(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Hi gals:
Wah tks for the guidance from the threads being put up. Correct me if Im wrong for the shops available in Chinatwn coz need to summarise the list b4 goin on this Sun also. The shops are as followings:
1) Amanda Weaver: exact location unkwn? Hav to find myself lor :p
2) World of Forune: same as above.
3)Yue Hwa: emporium at d traffic light junction beside OG.
4) Fu Yuan: 32, New Market Rd Food Center..#02-1098 (Besides OG chinatown)
5) Bliss collection: 56 Pagoda Street Tel: 63271671 near CT mrt exit
6) Tiao Xiang Dept Store: stall 131/132 outside outram MRT aftr food stalls Tel: 6222-2572

Happy shopping @ CT this Sun!!

Koyoyo: My frd did hers at her underarm & shes hairless nw. I do my hmewk 1st then get bk 2 u. I gt 2 clinic contacts liao, wiil find out the charges then.


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kailing>I think the price for a 4 room flat in Tampines, esp so near the central, is worth it. I think can buy if you like it.

Waxie>9l wine bottle? pwah, really maximise the corkage. :p But the waitress can pour or not? :p

Kirei>My colleague recommends Kenko. He said they are v professional and the price is v reasonable. I've not tried it though.


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I feel like a maid nw..spring cleaning the hse coz in-laws coming tmmwww!!!

Hey gals, shall we crown Meiling as the Oct shopping queen huh?!! Hhaha..
Jia you Mei, must watch yr diet wor!! Mine PS also in June..

Lex: Im be taking pics at Mt Faber. Near Jewel box & cable car area coz tats our 1st dating place 3 years ago.


LSnTYL> hm.. the sales person say need 2 pax to pour the wine out of the bottle.. but the wine can be pour into a decanter first for easy serving (dunno if hotel will provide, i havent check)


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waxie, wow 9 litres sound heavy.. heee.. the waiter can handle ? and will the guests wait too long in case a lot of ppl wants drink wine at same time?


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anyway, this is the contact which my friend give and this is what she wrote to me:

Parker's Wines Pte Ltd
44 North Canal Rd Singapore 059300
Tel : 6535 3987

Our contact person is Jeffrey.

Btw , please ask your co-ordinator if the following before you order
- Are you allowed 1.5L wine
- Can you buy wine from outside and consume during your event
- When your dinner is a weekday event, usually wine consumption is not very high, so you and hubby has to justify on this whether most of your friends are wine drinkers or not.
- You may also liaise with the Banquet Manager to help you to control the wine pouring, ie. only pour 1/2 glass of wine, only refill guest glass when the glass is totally empty

- Please also note that the wine from Parker's is under consignment, which means in the event of unconsumed wine, you're only allowed to return 20% (for my case)
- They also provide wine tasting session for you before you order, best to ask ppl who knows some wine-tasting.
- Their wine are mostly from Chile, we have order Merlot at $17 to $18 per bottle for 0.75L, as for 1.5L its normally double, if I didn't remember wrongly shld ours shld be $36 for 1.5L
- Their wine usually sell in a carton (a dozen)


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one advice i came across in the BS is that S'poreans are fair on a 'yellow' background...we are not the creamy white type. So usually for s'poreans, we don't look good in white gowns...maybe you can try off-white?
Initially i had wanted a white gown then in one BS, the lady a compared white and off-white gown against me, and indeed the off-white looks better.

ya, get shoes when u know what kind of gowns u r getting....like that can match your shoes to your gowns...

Lost, do show us your pics ok? what made you decide to do your PS in 2 days? I'm wondering if i shld split my PS into2 days too cos I have quite a bit of ideas for PS.

I've sent u the email contact of the tailor....
hmmm, i don't have strong preference but i do want an elegant and classic type of EG....don't want the too drama type....
This is bad...if i go to my designer like that, sure very diff to start the mtm process.


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fortunemew> hahah.. u are welcome..

we are here to help one another..

YL>hey its okay.. glad that u enjoyed urself!

Hehehe.. it was really tiring.. i reached home also feel so tiring..walking ard whole day.. hehe..

if its inserts, like what i told u...
RM $60 for 1st 100..
Subseq 100 for RM$20.
Add map RM$20
Add photo RM$20 for each photo..coz consume ink ma. hehe..
If its just inserts, you prob need to pay just RM$60 for 100pcs..

