(2008) Brides of year 2008


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YL> yeah... i hope it'll be good too.. hehe.. departing on 3rd Sep.. coming back on 10th sep..

Mine is 8 days..including Jeju..

green> hahaha.. i was the one who sort of chose Korea loh.. cant go anywhere else la.. too ex.. this is already abit out of budget.. wanted to spend just $1000 de.. hahah.. now is $3000 liaoz..

spoiltbabe> how come booked 2 trips???? why need 2??? Mmmm... ???

i wanna go buy bedlinens. but looks like no time to make it there tmr.. Mmm....

www.blissloft.com has some nice bedsheet! i wonder how much..prob going to Chinatown to check it out! Its under Bliss COllections..


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i insisted to go bintan... keke...! My fh course ends in mid oct, in between feel so empty litat so booked bintan for a short getaway. Time to get a tan!


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mrs chiew, i dont understand why d gust invitation causing u feel tired ?
is it because too many people to invite or because of something else?

for me, my FH's friend will make the invitation n i made my gust list already..but for his GL, not confirmed yet..sigh...

for the AD schedule, im still confusing..coz from my side including me r still blind with chinese wedding ...


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spoiltbabe>enjoy your 2 trips. Must be fun wor.

Rach>hmm, think its the same trip but your timing is earlier than the other bride. You will be back from your HM before my AD finishes. :p Hope its fun.


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wah spoiltbabe, you booked egypt trip. so cool.

me and fh din join the natas queue in the end. the queue super super long. see liao sianz. anyway, we decided no point for us joining the queue cos we nt planning to go anywhere far for HM. probably either HK, or thailand only for a few days only.

wanted to go bedlinen fair today... but my idiotic fh want to do his car. sianz. dunno change wat suspension or caliper or watever. idiot. waste money. never see him so enthu when i tel him to do wedding prep. every night i see him at the pc reading those car forums and checking out the different stuff for car. irritating. so nw, im left alone at home, later need to iron clothes. sianz.

green, you gg to the natas fair today is it?

btw, hw much is ur bintan trip?

i went to the watsons fair only. only bot tissue papers there. it's cheaper by 50cents. watsons queue for cashier very fast.


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hee hee yar one of the thing is really quite alot of guest we have 40table.... Once you send out the invitation still have to follow up and update my guest list.. is the waiting for them to reply and rearranging things that make me feel tired... not really on physically but mentally ba... :p

Actually GDL stuff if u really don't know what to do.. maybe should ask your MIL and FH to go down china town once time and get the shop owner teach u.. but then of coz.. they might want you to buy more things tell u need this need that.. (that can be your last resource)


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hi gals... its now 12.15 am in santa clara... but i am not the least bit sleepy at the moment. :p
thanks mei and chervl, will try to be less stress though it is hard :p

hope everything is fine there with you gals :p


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Ah Net,

Your FH is the same as mine. Yesterday jus went to spray his bumper, just because a small little scratch. Everynight also sit in front of PC for hours to read the forum


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hi hi... Very happy this weekend
We went to the NATAS Fair yesterday and bought ourselves our dream honeymoon... Free&Easy to Orlando, Florida. 14 days of pure fun, entertainment and chilling on the FL beaches!!! Out of so many agents we stopped, we felt Dynasty gave us what we are looking for. Gonna stay in luxury at either the Marriott or Sheraton too! It's our first time travelling in such luxury

R&J ... managed to find your cruise trip? I saw this Carribbean cruise line coming to Singapore. Quite ex but I heard it's very good.

Btw I posted our childhood montage on Multiply as well


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Ah Net/Crown < Same here. My husband also. Just Friday went wash and polish car with his friend till 4 am... then later will talk abt use wat silllent good la, or what polish good la...then will talk to his frd change this change that on the car la... and yes also reading the car forum... haiz....

YL < Thanks for consolidating the order... do let me knw when I must pass/ trnsfer u the money k...


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hi all, I'm also getting married in Dec
Mine is 5th December at Swissotel. I'm with Everbliss.
How are all your preparations? I've just booked my honeymoon trip to Mauritius at Natas, waiting to take my local photoshoot in September, and basically nothing else at the moment, except consolidating guests lists from colleagues. Family and friends not asked yet.


