(2008) Brides of year 2008

Wah u have good self discipline over food leh. What's your weight & height? U really look like those professional model in your pics.

Haha I just ate a slice of cheese cake with friend at TCC. :X


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Hi Brenda,

Mine is not package tour, is those 2-to-go F&E with land tour, without meal..package tour dates don't suits us. Thinking of changing 2K, the rest just sign cards..don't want to bring too much cash.

Hi winterling,
I'm leaving on 5 Nov. U staying over at grand canyon area to watch sunrise? That's the selling point in Dynasty package.


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sandy (santhogk): Can share with us your F&E land tour agency? I went to dynasty before but they do not have that 2 TO GO USA package.


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Hi WinTerLing, i booked mine with Dynasty too .. but my departure is on 14th Dec but i paid more @ $3,138. How many days u booked for ?? Mine is the 12days with Grand Canyon stay.


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<font color="aa00aa">juz went MOS w my hubby n his colleagues....n back hm abt 3.40am..LOL, now doin KOSE black mask.....it's been a reaLLy Long time i last clubbed....maybe 1-1.5year? haaa, as my man dun really like me to go clubbing...i used to be a heavy weekly muz go at least 3 times clubber, to a TOTAL NO more clubbing....after ROM....haaa....sianz...until today 'break rule' lo....so happy to be dancing to House, R&amp;B, Retro tunes....haaaa....</font>

<font color="0000ff">my man booked w ASA another cfm Tour, 12D (shorter trip) leaving on 11th....Sep....sianz....as our banquet package the Co-ordinator gave us 2 nights free, checked in on 090908, n checked out on 11/09/08 2pm...the flight for the USA will b 11th will b 0600hrs ....gosh...gota let go the 1 Night trip....haiz....sianz...DAMN sianz!! Looks like my wedding plans aint as well planned n well organised after all....feel like ...i duNo hw to describe hw i feel nw...**signz**</font>

--- waxie24 (waxie24)
<font color="ff6000">thank u for the Link...my ideAL departure timing is in sep....as all our leave have been plotted n confirmed w our work places..thus, it's like DIE DIE muz go.....haiz....thus the Link they gg in DEC is Outta the list...AHHHHHHH!!! Sianz!!! =(</font>

<font color="ff0000">feeling damn shitty and No mood at all to the AD....n HM....AHHHHH.....damn sianz.....</font>


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waxie>thanks for organising the birds nest spree!
Hmm, can meet bean at the mrt station control mah. That's what I did when I collected my birds nest from kirei previously. Didn't come out of the gates.

Green>hee, how was Kim? I know lah. I oso felt quite paiseh when she tried it on for me. But at least feel more assured that getting the right size.

Viv>glad you confirmed another tour. 12D oso quite long. hmm, why not negotiate with your coordinator to 'collect' your 2nd night another day. Maybe a special day after you come back so you and your FH can celebrate another nite?


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when she brought me to the toilet i realised i was wearing a dress -_- totally stripped for her!

at least now you find another travel agency tat has confirmed departure
If you both wish to stay longer i'm sure can make arrangements to extend your stay there. Yours aint consider shitty liao, my HM has to wait more than 1 month to go, and i heard some brides has no HM or juz a short trip to neighbouring countries... you are very fortunat oredi
cheer up!

Were you at TCC bugis last nite? I was with my 2 other lady friends... Not sure if i saw the right person coz i cant see well under those lights :p

Yipee! collecting my albums later! And gonna do some shopping in vivo later :D


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viv> haha...wah you are good... 'turn over a new leaf' almost immediately.. i also used to club like 3 times a week...
that was during uni days..hahaha.. but i totally quit after graduation... now all stiff and fat le... all those dancing are really good exercise..
sweat out all the toxins man. haha...

i prefer Retro.. hehe...

Cool!! I'm also gg on ASA tours.. why did u choose ASA??

Wah.. so u gonna book out one nite earlier?? Or u try to see if u can change to something else?? else bo hua leh...

We are checking in 1st Sept.. checking out 3rd Sept.. 12pm i think...and flight is supposed to be 3rd Sep 10pm (from the airlines site)
So we can still go home have dinner with my parents before we fly off... hahaha..