But for personalised invites like that ones seen, depending on size, it'll be the same price like what u did.. if u are printing the same size one..
If its anything bigger...like the long one that we saw... MMm... i know for mine is RM$800 for 500pcs...
if its just 100pcs, it much more ex per pc...
So it'll prob be about $0.60-0.80 loh...
Definitely more ex than inserts. coz inserts is print on paper only...
Invites are thicker paper.

yes.. there're 1.5l wines.. www.ba*wo*ks.com has it too.. (replace * with r)

YL, get a pink gown! since u like pink.. hehe.. :p
Kirei's had some nice website that time to choose from.. :p

crown> 9ft x 9ft is quite okay.. but besides bed, what else are u putting?? my room is abt 9x12 feet. And we're only putting in mattress + 2 side tables..
its actually very big.. hehehe.. :p
Coz we combine 2 rooms into one.. the wardrobe and study area in another room.. the 2nd bedroom used for our bedroom..
No TV and nothing else.. no distractions..

Ah Net> hahah.. i'll try.. if it looks really good.

We decide on our own locations and ask for PG's advice loh..

GOing to our church building in Jurong West to take...
then maybe botanical gardens. coz love the waterfall pics..
then either sentosa or changi beach.. then night scene.. hhee... :p
We'll bring a set of casual to change for casual wear.. then u might wanna bring some balloons for OD...
We bringing a fun plate we made at Far East's iDear Collection....
Prob some petals also....
We bringing our name tags to take in church.. coz we are both ushers..

Then bringing a couple piglets.. 1st present he gave me.. and also prob our wedding car's tortoise.. see if it can come in handy.. hehe..

Only managed to bought a pair of EG shoes last nite at JB. cheap cheap.. only $27.. hehe..
Prob going to buy another pair i saw at my neighbourhood that day...$39.90
Thinking that its better to get something cheap and will still wear after AD... else.. wasted.. hehe.. :p

Gina> why need to pay $10?? for one person or what??
Botanical gardens no entrace fee one??
Okokie... i sms u later..

the COV is to be paid by 10days after ur 1st Appt..
On ur 1st appt, they will give u 2 slips of paper...
One is to pay for some misc things.. i forgot what.. hahah.. very cheap only.. pay immediately after the appt... its at 2nd level..
Then the other is to pay the COV at the same office by cash or cheque.. within 10days.. so u dun have to bring the money there..
can keep and earn interest for another 9 more days...

And by 2nd appt.. gotta go 2nd level to buy the fire insurance first.. then go for 2nd appt..
By 1st appt.. ensure u already invested whatever amt u want..coz they'll wipe out everything in ur CPFOA account.. and i'll be left with very minimum..
then they'll deduct the HPS for house.. then whatever is left... they take all... then the balance will be ur loan amt...
You have $40k loan?? then they'll deposit that amount into ur acccount.. then take it out again... heheh..
Meaning.. if ur house is worth $200 + $30k COV,
You need to pay $30K within 10days of ur 1st appt...
Remaining $200 - $40k grant = $160K.
$160K - whatever CPF u both have = loan amount.. divide by 30 years = monthly installment..
You dun pay the owner the $30k direct. Oh yah. $30k - whatever deposit u have paid when u sealed the contract..
Coz u have paid either $2k or something for deposit rite??
The remaining u pay to HDB...
They'll disburse the amt to him after 2nd appt done.. it'll take a few more days before the seller'll receive the money.. :p

hahah.. such a long post... loso rite?? haha..
If u wanna lock away some money for investments.. u can look for me la.. hahaha.. :p

Kai Ling> you mean u dunno what is the valuation of ur current flat? I tot u said there's a valuation report done in Feb?? Isnt that the Valuation??
U mean she didnt do any valuation on her house yet issit? Mmm.. then she's on the losing end...
but then.. she dun intend to do any valuation on her flat now??? She can always get a valuation report done rite? But if she is just asking for $343K and u are happy with it...
Then u just sign first loh.. true that by then the valuation may be higher... and u can save on COV.
Thats if u seal the contract now.
My fren bought a Woodlands 5 Room at $13k below valuation...
I cant rem the exact figure.. but its something like the owner didnt do any valuation report..
And they fixed the selling price at $275K. So after they signed the sales agreement, then the buyer did the report.. and the valuation came out to be $299K or something like that..
But they had agreed to sell at $275k and the seller till now is still unaware of the actual value.. coz the buyer paid for the report.. and there's no need for the seller to know what is the value of her flat..since they've agreed on the price..
It was abt 1-2 years back.. just before the property boom.. so my fren was sooo happy loh.. she saved on the COV and got a good deal...