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crown, and happiness, *hi 5!!!*
my fh out since 1030am lor, nw 6pm liao, stil nt done with his car yet! bloody hell. dunno why our guys like dat one, wat's the big thing abt car. it's only for transport mah. y must change this change that. not as if change liao will become ferrari lor.


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ask u all ar, is emcee speech a must-thing to prepare?

i told my fh to do it. but until nw he stil hasnt done it at all. all he cares abt nw is modification to his car.

so jus check if emcee speech is impt. can let the emcees on AD jus say watever they wan? and however they want? impromptu can mah?


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<font face="Times New Roman"><table border=1><tr><td>Name</TD><TD>AD</TD><TD>Venue</TD><TD>BS</TD><TD>PG</TD><TD>VG </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lydia</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Anne</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>TO</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD>WS.FeldBeryl</TD><TD>Bigdaypictures </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ciremis</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>FSH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sassy_girl</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>SH</TD><TD>Divine Couture</TD><TD>Xiao Yi Xiao (DL)</TD><TD>Xiao Yi Xiao (DL) </TD></TR><TR><TD>Jacqueline</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Winnie</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>FCC</TD><TD>The Aisle Bridal Boutique</TD><TD>Aisle Bridal</TD><TD>Aisle Bridal </TD></TR><TR><TD>Katherine</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Raspberriez05</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>CSA/KC</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD>Nozza.net </TD><TD>Nozza.net </TD></TR><TR><TD>Linda</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>joeve</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>June</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>CC </TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>TanLee</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>HI</TD><TD>Jazz B</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>cho</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>applepiez</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>TO</TD><TD>Golden Horse</TD><TD>Lightbox production</TD><TD>Lightbox production </TD></TR><TR><TD>sleepyapple</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>CH</TD><TD>La Vie Bridal</TD><TD>One Eye Click</TD><TD>Visio Workz </TD></TR><TR><TD>qinying</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>TO</TD><TD>Divine Couture</TD><TD>William Chua</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Fruittea</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>HI</TD><TD>Milan Weddings</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sharine</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>HG</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Sam Wong</TD><TD>ForestProduction </TD></TR><TR><TD>sockie</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>kat</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>SMC</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD>Jayce Photography</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sandy</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>PR</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Jane</TD><TD>7/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Santiago </TD><TD>One Eye Click</TD><TD>Wow Media </TD></TR><TR><TD>Shermie</TD><TD>7/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lost</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Signoria Nuziale</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>chemie</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>FSH</TD><TD>Volan</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>ylbbubippah</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>mi_kel</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>abc</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>CH</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD>Essential Photography</TD><TD>Essential Photography </TD></TR><TR><TD>jie</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>GWP</TD><TD>D'sire</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Rachel</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>DG</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD>C F Tien</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>ballerina</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>RH</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>sharene</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>PP</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Edmund Leong </TD><TD>Miror creations </TD></TR><TR><TD>Alyssa</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jojo</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>chimes</TD><TD>9/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>1950photography</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Josephine</TD><TD>9/11/2008</TD><TD>HIA</TD><TD>Volan</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Starry</TD><TD>10/11/2008</TD><TD>CCH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>1950photography</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>yaksweetmail</TD><TD>10/11/2008</TD><TD>PP</TD><TD>D'sire</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>funfun</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>Mon'liza Wedding Castle, KL</TD><TD>1950photography</TD><TD>aterlier X </TD></TR><TR><TD>Maple</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>GPPH</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD>Sundayz Photography </TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Eve</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>BG</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>HappyMrsKoh</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>Margaret Brides</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>pang</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>GH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>bianchibi</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>PP</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Snowball</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>RH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Hwa Seng</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Xiaozhu</TD><TD>12/11/2008</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding Design</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>keer13</TD><TD>13/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Rommie</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>FCC</TD><TD>Bridal Elegance</TD><TD>Signature Photography</TD><TD>Signature Photography </TD></TR><TR><TD>anomaly</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>Golden Horse</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>denril</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>Jazz B</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>blanqq</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>YLG</TD><TD>Santiago JB</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Angel </TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Kelly</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>AH</TD><TD>Bridal Zone</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Claudia</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>SMC</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>angsinnee</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>GH</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding Design</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>deedee</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>AH</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD>3some</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Bitchy Wife</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>GS</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Angeline</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>GPPH</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD>Crème Photography</TD><TD>ZE Productions </TD></TR><TR><TD>mei</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Silhouette</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jiniwin</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>STS</TD><TD>Golden Horse</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Yvonne</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>HR</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>YukiMegumi</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>SH</TD><TD>The Wedding