Still dunno our trip confirmed or not.. maybe i should make a call now!

Dun be so affected la.. at least u gotten ur HM afterall..

There's no other departure date to US on 12th or something???

Argh.. i just called..currently, there's 8 pax... sob sob... needs 10 to depart..... gosh......
If 2 more persons signs up...then we'll have our HM...else we may have to choose other alternative!!!!!!!!!!...
Sob Sob....

Welll... at least ur trip is confirmed.... sob sob.... we will only know by 15th August...

Anyone wanna go to Korea +Jeju 3rd - 10th Sept?? $1268/pax exclude tax....

spoiltbabe> hehee.. so what size did she recommend u in the end??

Oh.. i'm meeting my BS's Brides for some makan session at one of the Btbs place.. hehe... HB is still at expo fair... last day tmr... sigh sigh.... gotta spend my holiday alone...with my parents maybe...


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OMG....u guys are really getting me in the mood for F&amp;E now....arrrghhh....so tempted now... kekeke....better go discuss with my FH liaoz ne....we didnt even go Natas to check it out...hahaa....cham cham....

Waaah....Keer, u charging how much for ur tour guide services? kekekee....

Nec, if I go F&amp;E, can I take a look at ur itinery next time? kekeekkee....


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hi hi galz, jus happened to browse thru this forum. I m getting married in 27th Dec this yr too! So excited!!So many 27th dec brides here!

Oh, my bridal is wif GHA(yishun) and m holding dinner at Orchard hotel!=)


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viv &amp; rach > haha...u are all so hip..hmm..the last time I went clubbing was 21..haha...9 yrs ago liao..haha~~ I have sleep at nite..even my fh oso..
Got gals ask him out to go clubbing in taiwan.He said, " can..but I have get home by 12midnite..I need to sleep.."..haha..total turn off liao..

green > I 44kg leh (I still trying hard for 42kg)..1.58 only..damn short..haha..I did advertisements before..but I was a lazy person.I get fustrated taking photos..until the photographer cant tahan me..haha..so I stopped doing adverts liao..The PS reminds me of my nightmares manz..haha..U skinny leh (saw the pics of the latest gathering)

rach > will lah..just 2more pax..can make it lah...be positive..

viv > yah..12days very long...gosh...its just europe??paris only??


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clare> hahaha...thats why u are such a good match with ur HB... Mmmm.. but i old liaoz.. i also long time no club liaoz...thats since 2003.... 5 years back.. hehehe... almost same age la.. about 22 then...

hopefully we'll get to go loh.... praying hard...
Lsn, Spoiltbabe,
Kim's service is ok. She commented that I'm very flat, need to buy the silicon nubras haha!

Good to hear that you have settled your HM.

Dun worry, I think your HM will be confirmed soon. Hehe the agency still have 1 month to grab 1 more couple into the tourgroup.

Since your hb at expo, you can ask him to buy the bedlinens at Metro sales.

You look very tall in the pics, not short lah. Me whole life never try 44kg before LOL. Me look slim? My weight is now 60kg liao after 6kg gain this year :p My friends and students asked me why I suddenly grew so big size.

Posing for photos isn't an easy job lor. I think the model has to smile until lips numb, stand until legs cramp...


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<font color="119911">haaa.....i was a heavy clubber in my 20s...18 my 1st place to go SPARKS after O levels...but i was a 'wallflower', stand there n stare..then my frenz drag me into the dancefloor and the rest is history...was v keen into dancing but not too Professional de la...later break bones how....i aint v flexible also, cant shake much, all bones stiff liao....LOL..i met my Hubby 5yrs ago at the central mall club...i think it was called 'SOS' or....then Madam Wong 2....thru my bestie...LOL...eventually, my hubby start to dislike me gg clubbing as he felt gt many "werewolves" there lo..n he v short temper also...etc etc....then he asked me to put a halt to my clubbing life after ROM (18th May 2007)....OMG, was really kinda sad...haaaaa</font>
<font color="ff0000">Now only go KTV pubs, else hang ard w frenz at vivo or where to eat and drink....else acpy him n frenz go prawning n tts nt my cup o tea...as i went 1st time w them to Yishun Bottle tree park there prawning...they caught a few prawns n i watch them BBQ alive i was in tears immediately as i watch the prawns struggle...haaa..tt was hilarious....i gt v emote esp w Animals....ahhh...but i do eat fish, meat...contradicting sial....</font>

