(2008) Brides of year 2008


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so fast can choose pics already?! exciting!!

thanks for sharing tips and reminders all the time. =) very sweet of you.

yesterday my ikea furniture came. and the wardrode is too big to fit into the original position we planned. so now it has to be at my feature wall.. meaning my dark gray wall will be covered. i'm so sad... now nowhere to hang my wedding portrait. will take pics when i go back to my lovenest tmr. then post on multiply.

have a good evening, ladies!


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I'm taking one week before the wedding and 2 days after... I'm not going for honeymoon yet so it's okay.

Met up with a friend over lunch to pass her the card and she commented that I look very pale... =P


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Hi Mei,

I am taking the pre-shoot from my bridal and will be taking them on 1 Sept. I read that some have already taken their pre-shoots oreadi, i hope i am not doing mine too late.

I have been a lazy bride, haven got the time to do anything for the wedding. better catch up soon...


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Hi lara, my hubby doing eng. Me hav to do chi...sad. 2 more days will be your BIG day
And 2 more will be my turn...so scary


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straylamb> my shirt from a shop in square 2 near my workplace..hee.i thot it's quite cute also tat's y i bought..

YL>don worry,my FH older than u..=p u aint the oldest.=) oh ya,and also,after miss clarity,u all went somewhere else ah..=p


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thanks for your replay J faith.
sigh...blur me. booked a date that clashed with my work schedule. I have to postpone mine to august. boo hoo...


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aww man, how i wish i was with you guys for the gathering
nua-ing at home the whole of yesterday. Dun care, next round i die die must go!

i got the ideas from this vid to sabo my buddy's fh! Told her about the wasabi toothpaste but she said later the brothers 'cry', not auspicious. End up abandon the plan and they came out with something else. My personal fav is the roleplay... haha!

hmm... i guess i will be the oldest -_-"


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neko> sent liaoz.. PC some prob..bery slow.. dunno why cant send out mails last 2 days... Hmm....

email down again today?? didnt receive anything from SB forum leh....


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lsntyl, we went to Athens, Santorini & Mykonos

nec, greece is a beautiful place esp the islands. hope the conf allows u to go to at least 1 of the islands? i m in the midst of posting my honeymoon photos on multiply, many more to go :p

the temp was quite cool during our trip, so bring a jacket but the sun is a silent killer. remember to apply lots of sunblock! i got sunburn on the very 1st day, after that obediently applied sunblock liao. i think the temp will go up & the sun will be stronger in jul. and of cos, take lots of photos!

meiling, the CS cost $520 total. actually the price was $580 but the aunty read the price tag wrongly & quoted me $480. by the time she realised her error, she decided to just take the lower price since it was her mistake. added $40 for to add / alter something, can't remember what. the aunty said might need to add another $40 cos i wanted to add on the shiny stuff, but she didn't charge me for that in the end. Bcos we made appt to meet nicola (her daughter) but nicola flew me aeroplane, so aunty 'compensated' me :p Will post photos of me in the CS on the AD when i get my photos back fr the PG

wow u gals still having so much excitement & fun preparing for your AD. makes me miss it all! now life is strangely 'empty' w/o all this.. :/


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Hi all,

Just wana share some information.. =)
As i do not have shark's fin due to environmental friendly.. :p
I'm will be putting an anti-shark cards on every one of my table..You can either download and print it, or for those who want to get the postcards or samples, please contact Grace who's a volunteer with the Singapore Environment Council, at email: [email protected] or hp: 97554073..
Or even call Singapore Environmental Council (SEC) for the cards and go down collect urself and give them a small token.. =)



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no prob....i'll do d same too, selected abt 30 songs excluding d 1st, 2nd march-in, 1st dish presentation, cake cutting n champage pouring song :p

we r meeting at coffee club at raffles city....dun b blur, wait u ended up alone at shokudo...hehehe....but nvm it's q near so can come up n meet us :p

wah....u spent so much? but i think it's worth it cos it looks really nice
but gd for u since u got urself a gd bargain....after adding d shiny stuff, my pink CS is abt d same price as urs :p


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Hi I’m back.