Present</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Clarissa</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>HRV</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD>Filmman</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Grace</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>MaH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>new_here</TD><TD>17/11/2008</TD><TD>RP</TD><TD>Inspiration</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jane</TD><TD>19/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>Santiago</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lynn Kwek</TD><TD>20/11/2008</TD><TD>TH </TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Dreamcatcher photography</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Tweenty</TD><TD>20/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Karen</TD><TD>21/11/2008</TD><TD>RH</TD><TD>Ritz Couture</TD><TD>Nelson-Film.com (Nelson)</TD><TD>Sietefilms (Sharon Loh) </TD></TR><TR><TD>Xin</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Fotowerke</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>tingie</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>FRF</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Blessings</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Visio Workz</TD><TD>Visio Workz </TD></TR><TR><TD>Brenda</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>RTC</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Sundayz Photography </TD><TD>Big Days Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>Michelle</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>TL</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>charma97</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>YLG</TD><TD>Fame Bridal</TD><TD>Bernard</TD><TD>Johnny </TD></TR><TR><TD>Zhixin</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>AH</TD><TD>Julia Wedding News</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>providencia</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>FSH</TD><TD>Tan Yoong</TD><TD>36frames/Tinydot</TD><TD>36frames </TD></TR><TR><TD>Mycelestial</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ivy</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>SR</TD><TD>Ritz Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Marcy</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>TH</TD><TD>Ritz Couture</TD><TD>Secret Heaven</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>olivia</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>PSR</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>yutaka</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>CRC</TD><TD>Bridal De Couture</TD><TD>Eirik Tan </TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>bubu</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>HyH</TD><TD>Dang </TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ergina Tan</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>AH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>MoMo</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sleepydopeey</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>MM </TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Christina</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>sleepygal</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>GMR</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>ctgal</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HIA</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Wendelyn</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>Ted Collection</TD><TD>Yew Kwang</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>Mary Poppins</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD>Thomas Tan &amp; SVPS</TD><TD>Simon Video &amp; Photo Service (S) </TD></TR><TR><TD>dollypolly</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Karen Ho</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD>Bridal Zone</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>pehling</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>klkz</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>STS</TD><TD>Amanda Lee Weddings</TD><TD>Daniel Beh </TD><TD>Atelier X </TD></TR><TR><TD>Doreen Lim</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>ODF</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nico_2k</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>PHO</TD><TD>Bridal De Couture</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Splendor Closet </TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>PSR</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>ices</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>BG</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>bao yan</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Pinky81</TD><TD>26/11/2008</TD><TD>RS</TD><TD>Emanuel B</TD><TD>Derrick Ong</TD><TD>Substance Films </TD></TR><TR><TD>Celinn</TD><TD>27/11/2008</TD><TD>OH</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jo_vin</TD><TD>27/11/2008</TD><TD>SH</TD><TD>New York Classic, JB</TD><TD>Derrick Ong</TD><TD>ForestProduction </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nicole</TD><TD>28/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lin </TD><TD>28/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Yvling</TD><TD>28/11/2008</TD><TD>MH</TD><TD>Venus</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>I Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>buttercupz</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>TH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Stay</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD>Ted Wu</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD>The Wedding Paparazzi </TD></TR><TR><TD>Layling</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>Rianne Bridal Workz</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>monkeymuffin</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Silhouette</TD><TD>One Eye Click</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Liz Tan</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Eileen</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Cyn</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>RaH</TD><TD>Emanuel B</TD><TD>John Lim</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Tng</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>sharon goh</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>VC</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>namipandora</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jfaith</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Diana</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>TH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>wnsbuim</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Amanda</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Reflections (Amos)</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>qingqing</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Evelyn</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>PHO</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>deez</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>RaH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>eelin</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>RaH</TD><TD>Bridal Veil</TD><TD>Chester Tan</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Su hui Jun</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Bean</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>necrosis</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Venus</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Michellegerald</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table></font>
AH - Amara Hotel
BG - Bliss Garden
CCH - Conrad Centennial Hotel
CC - Chinaclub
CSA - Church St Anthony
CRC - Church of the Risen Christ
CSH - Church of the Sacred Heart
CH - Carlton Hotel
DG - Dragon Gate
FR - Furama Riverfront
FSH - Four Season Hotel
FCC - Furama City Centre
GCW - Grand Copthorne Waterfront
GH - Grand Hyatt
GMR - Grand Mercure Roxy
GPPH - Grand Plaza Park Hotel
GS - Grand Shanghai
GWP - Goodwood Park
HG - Hilltop Garden
HH - Hilton Hotel
HI - Hotel Intercontinental
HPIV - Holiday Inn Parkview
HIA - Holiday Inn Atrium
HR - Hotel Royal
HRV - Hotel Rendezvous
HyH - Hyatt Hotel
KC - Khalsa Club
MaH - Miramar Hotel
MH - Marriot Hotel
MM - Marina Mandarin
NCQ - Novotel Clarke Quay
ODF - 1 Degree 15
OH - Orchard Hotel
OPH - Orchard Parade Hotel
PP - Pan Pacific Hotel
PHO - Park Hotel Orchard
PSR - Pioneer Spring Restaurant
PR - Park Royal
RH - Regent Hotel
RaH - Raffles Hotel
RP - Raffles The Plaza
RS - Rasa Sentosa
RTC - Raffles Town Club
SH - Sheraton Hotel
SLH - Shangri-La Hotel
SMC - Swissotel Merchant Court
STS - Swissotel The Stamford
SR- Sentosa Resort &amp; Spa
TH - Traders Hotel
TL - The Legends
TO - The Oriental
YLG - Yishun Lake Garden (OCC)