<font color="aa00aa">i m headin USA lo...12days liao, but i think 3days on flights lo....sianz....initila plan was 14Days n nw USD appreciating, really sianz.....today 1.4 le, kaoz...
u r pretty light le for ur height! Haaaaaa...</font>

spoiltbabe (vernwyen)
<font color="0000ff">it's the same agency, ASA lo, they offered us this other alternative ..else the next cfm was 26th Sep....my leave is plotted as wat we thot planned for 13th - 27th....thus.....cant go for that.....lesson learnt the hard way sial....hee...collecting albums later! Yeah!! it will turn out pretty n lovely!! =) Muz share ah...hohoho</font>

LSnTYL (lsntyl)
<font color="ff6000">ya, i also thot so..hubby said maybe get the night stay get another room for the JIEMEIS/XIONGDi to sleep Overnight....sianz, 9th wedding, 10th check out 2pm, feeLs kinda shitty n Rush..but bo bian, n luggage better start early to pack so No rush n 11th Midnight 0400hrs go Airport take plane to USA....</font>
At my workplace, we can apply for leave and cancel them later. Your side cannot change the leave ah?

I have taken leave from 24 Oct to 1 Nov to nua around and take my PS haha.

You have already gone for 1st round honeymoon at Desaru la. The coming one at Sept is 2nd round hehe.


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<font color="119911">yup...small...as my position only 4 pax..rotation basis to go on long leave ....Oct n Now, Dec have the others plotted...thus....can really cancel..hmm..need to think abt changing Jobs...
the desaru was strictly Phototaking, no stay over night or wat la...haaaa</font>


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Hi everyone,
Looks like our thread is abit tone down nw.. keke..

Jule and qunqun,
How's japan? was the weather cold??

AD fotos are a headache.. so many.. *fainted* i also gt about 1k of fotos.. wah...

Take care.. =)


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oh yes, this is 2008>< anyway, thanks a lot for your comments, Sanza and Rach =)

actually i am considering a western style restaurant.. wanna do sth less traditional..

thanks for all the suggestions!!! time to have a look of them in google!!!

thanks brides!!


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Hi to all e Mrs,

Herez my much desired n anticipated AD shots...
My PG did a good job, despite e occasional shower n slight expected hiccups...

Enjoy e viewing n may those who wish 2 start ur family can hav ur dreams come true!!!!

Go to home --> click view all and u can see our blissful moments...

Cheers (for those who still log on to this thread, hope u all doing great!)


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I today go buy GDL stuff , so crowded in town and hot sia . I have post my GDL item on multilpy lor free feel to view .

Now then i know all item mean something .

Waxie Tuesday I will be in Tiong bahru , Monday I at bishan .


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Hi Jo_vin, I did my selection of photos today.. We did alot of sessions in selecting the photos. End up, we did not top up any..

There was a few we like but we were very firm..


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rach - i'm looking for like the aussino's but I think very hard. I saw blissloft type of quilt cover at chinatown. The color not quite nice..

Any pic of the set that you bought? if i can't find the one that i want, most probably i'll get normal plain type of quilt cover.


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Metro Sale>Missed out on this earlier.. hehe... i went to the preview on Wed... i knew i wanted to find pyjamas..and only bedlinen... so i zoomed straight to the bedlinen section..
Found chiffon silk material set..with bedsheet, and comforter.. $69 nia.. hehe...usual price is $299 (dunno how true)
Queen size.. :)
Red and brown and gold color.. :)
And 2 pillows.. @ $24..
and a suitcase...for honeymoon...and for that..we got a free digital clock with $100 purchase.. haha.. :)

we went about 6plus la.. i left by 715pm.. :)


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green> i dun think u are flat.. Mmm..did u get silicon light in the end????
i think not worth it wor.. i think super padded is enough.. i've seen really flat gals..and they use super padded also can liaoz...
sometimes feel that Kim is just trying to earn more money like that.. mmm.....