Hahhaa.. if u need help later on, can get my FH to give you a quote.. haha.. :p
He's an ID.

kirei> cheap i have.. good.. okay only la.. hehe.. :p
My Hub. above the KFC... $68 with scrub and massage for 30min and soaked in a big tub of hot water for 20min...
i think so.. cant rem the price liaoz.. i find it ok only.. not super fantastic hor.. but their facials not bad.. near my place ma...

I tot Kenko is VERY ex?? Mmm...


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hi girls, Jac is the one who intro me to this thread... hee.. normally i am in the Sept brides thread..but no harm joining one more thread here.

juz want to ask, anyone knows any cheaper tailor to make a cheongsam? i dont have a tea dress. i went to Tanjong Katong Complex yesterday in paya lebar yesterday....found two tailors who are cheaper like $100 or $180..but dun know how good their skills is. don't want to consider other shops like Ted collection cos they are too x....even some shops i ask ..they charge more than $300.

also not sure who to get off-the-rack nice cheongsam. been to City plaza to check it out cos someone ask me to try out there, but dun really like the designs there.


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dor, is ur bro working? maybe ur mum need to be more firm... coz ur bro noe that when he pester ur mum she will always give in, so he will keep on trying...
kai ling, i'm veri blur about the procedure too... the valuation was done in Feb, do u mean that a re-valuation have to be done again at the time of the 1st HDB appointment? and the final valuation price will be based on this new report? in any case, 343k sounds okie for the good location...


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kirei> i cant rem its 30min or 60min also. but i know i go usually takes 3 hours in total.. hahaha.. if u interested then u call and ask okie???

fortunemew> Mmm.. more ex.. merlot by my contact is only $16.80... i got the email sent by my fren... very long... but if u all want.. i can post it here.. hehehee. :p
And they give very good consignement also. Mmm.. i just paste in my next post


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rach>pwah, super long post. I never been to kenko so I donno. But my colleague is the save $ kind so if he highly recommend, I think should be quite ok. Maybe cos he took up a package with them so his price is better? He just went for a body scrub + mask + massage yest. He's v happy about it and was talking abt it this morning. That's why I remember kenko. :p

Hee, thanks for the price of the inserts. Still cannot decide want to just print the inserts or print the invite. Need to discuss with FH.

and your friend is lucky! I wish I can get a 5-room flat at 275k! :p


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As per to our tele-conversation earlier in the day, this is our requirement for our wedding day wine:

Date/Time: 141007/0730pm (Sunday)
Expected guests: 550 to 600
Guest composition: 40% to 50% of the guests are wine drinkers

Based on this composition, your expected wine drinks numbers about 300. Example each of the 300 drinks 2 glasses. You would require 600 glasses.
Per bottle can pour 6 glasses. In the case of OCC, probably about 7 glasses. You estimated requirement is about 85 bottles.
But being a sunday, you can take off about 20 bottles. Meaning you estimated consumption is about 65 bottles.
To ensure you do not have any wastage, consignment can be done and your recommended order should be 48 confirmed and 48 on consignment. I can do another case on consignment for you. Meaning 48 confirmed purchase and 60 on consignment (Pay only if drank)

Banquet location:
Banquet coordinator:
Banquet coordinator contact number:
Banquet Menu:
1) Assorted Cold & Hot Combination
Japanese Octopus
BBQ Gold Coin Chicken
Prawn Salad
Vegetable Spring Roll
2) Shark fin soup with crab meat and shredded chicken
3) Fresh red garoupa with superior soya sauce
4) Braised sea cucumber with flour skin in Sze chuan sauce
5) Deep fried prawns topped with crispy cereal
6) Deep fried chicken
7) Braised spinach topped with bailing mushrooms and beancurd skin
8) Fragra! nt lotus leaf rice
9) Hot yam paste with gingko and coconut cream

Your food items are all light meat and light seafood cooked in light to medium styles like steamed and deep fried. We recommend something which is light to medium in body to match your food. Here are the recommendation.