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Hi Eunice,
I am taking my photoshoot at punggol lalang field area and changi broadwalk. i will take more photos in the zoo on my actual day.
I will UPLOAD the photos asap.. i am not a perso tat like to take pic actually, heehee


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Shirley: Oooh, you're gonna go to the lalang field! Makes sense lah, what for go zoo again since you can take on your AD...I wanted to take at the lalang field too cos I saw my BS went to edit the photos to make them look like pretty lavender fields!!
But didn't in the end lah...
Why you don't like to take photos? I normally don't particularly, but wedding photos are once in a lifetime, I like!! :D So do upload and share and let us oogle!


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rach> paiseh..tink i got ur AD wrong la..so blur of me..I GDL on sept 14..anyway, congrats on settling ur HM liao=p

i call up uncle ah hwa, cos got some more cards need to write..and he was super nice..i paiseh that hv to ask him to do it a 2nd time,so i wanted to send it to him bt he insisted on coming to my place to pick it..all the cards he wrote so far,my parents n in laws all super satisfied.. i hv some more extra to be written cos my FIL insisted on writing cards to his own brothers when uncle ah hwa says no need..haiz.

i will try my best to make it tml for the meeting tml=p i sms u after work if i don end work late..hee..


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wah .. eunice u like to oogle 1 ah. LOL

Welcome to the Dec brides club, glass and shirley and afew others who just join us where we demand to be showed fotos of EG and WG so we can have the excuse to comprain to our bs for nicer gowns... Kidding.. ^^

Anyway, I am so glad my PS is over. I can eat as per normal and be lazy to hit the gym for 1 week if i feel tired. ^^v

Now, I am just going to nua till mid of sept to start my preparation for my wedding, since the rest can only be done closer to the wedding date. ^^v


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SotongLet: I like to drool at wedding pictures, don't you? Don't pretend... :p Hehe...But yeah...Must remind myself...Contentment contentment contentment! HAHA!!

Ehh...I'm still trying not to put on too much weight after the PS...Scared later harder to lose lah!!! :p

glass: Went to visit your site, saw just a few but awesome! You actually get REAL lavender lorrr...
Must have been a great experience! You already look very slim and pretty, can go easy on yourself...


Hi Nec - Thanks for your itineray. Sounds great.
What time of the year did you visit Greece? Heard that most places will be close in Decemeber at Santorini.. N, depends on the condition of the weather, ferries may be postponed for a few days. Thus, thinking if I should deferred my HM to Summer, instead? Any views?