Only got 2 more weeks ah.. by 15th August.. tat is only 1 more week.. in the next week.. if nobody else books..then it's gonna be cancelled liaoz...

Oh.. i bought the bedsheets on Wed liaoz..during the preview.. just realised i didnt post it earlier.. i went to search out the post le... have posted it a while ago..

you must have weighed 44kg before u were 60kg.. haha... I think i was 46kg when i was in Primary 4..and i've never gone down since... my lightest is 58kg in sec 2... since then...its always hovering ard 60-75.. my maximum is 79kg! hahah..
My ideal is 60kg.. but i'm currently 72kg! *gasp* i think i'm like 1.5 times most of ur weight loh.. haha..

can easily crush u all.. keke... :p

haha.. ya la... all our photos one by one all out le..

viv> hahha... my 1st time was i think..sec 2.. fire tea dance... hahahhaa.. stand there shake a little bit with my frens..
we left after a while... following that is 18years old.. after A Levels..we went to Lighthouse 65 at Boat Quay.. its still ard man..
hahah... and then the rest is Mohd Sultain, Venom (now is call what huh... )..Orange.. haha.. Mdm Wong.. hahaha..most of it dun even exist now...
Seven also issit?? at Mohd Sultan there.. haha.. sounds so old now... hahaa... those were what kept me still rather slim.. i'm heavy boned.. 60kg already look like 55kg...
u all cant tell i'm 72kg now rite? hehe...

msbean> i've been looking for ur kind of pyjamas!! how much is that huh?? i want!!! silk material rite?? wah liaoz... yest i just bought a pair loh..sianz... and its those kiddish de.. kaoz..
i want urs!! duhz!!!

celine> Mmm.. no pic leh.. its at metro sales.. Mmm...maybe tmr u can go see?? tmr is last day.. Metro at Expo Hall... 4?? or 5??? Very big..cannot miss de.. think its hall 5...
Walk in... go towards the right side.... near the two o'clock direction..u'll see bedlinen.. mine is Novelle brand..

$69... allll right la.. not fantastic.. but dun wanna spend $150 for the blissloft kind.. so we bought at $69.. good enough.. its 350threadcount loh.. i think very good liaoz..
it states usual price is $299 wor..so i think can la..


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cant stand guys. mt HTB say he intend to buy his shoes only one week before the AD. am i too kan chiong and is he just bo chap.. he says im getting too anxious. he dont beliff he will hv any problem finding his shoes that one week before.

AD schedule - hv u gals start planning/ writing out your schedule? my HTB says dont need to write his AD (day &amp; night) schedule out. says all is in his head.... (i cant believe this lor). like so "unbothered" leh.. anyone prepare yr AD schedule without properly wirting down?


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<font color="0000ff">Haaa, u were an early CLubber!! Sec 2!!! i think i was Sec 4/5 (after O levels)...my gf went to CANTO (marina south/bay) then the tea dance , ya....then when i reached 18....SpArks....then 19..i met afew mature ladies n hang ard with them to go Club hoppin, i used to Love china Jump@CHIJMES, Madam Wong (Mohd Sultan), DA JIE, all along Mohd sultan....i love Top 40s, POP tunes esp by Kylie Minogue, then club 3, 7 all start to pop out - Techno music...then DBL O, then POly was Venom Free entry on Tertiary Nights....Ladies Nites were my gf n my faves, drink till we mad....but afterall, i m still not a GD drinker....LOL...those were the days....last night went MOS i noticed many youngsters dancing they so called "shuffling", looks tiring....ya, rach, i agreed, danicng seems to b keepin me in shape....Now lost the Shape..... =(</font>

<font color="aa00aa">Previously i mentioned abt gettin glitter/shimmer lotion for AD....i took some pix of wat i have, leftovers from Clubbing days...LOL
**DavidOff Shimmer lotion (LEFT)
**Bangkok bought glitter gel (RIGHT)
the outlook were in the pix as follows, the Davidoff MORE subtle shimmer...the latter is like gt Blue hearts, more larger size glitter...</font>