Ivy, I really kanna “Hong Mo†(in teochew). When I get home, I quickly go for a hot bath and it worsen.

Yesterday I took MC and try to rest cos Mon night was a sleepless night as it was too itchy but a lot of my colleagues keep calling me to ask about work. Pengz

Now I am still very sleepy. Feel like gg back home to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

thanks Rachel for the pic
you went to name all of us


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this is interesting.. are ur family ok with u not having the shark fins? actually we thought of not having the shark fins too, but my pil insist, so can't help lor..


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Hi R&J, your corsages are lovely! I am still looking for nice flowers to make my corsages but still cant find and it seem difficult to make. Think may have to give up and buy.... spend more $

BBIguana, I regret not custom make our rings after I saw urs... so nice! But too late oredi


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rayrachel>> I told him i will get back to him he following week (which i did). I sent him an email to confirm (black and white) but he said he missed my email (treated as SPAM) and accepted other. The thing is we met him first and he should have the courtesy to ask if we are interested before accepting another. It is basic courtesy (and not whose deposit come first - but of cos, it seem to me that it is the case). So I am re starting the whole search.


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rach>i got the email. Now must hide it from FH cos it is in our shared email. :p

fanny>I'm leaving the floral decor to the restaurant. Is good enough for me.

crown>hope you feel better.


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crown> u so suay, really kana the " Hong Mo" during our meet up...think this happen once in a blue moon only right.... hope you are feeling better now....

Fanny> I dun like the foral deco for my restaurant, so they give me their floral contact and ask me to go down and choose other floral design..but have to top up ourself if the one we choose is more ex than the usual price they pay...


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nec, wow, that's expensive!!

anyone who's getting a live band and then doing the first dance with the live band's music?

Does anyone know when is the next NATAs fair? Will air tickets also be on sale in addition to tour packages??


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Kel: can not return to IKEA and exchange other things size?? maybe can ask ask wor... maybe need to top up but at least u don't get to change your plan.


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thanks!! i bought the flowers from tekka mall.. u can pop by there to take a look at the flowers, they have many different kind of flowers.. (think 5th floor)..


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Hi gals. Me taking a short break now.

Shybride>> welcome back. Your CS very sweet and nice. Your AD must be really exciting. Your HM sounds great oso.

Meiling>> on songs, I've compiled about 76 songs liao. I think that should be more than enough for the evening.

Jac>> You know already lah, I've engaged a band. But dance, probably not coz FH not agreeable to the idea. The next NATAs shd be in Sep, I suppose.


i think the key in the ice idea is not bad.... shall suggest that to my jiemeis.. my house have a total of 2 metal gates.. haha..


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'hong mo' must take care eh, drink more liang teh and have ample rest.

yea, i am using the restaurant floral deco also, no more money to spend on details liao -_-"
i have the samples from t-dragon but they are hard copies. If you want i can scan to you


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rach, i also want ur sabo list leh. can can or not ar? pls pls pls. hahahaha. thank you ar... [email protected]...

yeah, i also like the key in the ice idea... i also like the one with the worms de. hahahaha... but hor, my fh was watching the videos with me too jus nw... den he shake head and say siao.


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mrs chiew n mrs kel,
im really v excited abt my photo selection tm, juz hope dat my figure wont b dat fat in pics n my smile wont b too plastic den i'll b contented le...n oso same goes for my fh :p


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i think dat d natas fair shd b in aug/sep ba...dat's wat i heard frm most ppl n dat's when im gona book my honeymoon package too :p
really hope dat d air tickets wont b dat ex despite d price hike....else there goes a portio of my shopping $ :p

wah....u actually compiled so many songs? actually i had 40+ songs but most frens said it's too many le, so i den cut down to 30...mayb i'll add on a bit more to make it 40 to play safe, anyway i think d duration of 3 hrs wld enuff....else i'll have a headache, need to factor in time for d rest of d songs for march in presentation too...


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rach > thanks for the photos and the sabo list.

waxie > wow..u got all the flavours?lucky one!Enjoy ah~~haha..

crown > glad ur rashes gone liao..I oso going to work tomolo..getting "sick" soon..oso..haha