Hi Irene - Yeah.. I'm also planning for Greece.. So, did you plan to go in Dec or Summer next year as winter may not be a good time to travel to Greece island hopping.. This is exciting.. Let's share more.. I planning to visit. SIN-Athens-Santorini-Venice-Munich.. Tentative costs round up to $4-$5K, depending on the hotels that I will be selecting.. It also depend if you like a F&amp;E or package tours &amp; how many islands &amp; cities you are visiting too..


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<font color="ff0000">ladies</font>

<font color="0000ff">my hubby n i went on Saturday....for the EXPO sale....but arrived at around 6pm as the afternoon time, when my hubby comin over to TPY to fetch me, at the filter lane when the Cab (comfort) ahead was movin to the main lane and my hubby turned his head to check the main lane any other car movin, n bump. his suzuki kiss the cab's ass...wth....and it was kinda the damn cab's sudden stop at the filter lane as his damn car already cross the damn dotted lines n thus he shld move!!BUT sadly, when ur car kiss oth pple's car ass, u r in the wrong...damn,haiz...sianz...thus he quickly settled some stuff then came meet me n went EXPO lo...sianz...duno hw much to pay for the damages...in fact, it was the 2nd time my hubby kana such SAME accident...same place, SAME PERIOD last year n this year....really KNN lo....AHHHHH!!!</font>

<font color="0000ff">reached EXPO, we aint gg NATAS as we had booked our honeymoon w ASA (2weeks ago...) to USA 14days trip, departing 13th Sep 2008...
come to think abt it abit gong also as we could have waited but scare no Seats or preferred departure dates,thus..well, next year mayb shld wait for NATAS as we wanna go Europe if can, next year lo...</font>

<font color="aa00aa">we went to the Bedlinen Foyer 2, level 2, saw some Comforter sets, but not preferred color n designs n thus walked to the Watsons' Fair...n we found AKEMI comforter set ALL gg at ONLy SGD$59!!! tht includes i remember
* 1 comforter
* 2 pillow cases
* 1 bloster covers
* ??? (cant recall, they are at my man's place
we found ideal color and design n thus bought 2 sets for our king size bed..Heeee...so happy!!
IN additon, i also bought
- OPTI-free 300ml X 2 bottles contact lens solution ($24) w free 4 60ml travel bottles n a travel bag...
- mini eyelash curler ($0.50 ONLY)
- Herbal Essence wash w slippers set (ONLY $5!!!)
- 2 AKEMI cotton pillows (ONLY $9.90!! each!!!)
and some pantyliners, essentials...haaa...
with minimum purchase of $50 above, u will get free spa soaps, n voucher to redeem a free massgae or facial...
we got about 5 cute soaps. 2 vouchers (but haven call to book apptmt or tt day shld book one i not sure as we saw many pple at the Spa Booth...Duno..) and after tt, we dropped our stuff in his car Boot n proceed to FOOD FAIR..n had satays, Otah, haaaa....</font>

<font color="ff6000">that was quite a fruitful trip..Haaa...</font>


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Happiness>you're welcome. I'll email Kim tonight. Now order is
1 superpadded A (Dor)
1 superpadded A (lavendar)
1 superpadded B (me)
1 superpadded A/B (green)
1 superpadded A (Happiness)
1 superpadded B (Ice)

Must put here or I sure blur. :p

sounds like I'm lucky FH doesn't have a car...


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Hi YL,

Thanks for including me.
Do inform me the collection date via email in case i lost track of this thread again.. haha...


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viv>the akemi bedlinen good? FH and I saw at it JL closing down sale and were really tempted to get it but didn't as we haven't heard abt them b4. :p


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Hi all,

So nice to see all of you booking ur honeymoons. I didnt even go natas fair cos not intending to go for any honeymoon... sianz.. hopefully nxt yr can go for a really long one...

Now frustrated over the guestlist. Dunno why this yr like a lot of pple family member pass away. A lot of pple cannot come lor. but no choice lor...

Then my bf parents still hvn't come up w the guestlist, n his dad is not well, so can't rush them also... sianz...

This is the 1st wkend in months that we're not doing any wedding related stuff. phew...


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Dor, lavendar, green, happinness and ice> just checked the calendar and realised this Fri is 8 Aug. I can't go down on 8 Aug as I've a wedding to attend. Is next Fri ok with you gals? If not, I'll ask Kim if you can collect yourself on Fri? Think not necc for us to go down at the same time.