<font color="ff0000">**DavidOff Shimmer lotion (LEFT)
**Bangkok bought glitter gel (RIGHT)</font>




<font color="119911">=)
Just to share ideas...so tt day (AD) we all will be sparkling and glowing!! =)</font>


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<font color="0000ff">i think it will be better to have a checklist, and schedule to follow will b better so ALL knws wat time muz do wat n bring wat lo....juz a comment...maybe ur hubby dun wanna get too stress n felt maybe juz go w the FLOW will do ba..maybe..??</font>
I just bought the superpadded nubras lol. Aiyah bridal studio will stuff more pads to make us fuller in front. What for pay $70+ more for silicons? ;) The gal who came before me bought the silicon nubras though.

$69 is a good deal. I saw silk bedsheet sets selling for $160 to $200+ at the Metro &amp; John Little stores!
I dun believe u both never stay overnite at Desaru haha. After photoshoot, all will be so tired, then still gotto drive back to Spore on same day?

Thanks for sharing your findings. The DavidOff Shimmer lotion was recommended in 1 magazine! How much is 1 tube? I was browsing thru magazines when I went saloon cut hair last week. Hehe I think I'll only use the tube probably once for AD banquet cos I dun club, so no chance to use it again.

Actually the excessive oil (sweat on my face and neck) will give me shimmers on AD liao LOL. I find that I always sweat in my bustier WG and halter neck EG. Even in aircon office, I cannot wear top with sleeves, or else I'll be sweating profusely.


fanny &amp; YL> most prob will meet u gals at raffles on monday..

msbean> bishan will be better for me la.. on my way home.. haha.. i'll sms u to confirm time..

i'll be going to get them sunday evening instead.. got chauffer... hehe.

fanny> metro sale is hall 5, tell ur FH to get faster.. normally leather shoes not as cheap as items.. and also where got time to buy shoe 1 week before.. even if he's not picky abt the price n design..

i've prepare my schedule liao.. given to my jiemeis, the xiongdi, let them know about the flow.. shun bian write wat suppose to bring etc..

viv> good idea of shimmer.. i realise i have something like that also.. the plum shimmer lotion of "body shop" christmas series.. smells very nice.. the shimmer is very fine also.. hehe

green.. the lotion u can use for dinner/functions also ma..


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<font color="119911">green</font>
<font color="aa00aa">haaa...seriously....we drove to JB at 0900 hrs to get makeup done..then drove to desaru at abt 1100hrs....took pix until abt 1730-1800hrs n drove back to the bridal studio to remove the makeup, etc....thus, NO STAYIN overnight lo....</font>
<font color="0000ff">i gt the Glitter Lotion w fragrance....i think cost $100 ot sth for the promo set tt time....i Duno Lucky Plaza those prefume stores gt sell this Or nt....small one also Duno..but it's v Shimmer...else can try SASA to see gt any other shimmer glitter to apply.. =)
if after AD dun use liao..no la, i will apply if i gt D&amp;D, dinners to attend... +D </font>


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<font color="119911">green</font>
<font color="aa00aa">haaa...seriously....we drove to JB at 0900 hrs to get makeup done..then drove to desaru at abt 1100hrs....took pix until abt 1730-1800hrs n drove back to the bridal studio to remove the makeup, etc....thus, NO STAYIN overnight lo....</font>
<font color="0000ff">i gt the Glitter Lotion w fragrance....i think cost $100 ot sth for the promo set tt time....i Duno Lucky Plaza those prefume stores gt sell this Or nt....small one also Duno..but it's v Shimmer...else can try SASA to see gt any other shimmer glitter to apply.. =)
if after AD dun use liao..no la, i will apply if i gt D&amp;D, dinners to attend... +D </font>


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<font color="aa00aa">wah!! Sentosa wedding eh..muz b dress dwn , casual kind, can b romantic de wor..can have lovely set ups like those simple weddings in USA kinds....</font>

