. How much deposit he ran away with? There's still some time to get a replacement.


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i think u r rite...trial makeup dun usually include hairsyle...but u've to communicate to her in advance n let her know on d actual day itself :p
look out for if u've any skin allergies, wat look u wana create e.g for me, i told her dat i wana look younger than my actual age :p
esp when u said u have oily t-zone den have to look for shine, den fake eyelashes n eyeliners when ur eyes r sensitive...d foundation may "cake" n d colour of d foundation will change oso due to d weather....

guz ur beauty reigme is wking well for u :p u r alrdy so skinny le....same as providencia, now i feel really bad cos im as round as a ball, have weighed a few kgs after pigging out druing tis period when im hyper stressed....think i can donate my fats to u 2 n qinying :p


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Mei, discipline! Same goes with the rest of gals - take note of what you eat. You just need to endure this till your wedding day, then indulge in ALL buffets after.


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oh dear, gotta start exercising frm nxt week
when i feel stressed den i'll feel like snacking den when i return home den i'll feel so tired dat i wana slp immediately :p


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providencia, we can hardly see any flabby areas in you. Furthermore, the angle you pose is very important, can make a plump person look slim or a slim person look plump.

LSnTYL, good idea to just look for the mama. She's the one who is better in judging how much to alter.

florabliss, I never did trial make up before. But I did show my MUA a number of various hairstyles that I like. Research from magazine, website and books borrowed from the library. I did tell my MUA that I want to look younger than my HTB, but think she didnt achieve it cos the hairstyles I preferred are more matured looking.

nelle, your tea dress is nice!!! I like the oriental feel of the fabric.

Meiling, exercising sounds like a good plan. Must follow your plan, ok!


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Sandy, yap you can take more pix for the AD album. Justina's AD album looks great.

Wow jojo, you signed up with your BS 3 years ago! That's very long leh!


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<font color="aa00aa">thanks loads for voting..please continue to vote for me... =)
Hi all..please vote for me....</font>


<font color="ff0000">** CLICK on "LUSCIOUS LIPS category"
** CLICK on "CLICK HERE To see the Finalists"</font>

And... tada!! can u spot the chubby me??

please vote fOr VIVIAN WANG - LL02 lo...

<font color="ff0000">Will need to fill in details lo...thus ...take 1-2mins...then remember to redeem $5 voucher after that ah...Cheers!!</font>

Thanks alot! =)

Miew (miew)
<font color="0000ff">wow...tt really bad for the VG/PG to go MIA w $$$, may u find a better one soon... Good Luck!
i also dun tink i m gettin a roast pig, oily le...n EXP!! rather get Hamper of Hongbao...haaaa</font>

green (green_tranquility)
<font color="ff6000">yup, i m havin a guy, a fun loving to Join the JEIMEI gang, my man's bestie frm Army days, he very funny one..so when i ask my guy shall i get him like sth to wear on AD, like chest pin, etc..in the end we chose wrist corsage but w a bear w sunflower design, collection next week, will show ya here once i have the pix..hee, cant wait to see sial..but my JM (female) all warn me maybe he act as spy, haa, to know wat tricks we are gg to play on AD on the guys, also to have the KEY to open the door w a gal so he wont snatch the key n open the door for the guys, LOL...Hopefully tt day will b happening! Haaaa</font>

YQ (yanqiu)
<font color="0000ff">no worries, small matter, i gt tt frm somebody also frm Spore bride...haaa, no harm sharing ... =)</font>


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viv > u can pay ur stuff by cc..no worries abt that.but when u claim u VAT at the airport.u can opt to claim VAT by cash...cash is better...
Wow..abit too much cash aldy!!hmm..yah..have to hid the $$..in ur shoes oso can lah..

YL &amp; straylamb > I bought a 5room @ simei,super near mrt..valuation @ 405k,we paid 30k cash.
YL,I not looking for bedok area?I tot u will wan to stay near ur parents?My sis's gf just bought a place @ bedok.30yrs flat..valuation 480k!She paid 515k!I can't believe bedok is so popular..
the valuation of the flats has stablise in a way..not going higher like the last few mths..But owners are still asking for high cash top up lor..
I took a 20yr loan..but I will repay 1/2 the amount in 2 yrs time~~hopefully...

Miew > Where u got ur photographer from?no chance of finding him???ohh no..ur deposit!!!


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Bubbly did you try save as clip and re-check if the image still blur?? coz I think only at the Preview there.. the file will be blur.. going to try again tonite :p