Happiness and Green>paiseh, can't seem to locate your email address. Can pm that to me then we bring this offline to email? No sense boring everyone else with our purchase.


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I won't be in singapore till 13 august. I dun mind gg w u the following fri or alone on other days. U ask Kim what wld b the better arrangement. thanks.


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Dor>hee, maybe then both of us go down on 15 Aug (next Fri) and the rest can go down tis Fri if its more convenient for them? I'll see the response before I email Kim again. Personally, I think best to go down to get it yourself so she can recommend you the right size.


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Ah Net < I leave the emcee speech to our emcees.. dun want to be bothered by that... and I'm sure our frds will know what to say and what not to say...
**y must change this change that. not as if change liao will become ferrari lor** << haha Ah Net when i read this i burst out laughing... u are so right... i also tell my husband, y must change this and change that? change liao will bcome sports car meh??...hahaha

YL < no worries... i'm not really urgently in need of the Nubra...take your time.. I will PM u my email in a while...
Yeah there're good deals for bedsheets!

Just now went to the Expo fairs. Bought 1 mattress protector, 3 sets of bedsheets at 60% discount hehe.
There were not much choices of designs left as I went on the last day. We're not picky about designs, so just qingchai grab.


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<font color="ff0000">hhaa, yup....great deal clinched at WATSONs' SaLe for the BedLinen. it says wat Usual Price ranging from $199 - #399 or sth lik tt, we gt i set frm the Suede faux range n 1 set frm Silk faux range...beautiful colour n design...here some brief details i gt frm ONline abt AKEMI:</font>

AKEMI is a brand of bed linen made from 100% cotton with a 200 thread count. AKEMI smooth and soft linen provides comfort and easy care, design range that coordinates, contrasts or compliments both patterns and hues to create an environment which is attractive yet practical. With bedlinens, bedspreads, duvet covers, comforters and window dressing, AKEMI provides total concept in bedroom settings
. AKEMI is manufactured by Eadeco Sdn Bhd, one of the leading manufacturers of home textile furnishing products. Besides bed linens, Eadeco produces ready-made curtains, cushions, cushion covers, mittens, aprons, pot holders, mattress protectors, chair pads and many other items. AKEMI is exported to Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Kuwait, Japan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.

<font color="ff0000">seems like a lot Guys (FH) here, like to modify their cars wor...fortunately my man dun really do so...i guess u can say sth like:</font>
"Modifying, adding anything (eg, blue lights, wat speed knobs near the steering wheel area, etc) wont really make the car more fast, fierce, etc, u NOT ah Beng right?? y need the additional stuff? rather save the $$$ to get sth more use-able, etc..."Haaaa
<font color="ff6000">my gf's man also Like to modify la, add stuff to the car until add lik No $$$ to eat or wat, crazy sial....</font>
Let me go down to kim's cart to collect myself. Hope to make things easier for u. I feel paiseh to trouble u. I just need info on which level her cart is at and her contact no.

When we see Kim, do we quote our nick or real name hehe?
Orh I didn't get those silk ones. I prefer the touch of cotton more, so I got cotton ones.

Now I got my mattress, bedframe and bedsheets. Yippee
Next steps are to pack my rubbish and clean up bf's room.


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spoiltbabe> haha.. good loh.. short trip to relax abit..

I would choose Banyan Tree if i can man.. but real ex!

Ah Net> yeah u need emcee script definitely..else they wont know what to say! if u need let me know..

if u have very good emcees.. of coz can impromptu..else... it'll turn out disastrous loh..

I dun wanna take the risK!! Emcees are very impt!

jrgal> yeah.. he said own brothers no need... so we didnt write.. just give them the inserts nia..

He said usual practice.

Viv> wooo.. u signed up with ASA too!!
How much is ur package?? wah.. USA..so nice.. we only having 8 days to Korea.. hehehe..

Departing 3rd Sept..10 days before u...

200 thread count not so good leh..Mmm.. i think min must have 300 then more soft and comfortable leh.. Hmmm...

green> the mattress we bought from Beds.sg comes with a free bedsheet protector.. hehe.

thank God my HB dun drive.. hahahhaa...