1. Carta Vieja Merlot - $16.80
Chilean Wine, easy going and matches fishes and prawns
2. Angoves Butterfly Ridge Merlot Cabernet - $18.50
Fruit driven wine. The character of the wine is light to medium

3. Angoves Butterfly Ridge Shiraz Cabernet - $18.50
Slight heavier in body but good with some of your dishes like Shark fin and deep fried chicken. This wine is also slightly spiced and fruit driven as well. One of our top sellers.

4. Angoves Long Row Cabernet Sauvignon - $23.00
Slightly oaked. This wine is not heavy as compared to other Cabernet Sauvignons. Value for money.

Terms of Sale
All prices are NETT Prices. No further GST
A $50.00 booking fee is required to secure the wines order
Tasting is FOC for 1 bottle only. Next bottle opened up
Delivery will be one day before your wedding date
Collection of consignment wines and remaining payment will be done on the next day of wedding


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yes, please post the contact, Rach. :p Need to hunt for cheap wines too. the address you post up there brings me to a disco in london leh...


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Hi Jac.. cos we didn't want go for outdoor PS after the indoor..too tired.. then the feeling will not be there and u wun smile lor.. so extra 200 nia.. the most impt is u 2 must enjoy the process.. haha..


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haha seeing u gers buy nubra i think it time to invest on a coupkle... i give up tryin to find the masking tape for my EG think worse come to worst really use the "real deal masking tape" hehe .. LEx i agree totally w u . This time of the yr too late to shed anythg just hope there is always enugh cloth on the gown i chose to alter.. shed 1 or 2 kg who really know ? so y bother to starve myslf crazy (LOL never start in the frist pl) haha

Ur fh goes to gym while u only intend to lose weight via dieting? that not gog to be good,,... haha try make him go walk walk w u but rem no wallet allow!!!
Cheryl there is a pretty toilet w huge glass mirror in one of the drinking pl at mt faber keep a look out for tt .. my fren took her ps inside the toilet and i was like wow wat a pretty lounge where is it and she just grin.. show us pic once u get it ok!!!


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Hi Meilg,
I heard chatuchak has closen down. So anyone else have any better shopping pl in thailand?

Providencia ..
hmm let those june bride start the newly wed thread or perhap we shd start here till the last dec bride get hitched then all of us will move to 2009 newly wed cuople thread.. Hey i am also consider of backpacking.. check w u even if backpacking how much should we roughly expect to save if we gog to europe??

U tried that manay gowns??? ~kneel down and kowtow to u .. "peifu peifu"by the 10 gown i tried it either everythg also look not nice or everythg also look ok status liao..Hmmm the greek gddess style soound wonderful i vote for tt one for a special day feel!!! I always wow at ppl when they chose somethg out of the ordinary style for a big occasion like wedding but then again it my view only.Florabliss u have model slender body of cse go fitting time no issue the gown are just nice for u so envy ..~~~

Actually i already upload my so call"sexy EG" but trust me it not sexy on me in tt foto thanks to my hb phototaking skills.. i limit the viewing so pm me in multpiy den i will add u in for viewing..

Question : I want a super long train WG for church but the ones i cfm isnt long should i ask for a long veil instead??? I saw ppl does tt but everytime i kept forget cos till now i have yet to try on veil .. meilnig do remind me to ask the lady to let me see the veil on my next fitting!!

As far as i know u do not need to give Ap to senior but u must give ap to all the junior say ur younger sibling n counsin , nicecs n nephew.. however some family knowin the no of niece n nephew only stop at sibling so it up to ur fmaily

Sotonglet ,
Wow so good can go taipe.. enjoy ur trip n dun forget to make a trip to "beitou" for onsen!!

though i havent met u but i am sure u are also those super slim gers here right no need to jian fei la!!! btw, when i try gown for fitting i never wear bra i count on the padding if WG/EG no padding i ask coordinator for padding!!But i know some ladies does wear nubra ..w ell whichever u are comfy w
once i evne try fitting w VPL panties to see how the tummy can be kept smaller!!

Who else have msn to chat???
That great .. having ps done is one great thg off the list


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Question : I want a super long train WG for church but the ones i cfm isnt long should i ask for a long veil instead??? I saw ppl does tt but everytime i kept forget cos till now i have yet to try on veil .. meilnig do remind me to ask the lady to let me see the veil on my next fitting!!