<font color="119911">Body shop...ya.....they also launch some Shimmer body lotion thingy in Xmas period, if not wrong...heee....those matt small glitter shimmer will works well on us on AD...apply on our lovely backs, arms, hands....yeah...so nice n sparkling! NOBODY can OUTSHINE us!!! LOL

i recalled at times, Body shop do have those mini warehouse sALE held at Suntec rooms XXX, occasional i go Suntec walk w Hubby will see the ads la, see gt any sAle for stuff there...can sell dirt cheap lo...Summore their pdts Not bad la..i like their essential Oils to burn, nail 3 in 1 buffer, shiner, etc....</font>


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<font color="ff0000">oh...we drove to the bridal Shop by ourselves...but were chauffeured to the Desaru by our bridal Studio crew...thus, we no drive la...i admire scenery...my man sat in front w the crew talking...LOL</font>
Viv and Waxie,
Bodyshop has clearance sales at Causeway point, level 1, lobby twice a year. Discounts are 20% to 50%. When I see it, I'll tell my friends who use Bodyshop prods. Personally I dun use its prods because I find them too rich. I prefer lighter lotions/gels, and I'm a lazy woman, hardly apply them too.

I cannot tahan long drives, they make me feel dizzy LOL.


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<font color="ff0000">Ladies....</font>
if you have a sister/bridesmaid to follow u/carry ur train the whole day/night...here's the list of stuff to bring....for reference Only...can change/omit if not applicable to u..

<font color="aa00aa">
* Pouch - any colour to match her dress....
* Panadol - just in case bride have a migraine...too stress..
* Compact Mirror - a small one to see for rapid tpuch ups..
* Safety Pins - for tears n rips
* Plasters - for possible blisters...after so much table to table toasting n phototaking...NUDE/SKIN colour please, NO cartoony kinds!!
* Sewing Kit - you'll never know u'll need this for QUICK repairs
* Mke up remover wipes (can buy from Biore/watsons) - wipe off makeup smears, n removes all makeup on the go
* stain remover tissue - handy if bride spills sth on the white gown...
* Blotting paper!!
* Lipstick - NO GLOSSY kinds!! matt preferred n close to wat matches the bride</font>

<font color="0000ff">Hope this Helps!!!</font>
will add more stuff soon..if i happen to do the list... =)


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green &amp; dor > for the nubra,if u have not enough cleavage..This a trick I learnt from my MUA at julia..She sewed up my nubra!!Thats y I got maximum cleavage...My breasts are also far apart kind..So I use nubra oso still got gap inbetween.
So after u wear,use some thread and sew up abit..the bottom part together..So it will be closed up..Go try at home..Too bad,cant really show u..

rach > but u are tall..so u are just rite lah..I m short leh..haiz..and I m muscular kind.thinkin of the standard chart marathon..10km any gals here???I need company leh..haha..
Must take care of urself..no more stairs for u oso!!Asthma is serious leh!!

Viv > soo cool!!Can go buy coach...abercrombie.tiffany..Krispy kreme donuts...etc etc..

Worst come to worst..not enough cleavage..use Medical tape..Those 3m kinds..tape ur boobs together..It oso works..and its medical tape..so its not painful when u remove it.


anyone for karoke today??heehee~~


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i went Metro sales yesterday but didnt buy anythin. The bedsheet sets are cheap but it cant fit into my king size mattress as it's 13inches high


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rach , the pjames cost $13 dollars good buy right . go get it la the material is silk silk type . That shop have full range of GDL stuff and wedding stuff . The address I post inside my multiply lor . STill hv a super big angbao for pin jin today I will post it .

SO waxie you will be in bishan MRT on monday right ? I dismiss at 630 reach bishan around 715 a guide to you


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FAnny : same same la my hb also almost the same , for me I just hack care, and I tell him you are the host that day and u dun make your self nice is your problem . And slowly they will go chase you let go and buy . like my bed until now have not buy and today he automatic message me next week go buy .
Male shoes you can go Queenway shopping centre a lot .

Relax abit , I dun care much after all my thing have been done , and I just tell him you do this and do that . because alway chase make me " PEK CHEK " ,why make me unhappy .

RElax myself Next week I going batam for spa lor

Ok lor I going back my own hse to do housework lor , see you all in forums tommmor office hrs