I wonder if they'll try to modify us too.. ahahaa...


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now inflation rate so high how come our pay nvr increase... haiz...
i got a friend whose combined income more than 8k but still bought hdb... thk they write in to mp or something... din ask him for details though coz not very close frien...
for mi... i'm usualli e one who speaks out mi displeasures while mi bf will usu keep to himself... he believe silence is golden... i dunnoe how 2 read minds wor... if he dun say out... how would i noe wat he thkin??
green... ur method of pollin sound good... mayb i can try tat next time...
happiness... same here... i went expo 2dae but din go natas coz bf say we not confirm goin hm wat...
onli went food fair &amp; watsons fair &amp; reno fair...
spoiltbabe... egypt... sounds wow!
ah net... ur hotel shd haf a emcee speech draft...? last time i was emcee for mi frien's weddin... she only passed mi e hotel's script n asked mi to customise from there...
cya ladies tomolo...
I have to adopt such method cos my bf is very introvert one lol. My 2 friends tried it out with bfs. It helped them iron out some of their differences.

Good, u can save $40+. Protector is selling $40+ outside. I got my one at $12 at Watson fair.

I have a working washing machine to give away if u dun mind. Anyone wants it? I'm going to throw it away next Wed. I'm moving from rented room to in-laws' house.


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<font color="ff0000">haa, mine is 25o thread count....hoho....we gt the faux silk n suede like material one...the latter was kinda keep us warm...but my hubby said if our fingernails area gt loose skin might destroy the bedlinen....but well, i guess as long can buy gd price n design n i guess fairly comfy bedlinen hmm..wat more can we ask more...</font>

<font color="aa00aa">rach</font>
yup, signed up w ASA, 2weeks ago, i think was 19th July Booked de....at PeArL center....per pax was SGD$3738...we juz signed up and yet no free gift or wat...sianz....
<font color="0000ff">my wedding date 090908, then departing 13th Sep 2008, a few days to pack bag/luggage..and damn, the USD keep appreciating!! =(
i thot USD banks have been failing n thus USD shld b depreciating!! we so far already exchanged about $7000 SGD to USD @1.371 (mustafa)...we still wanna exchange about $4000 - $5000 to USD ...
CUz hubby n i wana shop until we drop in US...hopefully can meet their end season sale....then can buy cheap cheap AX, HUGO BOSS, Coach maybe???</font>

there goes my few years' savings!!!
Aiyah I forgot to use my POSB everyday card when paying, otherwise got 6% rebate haha. Did u use this card to pay?

Wah u sound so rich! 4K+4K+7K = 15K on tour
Me no $$ for far far tour hehe.


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<font color="ff0000">i din really apply credit cards as i think it will make me overspent...i oni owe debit cards n My Elder Bro supp cards to me lo...Heeee</font>

<font color="0000ff">my hubby managed to save the HM $$$ (ie $approx 8k) for the past few years.....and he's payin for the tour..heeee......his previous job pays him q well, but nw at current, we have to tighten our belts lo....Once in a lifetime...bo bian.....if we seriously aim to go europe next year or two....we have to start saving hard again le....Heeee</font>

i actually for the Past 1-2 years hardly buy New clothes as my wardrobe gg to burst liao!! Only buy on occasion n SALE well worth period...Haaa.....save save save


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<font color="ff6000">ladies, i juz wonder what cards shall we use to pay the Banquet...or shall we juz hav a cashier's order (confirm can honour cheque issued by the Bank)...die ah, my hubby n i dun Owe credit cards....if seek temp credit limit hw to go abt it le....wat cards use will have better perks as in like cash rebates or sth like tt??</font>

<font color="ff0000">i only have Supp cards frm my elder bro...</font>



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Rach < wah lau u very spoilt lei,must have min 300 thread count...hahaha..ya la, the more thread count more comfortable...smoother and softer... but i think the guideline is if it is 250 thread count and above should be quite ok liao... I bought my bedsheets from isetan sale during GSS... bought from esprit...370 thread count... got 30% disc...kekeke... but damn ex...

Emcee Speech < most hotels will give the speech sample ... but for me, i just leave it to our frds who are the emcee... told them to go and prepare their own speech... somehow i feel that following the hotel wan like a bit boring.... kekeke... well my frds are experience emcee...haha so they know what to do..