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rach> yup, there was a valuation done in Feb for 278k. But that is practically useless now cos that valuation report can't be used for my purpose of applying for a HDB loan in Aug cos it will have expired by then. and we know from our last 2 months of house hunting that the valuation of this house at 278k is definitely 'wrong' at this moment in time. That's why we were on the hunt for a similar unit in the vicinity to know our target flat's current standing/valuation - then we can assess if the COV is within our budget. If you realise, 343k minus 278k is A LOT of $$$ in terms of COV. We do not want to be caught in that situation where we have to fork out way more than 30k, we dont have that kind of money. Yup, the owner doesnt seem to want to do another valuation now. She probably asked to do it then in Feb just to gauge how much her flat is worth.

what does your FH do?

we got to secure the deal this weekend, have been dragging for sometime cos we initially did not want to fork out the additional 3k. We offered the cheque to the agent on the basis of 340k which he said he was rather confident of securing the deal for us at that amount. Then owner comes back saying she wants a nicer number and comes the dilemma of whether we are paying too much for the house. so if we secure the deal now, if she signs, then we got to keep praying that the cov rises a little more by the time we reach our 1st appointment.


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wah rach, wat a long post.

kire, my colleague recomm citispa, but i personally not been there, so dunno hw good is dat plc.


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Kai Ling> ooh.. u can apply now?? Coz from what I know, the report should be valid for 3 months... i think.. u can secure the whole sale agreement now rite?
Unless the seller not willing to secure it now.. then u'll have a headache.. but if they are willing to settle it at $343K.. then what are u waiting for??
Secure it now. Hahah.. then when the report is out.. who cares... the higher the better. if the valuation is $350K.. u can save every single cent loh.. hehehe.. :p
So i think if u think it should be going up somemore..then sign and agree on the price now.. and then quickly go get the VR done..
Huh?? she doesnt want to do it now?? But why u need to wait till Aug then can take loan? Now u cant??

My FH is an ID..

So go ahead and sercure.. once its signed.. and if VR needs to be done.. then get it done.. since u know that it'll definitely be higher...

Ah Net> Citispa very pushy.. been there many years back.. super pushy and hard sell.. almost couldnt leave the place...
But me and my fren dint have money with us.. so we put $50.. and then left...
And we've not been back since. but at least we didnt make too big a loss.. coz we went for free trial.... so we take it as we pay for the trial loh.. hehe. :p

kirei> cheap and good.. then never share share?????????????????? wah lau... :p


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koyoyo, am i allowed to see your EG? keen to see how the sexy sexy, barely there EG looks like.

Think shybride might be the first among us to get hitched? It's a better idea to hang ard till the start of a brand new yr and then we all can migrate to a "Wedded in 2008" thread.

Went for a 3 weeks F&E Europe trip in 2002-3, total damage for 2 pax - SGD20K.
Itinerary: Sin-Rome-Florence-Pisa-Venice-Amsterdam-Paris-London-Sin. Not a true backpacking trip, cos we stayed in 3-4 star hotels, it's my shopping that resulted in the sky-high costs. If you stay in hostels and don't buy the branded goods, can survive on 100-150 euro per day. If join tour, a lot cheaper, but schedule is inflexible. Go by yourselves, very nice to sit by cafes and watch the world go by.

Yes, if the train is not long enough, then a long veil can help.


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phew, so active today??

Was busy dismantling my old furniture today...
need a good massage too... haha..

Saw on TV last night there's one "Hand of Javanese Massage" at Turf city seems good and cheap leh.. prob go there nxt wk.

There's also one along thomson road, forgot it's name though. Will check w my friend later.

Rach, When do we need to confirm the wine order? What's the address of the invite printer?


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dor> i dunno by when.. i haven even contact them yet.. intend to do it after my food tasting in July haha.. :p

Its at City Square.. 4th level. T&T Instant Print.. cant miss one.. next to Printemps BS.. :p
I'll be going in... i think end June or early jul to print my own wedding invites..


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rach> no lah, the owner still has a final court hearing to attend to in July so we will only proceed with the 1st appt after that. her husband wants to get some money out of the sale of the flat even though the court initially awarded her all the money. so a bit of ding ding dong dong here and there, time wasting. could be to my advantage. err.. what was holding us back was the extra money that she wanted. we were initially very reluctant. haha. both of us are not that well off so the COV may wipe off our 5 digit savings to low 4 digits. haahaa. that's why we held back.


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hey ladies,
went CT n balestier with mum today. super hot day! so din really walk much.
GDL store only went to one. the stuff there.. traditional lor. i din know bliss also in CT. else would have gone there. most prob wll check it out soon. wanna buy the cute bedroom slippers from bliss. only bought some stickers today. n look see only.
went balestier to see lighting. either too ex or not nice. decided should not spend too much on a temp lovenest. so will most prob TRY to diy acrylic ceiling lamp shade. and buy this table lamp from ikea that comes in a really sweet shade of pink then sew dangling crystals on. hopefully will turn out ok. and praying hard that dama will have what i want. =)

i'm also thinking of hand-making some accessories for my bridesmaid. either earrings or necklaces.

i saw your shoes. gorgeous! the pumps will look really great with 4-in heels.
and the bling bling blew me away!

the stickers n APs u have so cute!
how you diy the stickers anyway? i'm very curious..


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Hey eml! Welcome!!

Heya Erlina, your hotel quite generous hor. Even provide cutlery and all that. Anyway, I'll think sbout providing snacks much later on lah. That should be last priority. Did you know Mandarin Oriental provides butler served canapes for the reception? No additional cost. Part of their package.


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hi gina,
my ps is tis sunday..2 more days to go..i very nervous leh!! cos it's a sunday hence i tink it will be quite crowded wherever i go..=( i also going botanical gardens.bt i wan another place whereby i can see skyscrapers..hee.dunno where my pg will recommend..bt i tinking of going shenton way,or boat quay area.


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Erlina: Orrhhh...I see, seasoned bakers...
I have a friend whose mom is super seasoned also. She can just bake a whole batch of muffins in one night with no hassle at all...It's just part of her hobby...
But I feel sometimes it's more expensive leh, to make!! Haha...I guess cos I always end up wasting a lot of stuff cos not seasoned...And I think baking in huge numbers is better...Have fun!! :D

eml: Hihi!! I'm getting married on 27 Dec too!
What's your AD going to be like? Have you settled your venue and photographer and all of that? Can add to the list!


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dor> confirmed cheaper than T dragon la.. TD so ex... JB price is only 30% of what u pay to TD loh..
Laser print.. so they can print whatever color u want..
But their gold is not those shiny shiny one... its matt..
they dun do embossing.. only printing..
red also can..any color ur printer at home can print.they also can print la..

btw, my fren found out TD has 2 branches. one in JB..and they suspect all the stuffs are printed in JB also..
thats why need 2-3 weeks to print.. coz they probably send in batches to print..and charge Spore price...
So rather let them earn, we go in to print ourselves...but not to TD branch la.. hehe.. :p

Kai Ling> haha.. at least u have some digits.. we are left with no digits at all...

jrgal>all the best for ur PS..
One by one we are all going to take our PS liaoz.. hehe.. so exciting! :D


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Hi providencia, thanks. A fulfilling trip indeed. But it's also the first time I feel so poor during the trip as we did not bring enough Thai Baht and used up most of the SGD we brought there. If I had a chance to go there later this year, before the wedding, I will change more Thai Baht and buy more things like jie mei & flower gal dresses, tailor make dresses for myself, etc...

Hi florabliss, can your BS allow you to decide which EG to use or AD after the PS? After seeing the photos, you would definitely know which one suits you more.

Hi koyoyo, chatuchak is still opened. I was there last weekend. Still bustling as ever and my favourite shop which sells leather flower brooch is still there! Bought a few for my jie meis and helpers to wear on the AD.

Hi nec, I just depend on the padding to enhance. My colleagues who were there commented that I should do something to that area. Guess I can wear the nubra during my next fitting. It's really up to you whether you want to wear it for gown selection or not.


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hey ladies.. i haven't been doing ANYthing for the whole week.. seriously wondering whether i am really all done or just forgotten ALL that i need to do.. :/


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Hi gals. I've posted the pics of the WG design to my multiply. But the view is stricted. Currently I've granted the right to view to sblbee, luvz17, jacklynyong, kelandsel, charmainehw, necrosi, superwomancqy and veryfatgirl99.

Pls let me know your Multiply nick if I've left any gals out.


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hi gals.... started browsing through this thread and notice tt there r actually a lots of oct brides!!!

I'm also interested in getting a nubra cos heard from my fren tt its will show a v good cleavage...is tt true???

n any of u gals have sweaty palms problem?? i'm a bit worried abt the part to send the guests home when i have to shake hands with them...cos i got a v bad sweaty palms...